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An of import point about the Spalding phonograms is that they are right by modern lingual criterions. That is, the letters represent minimum address units ( phonemes ) , non blends.The plan Begins by learning a set ofphoneme-letter units called phonograms. There are 71 of these, the letters of the alphabet plus some multiple-letter units like Ea and nanogram. These peculiar phonograms were selected by Anna Gillingham for Samuel Orton, the celebrated brain doctor who subsequently besides asked her to develop a method for learning reading to dyslexics. Spalding uses a list of 1,700 words compiled by order of frequence. Over the class of spelling, kids learn, by illustration, 29 regulations. Given 71 phonograms & 29 regulations, you can spell approximately 80 % of English words, & a higher per centum of the most often used 1s.


The plan includes frequent chances to read and reread both narrative and expositive text with disciplinary feedback to develop eloquence, build comprehension schemes, and foster reading for information and pleasance. Although we encourage instructors to help pupils self–monitor text for understanding and to concentrate pupils ' attending on significance of text from their earliest reading experiences, we do non supply waies for the instructor sing how to learn comprehension schemes. ( For more specific information on how to supply early comprehension direction, see, e.g. , NICHD, 2000 ; Snow et al. , 1998 ; and Stahl, 2004. )

This plan has besides been used with little groups of three to six pupils and with single pupils ( one–to–one ) who are non run intoing grade degree benchmarks in their schoolroom reading plan or on statewide appraisals. These pupils have been taught by general instruction instructors, reading instructors, and particular instruction instructors both in and out of the general schoolroom scene. In a late reported tutoring survey utilizing this plan ( Blachman et al. , 2004 ) , lessons were expanded to 50 proceedingss to supply more sustained and intensive direction for second–and third–grade fighting readers. This plan can besides be adapted for usage with older pupils by adding more multisyllabic words at each degree and by including age–appropriate trade books.

A critical factor in the success of a immature kid larning to read is proper tempo of direction. There are many pacing determinations ( e.g. , how many times a word needs to be reviewed, how many times a book needs to be reread to develop eloquence ) that merely you will be able to do as you get to cognize your pupils. Teachers have frequently asked how long it takes to finish this plan. There is non one right reply to this inquiry. The velocity with which pupils complete the plan will depend on their initial accomplishment degree, their rate of acquisition, and whether this plan is being used for early intercession with pupils in first class in a general instruction schoolroom or as a remedial plan with somewhat older pupils ( Grades 2–4 ) who have already experienced trouble larning to read.

Mrs. Judy Araujo, M.Ed. , CAGS

Here are a few professional enterprises of Mrs. Araujo’s 1 ) She plans and provides 1:1 or little group reading direction to pupils who are below the reading benchmark in classs 1-5 2 ) Administers formal standardized 1:1 proving to find possible reading disablements. 3 ) Write formal studies based on the standardised testing to show at IEP ( Individualized Education Program ) meetings. 3 ) At IEP meetings, help find eligibility for particular instruction. 4 ) Meets hebdomadal with the Teacher Support Team to discourse assorted pupils with reading concerns and suggest schemes. 5 ) She has created and maintained a comprehensive reading web site for parents and instructors. 6 ) Provides informal proving per instructor petitions. 7 ) Administers MCAS ( Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System ) to those necessitating 1:1 or little groups. 8 ) Finally, Ms. Araujo provides aid to instructors in reading/language humanistic disciplines. ( Taken from LinkedIn )

About the Writer

Benita A. Blachman, Ph.D. , is a professor in the Reading and Language Arts Department and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Learning Disabilities in the School of Education at Syracuse University. She besides holds a courtesy assignment in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Department. She has a doctorial grade in educational psychological science from the University of Connecticut and is a former particular instruction instructor, reading specializer, and larning disablements adviser. She has published extensively in the country of early literacy, concentrating her research on early intercession to forestall reading failure and on the factors that predict reading accomplishment. Dr. Blachman is presently directing a undertaking at Syracuse University ( in coaction with research workers at Yale Medical School and the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center ) funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development to look into the influence of intensive reading intercession on forms of encephalon activation in immature kids. Dr. Blachman has served on the professional consultative boards of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the National Dyslexia Research Foundation, and the Neuhaus Center. Her emended book Foundations of Reading Acquisition and Dyslexia: Deductions for Early Intervention was published late by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.Darlene M. Tangel, Ph.D. , is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Reading and Language Arts Department at Syracuse University. She has taught alumnus classs in larning disablements and in linguistic communication upsets at Syracuse University and has been a reading specializer in the Oriskany Public Schools for more than 20 old ages, where she besides serves as the Chair of Special Education and the Chair of Preschool Special Education. Her research involvements include early reading acquisition and invented spelling, alternate reading course of study for kids at hazard for reading failure, and grownup literacy. She has developed developing stuffs for the American Federation of Teachers and has extended experience carry oning teacher developing workshops. The focal point of these workshops is interpreting research into practical application for schoolroom usage. Her most recent publications have appeared in the Journal of Reading Behavior and Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Drs. Tangel and Blachman were awarded the Dina Feitelson Research Award by the International Reading Association for their research on invented spelling.

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