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Like a argument, a position paper presents one side of an arguable sentiment about an issue. The end of a position paper is to convert the audience that your sentiment is valid and defendable. Ideas that you are sing demand to be carefully examined in taking a subject, developing your statement, and forming your paper. It is really of import to guarantee that you are turn toing all sides of the issue and showing it in a mode that is easy for your audience to understand. Your occupation is to take one side of the statement and carry your audience that you have tenable cognition of the subject being presented. It is of import to back up your statement with grounds to guarantee the cogency of your claims, every bit good as to rebut the counterclaims to demo that you are good informed about both sides.


A thesis is a one-sentence statement about your subject. It 's an averment about your subject, something you claim to be true. Notice that a subject entirely makes no such claim ; it simply defines an country to be covered. To do your subject into a thesis statement, you need to do a claim about it, do it into a sentence. Look back over your stuffs -- insights, fact-finding notes, etc. -- and believe about what you believe to be true. Think about what your readers want or need to cognize. Then compose a sentence, sooner at this point, a simple one, saying what will be the cardinal thought of your paper. The consequence should look something like this:

Thesis: Theories of media engineering deserve a more outstanding topographic point in this University’s Communication plan

Remember, you ca n't merely tweak a thesis out of thin air. Even if you have singular penetration refering a subject, it wo n't be deserving much unless you can logically and persuasively back up it in the organic structure of your essay. A thesis is the evolutionary consequence of a thought procedure, non a marvelous creative activity. Explicating a thesis is non the first thing you do after reading the essay assignment. Deciding on a thesis does non come foremost. Before you can come up with an statement on any subject, you have to roll up and form grounds, expression for possible relationships between known facts ( such as surprising contrasts or similarities ) , and think about the beneath-the-surface significance of these relationships. After this initial geographic expedition of the inquiry at manus, you can explicate a `` on the job thesis, '' an statement that you think will do sense of the grounds but that may necessitate accommodation along the manner. In other words, do non demo up at your TAs office hours anticipating them to help you calculate out your thesis statement and/or help form your paper unless you have already done some research.

3. Your Country’s Policies and Proposed Solutions

Sketch your state’s peculiar involvement in the issue being discussed, and get down to discourse what needs to be changed about the current reading of the state of affairs. Mention the countries necessitating reform ( C2 ) and supply suggestions as to how this alteration procedure should be accomplished. Following this, you may desire to concentrate on one country of peculiar concern for your state ( C3 ) . Depending on your subject country, this could be anything from the affect of a war on a nation’s wellness attention substructure to how making new national boundaries may impact resource sedimentations running along the possible boundary lines.

By nearing a debatable scenario in greater item, you are showing to the chair and to fellow delegates that you have the capacity to believe critically and can place the issues with which your state has the greatest concern. This being said, take this country carefully: given the issue’s prominence in your position paper ( and correspondingly the problem’s significance to your state as a whole ) , you will hold to emphasize its importance during commission session. Be certain to choose an country of concern that could potentially organize the footing of a declaration, or at least one that can excite drawn-out argument.

Sample Position Paper

( A ) The disruptive struggle environing the issue of free trade and its varicolored branchings has been a moot point of all time since the creative activity of the modern province. While advocates of free trade argue that comparative advantage and the development of economic systems of graduated table outweigh the associated hurts of a free market economic system, their antagonists purport that smaller, national economic systems that are inundated with cheaper international goods from free trade begins to stagger and lose elf‐sustainability. Those in resistance to free trade, besides make mention to the exponentially lifting human rights and environmental misdemeanors that are a direct effect of burgeoning planetary market.

( B ) Oman is perched in the putatively exalted position of an oil‐exporting state. However, this assessment is a mere simulacrum of our existent state of affairs. ( B1 ) Oman relies on entities such as the World Trade Organization to help ease the buying and exchange of good across the planetary market, therefore enabling indispensable goods to circulate across our land. Prior to the admittance of the Sultanate of Oman into the WTO, the state was involved at an economic degree with the states of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) , although Oman was ne'er a member. In malice of this, Oman by and large adheres to their corporate authorization in order to Eix oil monetary values and protect the particular involvements of this pudding stone.

( C ) Oman joined the WTO in order to voice its support for the go oning liberalisation of universe markets. ( C1 ) Furthermore, Oman believes that this alone merger Acts of the Apostless as a vehicle for increased prosperity by raising the sum of Foreign Direct Investment and domestic stimulation. Oman, due to its new position in the WTO, has now broadened trade with Western states, and hopes for this tendency to go on. ( C2 ) However, Oman besides recognizes that in order for the economic substructure of non merely Oman, but besides other developing states to stay stable, the stairss of duty decrease, and all embracing globalisation must be gradual, lest at that place be returns of discord, as ab initio seen in the Former Yugoslavia and the Russian Federation. The WTO must besides take farther stairss to enforce a cosmopolitan human rights and environmental criterions runing codification, which must be enforced uniformly. With the demand for international cooperation has come the desire for regional association. This concatenation of motive for many a state has manifested itself in the formation of Regional Trading Associations. ( C3 ) Although this agreement apparently accommodates both desires, it really consequences in confederations whose members are common plenty in geographic similarity to hold some consensus, but diverse plenty to give about ceaseless condemnation from some of the parties on any given issue. Therefore, these theoretical concepts when applied in world are far from seamless and are non the unequivocal solutions to conflicting national docket.

( C4 ) In Oman’s specific scenario, the aforesaid generalisation holds true. Consequently, Oman is non a member of OPEC. In add-on, non merely do at that place be the jobs built-in to RTA’s, but besides the members of OPEC deficiency important economic diverseness in assorted industrial and resource sectors to do such a treaty reciprocally matter-of-fact. Rather, this specific concern is ignored in visible radiation of the colossal affair of oil, which takes the head in any treatments of universe trade. ( D ) Oman believes that the benefits of comparative advantage, economic systems of graduated table, and specialisation outweigh the jobs associated with a universe abiding by rules of increasing economic globalisation and free trade. This being said, Oman pushes for the continued enlargement of such policies while pressing organisations such as the WTO to polish specific clauses so that the development of labor and the environment does non travel unbridled.

2017 Position Paper

The School Nutrition Association ( SNA ) represents 57,000 professionals who serve pupils alimentary repasts while being responsible stewards of federal financess. SNA urges Congress and the Administration to bolster historically under-funded school repast plans that are fighting to pull off increased nutrient and operating costs. While school repasts should go on to run into robust federal nutrition criterions, demands must be streamlined to ease regulative loads and continue the fiscal sustainability of school repast plans. Given the world of the federal shortage and the absence of a Child Nutrition Reauthorization measure, SNA requests that Congress:

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