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The Art of the Wedding Toast

In “Bridesmaids, ” Annie, the amah of award, played by Kristen Wiig, and Helen, played by Rose Byrne, acquire into a tit-for-tat over who’s closer to the bride. After Annie gives a perfunctory toast, Helen describes a trip she took with the bride to Miami when “I shared things with you I had ne'er shared with anyone.” Feeling upstaged, Annie quickly grabs the mic and thanks the bride for taking her as the amah of award: “I know you had some other choices.” Not to be outdone, Helen returns and starts declaiming inspirational quotation marks in Thai, motivating Annie to get down talking Spanish. Finally the two challengers break out into competitory vocal: “In good times, in bad times, I’ll be on your side for of all time moooore. That’s what friends are fooor! ”

So what should you state? I advised my friend to utilize a simple expression: 3-1-2. First, he should talk for a few proceedingss in 3rd individual, sharing a amusing narrative or a warm memory about the bridegroom. “Let me state you something about Harry you may non know.” or “I knew he had found true love that clip he called me and said..” Next, he should state a few echt words in first individual, explicating his ain feelings about his brother. “One thing I could ever number on my brother for was” or “I have ever admired my brother for.” Finally, he should talk straight to the twosome, utilizing 2nd individual. “May you have a life filled with” or “May you ever find joy in.”

Best Man Wedding Toast Ideas, Samples, and Guidance

1 ) Intro2 ) Funny ( but non snarky ) narratives about the groom3 ) Glowing words about the bride 4 ) Wellbeing Conclusion.No demand to over-think it. If you stick to those 4 constituents, you 'll be all right. How long should it be? Anywhere from 45 seconds to 5 proceedingss. If it 's less than 45 seconds it looks like you did n't give it any damn idea. If it 's longer than 5 proceedingss, so no affair how charming or brilliant you are, you 'll lose your audience. And, honestly, this is non the minute to seek to affect everyone in the room with your achievements and glare. A note on mechanics of the address itself. You should hold it largely memorized, but besides publish it out and hold it in forepart of you. Travel one measure further and publish out a transcript in a cartoonishly big fount, like this. Make tonss of small paragraphs. Ball it up. That manner, if you lose your topographic point when looking up at the crowd -- which you should be making, often -- you can rapidly happen it once more. And double-space the boy of a bitch.Okay, onto the content itself. We 'll walk through each subdivision, blow by blow. The good intelligence: two of them are super-easy. The presentation and decisions are paint-by-numbers ; you merely necessitate a twosome of warm-and-fuzzy gems.SEE ALSO: Bachelor Party Supplies

If you 're experiencing gutsy, and if you trust your inherent aptitudes and public speech production chops, you can hold a bantam minute at the beginning where you humorously notice on something that merely happened that dark. This adds spirit and spontaneousness, but it needs to be speedy and in good gustatory sensation. This portion 's optional.When you start, do n't presume people know who you are. Many have no hint. But avoid gap with the square, `` For those of you who do n't cognize me, I 'm... '' Everyone else talking will state the same exact thing, so try and separate yourself from the herd. Alternatively, get down your address with how you met the groom. It should be both factual and amusing. Get down with the fact, so pivot into the gag. Like this:

`` I met Jason when we shared a cell together in Folsom prison. '' That 's the fact. Then you pivot into. `` Back so, his 'girlfriends ' were named Frank and Bill and they made him pick up the soap, if you know what I mean. `` Okay, merely doing certain you 're paying attending. This violates two regulations that you should hold learned from this article: 1 ) No wit that will upset Grandma ; and 2 ) no references of ex-girlfriends, non of all time, under any fortunes. Still, that illustration should give you the thought. Just start with `` I met ( groom 's name ) ( here ) , '' intermission, so you give a kicker.So, more realistically: '' I met Charlie when we were roomies at Florida State. '' Fact, so pivot into a speedy small anecdote that you subsequently leverage. `` In college, he was the worst cook I 'd of all time seen, possibly that the universe has of all time seen. When he made pasta, he used catsup as sauce. Not pull the leg ofing. Ketchup. '' Not laugh-out-loud good story, evidently, but mildly amusive and the fast one is to subsequently utilize this in mention to the bride. ( You 'll see. ) SEE ALSO: Best Man Speech Videos

These should be amusing but non mean-spirited. It 's non a joint, and you 're non seeking to break the cat 's balls. Technically, we already entered this subdivision in the above illustration ( Charlie 's bad cookery ) -- a good address will segue right in. Try and give between 2 and 4 small anecdotes. These anecdotes should all run into the undermentioned standards: -They poke merriment of `` non-important material, '' but they should n't mock his calling or cardinal life choices.-They are n't excessively esoteric. For case, you should n't state a `` amusing narrative '' about how in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Charlie kept confounding the Hydrogen molecules with Hydrocarbon molecules. Hour angle! ! ! -They do n't present any new characters by name. There should merely be two characters in the toast: the bride and the groom. There 's nil worse in a narrative than when person bogs the chump down with, `` So, foremost off, you should understand that Charlie had two bosses-Brandon and Tony. Although, technically, Brandon reported to Tony, but that was truly more a formality. Anyway, the large large BIG foreman was Susan, and she No names besides the groom and the bride. Keep it simple.Possible fresh fish:

You get the thought. Quick small anecdotes. And this is the great secret, this is the key to a amusing toast: you do n't hold to really be amusing yourself.you merely necessitate to relay a few mildly amusing narratives. That 's it. So your first undertaking in writing this toast, so, is to get down with a clean sheet of paper and scribble down every bit many amusing memories as possible. Start with a list of 10-15, so contract it down to 3 or 4. Do n't worry about writing them amusing, merely compose them directly, and the wit will play itself out. And if you ca n't believe of anything amusing about the groom? Embellish and exaggerate. That 's adequate to acquire you off to a solid start. For extra-credit? Here 's the advanced move: each of your narratives subtly intimations at a spread in the groom 's character -- non a defect, head you, but a spread -- that 's as if by magic filled by the bride. Which gets us to the following subdivision:

99 % of the clip, this is the toughest subdivision. You 've known the groom for old ages, likely, and the bride 's a comparative alien. If you have glowing narratives about her -- and, ideally, about the happy twosome together -- great. Use them. If you 're disquieted they 're excessively cockamamie? They 're non. This is where the adult females in the audience flop out the handkerchiefs. You 're the best adult male, you 've known this fellow for old ages and old ages, and now, finally, you 're giving them your approval. Bring out the large guns and speak about how fantastic she is. If you have to, lie.If you do n't cognize a damn thing about the bride, this is where you leverage Section 2 and really demo, without utilizing these Beastly words, how the bride `` completes him. '' Ahhhhhhwww.Remember Charlie and the catsup? In this subdivision, you link back to that with something like this: `` And so, about a twelvemonth ago, I knew that Charlie was serious. He went food market shopping for ingredients he had ne'er seen earlier -- coriander, artichoke Black Marias, Italian rice -- you name it. And he cooked. A existent repast. Without catsup. He spent five hours cookery, and I knew this adult male was in love. '' Another thing you 'll desire to make: rattle off some of the bride 's astonishing qualities. Even if they 're non narratives, per Se, a speedy rat-tat-tat of superb qualities can make the fast one. Travel beyond expressions. And it can be nice and simple and factual, but you want to convey that she 's more than some hot biddy, she 's a absorbing adult female your brother 's fortune to have.And here 's a amusing and fool-proof manner to segue into this small summation: `` After Charlie introduced me to Jennifer, I told him four words, and I kept reiterating these four words every clip I saw him. The four words: Do n't. Mess. This. Up. '' ( Chuckle from crowd. ) `` Not merely is Jennifer beautiful, but she -- '' ( This is where you rattle off the astonishing qualities. ) If worst comes to absolute worst, snake pit, you can merely state, `` Not merely is Jennifer beautiful, but she 's intelligent, amusing, great at ___ ( something trivial like darts or karaoke or croquet or whatever ) __and her lone defect, it seems, is questionable gustatory sensation in work forces. `` SEE ALSO: 20 ( Stripper-Free ) Bachelor Party Ideas: Locations and Lodging

Easy. Keep it short. You do n't necessitate to travel brainsick with a quotation mark from Proust or Yates. In fact, do the audience a favour and avoid citing Proust or Yates. Alternatively, merely complete with something simple, classy, warm, and upbeat.Something along the lines of: '' Charlie.Jennifer. '' ( Raise glass, intermission ) `` To a life-time of love and felicity. '' Or if you 're experiencing bolder and more sentimental: '' Charlie.Jennifer. '' ( Raise glass, intermission ) `` To a life-time of joy, love, and fulfilment. `` Of class, there are a million ways to shut, but that 's a surefire line that 's simple and gets the occupation done. Whatever you do, do certain that it 's forceful and cheerful, feel-good and crisp.And before you really give the address, make you certain look into out our Dos and Don'ts of bringing.

5 Tips For Giving A Kick Ass Wedding Address

Don’t sap yourself, if person asks you to do a address at their wedding, it’s of import … that you don’t bomb. I know this from experience as I had to do a address at my brother’s dry run dinner this past twelvemonth. Luckily, it went off with out a enlistment. But we’ve all been to those nuptialss where person bungled the address. You do non desire to be that individual. I was at one wedding where the amah of award, imbibe off bubbly, ran through a list of the most awkward cats the bride had dated. At another, a groomsmen had nil planned and rambled on and on for at least 30 proceedingss. Or at least it seemed that manner. Not all right! Successful wedding addresss, while different, all have certain elements in common. And even though we all have changing grades of comfort with public speech production, there are some fast ones that will do your address awesome no affair what. After the leap, some tips for doing yours a hit.

1. Rely on readying, non inspiration. If a address falls in a wood and no 1 is around to hear it, does it do a sound? NO. How many times have we delivered a superb version of a vocal into our shower caput or the best address of our lives into our sleeping room mirrors? Many. But that doesn’t count because no 1 was at that place to bare informant. While we may be genuinely divine when we are entirely in our sleeping rooms, don’t count on it while standing in forepart of 150 invitees at your brother’s wedding. There’s no shame in utilizing notecards. In fact, if you don’t you may be delusional. Write that chump down. I was glad to hold those notes with me at my brother’s dry run dinner. There was vino. There was household. There was emotion. All things that could do even the most seasoned address giver bury the brilliant address she had prepped.

5. Two drink, five-minute upper limit. Don’t let minor inside informations like being wasted or joging on ruin your large address. The two-drink, five-minute upper limit regulation will maintain you in cheque. Make certain you’ve merely had two drinks before giving your address. That’s plenty to experience a warm bombilation, but non excessively much to hold you slurring your words and doing indecent gags. Besides, maintain things short and sweet. Five proceedingss is the perfect sum of clip for a wedding address. Long plenty to experience satisfying, abruptly plenty to maintain invitees from snoozing off. Enlist person at your tabular array to be your clip keeper and give you a discreet signal when you are nearing your five infinitesimal grade.

A Wedding Toast?

There have ever been rather a few elusive differences between us Brits and our American cousins in many walks of life, and writing a wedding toast is no exclusion. However, nuptialss in general are something that divide our two states. For a start there’s what we really call the address and they call the toast, so our Groom is their Groomsman, American nuptialss will often be a black tie event and so we have the American tradition of the dry run dinner. For anyone non familiar with this, it’s a full on, no disbursal spared, banquet the dark before the chief event and at which you’ll have a mountain of nutrient and a series of talkers. It’s finely tuned, orchestrated and about every bit ‘rehearsal’ as the Trooping of The Colour. In fact the full wedding event in America is a testament to exceeding degrees of planning, readying and purchase power.

So, that brings us to the cardinal difference between the American and British nuptialss when it comes to the addresss: timings. Anyone that has been to adequate British nuptialss, will surely hold become the victim of ‘the long speech’ . This is normally the male parent of the bride or the Groom – seldom the best adult male as they’re reasonably lament to acquire off phase, but whoever is the wrongdoer the net consequence is the same: stiff ennui so smothering that even with plentifulness of vin paint on board, you’re still fighting to rally a giggle. Writing a Wedding Toast is a different ball game wholly because the first thing clients will state me is how many proceedingss they’ve got on phase. This is ne'er a guideline either, these are difficult timings to suit into a stiff construction. So writing a wedding toast is an interesting exercising is short, punchy sentiment versus comedy. Try acquiring off with a 3 minute address at a British wedding and delay for the flack catcher from the wedding professionals at the saloon afterwards.

There’e a batch to be said for this attack though – cipher outstays their welcome at the mike and cipher has to digest listening to the the flower organizers being thanked. Any wedding address nailed down to such a short clip frame will necessitate careful believing about so because there’s merely no chance to blow words. However, when it comes to the content it’s about precisely indistinguishable to the comparative addresss we have over in the UK and despite much argument as to who understands comedy better, it all works in precisely the same manner. I’ve written wedding toasts for East Coast, West Coast and clients in the center of the Plains and they all laugh at the same things we do, so ne'er seek writing a wedding toast thought that you’re traveling to hold to do it like an episode of Friends. There’s no demand.

As a unsmooth usher to writing a wedding toast, ne'er waste clip thanking anyone – it makes sense they were either paid or were happy to make it without acknowledgment. Never become involved in anecdotes – there’s no clip and American audiences tend to prefer humourous overviews instead than farinaceous item of questionable events, but so don’t we all? And don’t even dream about being high-strung. I am steadfastly committed to fliping the temper in addresss right down the center and that doesn’t do it any less amusing. Some British clients prefer to do things a little more hazardous but ne'er for an American client – it’s merely non what they’re approximately.

How To Write An Unforgettable Wedding Toast

Start off by presenting yourself and how you know the bride and groom. Regardless if you’ve been asked to talk by one or the other, ever include both the bride and groom in your address. This is their twenty-four hours, and you need to maintain the focal point on them and their brotherhood. Once you’ve introduced yourself, explicate how you all met. This is a good topographic point to include a narrative if you think it’s appropriate. If you met one of them foremost, start with the narrative of how you two met. Afterwards, portion the narrative of how your friend met their partner. You can notice on things like how awkwardly they may hold started out or how stricken they immediately were, but ever maintain it positive. If the relationship started out cold, focal point on its patterned advance. You can utilize wit, but don’t embarrass either individual.

When you’re giving this debut, don’t usage stuff that falls under the kingdom of “you had to be there.” If something is merely amusing because you know some inside secret, don’t include it. If you need to prove this, present your address to person who is non involved in the procedure and see if the wit is at that place. Keep wit accessible every bit good. This means that even if you joke around with your friend all the clip and set each other down, don’t make that the focal point of your address. One small remark might gain a laugh, but excessively many will confound the invitees and hazards raging the bride and groom. Don’t use something trite to open your address, and avoid gags that insult yourself or a member of the espousal party. For illustration, don’t say you’re traveling to hold a confined and suffering audience for the following 10 proceedingss and say the bride will be lucky to even acquire that long tonight. If you do hold something amusing to portion, maintain it tasteful. That includes excluding what happened at the strip club the other dark or conveying up narratives affecting exes. Always keep the focal point on the twosome, and avoid stating anything that could acquire your friend in problem like sloping a household secret.

Sentiment is all right and even welcome, but don’t make things excessively cockamamie. They’ll be functioning cake shortly plenty, so maintain the sugar content to a lower limit. Feel free to do your address a small flowery as this is a formal juncture, but try non to acquire distraught. It’s antic if you love your friend because they one time rescued you from ardent wreckage utilizing merely their dentitions and Fe finding, but some narratives are excessively dramatic for a wedding party. If you’re concerned about things acquiring excessively emotional, don’t linger on any one subject excessively long. This will guarantee that you can still touch on sentimental things without coercing the wedding party to brood on them.

If there are multiple toasts, maintain in head that others are traveling to be talking, and program consequently. This means that you should inquire the espousal party for a clip frame and pattern your address to guarantee that you stay within it. You will probably talk more rapidly when you’re in forepart of others, so maintain your address towards the latter portion of the clip frame. Coordinate with the other talkers beforehand to guarantee that you aren’t doubling stuff. It would be thwarting for two of you to construct your address around the same subject and so hold one of you in a place where you have small to state. If person speaks before you, clap their address and thank them for their words. If person speaks after you, do certain to give them an appropriate debut. Besides, maintain path of where you will fall in the wedding agenda so that you have clip to fix. You don’t desire to be off someplace else when you’re meant to be talking.

The most of import thing to retrieve when presenting a wedding toast is to be yourself. These people chose you for a ground ; they like you, and they want you to talk for them. If you’re seeking to be person you’re non, they’re traveling to detect right off, and you could turn the temper for everyone involved. If you’re non excessively amusing, don’t attempt to be. If you aren’t sentimental, don’t give a saccharine address. Stick to what you know. Particularly if there’s more than one individual speech production, the espousal party chose their talkers for a ground, and they’re numbering on them to be the same friends and household members they ever are.


Groom 's Speech. Our Guide to writing and presenting an astonishing Groom wedding address. See Groom address illustrations excessively. Best Man Speech. Helping the best adult male create an amazing best adult male address. With illustration best adult male addresss excessively. Maid of Honor Speeches. How to come up with a great amah of award address. Example amah of award addresss included. Father of the Bride Speech. Your girl 's acquiring married. Here 's to presenting a heartfelt address. Includes illustrations. Example Toasts & Speech Quotes. One line drives, amusing quotation marks, love fables and much more in our illustrations subdivision. Top Wedding Speech & Toasts Blog Posts. The latest web log stations about wedding addresss and toast. Stay up to day of the month.

Marrying Toast Speech. Write a Wedding Address That Rocks.

Giving a wedding address is a great award, but most of us instantly acquire authors barricade and gross out out at the idea of coming up with what to state. Where do I get down? Before you begin your wedding address or toast readying, write down some ideas about the twosome 's relationship, how they met, how you know them, their personalities, or general ideas about matrimony. Once you have some of these ideas you have a model to work from. Depending on which wedding address you are giving, whether it be the male parent of the bride address, the groom 's wedding address, the best adult male address or the amah of award address, we recommend that you read our specific usher on each to steer you.

While you 're believing about your address, we believe that there are six cosmopolitan wedding address tips that everybody should follow: Make It Personal. How do you cognize the bride and groom? How do you experience about them? Were you involved when the bride and groom met? Do you know inside informations of the proposal? Do they hold cunning monikers for each other? It makes sense for anybody giving a address to do it personal. Guests are traveling to appreciate the love and connexion that comes from making that. Add Some Humor ( But Not Too Much ) . We love wedidng addresss with wit. It is great if you can add a few one line drives and do a gag or two. In stating that, the best address balances funny with heartfelt. If it’s excessively sentimental, you’ll have invitees falling asleep. If you 're making a 10 proceedingss comedy modus operandi, so you could pique people and you lost the significance of the particular juncture. It is about balance. Say `` Thanks '' . Thank the relevant people and do certain you 're specific where you can be. This takes some readying, make certain you ask around to see who helped out with the wedding. Open and Close with a Bang! You need to acquire people 's attending instantly. That means holding a strong opener and a strong closer. Use a short Irish wedding toast, a cute stating or a amusing quotation mark. The thought is to give your best wants, sum up the spirit of matrimony or to give a toast. Keep It Short. There are traveling to be a clump of wedding addresss. Do n't tire people with a long address. Salvage the long or potentially awkward narratives for the unmarried man or bachelor girl party. Be brief and memorable. Drop all the “ums” and “uhs” . Practice and readying makes perfect. Make oculus contact and speak to all the invitees. You ca n't make that while looking down at a piece of paper or merely traveling off the turnup. That means you need to fix and hold something written down and rehearsed. Practice, pattern, pattern. Stand in forepart of the mirror and rehearse boulder clay you are comfy and confident. Practice until you look good, until you can watch yourself in the mirror - and finally expression at the audience - while speech production.

Groom Speech

In footings of the groom address construction, we typically recommend that groom foremost thank the male parent of the bride on behalf of himself and his new married woman for the address. Then thank invitees for coming, the bride 's parents ( if they are hosting the wedding ) , his parents for raising him and the best adult male for back uping him. He should besides thank anyone else who has helped or been involved with be aftering the wedding. He so says a few words about his beautiful new married woman. The bridegroom should complete his address with a remark about 'the maid of honors ' . The expansive coda the groom raises his glass, pulls his bride near and toasts to their new lives together as hubby and married woman.

Great Wedding Speeches. High degree Overview.

Typically the male parent of the bride or groom has the hardest occupation when it comes to presenting a good wedding address, holding to cover a batch of land. First off he will normally turn to the invitees, welcoming everybody to the wedding and so thanking persons who helped set the wedding together. The male parent of the bride or groom may besides speak more casually about his feelings and relationship with his boy or dauther. He will besides hold to welcome the bride or groom and his new in-laws in to the household. As you can see, there is some heavy lifting for great wedding addresss to go on, and for the male parent of the bride or groom in peculiar there is a batch to cover in a short period of clip. See more male parent of the bride address tips here.

The groom besides needs to cover a batch for a good wedding address, but we like the thought of concentrating the groom address on his new bride, his fantastic married woman. That is what makes a grooms address mean so much if he can concentrate on his spouse. A great tone for the groom address is to speak about the twosomes future together and get downing a new chapter and household. Thank his new married woman for get marrieding him, speak a small spot about how they met and reference merely how much he loves her and how aroused he is. The groom wedding address must besides cover a few other points. He must thank the people involved in doing their wedding a memorable juncture, thank the male parent of the bride for his kindness and friendly relationship and for his girl. The grooms address must turn to thanking invitees for go toing and for all their good wants and gifts. Finally, the groom address should turn to any people who helped form the wedding and should besides give a shout-out to the the wedding party, speaking about how amazing they are as friends and how gorgeous the maid of honors are. See more groom address tips here.

Following up is the best adult male address. Best adult male addresss can either be foremost or last in the wedding address order. The best adult male address spends most of its clip speaking about his relationship with the groom. How they met, how they spend clip together and typically some tasteful gags, narratives and anecdotes about the groom. The best adult male address should cover the groom 's experiences and qualities and how great his new married woman is. It is ever nice when the best adult male speeches cover some item about how the twosome met. Finally, the best adult male proposes a toast to the freshly married twosome. See more best adult male address tips here.

Best Man Address

The best adult male address is expected to hold more wit than the other addresss, but do n't turn it into a 10 minute vulgar stand up comedy skit. Keep the address lighthearted and merriment with some stamp parts excessively. The crowd will apprecitate it. Possibly the hardest portion of the best adult male address is seeking to be amusing and capturing while appealing to the bulk of people in attending. You need gags and narratives that appeal to everybody. Paying hearty testimonial to the honeymooners is, of class is the chief portion of the address. Some ribbing of the groom and untold narratives is besides a tradition. Just retrieve your are at that place to celebrat the matrimony of your close friend to his fantastic new married woman. Talk about them, how they met, how in love he is with her and what a great gimmick she is. Finish with a toast that inspires everybody and leaves them all applause.

10 Stairss to the Best Best Man Address

4. State a story–make a connexion. The ideal manner to construction a best adult male address is to happen a connexion between a narrative about your friend and your support for the twosome. Share a narrative about how your friend would ever keen that he would ne'er happen a adult female with x, Y, and omega qualities, but how he eventually did in his new bride. Or state a narrative about the minute when you were hanging out with the twosome and you realized your friend had found his lucifer. Another good angle is to speak about the manner that the bride and groom balance one another. Associate a good story ( non abashing, see below ) anecdote in which one of your buddy’s personality traits tripped him up in some manner. For illustration, the narrative could be about how your friend is really diffident and how this shyness caused some humourous event to happen. You so speak about how bubbly and surpassing his bride is, and how they therefore balance each other and do a perfect squad.

5. Avoid controversial subjects. Keep your address on subjects that aren’t controversial, violative, or abashing. You would believe this is common sense, but people somehow bury this when they’re standing with a mike in their manus in forepart of a crowd of people. What gets people in problem is trying to be funny by sharing some abashing narrative or checking some feeble gag about a ball and concatenation. It normally comes out dreadfully and no 1 laughs. It’s O.K. to portion a humourous anecdote, but non one that gets laughs at the disbursal of your friend and his new married woman and embarrasses them and their invitees.


The Toast: It’s your parents’ 40th wedding day of remembrance. The Tip: Before the large knock, inquire your parents ( individually ) about the secrets to their success, how they met, their fondest memory, their partner’s best trait. Then integrate their narratives into your toast. Be certain to advert what they’ve meant to you as parents and your esteem for their partnership. A good stoping: “So here’s to my parents—my foremost, and best, illustration of how love can last a life-time. Cheers to both of you.” Skip: Sibling competition! If your brother shows up with a 20-minute slide show, don’t alter your address for the interest of competition.

The Toast: You’re the matron of award at your friend’s 2nd wedding. The Tip: “Consider what you would desire people to state about you and your partner if it were your wedding, ” says Tom Haibeck, writer of Marrying Toasts Made Easy. Most of import: Include the groom and advert how much he has brought into your friend’s life. Try, “I’ve known Mary since childhood and ever knew she needed person to fit her smarts, strength and trueness. Fortunately, she found her equal when she met Jon.” Keep it short—three to five proceedingss. Skip: Any mentions whatsoever to her old partner ( ! ) , boyfriends or romantic dry enchantments.

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