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Check Your Facts

A few old ages ago, I edited a piece written by a co-worker concentrating on the high spots of a major engineering conference. The author, under a earnestly tight deadline, had done a bully occupation of writing great transcript in virtually no clip, but he failed to decently look into his facts. He cited an article from Forbes in which the author claimed Steve Jobs was utilizing PowerPoint on phase – something that ne'er happened. It was lazy news media on the portion of the Forbes author, and an easy error to do on my colleague’s portion, but the consequence was the same ; one ill researched article straight impacted another because both authors failed to make their due diligence.


Hi Christina, thanks for taking the clip to read and notice. Coming up with truly interesting and fresh thoughts is a consistent challenge, even for the most experient bloggers. One manner I overcome this is by get downing with a subject that I feel truly excited about. Think about what you 'd state if person were to inquire about what you do at a party - what subject would you travel on and on about? Once you 've identified this, think about a web log station you 'd desire to read about this subject. What angles do you believe are n't being given adequate attending? What are n't people speaking about? Is at that place something you 'd happen exciting or interesting that other bloggers are overlooking? These are all inquiries to inquire yourself about the subject you 're interested in. Besides, I try to jot unsmooth thoughts for stations down in a notebook as they come to me for farther geographic expedition later - even a individual sentence or general thought can be the seed for a station further down the line. If it helps, give yourself plentifulness of clip to believe about possible stations, even hebdomads in progress if you need more clip. Good fortune!

As a new blogger, this advice was really helpful. I besides appreciate how you emphasize how long it takes to compose a good web log station - the clip, the research, the degree of item, etc. I 've seen a batch of others claim that blogging is simple and it does n't take much clip to compose one ( I read a station similar to this one stating that a 1000+ word web log station merely takes 30-45 proceedingss ) . As a beginning blogger AND a free-lance author, this truly angers me - it shows a existent deficiency of grasp for the accomplishment of blogging and article writing. This disrespect frequently reflects in the pricing excessively. Many web sites that want ghostwriters for their web log offer truly low payment - merely a twosome dollars for a 500 word article, as I frequently see advertised on Elance and Guru.com. Are they insane? Well, I guess you get what you pay for, and I 'm glad web logs like this are around to talk the truth about trade of blogging.

Hey Jim, thanks for taking the clip to notice. In footings of content publicity, societal media is still the best manner to acquire the word out at that place about a new web log. Unfortunately, merely as it takes clip to construct a regular audience, the same applies to societal followerss. At first, you might happen that really few people are coming across your content due to the limited size of the web log 's audience and the limited range on societal. This is why SEO remains really of import. Equally long as your content is optimized ( logical internal linking, strong image optimisation, smart keyword aiming ) , and you 're patient and committed to constructing an audience and a societal followers, you will see consequences - it merely takes clip. This is why so many web logs fail ( and why many people dismiss content selling in general ) . It 's decidedly non a speedy hole, it takes a batch of clip and dedication to win.

Dan your writing manner is beyond superb - and I mean, beyond belief. I love the manner you are able to paint a narrative with the words you choose to construction such brightly cohesive sentences! You are a enormously gifted author - and I have learned a wealth of cognition from you! I truly identified with your point of `` crutch words '' - and how every writer has them! I know I surely do - I try my damnedest non to utilize `` keen '' in every individual one of my merchandise descriptions, and it is tough! I 'm traveling out on a caprice here - but after reading many of your articles - I 'm gon sodiums say that your crutch word, Dan, might be. `` Clashing '' . ? ? ? ? Merely a conjecture! Thankss for your sharing your awesomeness! ; )

Hey Dan, there are so many inquiries bombinating in my head in regard to originating a web log writing. First, of all it 's pretty amazing that you 're assisting us out with the jobs every bit good as necessities that come while writing a web log and moreover, your constructs are brillialnt sing web logs. Now, coming to my jobs, foremost, I am non at all good in writing content or state, lucubrating on a certain subject, as in a web log, that 's the chief portion. secondly, I am good with grammar every bit good as tenses and other parts of address, but lack a good quality vocabulary for an keen web log. I mean I am really short with fancy words or state declamatory linguistic communication that someway stick the reader with one 's web log. I am really really lament in heightening my English accomplishments and one of it 's major manner is via writing web logs and I am ready to confront the unfavorable judgment but I lack all the qualities required in writing a web log. I merely necessitate a push or a certain way possibly, so that I end up writing good web logs in approaching hereafter. From your tips and your huge cognition I perceive you know about everything about writing accomplishments, hiw to better your accomplishments and how to compose a good web log. So, I would be glad if you could merely help me. Thank you

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How to Write a Thank-You Note

I assure you, writing thank-yous is easier than you remember. Get yourself some letter paper, plain note cards or a choice of attractive post cards ( yes, post cards are absolutely acceptable! ) , and proper postage. Avoid the pre-inscribed ‘Thank you! ’ cards in loopy book, as there are times you’ll want to compose notes where that aesthetic feels all incorrect. Better to take paper you like. Stay off from life-size sheets—note cards are best, as your message will be brief, and would look silly swimming about on a page that big. Store all of these points someplace easy accessible and sooner in field sight so you won’t waver excessively long or bury excessively easy. Say, the top drawer of your desk or on a bookshelf at oculus degree or below.

3. Discuss Use

But don’t prevarication, even though some etiquette books may state you it’s O.K.s. After all, there’s ever a truth that can be extracted. Let’s say you hate the slippers. How to state thanks? Find the one thing about them that’s nice and discuss it—but don’t get carried off. ‘They are such a lovely shadiness of blue’ plants, and is more honorable than ‘These slippers make my bosom sing like a choir of angels, ’ which is overkill. If it was a gesture, like allowing you stay at their topographic point, you can follow the lines of ‘It’s so nice to do a personal connexion while going. I truly appreciated my clip with your family.’

91 Responses to “34 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Writer”

After old ages of making research on “how to better my writing style” , I believe the best book of all time written on this subject was authored by Robert Grunning ( circa 1935 ) . You might cognize Grunning invented a numeral manner to mensurate “bad writing” and coined the term the “fog index” to help expose hapless manner and composing. The “fog index” is a technique that helps an writer, an editor or a reader estimation the grade of ambiquity or “fog” in a given article. Once the fog is declouded out of a writing, lucidity comes into focal point. Like a diamond cut from dust, the message is allowed to scintillate with a more profound, eldritch, glorious brillance! ! !

Stumbling on occasion, my skeletal fingers were stickers in my thenar whilst the ghostliness invaded me. Mercifully, I surrendered to the pitch black arcade of warriors ; the Moon following my every measure like a murderer…The trees laughed threateningly at me-the glacial air current gushed in response to my hot humiliation, offering barbarous kindness! Recovering strength, I glared brutally at the Earth of dark, chortling in irony. The conflict had commenced. A affair of pride.Glory.Victory… Blindingly powerful, a troop of bantam stars whisked towards me, huddling in a domain of lighting visible radiation! Ferocious fury trickled down my spinal column and, perplexed, I hit reality-this was humanist power V dark forces! Droplets of finding assembled in me, my dentitions clenched in retribution and, poising myself for the worst, I shielded myself in incapacitated defense mechanism! Despair flooded in a river-one that I was submerging in, hanging by a branch-swearing solidly for 2 proceedingss, I tuned myself out of feel foring the nights’ hypnotised soldiers because I was witting of the dismaying fact skulking in the shadows-if I didn’t halt this changeless fretting, my ally was traveling to thresh me. A scene in words, a rough lesson of life in reality… like:

What I like most about these tips is that they’re honest plenty to rede emulating other authors. What I don’t see adequate of is urging careful redacting on a mechanical degree and acquiring others to read your transcript to weed out little errors. As it says elsewhere on this site, those small things can do a author expression unprofessional. Amit Goyal, for illustration ( tip # 15 ) says to compose “everyday, ” when he certainly meant “every day.” James Chartland, who wrote the first remark, should hold used “further” where he used “farther.” I know excessively good how abashing it is to make things like this, and I surely don’t mean to connote I ne'er do. I’ve made errors so mortifying I wouldn’t tell aliens about them in an anon. online forum.

When you have writer’s block: — It might be because you’ve been sitting at the computing machine for excessively long, seeking to compose your day-to-day quota. In this instance, give yourself and your head a interruption. Travel out for a jog, or merely sit outside soaking up the zephyr and fresh air. Personally, for me it helps if I go take a shower and come back to it. — Another possibility is that the block is a consequence of your head turning bored with your narrative. This happens when you have everything planned out excessively stiffly, and nil new ( to yourself ) is happening or traveling to happen. When this happens, seek adding a secret plan turn, a new character, or a new danger. You could develop and alter facets of your universe or bing characters, and concentrate more on truly doing them three dimensional. Making this does non intend that you have to alter everything that happens in your planned narrative, it merely means letting things go off on a little tangent.

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Fiction: On Fictional character: Let your character to hold hidden dimensions, possibly some bad traits that come out. Like a great actor/actress, take walks and impart your character and acquire lost in their journey. Take it place and compose it down. On Plot: They say show don’t Tell. At the same clip be willing to allow travel of your clever but unneeded metaphors. Some writers break the regulation and love explaining. Once I feel fed, I move on or give them another attempt. I founded an International Film Festival and found Story-telling by the younger movie shapers lacked a good beginning, center and terminal. My advice is for everyone to read a celebrated fabulous narrative, like King Author in order to larn the basic templet of character overcoming and secret plan moving.

Word Origin & History

nice tardily 13c. , `` foolish, stupid, senseless, '' from O.Fr. nice `` silly, foolish, '' from L. nescius `` nescient, '' lit. `` not-knowing, '' from ne- `` non '' ( see un- ) + root of scire `` to cognize. '' `` The sense development has been extraordinary, even for an adj. '' -- from `` timid '' ( pre-1300 ) ; to `` fussy, fastidious '' ( late 14c. ) ; to `` dainty, delicate '' ( c.1400 ) ; to `` precise, careful '' ( 1500s, preserved in such footings as a nice differentiation and nice and early ) ; to `` agreeable, delicious '' ( 1769 ) ; to `` sort, thoughtful '' ( 1830 ) . In 16c.-17c. it is frequently hard to find precisely what is meant when a author uses.this word. By 1926, it was pronounced `` excessively great a favourite with the ladies, who have charmed out of it all its individualism and converted it into a mere diffusor of vague and mild amenity. '' `` I am certain, '' cried Catherine, `` I did non intend to state anything incorrect ; but it is a nice book, and why should I non name it so? '' `` Very true, '' said Henry, `` and this is a really nice twenty-four hours, and we are taking a really nice walk ; and you are two really nice immature ladies. Oh! It is a really nice word so! It does for everything. ''


tardily 13c. , `` foolish, stupid, senseless, '' from Old Gallic nice ( 12c. ) `` careless, clumsy ; weak ; hapless, destitute ; simple, stupid, silly, foolish, '' from Latin nescius `` nescient, incognizant, '' literally `` not-knowing, '' from ne- `` non '' ( see un- ) + root of scire `` to cognize '' ( see scientific discipline ) . `` The sense development has been extraordinary, even for an adj. '' -- from `` timid '' ( pre-1300 ) ; to `` fussy, fastidious '' ( late 14c. ) ; to `` dainty, delicate '' ( c.1400 ) ; to `` precise, careful '' ( 1500s, preserved in such footings as a nice differentiation and nice and early ) ; to `` agreeable, delicious '' ( 1769 ) ; to `` sort, thoughtful '' ( 1830 ) . `` In many illustrations from the 16th and 17th centuries it is hard to state in what peculiar sense the author intended it to be taken. '' By 1926, it was pronounced `` excessively great a favourite with the ladies, who have charmed out of it all its individualism and converted it into a mere diffusor of vague and mild amenity. '' `` I am certain, '' cried Catherine, `` I did non intend to state anything incorrect ; but it is a nice book, and why should I non name it so? '' `` Very true, '' said Henry, `` and this is a really nice twenty-four hours, and we are taking a really nice walk ; and you are two really nice immature ladies. Oh! It is a really nice word so! It does for everything. ''

By plane

Airport to Nice town centre — The cheapest connexion with Nice town are the local coach services 23 and 52 ( Terminal 1 ) , bing € 1.50, and running between 5:30AM and 8:05PM. The journey takes about 20 proceedingss from the span in forepart of T1 along the promenade to the metropolis centre. The path maps can be found online. Alternatively the airdrome express coachs ( 98 and 99 ) bing € 6 do fundamentally the same path to Nice coach station ( Nice Riquier ) or Nice chief railroad station ( Gare Nice Ville SNCF ) from T1 and T2. They run every 30 proceedingss during the undermentioned hours: the 98 from 6AM to midnight, and the 99 from 8AM to 9PM. Pay the driver on embarkation and the ticket acts as a `` Pass de Jour '' for limitless travel on local coachs and the ropeway that twenty-four hours. The airdrome web site has information and timetables for land transit.

Convenient for some finishs, there is besides a little train station near to the airdrome ( Nice St Augustin ) where you can pick up a TER train due east to Nice, Monaco and all Stationss to the Italian boundary line at Ventimiglia, or west back to Antibes and Cannes. The station can be reached by pes ( approx. half a kilometer ) via subwaies and road-crossings, on the other side of the Arenas office composite. Be certain to take out some Euro ( € ) coins from the airdrome if you are making Nice St Augustin before 9AM. The ticket peddling machine does non accept notes. There are note-to-coin modifier machines in the airdrome. €10 alteration per individual should be sufficient for any journey.

If there is no transit running, it 's reassuring to cognize that it is rather possible to walk the six kilometer to town or frailty versa to airport, in a small over an hr. There are besides metropolis motorcycles for hire with multiple bead off musca volitanss ( see Velo Bleu below ) - possibly better to take this into Nice because you do n't desire to meet a full motorcycle rack when you get to the airdrome! This may be a utile in the current societal discontent in France, where `` manifestations '' ( presentations ) and `` grèves '' ( work stoppages ) often affect public transit. Recently ( June-08 ) for illustration, lorry ( truck ) drivers created a encirclement to airport to protest about lifting fuel monetary values. It is prudent to look into the local newspaper ( `` Nice Matin '' ) where you will normally have progress warning of possible jobs.

By public conveyance

Each chief town on the Gallic Riviera has its ain local coach web, for Nice it is Lignes d'Azur ( Antibes has Envibus, Cannes has Palm Bus, and so on ) , and the 100 or more Lignes d'Azur paths are the chief signifier of urban conveyance for locals traveling to work or school. Of more involvement to tourers, an inter-urban web, the TAM ( Transport Alpes-Maritimes ) connects all the Eastern Riviera towns between Cannes and Menton and all the chief small towns like Èze and Vence. Its paths radiate from assorted coach Michigans near Vieille Ville ( until the new coach station is completed in 2016 ) . Bus menus are merely € 1.50, with a alteration to a non-return connecting service besides permitted within 74 min, so it is deserving get the hanging the coach system to acquire around.

The Lignes d'Azur and TAM paths overlap in and around Nice, so the ticket and duty system is integrated to a common ticket zone, in which the local Lignes d'Azur tickets and base on ballss are accepted on the longer distance TAM coachs ( merely between Cagnes-sur-Mer to the West and Cap d'Ail short of Monaco to the E ) . The menu is indistinguishable on both webs - € 1.50 for any distance - but with TAM, you must ever state the driver your intended finish, so he can judge whether you should buy a TAM ticket or a Ligne d'Azur. Outside the common zone, Ligne d'Azur base on ballss are non valid and you need to pay the €1.50 menu in hard currency.

There are `` multi-10 '' tickets ( 10 journeys ) for € 10. Several individuals can go on the same `` multi-10 '' ticket if they stamp the ticket one time per individual when get downing the journey. Note that you have to formalize your ticket once more when altering bus even within the cogency period of 74 proceedingss. If your ticket is still valid, it will non be stamped once more, but a enrollment will be made on the magnetic strip to enter that you changed vehicle. If several people portion the same multi-10 ticket, they should `` stomp '' it merely one time when altering coach for a connexion, else you lose one journey unnecessarly every clip you insert a still valid ticket after the first clip.

The long anticipated ropeway line opened in November 2007 and organize a U-shaped path from Las Planas to the nor'-east to Pont St Michel to the northwest. It links the chief train station, coach station, business district and the university, but it is fundamentally a mass theodolite system designed to acquire workers and shoppers to the Centre of Nice from the suburbs and is non of any peculiar value to tourers. It uses the same tickets as the coachs, but you buy these from the machines at ropeway Michigans ( unlike coachs, where it is usual to pay the driver or demo your base on balls on come ining the coach ) . Another invention is the hourly `` commuter express '' coach service direct to Monaco via the Autoroute, the 100Express, though visitants may still prefer the slower and more scenic 100 path along the seashore.

By train

Nice has no tube and small demand for one. The chief train service is the national Gallic railroad SNCF, which boasts the high velocity TGV ( decelerate to Marseilles and so highly fast on to Paris and the local TER fillet trains, which serve the chief Riviera towns between Cannes and Ventimiglia across the boundary line in Italy, including the day-to-day commute to Monaco. Less well-known is the small narrow-guage railroad Chemin de Fer de Provence, which runs from Nice through the Var vale and along the Route Naploeon, three hours to Digne in Upper Provence. In the summer months, the latter portion of the journey switches to a existent steam train, the Train diethylstilbestrols Pignes.

By cab

Taxis are registered and licenced but like anyplace, it 's non unknown for one to take advantage of tourers. If possible, hold on the rate BEFORE come ining the cab. If running on the metre, insist on the metre being on the whole clip. Try to sit where you can see it so that you can instantly question the driver when/if it goes off `` by chance. '' Cab menus within Nice should be less than €20, to Antibes €50, Monaco or Cannes about €70 and St Tropez €250. The airdrome tally to Nice is a fixed duty around €35, depending on clip of twenty-four hours, but you may be hit for surcharges on baggage or the presence of a fourth rider ( designed to deter cab-sharing ) .

By pes

Nice is a big, sprawling metropolis of 300,000 population ( 5th largest in France ) with big public lodging undertakings distributing its environing suburbs, but most of the tourer and historical attractive forces outside of Cimiez are within the Centre - a radius of a 20 minute walk at the most. You will most probably be concentrating your visit within the old town and the cardinal shopping territories, so you will non necessitate coachs, taxis, or other signifiers of motorized travel. Car hire is a complete liability as parking is scarce and expensive. The lone downside of `` by pes '' is the ill-famed volume of `` dejections eyetooth '' ( that 's doggie-poo to you and me ) and the deficiency of attending to the demands of those with decreased mobility - wheelchairs - as the dropping of curbstones is wholly hit-or-miss.

Beautiful Landscapes

Travel to Eze. It is a little small town on the manner to Monaco. The small town is situated on a little mountain and there is a beautiful cactus garden with a dramatic position ( a must see, 6 € entryway fee ) . Unfortunately the old town is to the full commercialized with eating houses, souvenir stores, and art galleries. It is difficult, if non impossible, to happen an unobstructed position of the western coastline ( towards Nice ) without holding to pay for it. There is besides Fragonard aroma mill which you can see for free. To make Eze by coach, take the 112 to Eze Village ( non the 100 which stops at Eze Gare, a 90 minute steep walk off from Eze Village ) . If you missed an infrequent ( up to 3 hours ) 115 coach in Eze Village, there is a way that goes down the mountain from Eze Village to Eze Sur Mer ( besides Eze Gare ) . This is the Path of Nietzsche ( named after the celebrated German philosopher Friedrich W. Nietzsche ) , with some antic positions and a waterfall ( listen carefully, you can non see it from the way ) . Walking downhill through this way takes about 40 proceedingss. The best positions of the coastline are found in the lower tierce of the way. Buss run from Menton-Monaco through Eze Gare back to Nice every 15 proceedingss or so and frailty versa, doing treking back up the hill unneeded.

To unite several of these proposals, a magnificient, but long and hilly way for the active traveller is the path from Eze-sur-Mer up to Eze Village ( Nietzsche Path ) and from there the on-going walk on roads and boosting waies down to Saint Laurent. Take the attempt to see a somewhat concealed and secldued beach offering even the possibility of detecting caves inaccessible by pes to the experient swimmer. After Saint-Laurent, there comes a attractively renovated walk straight at sea degree next to immerse drops taking all the manner into Monaco. The whole circuit takes approx. 6-9 hours, depending on your interruptions and walking velocity.


Designer label garments are as everyplace notoriously expensive but general manner goods are truly inexpensive compared to most other European states, and Galleries Lafayette offers a batch under one roof. If that 's non plenty for you, they besides have a immense superstore at Cap 3000 merely following to St Laurent de Var past the airdrome ( Lignes d Azur 52 and TAM bus 200, 400 and 500, halt La Passerelle ) . This is besides place to Galleries Lafayette Gourmand, a nutrient superstore to equal Londons Harrods and Selfridges. The wine choice is superb, particularly aisles full of Rose de Provence, and there are a half twelve in-store lunch-time topographic points.


A nutrient called `` Socca '' , a garbanzo level staff of life, is a local forte ( though non universally enjoyed ) , as is a tuna fish sandwich called `` Pan Bagnat. '' Other fortes include Soupe de Poisson ( Fish Soup, made with chili garlic sauces, croutons, and grated cheese ) , Salade Nicoise ( made with tuna ) , Tourtes aux Blettes ( sweet tartes made with Savoy chou, raisins, nuts, and powdered sugar ) and pissaladiere ( a type of pizza topped with sauteed onion, olives, garlic and anchovies ) . As may be expected, seafood characteristics conspicuously in Nicoise culinary art, and several eating houses specialize in sea-urchin and oysters.


Wine in eating houses is frequently fiercely expensive, make as the locals and order it by the `` pichet '' - normally a 50 centiliter jug. If nevertheless you fancy choice denomination Gallic vino to imbibe back at base, Les Caves Caprioglio at 16 Rue de la Prefecture in Vieux Nice has a fabulous basement of the vinos you normally merely read about in the all right vinos books but seldom see. To see Gallic vino devising, the Chateau de Bellet and Cremat in the West of the metropolis are nearest to Nice and will make Tourss by agreement. ( Approachable via the bantam narrow-guage train from the Chemin de Fer de Provence ) . A good resource for information on the vino of Bellet is The Riviera Grapevine

Stay safe

Nice is no more unsafe than any other major Gallic metropolis. Your best defence is doing a conjunct attempt to non look like a tourer. Familiarize yourself with the country environing your hotel or Airbnb and chorus from standing around keeping a tourer map or holding loud conversations in a linguistic communication other than Gallic and you will be absolutely all right. To avoid cutpurses and bag snatchers, merely transport a little crossbody bag ( worn right ) or topographic point any money you have in a forepart pocket. It is extremely likely that no 1 is traveling to trouble oneself you provided you look like you know where you 're traveling and what you 're making. If you use common sense, and follow this advice, you may look so Niçois that tourists ask you for waies!

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