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The best-selling AQA GCSE French class has been extensively revised to supply you with brand new content for the 2016 AQA GCSE French specification* . This class delivers the breadth and rigour required to develop the productive accomplishments pupils need to pull strings linguistic communication confidently and to prepare them for their test. It offers a smooth passage from KS3, whilst supplying subject coverage to guarantee seamless patterned advance towards AS and A Level. Its differentiated attack ( Foundation and Higher Student Books ) help to back up your mixed-ability categories, and ease co-teaching and flexibility.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

One of the chief alterations to old educational makings in the United Kingdom was to let students to finish coursework during their two old ages of survey, which was marked by their instructors and contributed to their concluding scrutiny class. There has been a move late from making coursework and modular scrutinies for portion of the class when students would take tests throughout the class to an terminal of twelvemonth test after the two old ages of survey ( a 'linear ' series ) . The tests are being revised to do them more hard such as proving accomplishments from a whole text in English alternatively of portion of a text. Coursework has now been replaced by Controlled Appraisals in certain topics, in which the pupil completes a figure of assessed pieces of work which will finally number towards their concluding scrutiny class in the specified topic. The Controlled Assessment constituent of the making is normally done under exam-style conditions. After major GCSE reforms, coursework/controlled appraisal by and large have small to no influence on the concluding class as opposed to the yesteryear.

The making is tantamount to a Level 1 or Level 2 ( rate depending ) Key Skills Qualification ( in Scotland, the equivalent is a National 5 ) . Some students may make up one's mind to take one or more GCSEs before or after they sit the others, and people may use to take GCSEs at any point either internally through an establishment or externally. A degree 1 GCSE screens classs C to G or 1 to 5 ( normally referred to as the foundation tier ) whereas a degree 2 GCSE screens classs A* to C or 4 to 9 ( normally referred to as the higher tier ) . Five degree 2 GCSEs, including English and Maths, are by and large required ( every bit good as an A or B in the specific topic ) to go on to the degree 3 Advanced GCE degree ( A-Level ) or tantamount degree 3 makings. From September 2017, classs will be awarded from 9 to 1 ; a class 9 being tantamount to an upper A* and a class 1 being marginally better than a U ( unclassified in the former system ) . Some schools start GCSEs in twelvemonth 9. It is besides the equivalent to Junior Certifcate scrutinies in the Republic of Ireland.

The instruction systems of current and former British districts, such as Gibraltar, and Nigeria, besides offer the making, as supplied by the same scrutiny boards. Other former British colonies, such as Singapore and Zimbabwe, continue to utilize the O-level making. The international version of the GCSE is the IGCSE, which can be taken anyplace in the universe, and which includes extra options associating to coursework and the linguistic communication the making is pursued in. All topics completed in the fifth of the European Baccalaureate are by and large tantamount to the GCSEs topics.

At the terminal of the biennial GCSE class, on the 3rd Thursday of the August of that twelvemonth, campaigners receive a class for each topic that they have sat. Before the transformation of the GCSE rating system from alphabetical to numeral classs, the pass classs, from highest to lowest, were: A* ( pronounced `` A-star '' ) , A, B, C, D, E, F and G. Grade U ( ungraded/unclassified ) signifies that a student achieved nil worthy of credit, hence no GCSE is awarded to the student in that topic. For GCSEs after reformations, the pass classs are: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 but a `` good pass '' which is by and large required, is grade 4 or higher. The U class stays the same as mentioned above.

The 2017 GCSE reforms changed the grading system as follows: alternatively of classs runing from A* to U, they range from 9 to 1 with 9 being the highest class. This was introduced because pupils ' average public presentation was increasing each twelvemonth, with a larger figure of students accomplishing A* . The alteration to the grading system allows the test boards to increase the trouble of the tests and hence know apart better between students who achieve the highest classs, and acquire a closer representation of the students ' capablenesss. It besides enables the exam board to add higher classs if students ' attainment additions further. English and maths tests are being trialled utilizing the new scaling system in the 2017 test.

Further instruction

Receiving five or more A*–C classs, including English and Maths, is frequently a demand for taking A-levels and BTEC Level 3 at a 6th signifier college or at a farther instruction college after go forthing secondary school. Where the pick of A degree is a topic taken at GCSE degree, it is often required that the student has received a GCSE C grade minimal. Most universities typically require a C or better in English and Mathematics, irrespective of a student 's public presentation in their A-level, BTEC or Foundation Degree class after go forthing school. Many students who fail to acquire a C in English and Mathematics will recapture their GCSEs in those topics at a ulterior day of the month, in order to take farther instruction ( A-levels or BTEC ) at a 6th signifier college. Equally good as taking to take A-Levels after GCSEs, students can besides take to make BTEC classs. Some students do them alongside A-Levels and they count for 1 or 2 A-Levels. However some students may travel to a college to analyze merely what is known as a BTEC Extended Diploma in one certain topic. This class is two old ages long and students can gain the necessary 3 A-Levels required to derive a university topographic point. The ground some students decide to take a BTEC is because it allows them to concentrate entirely on an country they are certain to travel into in the hereafter, frequently in a vocational and practical manner.

Controlled appraisal

In some topics, one or more controlled appraisal assignments may besides be completed. Controlled appraisal can lend to anything from 10–60 % of a student 's concluding class, with more practical topics, such as design and engineering ( 60 % ) , art ( 60 % ) , ICT ( 60 % ) , music ( 60 % ) and English ( 40 % ) frequently holding a heavier coursework component. The remainder of a student 's class ( usually the bulk ) is determined by their public presentation in scrutinies. After the GCSE reformations, there is less accent on coursework and makings are awarded either largely or wholly on tests. These tests may either be terminal tests at the terminal of Year 11, a series of modular scrutinies or taken throughout the class, or a combination of the two. Students can sometimes resit modular scrutinies subsequently in the class and effort to better their class.

Controlled appraisal is normally completed outside of lessons, nevertheless concerns about rip offing have meant that more and more is now being completed in the schoolroom, under supervising. For many classs, including those in Economics, Science and History, a demand is meanwhile that controlled appraisal is completed in a controlled environment within schools. Design and Technology topics besides switch to the new, more controlled, environment, with clip bounds and restrictions on the assortment of undertakings allowed. A governmental study investigation shows that most instructors are profoundly dissatisfied with controlled appraisal.

Examination boards

The course of study and awarding of GCSEs has ever been performed by a figure of independent Examination groups, ab initio under the supervising of the National Curriculum Council ( NCC ) and the School Examinations and Assessment Council ( SEAC ) . This oversight has later been passed onto the: School Curriculum and Assessment Authority ( SCAA ) , Qualifications and Curriculum Authority ( QCA ) , National Council for Vocational Qualifications ( NCVQ ) , Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru ( ACCAC ) , The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation ( Ofqual ) , and Qualifications Wales ( QW ) .


One of the of import differences between old educational makings ( and the earlier scaling of A-levels ) and the ulterior GCSE makings was supposed to be a move from norm-referenced marking to criterion-referenced marker. On a norm-referenced scaling system, fixed per centums of campaigners achieve each class. With criterion-referenced classs, in theory, all campaigners who achieve the standards can accomplish the class. A comparing of a clearly norm-referenced appraisal, such as the NFER Cognitive Ability Test or CAT, with GCSE rating seems to demo an unexpected correlativity, which challenges the thought that the GCSE is a properly criterion-based appraisal.

The incorporation of GCSE awards into school league tabular arraies, and the setting of School degree targets, at above national mean degrees of attainment, has been criticized. At the clip of debut the E class was intended to be tantamount to the CSE grade 4, and so obtainable by a campaigner of average/median ability ; Sir Keith Joseph set Schools a target to hold 90 % of their student obtain a lower limit of a class F ( which was the ‘average’ class achieved in the yesteryear ) , the target was finally achieved nationally about 20 old ages subsequently. David Blunkett went farther and put schools the end of guaranting 50 % of 16-year olds gained 5 GCSEs or equivalent at class C and supra, necessitating schools to invent a agency for 50 % of their students to accomplish the classs antecedently merely obtained by the top 30 % , this was achieved with the help of equivalent and mostly vocational makings. Labeling Schools neglecting if they are unable to accomplish at least 5 Cs, including English and Maths at GCSE, for 40 % of their students has besides been criticised, as it basically requires 40 % of each consumption to accomplish the classs merely obtained by the top 20 % at the clip of the makings debut.

History and format

GCSEs were foremost introduced in 1988 to set up a national making for school-leavers who decided to go forth school at 16 and non to prosecute farther academic surveies and makings such as A-Levels or university grades. They were introduced to replace former British educational certificates such as the CSE ( Certificate of Secondary Education ) and the O-Level makings, which had been criticised for neglecting the bottom 42 % of O-level entrants and the brightest CSE entrants. The former failed to accomplish a making, despite being identified as being in the top 30 % academically, and the latter failed to offer a agency to distinguish the accomplishment of the brightest CSE campaigners. A individual merged making was proposed that would decide these issues by using an drawn-out alphabetic scaling system, with a GCSE class C originally intended to be tantamount to the O-Level Grade C and CSE Grade 1, and so accomplishable by the top ~25 % of each cohort. Earlier in the 1980s, a test `` 16+ '' scrutiny was available in some topics, presenting both an O-level certification and a CSE certification. For test after the major GCSE reformations, for different topics, makings are now graded on a 9-1 graduated table, with 9 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

The topics offered, format, ordinance, content and scaling of the GCSE scrutinies has altered well over clip, with legion extra topics now being offered in the: modern linguistic communications, ancient linguistic communications, vocational, and expressive art arenas, along with a Citizenship class. The largest alteration has been the alteration of rating to numerical which encourages A* pupils to work harder so that a 9 class shows outstanding differentiation in a topic. Another alteration to the scaling has been the debut of the A* class to separate those campaigners who achieve a low A class from those who achieve a high A class.

The taking analyzing organic structure, AQA ( officially known as the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance ) had proposed amendments to the present format of GCSEs and it has said the marker system is the intent of its alterations and these are intended to revise the method used for rating the scrutinies set at GCSE degree. The improvements that the authorities in the United Kingdom had decided are traveling to go on and they will be the focal point of its revision program that is aimed at giving a more perfect construction to England 's test system. However, there are some jobs with revising tests are marked, intending that the proportion of campaigners who have the chance to derive the best classs will fall.

The executive director and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) of the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation Glenys Stacey explained further to this point that the manner that they will be taking the slant on the first twelvemonth campaigners will get down sitting the revised version that it is meant taking great consideration towards the grounds of Numberss. By these agencies it is expected to be more straightforward when finding where the class places are traveling to look in the model holding the intent that will be followed when the method used for entering the Markss in grade tabular arraies giving farther lucidity to instructors and campaigners about the alterations to the marker system used at the minute so that the visual aspect of the class tabular arraies when submitted reflects the alterations. This will do certain that the twelvemonth group students are non disadvantaged or advantaged because of the debut of the new makings, and will supply some certainty about what to anticipate at this clip of important alteration. Brian Lightman, the caput of the Association of School and College Leaders, gave this point: `` Harder tests in themselves do non take to higher standards. Excellent instruction and clear leadership are what enable students to accomplish more. ''

The Conservative Party under Prime Minister David Cameron initiated reforms for A Levels and GCSEs to alter from the current modular to a additive construction. British Examination Boards ( Edexcel, AQA and OCR ) regulated and accredited by the authorities of the United Kingdom responded to the authorities 's reform proclamations by modifying course of study of several A Level and GCSE topics. However, the Labour Party and in peculiar the Member of Parliament Tristram Hunt announced that it will hold and change by reversal the reforms and keep the modular A-Level and GCSE system. In add-on, the Labour Party, Tristram Hunt and the current modular GCSE and A-Level system are supported and promoted by the University of Oxford and by the University of Cambridge.

The UK General Certificate of Secondary Education in comparing to the US High School Diploma

As the more academically rigorous A Levels awarded at Year 13 are expected for university admittance, the high school sheepskin entirely is by and large non considered to run into university demands. Students who wish to analyze in the United Kingdom may to boot take part in the Advanced Placement ( AP ) or International Baccalaureate ( IB ) plans, which are considered to be at the degree of the A Level makings and earn points on the UCAS Tariff, or may choose to take A Level scrutinies in British international schools or every bit private campaigners. College Entrance Examination Board ( CEEB ) trials, such as the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, or the ACT, may besides be considered.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service ( UCAS ) recommends that in add-on to a high school sheepskin, classs of 3 or above in at least two, or ideally three, Advanced Placement test may be considered as run intoing general entry demands for admittance. The IB Diploma may besides be accepted. For the College Entrance Examination Board tests, a minimal mark of 600 or higher in all subdivisions of the SAT or a minimal mark of 26 or higher in all subdivisions of the ACT along with a minimal mark of 600 in relevant SAT Subject Tests may be considered as run intoing general entry demands for admittance.

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