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wikiHow to Make a Band Press Kit

Music groups frequently hire a director or pull offing company to help them acquire booked in locales or even acquire record trades. If a band/artist is merely get downing out, sometimes a individual member of the set ( or the creative person ) is designated as the contact or director. An advantage of holding a director is that they contact companies, press contacts and persons with your information, and advance the band/artist in topographic points that cater to the band/artist 's manner. An of import tool for a band/artist director is a press kit. Press kits normally contain music, informational stuff, images and contact information for the set, so that you are competitory with other sets seeking the same attending. This article will state you how to do a professional-looking band/artist press kit.

When you write your bio, you are NOT writing your autobiography. You are writing a music concern papers. Your bio so is written FOR the music concern contacts you want to affect, trade with, and make permanent relationships with. ( because you are into this for the long draw, are n't you? ) Before you begin to compose your bio, be certain you have taken an stock list of your background, achievements, ends, and aims as a instrumentalist, and, one time once more, retrieve who you are writing the Bio for: A & R Reps at Record Labels, Media Contacts, Booking Agents, and Management Contacts, Booking Agents, Promoters, etc.These professionals in the music concern are busy persons, who may cover with tonss of `` wanna-be 's '' every hebdomad, so do your bio informative, wellbeing, and filled with utile remarks, descriptions, quotation marks, and motivational linguistic communication that can do them desire to listen to your music, and help you on your musical way.When you are ready to compose your Bio utilizing this lineation can maintain you focussed and organized.Note: The instructions and suggestions below are for traditional music concern oriented demands. Since we are in the thick of the digital music revolution, I would inquire you to make one other thing besides write a traditional creative person or set bio. Please visit www.sonicbids.com. They can help you with what are called EPKs ( Electronic Press Kits. ) However, the information I am supplying you with will travel along manner to assisting you with your EPKs, but you WILL necessitate both at this time.So, allow 's acquire traveling. Follow these waies and you will hold the tools to compose your ain bio, and indispensable portion of any Press Kit, parallel or digital.

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11. Cadmiums, DVDs, Flash Drives, Software, and Video

If you 're making a press kit for a set, a demo Cadmium or nexus to downloadable music is traveling to acquire you more milage in a press kit than merely a release denoting it. If you 're seeking to acquire coverage for your company 's picture games, a Cadmium that has several demo versions of your new rubrics is a much better manner to acquire an editor 's involvement than five press releases. If you 've merely opened up a new fabrication installation and you 're directing your stuffs to editors/reporters excessively far off to go for a circuit, a DVD can offer a video circuit of the installation. And, of class, as engineering evolves, so must your press kits. You could include a QR codification that sends people to a alone web site, with a message tailored merely to them.

1 ) Writer Bio and Contact Information

You should already hold an writer bio to manus. If non, get down working on it right off, whether you’re already published or non. You’ll need it for your web log or web site, for guest stations ( like this one! ) or narratives submitted to magazines. Your writer bio should be about 200 words, and it should hold things that make you sound interesting and professional. You should include your name, your topographic point of birth or where you presently live, what you do ( or used to make ) for a life, what you’ve written, possibly your instruction ( if it’s relevant ) , far-out avocations, or interesting travel experiences. Basically, anything that will do you stand out.

4 ) Specific Information on Your Book

So many books are published every hebdomad, every month, every twelvemonth. This is where you need to speak about what makes yours different. You can depict your book in footings of its alone characteristics. Why did you compose this book? Did you experience there was a spread in the market for this type of narrative? Does the book shed new visible radiation on a common issue? Is it a subject that a batch of people can easy associate to? Is the narrative set in a topographic point or clip that is rather important? As the writer, do you hold a alone background different from most other writers? You need to convert the individual reading your press kit that your narrative is interesting plenty for their audience.

Professional Books Necessitate a Professional Looking Media Kit

We teamed up with promotion expert Joan Stewart, aka The Publicity Hound, a former newspaper editor, to make a package of Author Media Kit templates that that belly laugh journalists, bloggers, referees, agents, audience members, purchasers -- -even large publishing houses. Best of all, you do n't hold to be a tekki to utilize them. If you can type, you 're good to travel. The bundle includes a 62-page guidebook that walks you step by measure through the procedure of making your Writer Media Kit. You 'll acquire 15 Media Kit templets and miscellaneous exposure templets. Spend several hebdomads researching and making your Media Kit. Or complete the full undertaking in a twenty-four hours or two with our templets. Just take the instructional text and add your ain.

About Joan Stewart, Founder of “The Publicity Hound”

Publicity expert Joan Stewart, besides known as The Publicity Hound, is a PR manager and wise man who works with little concern proprietors who want to utilize free promotion to advance their expertness and state their narrative to the universe. She 's a former newspaper editor who has taught 1000s of CEOs, non-profit-making executives, writers, talkers and experts how to acquire media attending. And she has helped her clients flip themselves and acquire onto the `` Today '' show and onto the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Joan is the writer of five eBooks on promotion and is quoted in more than 60 books on selling, public dealingss and little concern. Follow her on Chirrup at @ PublicityHound.

Measure 1: Make a Booklet

A stationer will sell stock booklets with flaps in which newspaper cuttings and press releases can be organised. Ultra low budget press kits use stock booklets from stationers with self-adhesive labels on which the name of the production company is printed. Self-adhesive labels went out with Margaret Thatcher. A better option is to acquire a pressman to stamp the booklet with the rubric of your movie. Acquisitions executives are notoriously clannish. The flip-side is that they are easy impressed, and you would be amazed what the consequence of a small spot of gold embossing can make for your press kit.

Measure 3: Write Cast and Crew Bio

Be certain that you have a brief, concise and interesting life for yourself. If this is your first movie undertaking, and you have perfectly no other movie experience, so you could include your work in your old life. For illustration: Elliot Grove, an ex-carpenter, produces his first characteristic movie utilizing undertaking direction and organizational accomplishments he learned on edifice sites. If your old work experience, like mine, sounds excessively feeble to be of involvement, you might merely name your instruction credits. Your entire dramatis personae and crew bios should run to no more than three or four pages and when photocopied should be stapled together to maintain them separate from the outlines.

Measure 4: Create Ten FAQs

Making ballyhoo and promotion for your movie means that you have to give precise way and counsel to the people who hear about your movie: movie festival coders, movie journalists and, of class, acquisition executives. I was in London during the launch of Quentin Tarantino 's Reservoir Dogs, and was fortunate plenty to see his press kit. Scaning it reassured me that Tarantino was non trusting on the opinion of movie critics or even the movie traveling public to find that he was an surprisingly talented film maker. He was publishing it himself in his press kit, under the pretense of the Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions of Quentin Tarantino During the Making of Reservoir Dogs. Immediately following the inquiries were printed his replies.

Measure 5: Get Publicity Stills

3. Get images of yourself bring forthing. If nil else, you will desire a record of your attempts to turn out that you really produced a film. But exposures of a individual bring forthing a movie are pretty square: by and large they are shootings of them reading a book or subscribing a check. In order to do the exposure of yourself more dramatic, bend to the theater and utilize a phase fast one used by complete phase histrions when they are on the phase with another histrion and wish to upstage them. They pull out their finger and point. Try it. Look at some exposure of film makers and they are constantly indicating. Take your stills photographer to the set, state them that every clip you point, you want to hear the shutter go. You can indicate at anything. You can indicate at a pinpoint of fluff on person 's jacket, you can indicate at the Sun, you can indicate at your pes, you can even indicate at your olfactory organ. It does n't count. Point and do certain you hear the chink of the camera. In existent fact there are truly merely two times that you point when you are on the set as a manufacturer. The first is when you say 'You, with the attitude - you 're fired. Off the set. Now. ' And the 2nd is: 'Thank you for sharing that with me ' . At this point you will normally roll off to watch a film for an hr or two until things cool down.

4. Photographs of yourself with famous persons. Even if you do non hold a famous person working on the movie, attempt and convert a local famous person to go to your set, once more on a twenty-four hours with a batch of action. When they show up, give them a polite circuit of your set, present them to the cardinal people on the crew and let them clip to inquire inquiries. For many, this will be the first clip they have been on a movie set, and your lo-to-no budget shoot may non fall into their pre-conceived thoughts of what a movie set should be like. At the appropriate minute, inquire them courteously if you could hold a image or two with them. If necessary, offer to direct them a transcript. When you are ready, do certain that you are standing phase right ( camera left ) . And point!

Measure 6: Include Reviews and Third Party Endorsements

By acquiring a journalist to see and reexamine your movie you are get downing to make bombilation for your movie. Make a transcript of the reappraisal and include it in your press kit. Even if the journalist disliked your movie, the reappraisal they print will most likely include a greatest somewhere in the gap one or two sentences. Film journalists have callings excessively. They want to be quoted and have their name splashed on the posting. If they did n't like the movie and include a greatest, they know that you will cite them out of context. So 'an surprisingly inept first movie ' becomes 'an astonishing first movie ' . When you print their name and publication after the quotation mark, you are assisting them with name consciousness of their magazine and themselves. Journalists are ever seeking to increase their stature among the readership, or acquire a better occupation. With your posting in their portfolio, their repute is enhanced and they have an even better opportunity of traveling their calling upwards. Basically, you are assisting each other. Journalists and movie festivals.

Journalists have love-hate relationships with movie festivals. On one manus they enjoy and thrive in the glamourous ambiance of a movie festival. If the right film makers come to their festival, they will be able to make many interviews in a short infinite of clip that they can warehouse until needed. What they dislike about movie festivals is the fact that they have to watch films - and tonss of them. Normally they screen these movies entirely at place from cassette. Few festivals have the resources to test the movies in front of clip at private showings for journalists. Supposing you have entered a little regional festival in Europe or America in a town or little metropolis that has a hebdomadal community paper. This paper will hold an amusement subdivision devoted to publishing the press kits and exposure of movies released by the distributers in the country. The amusement editor likely has another country to cover every bit good: possibly it is athleticss or vacations. When the local movie festival arrives, this movie journalist will be asked to cover the festival and prevue all the movies. When they reach your movie, they discover that your press kit has three outlines: long, medium and short. The journalist knows that their work will be made easier by this simple add-on to your press kit. Following, they discover the dramatis personae and crew bios which are short and compendious.

Finally they see the 10 FAQs. Now they can watch the movie, do notes and know they have ample information on which to establish their reappraisal. And even if they hated your movie they will be able to compose an intelligent article based on the information you have provided. Journalists tend to include a greatest in the reappraisal of a movie they dislike, because they know you will cite them out of context. For illustration: 'Elliot Grove 's first movie was an extraordinary illustration of incompetency ' . The quotation mark out of context would go: 'Elliot Grove 's first movie was extraordinary ' . Journalists want to be quoted, they want a large line printed on your posting, and they want their name printed underneath the quotation mark. They are trusting to acquire a occupation on that metropolis 's day-to-day paper, or possibly travel to a national paper or magazine.

See outsourcing

Baker puts it bluffly: “Most creative persons should non compose their ain bio. Bio writing is a accomplishment that entering creative persons – even articulate 1s – don’t automatically have. I’ve gotten some of the worst dirt I’ve of all time read from creative persons who write their ain, and so I have to pass on to them that I can’t utilize what he or she wrote. It’s merely non the tool I needed. My company has four employees, and one is a dedicated column manager. She doesn’t write much transcript herself, but she goes over every stitch of print that we put out to do certain it’s clear and that it abides by the rules I’ve already discussed.”

How to Make a Professional Press Kit in 8 Easy Stairss

This invitee station is by Jamie Jo Hoang. Hoang is the writer of the award-winning book BLUE SUN, YELLOW SKY. After graduating from UCLA with a grade in screenwriting, she worked in amusement as an independent manufacturer. In 2011, she moved to Houston, Texas to compose a book. Why Texas? Why non! Her introduction novel, BLUE SUN, YELLOW SKY, was named Kirkus Indie Book of the Month ( February 2015 Issue ) and a finalist in the International Beverly Hills Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards. Hoang presently lives in an flat in Los Angeles with a décor made up about wholly of Post-It Notes.

Public Relations Schemes: Traditional Press Kit and Online Press Kit

So, let’s pretend you’re a place builder, adding on a press kit to your web site could be the topographic point to keep all of your company’s intelligence and latest press releases, but it doesn’t have to halt at that place. Give the tools we have entree to online, you can implant YouTube picture of Tourss of a new theoretical account place or an interview with the president of your company. You can include a Flickr watercourse someplace on the landing page with all of your latest images, and don’t forget to include links or icons to everywhere else you’re located online so everything can be connected all in one page. It’s everything you need, it’s everything a journalist could necessitate, and it’s all accessible with the chink of the mouse.

How To Write a Press Release, with Examples

A press release is the quickest and easiest manner to acquire free promotion. If good written, a press release can ensue in multiple published articles about your house and its merchandises. And that can intend new chances reaching you inquiring you to sell to them. Talk about low-hanging fruit! What 's more, press releases are cost effectual. If the release consequences in an article that ( for case ) appears to urge your house or your merchandise, that article is more likely to drive chances to reach you than a comparable paid advertizement. However, most press releases ne'er accomplish that. Most press releases are merely spray and pray. Cipher reads them, least of all the newsmans and editors for whom they 're intended. Worst instance, a badly-written press release merely makes your steadfast expression clueless and stupid. For illustration, a piece back I received a press release incorporating the undermentioned sentence: `` Let go of 6.0 doubles the degree of functionality available, supplying organisations of all sizes with a fast-to-deploy, extremely robust, and easy-to-use solution to better get, retain, and service clients. '' Translation: `` The new release does more material. '' Why the excess verbalism? As I explained in the station `` Why Marketers Speak Biz Blab '' , the BS words are merely a manner to seek to do something unimportant seem of import. And, allow 's face it, a 6.0 release of a merchandise likely is n't all that of import. As a newsman, my immediate response to that press release was that it 's non of import because it expended an full sentence stating perfectly nil. And I assumed ( likely justly ) that the company 's selling squad was a clump of imbeciles. With that in head, here are five regulations to do certain that your press release really drives chances to reach you:

If all that sounds excessively hard, you may desire to pass the excess money to acquire a newsman to compose the press release. Any good newsman will do the release expression like a narrative, which means it 's more likely to be picked up and republished. Fortunately there are plenty out-of-work newsmans out at that place right now. What follows are three illustrations, reasonably much picked indiscriminately, which show how it 's done. The first two have a small biz-blab in them, but are still moderately effectual. The 3rd one ( from Microsoft ) is an first-class illustration of how to compose a press release that will fascinate newsmans and editors.CLICK for the first illustration »

What is new in presskit ( ) ?

presskit ( ) is presently in beta, which means new maps get added every now and so. Since its launch in early May, a batch of maps have been added. The manual has info on anything listed here that is non explained. These maps have been added late: Quickly make an easy a valid allowance or limitation for Let 's Play-ers or Video Content Creators through the < monetization-permission > ticket. Manage your press lists and construct distribution by incorporating with the free comrade service to presskit ( ) , distribute ( ) . Easily proctor who mentions you in the press with Promoter and embed awards and reviews that Promoter finds with a individual chink. Integrate easy with Google Analytics to maintain path of who, when and from where visits to your presskit ( ) are made. You have a specific want, thought or feedback? Get in touch at rami @ vlambeer.com or at @ tha_rami!

The Branch Media Kit

To be wholly honorable, I didn’t even know that media kits existed until 2007 when a print magazine hired me to make theirs. I built that first media kit from abrasion and the 2nd it hit my portfolio, bloggers started inquiring for their ain versions. Since so, I’ve done tonss of media kits for clients including accoutrement interior decorators, burlesque performing artists, marrying lensmans and more. In some signifier or another, every little concern needs a media kit. Naturally, that would include Branch but they ever say that as interior decorators, we are our ain most hard clients! It’s ever easier to take on paid client work than to halt, inquire yourself the hard inquiries including why what you do affairs, what makes your offerings different and how your procedure warrants leading consequences. But with Branch now three months old, I knew it was clip to acquire serious and set together a media kit tailored to the types of clients we wanted to appeal to ( originative little concerns ) .

Our media kit redstem storksbills in at 16 pages and screens everything from who we are to elaborate lineations of our services and procedures. Having everything in one papers has cut down on email correspondence enormously. We used to direct out a monetary value sheet and procedure sheet individually and so answered a batch of the same inquiries about timelines. Now, we attach a individual PDF that includes all of that information ( and much more ) . A media kit non merely provides a more professional experience but it besides shows that you care — you’ve already considered all the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of what a new client would desire to cognize and do certain they’re good informed.

In Shutting

When it comes to media kits, little concerns put them off because they’re a immense investing in both clip and money. But clip and once more, I’ve watched little concerns make that investing back in an incredibly short period of clip because their media kit made clients experience more comfy about booking their services and the more they booked, the more rapidly they were able to knock up their rates. If you invest in your concern in smart ways, that investing comes full circle through clients who respect what you do and are willing to pay for it. In a manner, media kits are a little businesses’ best friend because they convey a degree of professionalism and information on your behalf when you can’t be at that place in individual. And that is more than worth it. -Shauna

Successfully Selling Yourself: How To Construct A Press Kit

A standard-sized booklet with a concern card slot works good for a press kit. It’s compact, easy to voyage, and keeps your presentation Nice and organized, particularly if you’re get offing it. Some people put together fancy books, but since my art information evolves so quickly, I’ve found that a booklet works best so current printouts can be changed out with small fuss. Additionally, a booklet can easy be tailored to suit each addressee’s needs. There are some basic picks here. I’ve ordered the linen finish booklets from them in the yesteryear and they are of a really nice quality and low-cost. If you have some excess money in your budget, sometimes a individualized booklet embossed or printed with your logo is a feasible option. Many on-line concern will make this ; here’s an illustration.

Who are you and what do you make? Why should the reader be interested in what you’re making and how does it associate to them? Supply some brief background information. Keep a basic signifier missive ( or two ) on manus and ever orient it to the addressee in some manner. Show them that you’ve done your research ( if you know nil about them, Google is your new best friend ) . Make the missive short, sweet, and personalized. Mention to the addressee by name. State them why you’d be honored to acquire reviewed / interviewed / have them transport your doodad / art / vesture line. Once the missive is printed, personally subscribe it. Small inside informations like this show the reader that you care.

This is your most of import plus because it instantly defines who you are to the spectator. Your logo, the pick of typography, the weight, and the coating of the card all give the receiver immediate hints. If this isn’t your forte, engage a interior decorator to make an identity- it will be money good spent. Spend a good sum of clip developing your cards. Who’s your mark market? Is your logo legible? Is your contact information in a simple, easy to read font that’s at least 6 points in size? Do you desire a slick or matte coating? Regular or rounded corners? A individual or double-sided format? And eventually, a perpendicular or horizontal format?

A Cadmium is merely necessary if a choice of images / music / excess paperss are needed. I normally include a Cadmium of high declaration art images I’m advancing for a show. This makes possible on-line publicity for the gallery much easier. Additionally, supplying digital paperss means that the booster already has stuffs to send on to their ( electronic mail ) mass get offing list and other online beginnings. If you choose to include a Cadmium, design a label for the top. Always include your name, web site and a rubric of the contents. There’s nil worse than a Cadmium without a label acquiring chucked into a heap, ne'er to come up once more!

There’s no right or incorrect manner to do a press kit. It’s all about your vision ; give it some personality! Your press kit is a ocular representation of who you are and it doesn’t demand to be excessively fancy or take hours to piece. Some words of encouragement: I’ve presented press kits for free-lance work and and besides mailed a few for art intents. Almost ever, I’ve gotten the response I was seeking. Think along the lines of practicality, simpleness, and professionalism. Your message should be the most of import portion of your kit ; don’t lose it in brassy wrappers and artworks. Yes, you’re in charge of your ain fate, but sometimes it merely needs a small push!

Electronic press kit ( EPK )

An electronic press kit ( EPK ) is a press kit equivalent in electronic signifier. An EPK normally takes the signifier of a web site or electronic mail, though they are besides known to be in Cadmium and DVD signifier. The first known EPK, as we know it today, premiered unrecorded on the web on January 8, 1995, and was invented and given the exact name electronic press kit or EPK by Andre Gray, the discoverer of on-line music gross revenues enfranchisements and victor of The Johannes Gutenberg Inventor Prize. Gray 's EPK featured a bio, audio cartridge holders, pictures, exposures, press, set list, basic proficient demands, and a calendar and featured R & B vocalist and songster Aaron Hall as the first creative person of all time to hold an EPK created on their behalf.

189 Remarks • Leave yours below!

GREAT resource. Thank you so much for seting this together for us. I’ve really merely ignored the whole media kit issue because one didn’t truly cognize what it was so I didn’t cognize how of import it was. Boy was I incorrect! Thankss. I do hold a inquiry though – Let’s say you’re traveling to a conference and you will be speaking to possible sponsors… do you merely give them your card with your web site information which will take them to your media kit? Or make you publish out your media kit? Or I guess you could ever set some on cadmiums ( although I’m certain there’s a better/more upgraded option available ) … what do you propose? Holly Waterfall late posted..5 Healthy Ways to Calm Yourself When You’re About to Lose ItTwitter: happyfoodholly

Wow, what a great inquiry, Holly! I think it would be a good thought to do a “quick” ( one page ) version of your media kit with a endorsement at the underside like, “More inside informations and statistics are available at ” – that is, if you have tonss more to demo them. And so staple your concern card to that and show them together. And of class, a stack of concern cards without the media kit attached, every bit good. 🙂 If you’re ace high tech and have a interior decorator who can make this for you, you might set a QR codification on the dorsum of your concern card ( even little, in the corner ) that points consecutive to your advertisement page. But any manner you slice it, take your media kit with you! Hope this helps.Twitter: theblogmaven

Hi Phil, I love that you’re believing outside the box with an A/V media kit, particularly since you’re a wireless show. I didn’t acquire to take a expression at the page you’re showcasing it on ( since your nexus was to YouTube ) , but I’d still have a one-page, professional looking PDF that people can publish out and take with them. Often you’ll have a individual in the advertisement section whose occupation it is to research leads for their company, and they’ll necessitate to take something to their boss…even if it’s a papers that says, “Check out my video media kit at ” I hadn’t seen this attack to a media kit before – great work! Chirrup: theblogmaven

Thankss for your note! I understand the value in making a professional layout – candidly, there’s merely so far “free” tools will take you. I use Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator to make media kits, but a cheaper solution is likely to utilize PowerPoint or Keynote ( if you’re on a Mac ) . Half the conflict of presentation is holding the oculus for what’s traveling to look good, so most people who are truly concerned about holding a professional media kit hire out the layout to a interior decorator, and so merely look into back quarterly with updated statistics for the interior decorator to do pinchs to the bing content. It’s non the cheapest solution, but decidedly gets you the nicest consequences.

If you’re utilizing a design plan like Photoshop, you can make the whole thing right at that place in the plan. You’d start by taking the dimensions ( in inches, non pels ) of a sheet of paper and so utilize the design tools to make the layout. And so you can export it as a PDF. If you’re merely working with word processing package, I’ve seen some nice 1s done with merely a white background but so importing a heading image that stretches across the top. If you’re traveling to travel that path, so utilizing professional looking founts helps, and you can’t travel incorrect with a good colour pallet. 🙂 My favourites are still those that are professionally designed – for inspiration, look into out this one designed by my pal Emily: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/media-kit I believe she used Adobe Illustrator for that one, though. Does this reply your inquiry at all? Chirrup: theblogmaven

Hi Laura, all I can state sing rates is that it varies widely – both from blogger to blogger AND from run to run. If you haven’t already checked it out, I think it would be deserving puting in a transcript of Bloggers and Brands, which is a great usher to acquiring started working with trade names. And Shannon Acheson, the writer, does offer confer withing – I personally focus more on merchandise development and hiking gross revenues of your ain merchandises through your site, but Shannon would be a great resource to inquire those elaborate inquiries to sing pricing, packaging, etc. Hope this aid! Chirrup: theblogmaven

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