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34 Responses to 18 Shake Review ( UPDATED 2017 ) : Does it Really Work?

I presently drink 18 shingle, and have for about a twelvemonth now. It has helped me with cravings, I have more energy, and experience better overall. I have non had any digestive issues. I have had my labs checked since imbibing 18 shingle and they really got better. I like the fact that I can understand the ingredients compared to rivals that have a batch of additives that I can’t even pronounce. As for the gustatory sensation, cocoa is the lone one I can imbibe without holding to add something to it. However, I have ne'er found a shake mix that I could imbibe directly. I ever add something ( banana, insignificant butter, infusion, etc ) merely to give it a small excess spirit. I am overall pleased with 18 shingle and will go on to imbibe it.

I LLOOVEEEE 18 shingle! I have tried so many I was really hesitating on telling this shingle, as I have tried different sorts / trade names of shingles / meal replacings! I’m so glad I did! This is the lone shingle I can digest! It taste astonishing and maintain me full, I have non tried any formulas I keep it simple and mix mine with H2O, and still savor great! ! I ordered the cocoa and a hebdomad subsequently ordered the vanilla! I love them both! ! I replace my breakfast with a shingle, have a normal healthy tiffin and a shingle for dinner! My get downing weight was 130 in four hebdomads I’ve lost 12 lbs ( woop woop ) I give 18 shingle 5 stars! I extremely recommend seeking this shingle 🙂

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