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Research, analysis and policy recommendations from the UFT

Teacher hiring has picked up in New York City. But abrasion of teachers and other educators at all degrees of experience besides increased in the 2012-13 school twelvemonth, to more than 5,300, or 6.4 per centum of the work force, chiefly through surrenders and retirements. Overall, the work force is going more seasoned, due to high grades of churn at the entry degree, and increasing surrenders of experient staff members. Absent improved on the job conditions and wages, the gait of abrasion is likely to construct. Unemployment is eventually dropping, occupation creative activity has picked up, and economic growing is running at an annualized 3.6 per centum, so teachers have more options. Angered by the overemphasis on proving and punitory answerability, their trueness to the metropolis is strained.

The NYC Community Schools Coalition, a group of diverse spouses that have come together to hold a positive impact on metropolis schools, have embraced the community schools theoretical account. Working together with parents, teachers, community members and elective functionaries, they want to authorise school communities to reinvent themselves as community “hubs” that can supply services that expeditiously and efficaciously cut down barriers to larning and better pupil outcomes. Alliance members, including the UFT, the Partnership for New York City, Trinity Wall Street and the Children’s Aid Society, helped determine this place paper in an attempt to clarify what the community schools theoretical account is all about.

In a series of public forums on high bets proving this undertaking force held throughout the metropolis in December 2006 and January 2007, teachers, parents, pupils, elected functionaries and others with a interest in public instruction spoke out about the inauspicious affect the current high bets proving civilization is holding on direction and acquisition. While acknowledging the importance of proving and appraisal as an index of pupil advancement and a valuable resource for steering direction, these forums showed that many members of the populace are concerned about inordinate testing every bit good as unsuitably associating the consequences of these trials to of import determinations about a pupil 's or a school 's hereafter.

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Confidential Teacher Reference Report Reference Subject: Mark Johnson Position Held: Teacher Dates of Employment: 12/06/01 - 6/05/04 Mention Checked: Suzanne Jones Principal Power Middle School Allison & Taylor Report Information: Title Confirmed? Yes Date Completed: 4/6/2005 Dates of Emp. Confirmed? Yes Adviser: Allison & Taylor Eligible for rehire? Yes Performance Evaluation Questionnaire Oral Communications: 4 Short Term Planning: 4 Leadership: 4 Written Communications: 4 Long Term Planning: 4 Decision Devising: 3+ Interpersonal Relationss: 4 Crisis Management: 3+ Technical Skills: 4 Student Relationss: 4 Personal Integrity: 5 Overall Performance: 4 Effective Classroom Organization/Management: 4 Student Discipline: 4 Key: 1=Inadequate 2=Poor 3=Satisfactory 4=Good 5=Outstanding NC=No Comment SB=See Below NP=Not Applicable Interview / Correspondence: Are you able to enthusiastically urge this instructor? `` Yes I would, he was an outstanding instructor. '' Could you describe any strengths and / or failings of this instructor? Strength: hearing accomplishments forbearance learning accomplishments WEAKNESSES: nil I can believe of Do you experience this instructor had a good resonance with the other teachers and general colleagues? `` Yes, he got along good with everyone. They seemed really affectionate of him. '' Do you experience this instructor had a good resonance with the pupils / parents? `` Yes so. The parents used to e-mail the school stating how fond they were of him and how much the pupils liked him excessively. '' Did this instructor follow acceptable territory policy and processs? `` Absolutely. '' Do you believe this instructor has sensible or acceptable direction accomplishments for their given degree of experience? `` He surely did - he went over and above what was expected. '' Were you satisfied with the degree of staff development that the instructor participated in? `` Yes, really much so. '' Could you to the full depict the fortunes and ground for the separation? `` He left on his ain will. '' Could you suggest anyone else that I should talk to sing this instructor? She did non hold anyone to propose. Extra Notes and Remarks: 4/06 Called and spoke with Suzanne Jones 4/04 Called and left message 4/03 Called 4/02 Called TONE OF VOICE did NOT take us to believe there was a job, which was: Pleasant Professional Polite

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