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Help writing a poem for a girl

How To Write Love Poems That Do n't Suck

I one time responded to a girlfriend’s love poem by reviewing its imagination. That relationship didn’t last long. After all, who was I to disregard Oscar Wilde’s bromide, “All bad poesy springs from echt feeling” ? Isn’t it heartless to recognize aureate devotedness with a ruddy pen, to snub earnest faints with a call for better metaphors? But as ever, this Valentine’s Day will motivate reams of gushy, heartfelt jingle, reminding us that the recognizing card industry relies on mass ingestion of chantlike rimes to attach to the roses and chocolate-covered cherries. At other times of the twelvemonth, we don’t see a haste for Easter villanelles or Arbor Day sonnets. But the love poem? That is cosmopolitan. And as with anything cosmopolitan, it’s bloody difficult to make without coming off as lovesick adolescents groping with scansion and sentiment.

What’s the most urgent challenge in nearing a love poem? The problem is non truly the poesy but the feelings. We are raised on such cockamamie folklore that it’s all instead dejecting when experience teaches us that the prince is non traveling to come siting in on his white Equus caballus. Oh, I’m non stating he doesn’t demo up sometimes. But he’s non a prince, for one thing. And there’s no Equus caballus. And she’s non Cinderella either. Because, though he is fond of her cleavage and assorted things she might sometimes make or state, she’s got the worst gustatory sensation in music he’s of all time encountered. The job with love poesy is that it must be felt and written by worlds, who ne'er feel one feeling at a clip. I mean, love has fear in it. And guilt and wretchedness and a particular sort of hallucinating solitariness ( says James Wright ) . The job for the poet is how to acquire such a odds and ends into one coherent infinite.

As a younger poet, did you of all time fumble with the bad, cloying efforts at love verse forms that most of us compose? What can we larn from those muffs? The trouble of being a immature poet is non merely or even chiefly the job of being an inexperient line or image or metaphor shaper, for these are jobs a devotedness to the tradition can repair. At the hazard of sounding like a broken record, the job with the immature poet is that she’s an inexperient antenna. So she makes all sorts of errors with people. Largely herself. I have so written the most banal and horrid love poems conceivable. Abstract, yes, and if non full of violet flowers, full of something bad, anyway—somebody kneeling in forepart of person else keeping some sort of pathetic object! I think the most of import thing any poet or author can make to better his or her odds of writing a good poem of any type is to larn continuously how to pay attending. Poetry is non about how we feel, of class. It’s about how we feel about how we feel. Knowing how we feel about how we feel requires an about iniquitous heed or consciousness—an otherworldly watchfulness and watchfulness. As does—maybe? —love?

What’s the most urgent challenge in nearing a love poem? The most urgent challenge is to non compose merely love verse forms. I feel like I don’t attack love poems ; they approach me. Normally I’m seeking to avoid them, like at a party. When forced to face them, when it’s merely the two of us left at the long, picked-over counter tabular array, I try my hardest to counter cliché and easy mawkishness. This is why I took the attack of facing cliché head-on in “Another Plot Cliché.” When love itself is a cliché , and about every metaphor for it feels spent, the lone attack is to turn those clichés inside out, force them so far that they explode and hopefully turn into something. The etymology of “cliché” hints back to “stamped in metal.” I want to turn our modern-day abstractions back into their original concrete ( or metal ) provinces.

My beloved, you are the high-velocity auto pursuit, and I, I am the sheet of glass being carefully carried across the street by two employees of Acme Moving who have non parked on the right side because the secret plan demands that they make the parlous journey across traffic, and so they are cussing every bit rehearsed as they angle me into the street, moving as if they intend to acquire me to the section shop, as if I will of all time take my topographic point as the show window, of all time clear the manner for a particular exhibit at Christmas, or be windexed one time a twenty-four hours, or even tardily at dark, be pressed against by a twosome who can’t make it back to his topographic point, and so they angle me into the street, a bright enticement, a provocative claim, their teaser, and so you can’t defy my statements, fatally flawed though they are, so you come staggering to but and butt and rebut, you come staggering, you being both autos, both pursuer and chased, both good and bad, both done up with slugs that haven’t yet done you in. I know I’m done for: there’s merely one street on this set and you’ve got a obstinate run a stat mi long. I can smell the fume already. No affair, I’d instead shatter than be looked through all twenty-four hours. So come careening ; I know you’ve other clichés to hammer place: adult females with food markets to direct spilling, canals to jump as the span is lifting. And me? I’m so through. I’ve got a 1000 topographic points to be.

Is there a distinguishable aesthetic for a fagot poet writing about love? My end in my homoerotic book of love verse forms, Beautiful Signor, was to claim traditional romantic figure of speechs, chiefly from the folk singer and Sufi traditions, for the homosexual community, to attest that we have “moons and Junes” every bit good. I wanted to make a springtime “garden” that straight people could walk into, excessively, and experience at place. So no, I don’t believe there’s needfully a distinguishable aesthetic, but I do believe that a fagot poet writes with a acute sense of how love is frequently hindered or even imperiled by society’s and the traditional family’s rampant frights and biass.

What’s the most urgent challenge in nearing a love poem? For a poet at the beginning of the twenty-first century, I think the most hard thing is how to voyage this weather new universe, where we’re in the thick of doing up our corporate head about what it means to be work forces and adult females. In the Western tradition most love verse forms have assumed a male poet writing to or about a female object, who can accept or decline the offering but who doesn’t otherwise say much, and the formal conventions of poesy have crystallized around that premise. There are those fantastic Provençal folk singer poems that conceive of the poem as a duologue, a back-and-forth between two reciprocally wanting persons, but those are among the few exclusions. Now when we sit down to compose verse forms to our lovers—or to the people we hope will be our lovers—we’re more likely to be believing: What am I reacting to? How do I trust this individual will react? How is this portion of an on-going conversation? With “Bird-Understander” I wanted to state non, as an Elizabethan courtly sonneteer might hold said, “Look, I made your words into poesy, aren’t I fabulous? ” but instead “Listen, what you said to me, it’s already poesy, better than anything I could compose, and it would do me happy merely to hold you see that.”

Where do you believe most bad love verse forms go astray? Any love poem has to strike a careful balance between the peculiar and the common. As a lover you feel as though you and your beloved are the most intensely peculiar people in the world—“Never once more a love like this, ” as Roddy Lumdsen says. But the fact is that you’re subjecting yourself to what is perchance the most common or cosmopolitan human experience, and that sometimes the most direct and most accurate look of that experience may, in fact, be the linguistic communication of cliché . I’m believing about the couple that Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman sing on the rooftop in Moulin Rouge, which is merely a medley of rubbishy dad vocals, and in some manner that’s what all love poesy is tilting toward. But when you think about, what is a cliché , if non a poem that won? We feel that so many love verse forms are bad, or clichéd, but I suspect that what we dislike about them are non the clichés, but the experience of being in love itself. As poets we like to believe that we’re original, and it embarrasses us to retrieve how utterly unoriginal we can be—the sudden entreaty of the corniest things, the temper swings, the weeping at films and the similar. Let’s face it, cipher in love is original. We all feel and make reasonably much the same things, make saps of ourselves in the same ways, and hopefully come through it alive and good and merrily in bed with person else. But that’s besides exactly the entreaty of love poesy, the intensely demeaning nature of the experience it tries to depict.

As a younger poet, did you of all time fumble with the bad, cloying efforts at love verse forms that most of us compose? What can we larn from those muffs? It’s difficult to state. I came into my writerly being in the 1980s, the Decade of Irony, when it was really uncool to show any kind of strong experiencing straight or obviously. If you wanted to be taken earnestly as a author, you learned to patrol yourself for any marks of earnestness, to dissemble them in sarcasm and self-doubt and possibly a certain obscureness. A piece ago, my first lover sent me a transcript of a poem I wrote when I was possibly 19, and what strikes me about it now is, though I clearly meant it as a gesture of love, I didn’t border it as such. Rather than I turn toing you, it was all in the 3rd individual, a study of a character from a noir novel, a kind of Philip Marlowe–like single smoke underneath a window. It was a stealing love poem, a meta–love poem, a kind of “I have this friend who’s in love with you” sort of poem. The wont of indirection was already really strong in me, as it was with other poets of that epoch. So I think the danger so was really non being excessively cloying, but instead of being excessively cool, excessively cold. Now the danger is likely being excessively caffeinated—I’m thought of the maniacally fantastic verse forms of the New New New York School, whatever coevals of that we’re on now. So one can grope by being excessively cool, and one can grope by burying the truth of one’s experiencing under a pile of jagged and jarring images. I think Creeley, of all people, was able to hit the right note, field and mournful and pensive and awkward—what he brings out is the atrocious hesitance of that minute where you’re keeping out this small offering to person else and trusting to hear Yes I said yes I will yes. And what you’re risking is a certain sort of mawkishness. But for my money, I think it’s better to put on the line the sentimental and fail, than purpose for frigidness and win.

Baby Poems

Care for This TimeSo your babe is here! What joy and what pleasance! Now your life is spread outing, To do room for this treasure.A darling newcomerTo have and to keep -- Her ( His ) smilings are more preciousThan Ag or gold.She 'll ( He 'll ) pulverize your scheduleThough she 's incapacitated and little ; She 'll do her demands known, And she 'll govern over all.See, a new parent 's workIs merely ne'er rather done, But you 'll ne'er mind, ‘Cause it 's all so much fun.When you hear her cute giggleYou 'll get down `` oohing '' and `` oohing, '' And she 'll shortly answer backBy `` ga tabun '' and `` goo gooing. `` Those large guiltless eyesSee a universe strange and new ; To do sense of it allShe 'll look merely to you.So care for this timeOf marvelous things -- The exhilaration and wonderThat a new babe brings.By Joanna Fuchs

The Joy of Raising a BabyWe 're sword lily you joined our household, Yet some things make us inquire ; How can a small bundle like youHave a voice that 's loud as boom? You are so little and oh so cunning, But you are ne'er really diffident, For whenever you want something brought to you, You merely open your oral cavity and cry.First you moved on custodies and articulatio genuss, Then you were up on your feet.We 're trailing you all around the house ; We 're tired ; we need a retreat! Your nutrient is smeared over the tabular array ; Your nutrient is on the floor ; Seems the lone topographic point nutrient did n't travel, Is in the babe we adore.Diapers here and nappies at that place, Stinky. smelly. Whew! Diapers would hold done us in, If we did n't love you as we do.We 're glad you joined our household, You 're a alone and fantastic treasure.So, despite the work of raising you, Bing your parents is a entire pleasance! By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

A Prayer for a Newborn Baby

Make Him Your OwnLord, please attention for this small one, Whose cherished life has merely begun.Wrap him in your boundless love ; Send him approvals from above.Bathed in ma and pa 's fondness, He besides needs godly way ; Guide him in Your righteous ways, To honour You with reverent praise.He 's safe for now in his parents ' weaponries, But protect him ever from immorality 's harms.Give him strength for every fuss ; Let Your Word be his head 's castle.Set his way so clear and consecutive, A Christian 's ways he 'll demonstrate.Let joy and kindness light his face ; May his goodness do Your case.All this we ask, Lord ; this we pray: That You 'll do this boy your ain today.By Joanna Fuchs

Reading any great poem for the first clip is ever a thrilling find, even if it 's merely four lines long, and this aggregation brings together some of the best of all time to read, memorise, or recite. Girls of all ages will bask reading verse forms catered specifically to them, whether it means visualizing escapades with princesses and enchantresss, or express joying at the jokes of arch small misss. The book is divided into eight subdivisions: Nature, Imagination, Love & Friendship, Inspiration, Animals, Nursery Rhymes, Limericks & Tongue Twisters, and Fun & Nonsense. 100 Great POEMS FOR GIRLS is a perfect debut for those meeting poesy for the first clip, but readers who grew up with verse forms will besides care for this exchequer of classics.

Poems For Her

You are aureate You deserve the best things money can purchase But unluckily I can non afford them Alternatively I give you the best things that are invaluable My bosom, my kindness things that are righteous I write this poem to you, I hope that you like it. Snoging your lips, keeping your manus You 've made this broken cat into a one time once more wholesome adult male You 're sweet and sort You 're that sweetie of mine Like a encephalon tumour babe you stay on my head. I love hearing you laugh and seeing you smile You 've made me experience what I have n't felt in awhile Loved and appreciated Thank you Baby I appreciate it! This may be merely the beginning I 'm trusting it wo n't stop Thank you for maintaining it existent demoing me others were feign If you need a manus babe both weaponries to you I will impart, widen You 're my love, my hoot, my best friend For you I am thankful I 'm hungry for your busss Your lips are so tasteful What you bring to the table sure is a home base full When it comes to your bosom I sure am non playful I will non dally with your emotions Because BabyGirl you fill up my universe like the Oceans...

Small Girl Quotes:

Heaven in her oculus. In every gesture, self-respect and love. '' - John Milton '' Her smile beams like sunlight, which fills our Black Marias with love. '' - Unknown '' How long is a girl a kid? She is a kid, and so one forenoon you wake up she 's a adult female, and a twelve different people of whom you recognize none. '' - Louis L'Amour '' I have the same end I 've had of all time since I was a girl. I want to govern the universe. '' - Madonna '' In every girl is a goddess. '' - Francesca Lia Block '' Like star dust glittering on faeries ' wings, Little girls dreams are of charming things. '' - Sherry Larson '' A girl without lentigos is like a dark without stars. '' - Unknown '' A babe girl is one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can of all time cognize, and one of the grounds why there is a small excess sunlight, laughter and felicity in your universe today. '' - Unknown '' A coggling small girl is a Centre of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other. '' - George Eliot '' A girl is a package of number ones that excite and delectation, giggles that semen from deep interior and are ever contagious, everything wonderful and cherished and your love for her knows no bounds. '' - Barbara Cage '' A girl is one of the most beautiful gifts this universe has to give. '' - Laurel Atherton '' A girl is Innocence playing in the clay, Beauty standing on its caput, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the pes. '' - Alan Beck '' Beauty is a glow that originates from within and comes from interior security and strong character. '' - Jane Seymour '' `` Girls are giggles with lentigos all over them. '' - Unknown '' Small misss are cherished gifts, wrapped in love serene.

Heinlein - Chink here for more butterfly quotation marks, or here for free butterfly forms here on About.com Scrapbooking. `` Princesss wear Crowns to remind them that they are smart and beautiful because some yearss it 's easy to bury. '' - Unknown '' Remember when all we had to make was to maintain our ponytails directly and catch fire beetles? '' - Unknown '' She is my joy and bosom 's delectation. '' - Robert Wever '' She will make full your lives with sunlight and your Black Marias with love. '' - Unknown '' Sugar and spice and all things that are nice, That’s what small misss are made of. '' - Early nineteenth Century Nursery Rhyme '' The beauty of a girl can non be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human agencies, it merely occurs of course. '' - Pam Callaghan '' There is a garden in her eyes, where roses and white lilies flow. '' - Thomas Campion '' What I wanted most for my girl was that she be able to surge confidently in her ain sky, whatever that may be. '' - Helen Claes '' What the girl does, the female parent did. '' - Judaic Proverb '' When we asked for a girl we were sent a princess. '' - Sally Huss '' Where shall we see a better girl or a kinder sister or a truer friend. '' - Jane Austen“A kid is God’s sentiment that life should travel on.” - Unknown - This quotation mark can besides be found in the Baby Quotes subdivision here on About.com Scrapbooking.

“In the eyes of a kid, there is joy, there is laughter, there is hope, there is trust, a opportunity to determine the hereafter '' vocal wordss from The Eyes of a Child by the set Air Supply '' A babe girl - one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can of all time cognize, and one of the grounds why there is a small excess sunlight, laughter and felicity in your universe today. '' - Unknown '' A Daughter: The comrade, the friend, and the intimate of her female parent, and the object of a pleasance something like the love between the angels to her male parent. '' -Richard Steele, 1710 '' Precious and priceless, so loveable, excessively ; The world’s sweetest miracle, babe, is you. '' - Helen Steiner Rice '' Little misss dance their manner into your bosom, Twirling on the tips of angel wings, Dispersing gold dust and busss in our waies. '' - Unknown '' She’s laughter and teardrops, So little and trade name new, And surprisingly beatific, She’s sent to bless you. '' - Unknown '' Ten bantam small fingers that ever want to play, That ne'er halt researching the admiration of today.

All About Girls

Girls! They protect you! Mind you, rectify you! In ways you ne'er thought of, They enslave you, fondle you! You do whatever they say, Sometimes they confuse you! Right so it gets existent bad, Misconceptions they kill you! You give them all, You 're taken to the promenade, Spend all your money, Until you fall! They flirt, bantam skirts! Eyes wink, you 're watchful! Black thaumaturgy, their mastered accomplishment! New cats like contraceptive method pills! Some naughty, some inexperienced person, What lies deep interior, Is the slayer sense! Oh they messed me up! Damn I now trust this bub, Siting here aureate cheers! Girls! Girls! Girls!

I one time wrote a poem faulting all of male species because some male childs hurt me. ( Well, really, line of bad relationships happened. One cheated on me, another used my library card to steal books, and the last one, the last straw, he slapped me one time. ) acerate leaf to state, I was angry, hurt and thought male childs are merely on Earth to do misss call. Anyway, I am traveling to state you what my pa told me so. `` Not all male childs are same. These male childs hurt you, because they may non care plenty for you. One twenty-four hours, You 'll run into a male child, who will care for you so much, that aching you will ache him more. That male child will ne'er ache you. He will be THE ONE for you. '' I think it 's the same for misss. NOT ALL GIRLS ARE SAME.

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