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What 's a non-chronological description? Y2 SATs

Non Chronological ReportsWrite a rubric to state what you are writing aboutWrite an debut that defines the topic or do a statement that involvements the reader so they want to read on.Organise work in paragraphs get downing with a subject sentence. You could besides utilize a sub-heading to split up your work.Write paragraphs in a reasonable order e.g. when speaking about and carnal write about it’s visual aspect foremost. Draw diagrams, charts or fact boxes. These give clear informationWrite a decision to pull writing to an terminal and add a glossary if necessary.www.communication4all.co.uk/Writing % 20frames/PowerPoint % 20Format/Reports % 20Writing % 20Frame.pps

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Uranus Uranus is the 2nd farther off from the Sun. It’s a truly long manner off, twice as far from Saturn and truly difficult to descry with your oculus, you will hold to acquire a telescope. Possibly it’s for that ground the scientists didn’t know about it until 1781. When it was found by a individual who got a telescope from his back garden. Uranus is as a smooth bluish ball, scientist thought it was a star. Jupiter Jupiter is the Forth brightest object in the solar system. Merely the Sun, Moon and Venus are brighter. It is one of the five planets seeable to our oculus from Earth. Jupiter turns on its axis one time every 9 hours and 55 proceedingss. From our point of position on Earth, it appears to travel easy in the sky, taking months to travel from one side to another.

The whole universe and everything beyond the Universe. They are in it all the planets, stars, Earth, animate beings, workss and people A Black Hole is a infinite trap, is unseeable and pulls everything in, even light. Our planet Earth has 7 neighbours – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. All the planets revolve around the Sun to organize the Solar System. Saturn is the 6 planet from the Sun. Orbit around Saturn rings, which are pieces of ice and stone. Venus is the 2 planet from the Sun. It is really hot planet, because there are a batch of vents. The surface of Venus is magma and lava. On Venus, there is life, there are no people, animate beings and workss. The dark radiances brighter than the stars.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Earth is one of nine planets that orbit round the Sun in what we call the Solar System.The Sun gives us on Earth heat energy and life. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The Sun has six layers.The Centre of the Sun is its nucleus which produces all the Sun’s energy. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In really bright conditions it is unsafe to look straight at the Sun without protective spectacless. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


When Hindus enter the supplication room, they pealing a particular bell so their God knows they are ready to idolize. Then they sit on the floor in forepart of the shrine. At the start of a service, the pujari ( Hindu priest ) blows a conch shell. The particular bell is rung during the service so Hindus know it is clip to idolize. During the service, Hindus sing vocals and say supplications. They chant the word ‘aum’ which is their particular sanctum word. The priest so holds a tray with five tapers and moves it easy in forepart of each of the divinity. Then the tray is brought to all the Hindus in the supplication room and they hold their custodies over the fires and so rub their custodies over their caput. At the terminal of the service, Hindus are given a particular gift of nutrient called prashad and sometimes the pujari puts a particular ruddy grade on their brow

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