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OMG! I wish every garage saler would read this. I have been traveling to garage sales since I was a child, labeling along with my ma. Now it is me who is conveying my 2 small 1s. My 3 twelvemonth old now shouts “GARAGE SALE” whenever she sees a mark. I wholly agree about pricing things low. If you want large vaulting horses for something, list it on Craigs List. Overpriced items are such a immense pet peeve of mine. I normally bring $ 30 for the twenty-four hours. You are so right about pricing. I seldom ask the monetary value on an point unless it is something I truly want. Something else that I kinda hatred are traders acquiring to sales before they are unfastened and purchasing all the good material. Part of me knows that this is what some of my super fave DIY bloggers do, but it kinda ruins it for all the normal people who want nice material excessively. Great station. I evidently feel strongly about garage sales ha hour angle. Love your web log.

Ah but you Merely contradicted yourself Rachel! ! ! ! ! I know that you posted in 2012, but still, you put “I don’t need to cognize your reference or what clip you think you are traveling to be out at that place, I merely want to cognize where you are. That’s it! ” BUT you DO necessitate to cognize the reference so you really KNOW where your traveling to be when rummaging in the yard sale. And the clip IS kinda of import excessively so you know when it really opens and what clip it really closes. Nothing worse so seeing a mark that says “Garage Sale” , “Yard Sale” or “Rummage Sale” and there is no twenty-four hours or clip listed and traveling by the topographic point where its supposed to be and it is non unfastened. without the day of the months and times, you don’t cognize when the sale is/was. It could be for the old hebdomad and the people forgot to acquire the marks or it could be for the following twenty-four hours and if it starts at 11 am and stopping points at 3 autopsy and you get at that place at state 10-10:30 am or 3:30 or subsequently and they say that they don’t start until 11 or they closed at 3 so it hit your hopes of hiting some nice material out of the air.

Thankss for the ideas..there is one thing that seems to work good where I live because we do hold some work forces that go to garage sales every bit good as adult females so we try to hold some work forces stuff too.. working electronics, good used tyres and or wheels, tools, athleticss equipment, denims and work apparels if possible..anything that moves.. bivouacing material, Lawn equipment, garden supplies…I notice a batch of garage sales focus on adult females and childs and the work forces that semen are bored…So I try to acquire my hubby to clean out old material he doesn’t want or need to add to the stuff..it at least gives the cats somehting to look at so the married woman can look a small longer..mentioning this in the ads I think will acquire more involvement where cats are concerned over traveling to a garage sale foremost that doesn’t..

I love all of your tips and they’re all dead-on accurate! I’ve had several sales over the old ages that each netted $ 500+ and all by following these same regulations. One other tip I have is that if you are selling vesture – hang them up. I can’t state you how revolting it is to travel to sales and see hemorrhoids of vesture heaped like wash on tabular arraies or in boxes for people to paw through! Ugh. Kids apparels sell great when they’re neat, clean, hung up and matched into outfits and I can do some dough on them to re-outfit my ain childs. Garage sales are like painting walls…the more work you put into prepping everything, the better your consequences will be! ( love the HOH! )

Then we sorted the clean and pressed shirts, bloomerss, trunkss, so each class into sizes and labeled the interior back, and outside on all sides with what was indoors ( erratic boys bloomerss 26 $ 5 ) . ( and of class made certain to include this class in the ads ) . Because they were folded neatly and stacked in an opensided box, 1 ) people could see precisely what was at that place and if it was the right size 2 ) It was easy for some to look the stack or at any one thing without messing everything else up and 3 ) It set the outlook of “order” . EVERYONE who took an point out to look at it, folded any unwanted point back up decently and set it on the stack where the found it.

I merely have to state that your words are sooooooo really true. I have wanted to portion these tips with others ( other people holding sales ) . I have been to so many sales and the items are so overpriced I want to give them a speaking to compensate at that place. I have had several sales myself and they all have done good. I stick by a few regulations myself and you have said them good. Price everything, tag your items cheap ( what would I pay for it at another sale ) and ever do trades, after all you are desiring to acquire rid of it. Great station! One last tip I will portion that has been really successful for myself, everytrhing on the 2nd twenty-four hours is 1/2 monetary value.

To avoid larcenies, lasso off the country where your items will be and place the ropes ( two strands is better ) so it isn’t excessively easy to duck under them. Position your payment tabular array right next to the entrance/exit so shoppers have to walk past you to acquire out. If you can hold a friend semen over to impart moral support and and excess set of eyes ( you will necessitate bathroom interruptions etc… ) that helps avoid larcenies. We had a set of two manner wirelesss stolen because entree was excessively easy, no cordoned off country, excessively much disturbance from the drove of people who dropped in. If the stealer had been forced to walk past us on the manner out, he/she likely would non hold tried this. The larger your sale, the more items you have, the more of import this is. If you have a fenced, unafraid backyard, you may wish to see utilizing it, with tonss of marks out front publicizing what you have in back. Positioning payment tabular array right at the gate, and lock any other Gatess that leads out of the pace. Besides, I’ve seen some people sell bites, baked goods and java ( people get hungry and their childs will implore them ) and it ever seems to sell good. Plus they stick about longer while they eat.

Sheila, one of my sisters sells dad in ours and that is ever a hit ( particularly if you have it in a little icebox or on ice, nil worse so warm dad! ) and last summer that peculiar sis had pop in the pace sale and my other sister and mom both had confect bars in it. That wasn’t as large a hit as the dad. I’m believing that murphy french friess would be a bigger hit so the confect bars though. And I have this one “candy saloon peddling machine bank” which is precisely that a bank that is besides a “bite size confect saloon peddling machine” and I was utilizing that in my aunt’s rummage sale as I had material in her rummage sale and I had a bag or two of the separately wrapped bite size bars that I had put in that and that seemed to be a pretty large hit with childs. There was a cat that had like 4 childs I think ( all his childs, he wasn’t baby sitting or anything ) that stopped at the sale and one of the childs asked how much I wanted for the bank even though I clearly had a mark that said “Bank NOT for sale, ONLY the candy” and the pa had to state the child that the bank wasn’t for sale but the childs bought a batch of the confect. Which was reasonably cool. I’d seen those Bankss in the shop a long piece back and said to myself that some twenty-four hours I was traveling to hold one of them and so the shop stopped selling mutton quad and I found mine at a rummage sale of all topographic points lol and snagged it up. Now I don’t even use it ( NOT acquiring rid of it either ) . And I am be aftering a sale for this a small later ( June possibly ) . I was besides believing of holding one in August before the childs here in Michigan goes back to school. I know people sometimes gets kids school fabrics at rummage sales IF they can’t truly afford the expensive 1s at the shops. Particularly if the fabrics at the yard/rummage/garage sale is in truly good status, near trade name new or really trade name new. I’ve seen rummage sales where they had bags that were the truly expensive 1s from like Avon ( non certainly if Avon sells mutton quad ) and from other things like Avon and the people at the sales were selling mutton quad for the same monetary value that Avon and the other things wanted for them, I’m non into bags but if I were, I sure as heck wouldn’t be passing the monetary value that those people wanted for mutton quad. I don’t even spend $ 20 on a bag from the shop! ! ! ! ! The bag I am utilizing right now, I spent $ 11 + the revenue enhancement on AT WALMART! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! And as for the fabrics I’ve seen people TRYING to sell fabrics with discolorations and/or holes in them for $ 1 or more. If I have any fabrics with holes or stains that I don’t want, they’d go in the rummage/yard sale in the FREE heap. That manner if they want the fabrics for some sort of trade undertaking ( I’ve taken an old summer frock and used portion as a piece of fabric to maintain my shirt from acquiring babe pulverization all over the forepart of it back in 2014 when I was the “Screaming Casket Girl” at the haunted house I volunteer at, merely folded some of the cloth over and sewed it down and set a twine through and made it to where I could bind it around to maintain the shirt clean. So that was a recycle undertaking with old fabrics, or they could take the holey or stained vesture to utilize as some sort of old shred. As for larceny, yes I’ve seen it go on at my aunt’s sale one clip. A adult female who was high on something brought her boy and girl with her and the girl stole some bloomerss, my parry knife and perchance a game for a game system ( don’t retrieve whether the game was stolen or non as it was a few year ago ) . But it is sooooooo sad that people go to the sales like that and steal, I mean the material is ever a batch cheaper so at shops ( even at most thrift shops ) and merely steal. I mean its like “Hello its non like your shopping at a shop that wants $ 50 dollars or so on something that is trade name new, most of the material isn’t even trade name new, and the material that IS, isn’t about every bit much as it is in the shop! ”

A twosome of advantages….you are non holding endless appointmens for folks to look at a chest of drawers, since anyone interested comes during garage sale hours. AND you don’t have aliens in your place. AND it ; brings more traffic to your garage sale. They may hold come to purchase the Athletic places, but so they see all the remainder of it and shop. It’s a batch of work, but in the last sale, we had a batch of folks come to see the advertised furniture ( $ 250 and up but deserving 4x that! ) or the beautiful eventide frock ( selling for $ 75 but orig. 300! ) and whether or non they purchased the sought-after point, most still left with a batch of other stuff. ! And yes, the eventide frock sold for the inquiring monetary value to person who was waiting when we opened up. The furniture got discounted a small, but non excessively much…all bought by folks seeing the single ads, non the garage sale ad )

Allison didn’t specifically reference it, but if you look at her images you’ll see that items are priced in increases of 25 cents ( 50, 75, $ 1.00, etc. ) . Not holding to number pennies, Nis and dimes truly makes things simpler. Besides, be certain you have an equal adequate bank to do alteration. I held a yard sale with my ma one time and a adult male got out of a Mercedes, chose a big piece of pegboard we’d priced at $ 1.00, flashed a $ 50 measure and asked, “Can you make alteration for this? ” We both suspected he figured we’d say we couldn’t and merely allow him take the pegboard. Well, he was surprised when we were able to do alteration for a $ 50 measure with no problem at all ( after verifying that it wasn’t forgery, of class! ) .

I think it’s decidedly a good thought to name bigger/more expensive material on Craigslist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t besides set it out at your sale. With our last one, I posted in 4-5 different classs on Craiglist, and if people were interested in the point, they came by to look into it out. We sold a batch of high-dollar items that manner, and were still acquiring enquiries hebdomads subsequently. However, we still sold some high-dollar material to people who merely dropped in. What’s it be you to merely set it out at that place and see what happens? Plus, if you can hold person come by to look into something out while you’re lounging around anyhow, and while the point can be easy seen without interrupting your life, why non make so? That manner you don’t have to put up an assignment to allow person who could be a entire weirdo into your house to see it.

Sorry, but the writer of this piece should non state others “why” they should hold a garage sale. Garage sales are non needfully for “getting rid of junk” . Many people hold garage sales to gain some money. The writer besides advised to monetary value items for a one-fourth. How pathetic. It is non deserving acquiring up at 6 am on a Saturday forenoon to give items away for 25 cents. If you spend hours cleaning, forming and pricing your items, merely to sell them for 25 cents each, you need to hold your caput examined. Or possibly your clip merely isn’t deserving anything at all. At a rate of 25 cents for items, you would do about nil and be making dozenss of work all twenty-four hours Saturday. I personally feel there is no ground that person can’t wage at least 75 cents for something, and that is ever my bottom monetary value. Garage sales are difficult work and I need to gain something for my clip!

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