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Help writing spoken word

Tips for writing Spoken Word

You know what? I have ever truly enjoyed spoken word as a hip-hop fan, but for some ground I ne'er even tried it one time! I 've ever loved to free-style, and, although I have written a few times, I found it to be more of a battle than the pure release of merely knaping. BUT, last dark I was listening to this rapper I late discovered, and he had a vocal that was a 1000 word verse form over a light guitar -- -which I enjoyed and found myself desiring to seek out. And, although I did n't happen that specific instrumental, I sat and wrote for over two hours, and it was the most unbelievable experience ( about like the release I 've ever gotten from freestyling, yet it had an component of control that I found emancipating -- about the `` journalistic '' feel, because I was free-writing alternatively of get the hanging merely one verse form -- -- is this a good scheme? ) .Anyway, I decided to google `` compose a spoken word '' and this is the first site I clicked. I merely want to state thanks for the fantastic article and for the practical advice! I know this is something I will make for the remainder of my life, and I am so aroused to see that there is person like you out there who loves and advocates the art sufficiency to inform me! I was inquiring if there were any books you 'd urge about writing poesy or merely aggregations of poesy? I realize that poesy that is spoken is a distinguishable in the public presentation facet, but still, I would wish to travel and larn what the greats did.

First off, I would wish to thank you for the sort words and allow you cognize that I am merely as glad to see people that still believe in art. Second off, I believe whichever scheme you decide to use is great every bit long as you feel it, every bit long as it feels right. And on the subject of spoken words books I 'm ashamed to acknowledge I did n't read such things. I feel like the whole thaumaturgy of spoken word is the spoken portion so I watched hours of poesy, and it inspired me greatly. I do nevertheless urge you my station `` Slam poets you merely have to look into out! `` , where I wrote about some of the spoken word artists that inspired me and you should likely look into them out every bit good. After that, there 's ever Russel Simmons Def Poetry Jam, which was a great show, and last but non least, I besides follow UrbanaPoetrySlam 's on youtube. Hoping that 'll acquire you inspired I 'm directing you my best wishes.PS: I would love to hear your verse forms so feel free to portion them with me if you feel like.


Great article, but I must acknowledge I have a bias about spoken word ( or “slam poesy, ” as we call it at my school. ) Often people write about the same tired subjects: since I’m at an all girls’ school, they bash work forces, there are awfully homophobic remarks ( it was meant to be Adam and Eve, non Adam and Steve ) and merely detest address in general. For the record, it’s non “feminist” to state that all work forces suck. That’s dissing to wonderful work forces out at that place. Writing with emotion is great, but some people abuse it. Having an sentiment about a certain group of people can’t justify atrocious remarks about them. This is why I prefer longer narrations where you can present contrast: felicity with unhappiness, darkness and visible radiation. Life is a immense clutter, non merely a immense mass of hatred.

They feed me confect but I want more. Lies make more prevarications and strain tumours in the spinal column. I listen to your political relations and want to plunge in the ocean to acquire off. I doubt you are true so I spit. I would instead travel off. Far off. You are a breeder of adult male. A Canis familiaris, a prevaricator, and a darnel. Your confect choking coils me and I am non entirely. Hatefilled orgasms lead to penalty by Cupid’s pointers. I am tired of your political stance and I would instead eat bonbons on Saturdays. My lesions fester because you lie beyond the stars. I promise better health care, economic sciences 101, and allow public assistance widen to the suburbs. Lies, lies, more prevarications lead to a psyche full of hatred and loose emotionlessness from my pharynx. I would agitate a Wiener at you but I ain’t got none. Travel back to the fly-by-night thenar tree you came from, Mr. or Mrs. President. I will brood in the shadows with my people, the open and the strong.

If you’ll notice, you lose a spot of stringency after the ‘Cupid’s arrows” line, and you risk losing your audience at that place – if it helps, experience free to allow the sentences flow together instead than doing them each one-liners ( I wouldn’t recommend altering anything in the first half – as I think that’s a stylistic pick ) . It looks like you’re seeking to nail place the ‘why’ in the 2nd half, and I think chanting down the poesy and turning up the prose and doing it more of a narrative there might be more effectual. Play with it, and see what you get – would person from your audience be more likely to see your angle after listening to your piece?

— This took me to a minute in college when I was taking a Calculus 2 test. I was a awful math pupil ( should hold asked for wayy more help than I of all time did ) and level out didn’t know the stuff. I was nervous so I tried toss offing orange juice and java right before the trial thought it would help me be every bit watchful as possible. Bad thought. It merely rocketed my trial anxiousness through the roof. By the clip college was over I attempted ( and, gratefully passed ) 22 hours deserving of JUST concretion. That’s more recognition hours than what you need for a minor. I merely didn’t quit. No affair what. I was traveling to graduate with an technology grade. Period. And I did. And I look back and laugh now…but those minutes of panicky hopeless failure leave existent cicatrixs – and the words that you write here truly make relate with audiences – they matter Member of the Tribe. The pattern will be worth it the minute you speak or say the thing that echoes in the psyche of person else so loud all they can hear is “I am non entirely – I am understood”…and that makes writing immortal, pattern worth it, and all the clip crunching pencils to charcoal dust priceless.

I truly appreciated your doing the battle that we all face so clear and allowing it be known that we are all in this acquisition together. Your narrative, believing about it subsequently, spoke to me besides in things I am confronting in life, myself, and I thank you for that lucidity it brought me, packaged in cryings as it was. The existence used you. I love it when the existence uses me to touch the lives of others. It turns the phrase “being used” on its ear and gives it hugs. OK, that sounded Wyrd, I know. LOL, I merely intend it feels good to be used by the existence. I hope you acquire a sense of experiencing good for assisting me. Expanding on what we are already great at, and what we are good at and what we do O.K. at, that is what we are meant to make here. Learning new accomplishments to construct on others. So much clip we spend comparing ourselves to others, crushing ourselves up. IF our neighbours or our friends treated us the manner we treat ourselves we would hold keeping orders taken out on them for torment at the really least. Forgiving ourselves for perceived failings and mistakes every bit good as possibly maltreatments of our good qualities and larning to love ourselves with kindness, is bonus. Acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, kindness, sugariness, loving ourselves. They are thoughts we can take to utilize in many state of affairss. I am reminded of learning I have learned and taught: You are the lone 1 with authorization over your ideas. Even with a gun to your caput no 1 has any existent control or power over your ideas. You can take to believe otherwise than the manner you were possibly taught or programmed to believe. You can take to believe supportive ideas. Praise yourself for every small thing. For one hr attempt praising yourself for merely everything you do even okay.” Great occupation oversharing Luanna! ” , for case. It’s a thing. Merely a thing. I can alter it or non. Amusing thing is, frequently, in topographic points like this, where people are truly working on being better authors and bettering themselves and their lives thereby ; in those environments, the universe utilizations over sharing rather a spot. So, alternatively of canceling a good spot, I will post this inordinately long answer to you thanking me for my perceptual experience of your writing, and thank you one time once more for your station. Thank you, fellow Member of the Tribe!

Candy feed through clean venas I am ready for the prevarications Your political relations make me desire to leap Higher, Higher, gone into the ocean I doubt I would instead be off, far off You are a breeder of adult male Dogs, liars, darnels, scum Your confect choking coils me Hatefilled orgasms surprise me I am tired My lesions fester because you lie Field of dreams Field of prevarications Healthcare for all, health care for some, health care for no 1 Lies turn my love to detest Raw like a egg running on a hot pavement Lying bitch, lying trash, prevaricator I would agitate a weiner at ya but I ain’t got none Back off, Mrs. or Mr. President I am a also-ran, also-ran, lost My ballot is with the bulk The open and the strong

Subject: Gratitude for wise mans Avery Teachs so Writer reaches … new highs … their possible … for more words swirl into a pearl … of wisdom something that catches something that matches something that hatches into alteration … an thought … a head … a life White spits out words We put up blurbs his suggestion revises our assurance rises Not merely counsel counsel to and fro counsel 2.0 Avery sets the tone you’re non entirely No 1 is This is our game for one another to relieve to promote to make … chance … connexion … alteration Not unusual … words move people move mountains Grateful for the TWP and 3rd individual originative Two sites so educative They show us how to compose proud and unrecorded out loud.

When I was immature I knew I was meant to compose. I was meant to compose poesy that would touch Black Marias merely every bit profoundly as mine had been touched by assorted lines over the old ages. Poetry had a manner of allowing me experience genuinely like myself, more than anything else. The dew on forenoon foliages. The wisp of a cloud across the dawn. The pink bottoms of thundercloud as the Sun set. The peaceable psyche of the ocean. Poetry was one of the few topographic points that person else could show those minutes to me. But I couldn’t write poesy. I tried. I tried. I tried. The feeling, the emotion I needed would construct up inside me until I would run to acquire a pencil and paper and scribble now a line as fast as I could. And I would scrabble some more. Then curve my lip in disgust. I was no poet. My words had none of the magnificence I wished for. None of the wisdom or glare I wish for. They did non travel me. They would no travel anyone. I struggled for my words to intend something. I struggled to show those minutes as there were but besides as I saw them. I wanted the mountains to surge above your caput and for you to experience the Earth take a breathing beneath your pess as it spat it’s glowing lifeblood at the stars. That is what I wanted. But I could non pass on myself. I felt that my endowment should come of course, with easiness, if it was meant to be. But it did non come. My life had been changed so many times by two or three lines but I could ne'er keep so much truth in my ain words. I wrote in other ways, but with poesy I could merely of all time pull off my 2nd best. It would hold to make.

But I couldn’t write poesy. I tried. I tried. I tried. The feeling, the emotion I needed would construct up inside me until I would run to acquire a pencil and paper and scribble now a line as fast as I could. And I would scrabble some more. Then curve my lip in disgust. I was no poet. My words had none of the magnificence I wished for. None of the wisdom or glare I wish for. They did non travel me. They would no ( T ) move anyone. I struggled for my words to intend something. I struggled to show those minutes as there were but besides as I saw them. I wanted the mountains to surge above your caput and for you to experience the Earth take a breathing beneath your pess as it spat it’s glowing lifeblood at the stars.

Stargazer now starship cavalryman, gliding through galaxies, sifting through sand. stardust. Falling through infinite, my ship. Burns N as it pummels the skies. as I… Fall back, autumn down, autumn through. They say I’ll dice, say the clang will kill me, say it’ll terminal my life But I’m a Phoenix. My ashes rise from my urn, and so I look for the burn. Look for the fire of my autumn, Look to nail feetfirst after drifting skyhigh Look to remain grounded after flights of fancy, of phantasy, of the antic. As I careen back to Earth, push through the stars, haste back to the universe, I know. I know I’ll fly once more. Know I’ll rise once more, cognize these ashes will acquire wings once more. But right now I look for the landing.

Chibuzo, I think you demonstrate a captivating usage of imagination here as each ‘scene’ of the piece affects your enunciation. In the beginning, when the talker is floating, words are connected through commas and initial rhyme leting the sentence to flux with easiness. Later, after the ship explodes, the lines are separated by line interruptions and peppered with a repeat of the word ‘fall’ — all while remaining within a sensible sum of words to state in a individual breath ( this is what made it fun to read out loud ) . These are some of the grounds as to *why* I believe your piece is peculiarly effectual. I’m left inquiring what the metaphor is acquiring at. Well done! !

Development within the United States

The most noteworthy U.S. advocate of unwritten poesy, Vachel Lindsay, helped to maintain alive the grasp of poesy as a spoken art in the early 20th century. Robert Frost besides spoke good, his meter suiting his natural sentences. Poet laureate, Robert Pinsky, besides an advocator, considered 'Poetry 's proper apogee is to be read aloud by person 's voice, whoever reads a verse form aloud becomes the proper medium for the verse form. Every talker intuitively courses through use of sounds, it is about as though 'we sing to one another all twenty-four hours ' . Sound one time imagined through the oculus bit by bit gave organic structure to poems through public presentation, and tardily in the 1950s reading aloud erupted in the United States ' .

International development

in Zimbabwe the art of spoken word has been largely active on phase through the House of hungriness Poetry sweep in Harare, Mlomo Wakho Poetry Slam in Bulawayo every bit good as the Charles Austin theater in Masvingo. Festivals such as Harare International Festival of the Arts, Intwa Arts Festival KoBulawayo and Shoko Festival have supported the genre for a figure of old ages. Artists such as Chirikure Chirikure, Biko Mutsaurwa ( Godobori ) , Cynthia Marangwanda ( Flowchyld ) , Arnold Chirimika ( SoProfound ) , Tongai Lesly Makawa ( Outspoken ) Tendekai P Tati ( Madzitatiguru ) , Philani Amadeus Nyoni, Tswarelo Mothobi ( A Scribe called Tswa ) Samm Farai Monro ( Comrade Fatso ) and Batsirai Easther Chigama have been active on the Zimbabwean Spoken word scene

Writing Slam Poetry

Slam Poetry and Spoken WordWhat is this thing called sweep poesy? Slam poesy is where unfastened mic becomes a competition. Contestants get three proceedingss and no more to execute an original work. Props, costumes and musical concomitant are non allowed. Exceeding three proceedingss earns a clip punishment. The reader is so judged on a graduated table of nothing to ten by five Judgess selected from the audience. Both quality of the writing and public presentation are considered. The high and low tonss are thrown out. The staying three are totaled to organize the reader 's mark for that round.Depending on the size of the field, the lowest scoring rivals may be cut. Merely the high tonss will progress to the following unit of ammunition. In a big competition, there may be three unit of ammunitions. Whoever finishes with the highest combined mark wins a hard currency award. Where I 'm from, that 's $ 50. Second and 3rd topographic point terminal up with a joke award worth a vaulting horse or two.Most of import, first topographic point gets three points, 2nd gets two and 3rd gets one. At the terminal of the season, authors with the highest point sums compete to execute at the subjects. No affair what the wage is, that is serious promotion for some fellow or biddy kicking about an ex-lover in a java store.

It Ai n't Poetry

I 'm non stating it 's better or worse. It 's merely different. That is the first thing to understand about writing for this purpose.Poetry is a written art signifier. The readers get words on a page and should necessitate nil else. They see the punctuation and where the lines end. They can reread and take clip to absorb what they have read. They should larn more when they approach the text for the 2nd or 3rd clip. If the writer must be present, presenting the words with his or her ain inflexion, so the verse form has failed.Slam poesy is something else. It 's a misnomer. I do n't wish utilizing “poetry, '' “poet '' or “poem '' at these events. I think “script '' is more accurate.You acquire one opportunity to acquire your feeling across. No 1 sees what you have written. Your voice is a tool. So is your organic structure linguistic communication. This is public presentation art. This is moving.

How Do You Write For This?

Keep it simple. Again, no 1 can reread this. Complex poetry signifier is wasted here. Double entendre, dallying with homophones and other word drama will be lost. The audience must acquire it one the first base on balls. Do n't acquire excessively deep. Be personal and authentic.Have a cardinal image or metaphor. Two at most. Establish a clear subject and stick with it. If you are writing about adult females being like great books, do n't roll from that imagination. Do n't acquire excessively luxuriant or you will go forth the people stating, “Huh? '' Make certain they can experience, odor and savor your words.Use sound. When writing poesy, I about ne'er use rime. When writing a book for a sweep, I about ever do. This is an a cappella public presentation. You need to travel the crowd, but be elusive with it. I vary the length of my lines ( even when they ca n't read them ) or instead, I vary the clip and figure of words between rimes. I use close rime. I build a beat but attempt to roll off from it before coming back like good jazz.Start and finish strong. This is true for all writing, but I 'll set the “duh '' in redundant here. Primacy and recentness. They will retrieve the first and last thing they heard. You need to acquire their attending with your first words. You 're likely in a nine, non a schoolroom. Their nutrient, drinks, neighbours and phones are viing for attending. You need to stop with an impressive turn. This is the last thing on the heads of the Judgess while you are being scored.Write something you can retrieve. At the ordinary degree, people frequently read from paper or phones. At the highest competitory degree, memorisation is mandatory. I aim to read from memory. This is public presentation art. Performing while reading from a screen or sheet is impossible, so I use sound bonding non merely for the audience but besides for myself. I need a certain beat and repeat so I can retrieve.

How to Memorize

Prior to my first slam competition, I could declaim 10 or 20 lines of my ain writing and that was it. I did n't believe I could be good at memorising, although I had ne'er truly tried.Fortunately, sweeps in my country occur about twice a month. I get two hebdomads to memorise new work and pattern old material. I try to maintain my writing with me, in my pocket or head, and declaim it frequently. It 's merely a twosome proceedingss. I can run it through my caput during a commercial interruption. I can declaim it to my windscreen while driving.Full volume recitation is of import. Do n't merely believe about it or whisper it to yourself and believe you are ready for the phase. I have seen authors present a loud and passionate half-minute before running out of breath.So you need to acquire to a topographic point where you can execute at full pharynx. Possibly even louder than you will at the sweep. Let it out. When I 'm out walking my Canis familiaris, I will happen an empty field and resile my voice off the nearest edifice. I 'll run my piece every bit frequently as I can until it 's 2nd nature.I like to set it all on one sheet of paper in landscape format with two columns. I 'll interrupt it into subdivisions. I 'm a ocular scholar. I can see the paper and stanza interruptions in my caput. This helps me maintain it stuck there.And if you mess up while practising, maintain traveling. Do n't get down over. You wo n't acquire that opportunity at the competition. Practice sleep togethering up. If you mess up a line, read something out of order or jump a portion, improvise. Finish anyway.An experienced slammer one time told me something that now feels obvious: merely you know that you made a error. If you indicate to the audience that you have stumbled, they will cognize it. The Judgess will take note. But if you keep strolling along, everyone will believe it was supposed to be that manner.

Why You Should Ignore This Guy

In four sweeps, I 've ne'er finished higher than 4th topographic point. Last clip, I was last topographic point. I do non cognize how to win these things. In fact, I go against the regular grain. If I have a hallmark, it 's that I look to entertain a crowd and am beaten by harangues about ex-boyfriends, dependence and suicidal thoughts.Every clip, I have stumbled on lines at least one time. With my notes in my pocket, my back pack or at place, I 've paused on phase looking for a line I have recited a 100 times old. You can hear your mark dropping.It 's a hard-hitting thing to me. I still lack the experience to be wholly cool up at that place. I enter the locale and the epinephrine boots in. No affair how good I know my book, I charge in front excessively fast and go forth my memory behind. It feels like I keep singing excessively early at change-up pitches and draw them all into disgusting district or swing-and-miss entirely.You and I have the exact same zero points in the standings. Yet I am still a twosome good public presentations off from doing the local finals. I 've about ever felt great about my ain reading. I have about ever loved the crowd reaction.

Why You Should Ignore Everyone

First of wholly, it should n't be about winning. True, I am good cognizant of how my calling would alter if I could at least take part in the subjects, but I know that a mammoth bulk of people can non both write something and execute it in forepart of a crowd. If you can make it, you 've done something no affair what the tonss say.And about the tonss? By definition, sweep Judgess are selected from those folks who show up. Unbiased, unexperienced 1s are preferred because they give the most honorable feedback. So what do they desire to hear? Who knows? Last clip I performed, I nailed my last reading. I liked the book. I delivered it smooth and strong from the caput. The crowd listened and reacted. I got a 9.9 from one justice. The best single mark I had of all time received. And I got my worst. A 5.9. On the same reading. You try to larn something from that.By the manner, they are a blast. No 1 on phase or sitting down is a loser unless they hate holding merriment. I do n't cognize about other metropoliss, but in Spokane, we believe sweeps are a stone concert. They 're loud. Heckling happens. Boos, cheers, whistling and all that. I make it into an emotional destruction bowler hat, but I ne'er feel less dead.

Wan na Be a Fish

wide area network na be a fishhave a round-eyed fish headthink fish thoughtsspread fish jam on my fish breadI do n't sleepno necessitate for a fish bed if I was a fishI 'd ne'er hold a wishI 'd dance in ringsand ne'er learn a God darn thingnot have these desires and ambitionsnever say: “why do I ne'er have clip to travel fishin ' ? '' instead be a fish'cuz fish life is the bestplenty of gold in my hoarded wealth chestcoral palace for my homeplastic kelp full growndiver blowing bubblesca n't retrieve my troublesmirror in the cornerwhat 's up fish? you must be the new guyswim around my topographic point againwhat 's up fish? you must be the new guywhat did I lose? what 's the intelligence? any ground I should hold the blues? none? so I must be holding fun if I was a fishI 'd ne'er experience wrongwould n't hold a head full of dad songswith my memory five seconds longwhat 's up fish? you must be the new guywhat 's on my fish to make name? divide the O from the H2Otake a long poopwell, I guess I better gowait for the flakes to falland that 's all everything 's okayaround my armored combat vehicle todayif I did n't wish itI 'd merely swim awayif I had a dreamit would come trueI expression outside my tankand I do n't desire to be you cockamamie people with your Wobbly kneesgoggly eyes, boggy ideashow do you take a breath with those furred gills? why do you have on your pess down like they 're pencils? I 'd instead hold some finsand finish right where I begin because a fish dramas it coolnever seen a fish sweatwhat you obsess abouthe has n't imagined yet ne'er seen a fish frownuntil he 's drifting upside-downand a fish ai n't a lushnever fumes or imbibe excessively much a fish does n't worry about adult females or kidshe merely spawnsand gets it over with I 'd be the best everif I was a fishnot bronze, non silverI 'd be a gilded fish

Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami

“That dark you make love once more. You listen as the space within her is filled.It’s a swoon sound, like all right sand on a shore crumbling in the moonshine. You hold your breath, listening. You’re inside your theory now. Then you’re outside. And indoors once more, so outside. You inhale, hold it, exhale. Inhale, keep it, exhale. Prince sings on, like some mollusc in your caput. The Moon rises, the tide comes in. Seawater flows into a river. A subdivision of the cornel merely outside the window trembles nervously. You hold her stopping point, she buries her face in your thorax. You feel her breath against your bare tegument. She traces your musculuss, one by one. ”__One of my love-hate-favorite novel by Haruki Murakami. It’s Wyrd, dark, but magnetizing. I was re-reading this book earlier this forenoon, and I remembered how I truly loved this specific transition. Of class, there are other transitions that I love from this book, but I’ll save it for some other twenty-four hours. Thank you for listening, enjoy. ten

Aid with arranging

Why do we look up to the people who ignore us the most? Why do we experience like we need those people in order to experience whole Knowing that individual does nil but let down our psyches Making us experience empty Yet we keep traveling back for more as if they will make full us with something new “People are non medicine” but I say otherwise It all depends on the individual whether they bring you up or down If they have that much power to do you experience more than something Yes they are medicine they can bring around you That’s what medical specialty is supposed to make Bring around me and you But what am I stating? I want to be whole once more but I’m acquiring it from the incorrect people It took me awhile to recognize that I’m still recognizing the prevarications people have filled me up inside Maybe that’s why I thought I felt whole when I was truly empty Taking whatever word it was to experience something

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