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The Importance of Design

If you’re like most people, you spend a long clip believing about your novel before you of all time get down writing. You may make some research. You daydream about how the story’s traveling to work. You brainstorm. You start hearing the voices of different characters. You think about what the book’s about — the Deep Subject. This is an indispensable portion of every book which I call “composting” . It’s an informal procedure and every author does it otherwise. I’m traveling to presume that you know how to compost your narrative thoughts and that you have already got a fresh well-composted in your head and that you’re ready to sit down and get down writing that novel.

The Ten Steps of Design

Step 7 ) Take another hebdomad and spread out your character descriptions into fully fledged character charts detailing everything at that place is to cognize about each character. The standard material such as birthdate, description, history, motive, end, etc. Most significantly, how will this character alteration by the terminal of the novel? This is an enlargement of your work in measure ( 3 ) , and it will learn you a batch about your characters. You will likely travel back and revise stairss ( 1-6 ) as your characters become “real” to you and get down doing cranky demands on the narrative. This is good — great fiction is character-driven. Take as much clip as you need to make this, because you’re merely salvaging clip downstream. When you have finished this procedure, ( and it may take a full month of solid attempt to acquire here ) , you have most of what you need to compose a proposal. If you are a published novelist, so you can compose a proposal now and sell your novel before you write it. If you’re non yet published, so you’ll necessitate to compose your full novel foremost before you can sell it. No, that’s non just, but life isn’t carnival and the universe of fiction writing is particularly unjust.

I used to compose either one or two pages per chapter, and I started each chapter on a new page. Then I merely printed it all out and set it in a loose-leaf notebook, so I could easy trade chapters around subsequently or revise chapters without messing up the others. This procedure normally took me a hebdomad and the terminal consequence was a monolithic 50-page printed papers that I would revise in ruddy ink as I wrote the first bill of exchange. All my good thoughts when I woke up in the forenoon got hand-written in the borders of this papers. This, by the manner, is a instead painless manner of writing that dreaded elaborate outline that all authors seem to detest. But it’s really fun to develop, if you have done stairss ( 1 ) through ( 8 ) foremost. When I did this measure, I ne'er showed this outline to anyone, least of all to an editor — it was for me entirely. I liked to believe of it as the paradigm foremost bill of exchange. Imagine writing a first bill of exchange in a hebdomad! Yes, you can make it and it’s good worth the clip. But I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like I need this measure any longer, so I don’t make it now.

Over the old ages, I’ve taught the Snowflake method to 100s of authors at conferences. I’ve besides had this article posted here on my web site for a long clip, and the page has now been viewed over 2,400,000 times. I’ve heard from many, many authors. Some people love the Snowflake ; some don’t. My attitude is that if it works for you, so utilize it. If lone parts of it work for you, so use merely those parts.I write my ain novels utilizing the Snowflake method. Make no error — it’s a just spot of work. For a long clip, I did it the difficult manner, utilizing Microsoft Word to compose the text and Microsoft Excel to pull off the list of scenes. Unfortunately, neither of those tools knows about the construction of fiction. Finally, I realized that it would be a whole batch easier to work through the method if the tools were designed specially for fiction.

Wayss To Use The Snowflake

Are you a seat-of-the-pants author who eventually finished your novel, but now you’re gazing at an tremendous heap of manuscript that urgently needs rewriting? Take bosom! Your novel’s done, isn’t it? You’ve done something many authors merely dream about. Now imagine a big-shot editor bumps into you in the lift and asks what your novel’s about. In 15 words or less, what would you state? Take your clip! This is a thought game. What would you state? If you can come up with an reply in the following hr. you’ve merely completed Step 1 of the Snowflake! Do you believe some of the other stairss might help you set some order into that manuscript? Give it a shooting. What have you got to lose?


Fiction is the categorization for any narrative or similar work derived from imagination—in other words, non based purely on history or fact. Fiction can be expressed in a assortment of formats, including Hagiographas, unrecorded public presentations, movies, telecasting plans, lifes, picture games, and role-playing games, though the term originally and most commonly refers to the narrative signifiers of literature ( see literary fiction ) , including the novel, novelette, short narrative, and drama. Fiction does non mention to a specific manner or genre, unless used in its narrowest sense to intend a `` literary narration '' . Fiction is traditionally regarded as the antonym of non-fiction, whose Godheads assume duty for showing merely the historical and factual truth ; nevertheless, the differentiation between fiction and non-fiction can be blurred, for illustration, in postmodern literature.


Historical fiction topographic points fanciful characters into existent historical events. In the early historical novel Waverley, Sir Walter Scott 's fictional character Edward Waverley meets a figure from history, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and takes portion in the Battle of Prestonpans. Some plants of fiction are somewhat or greatly re-imagined based on some originally true narrative, or a reconstructed life. Often, even when the writer claims the fictional narrative is fundamentally true, there may be unreal add-ons and minuss from the true narrative to do it more interesting. One such illustration would be Tim O'Brien 's The Things They Carried, a series of historical fiction short narratives about the Vietnam War.


Realistic fiction typically involves a narrative whose basic scene ( clip and location in the universe ) is existent and whose events could practicably go on in a real-world scene ; non-realistic fiction involves a narrative where the antonym is the instance, frequently being set in an wholly fanciful existence, an alternate history of the universe other than that presently understood as true, or some other non-existent location or time-period, sometimes even showing impossible engineering or a rebelliousness of the presently understood Torahs of nature. However, all types of fiction arguably ask for their audience to research existent thoughts, issues, or possibilities in an otherwise fanciful scene, or utilizing what is understood about world to mentally build something similar to world, though still distinct from it.

In footings of the traditional separation between fiction and non-fiction, the lines are now normally understood as blurred, demoing more convergences than common exclusion. Even fiction normally has elements of, or anchoring in, truth. The differentiation between the two may be best defined from the position of the audience, harmonizing to whom a work is regarded as non-fiction if its people, topographic points, and events are all historically or factually existent, while a work is regarded as fiction if it deviates from world in any of those countries. The differentiation between fiction and non-fiction is farther obscured by an apprehension, on the one manus, that the truth can be presented through fanciful channels and buildings, while, on the other manus, imaginativeness can merely every bit good conveying approximately important decisions about truth and world.


The Internet has had a major impact on the creative activity and distribution of fiction, naming into inquiry the feasibleness of right of first publication as a agency to guarantee royalties are paid to right of first publication holders. Besides, digital libraries such as Project Gutenberg make public sphere texts more readily available. The combination of cheap place computing machines, the Internet and the creativeness of its users has besides led to new signifiers of fiction, such as synergistic computing machine games or computer-generated cartoon strips. Countless forums for fan fiction can be found online, where loyal followings of specific fictional kingdom create and distribute derivative narratives. The Internet is besides used for the development of web log fiction, where a narrative is delivered through a web log either as brassy fiction or consecutive web log, and collaborative fiction, where a narrative is written consecutive by different writers, or the full text can be revised by anyone utilizing a wiki.

Our Bestselling Fiction Books

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Recently Reviewed

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The Girls

Our Fiction Book of the Month, Emma Cline’s The Girls, is likely one of the most unsettling and softly smothering introductions of its sort. It is 1969, in the heat of a Californian summer. Evie Boyd is like most other adolescents, ‘so attuned to attention’ ; she seeks other’s notice and life’s following bold measure. The nothingness is all of a sudden filled by the misss, a sprinkling of immature adult females who are everything she is non, each utterly sure and at one with everything apparently beyond Evie’s range. Willingly, she begins to drop into their tranquilised circle, unmindful of the danger that sits so cruelly at its Centre.

New and Coming Soon in Hardback

Added to basket Into the Water Paula Hawkins £20.00 £10.00 Hardback Added to basket The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye David Lagercrantz £19.99 £10.00 Hardback Added to basket The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Arundhati Roy £18.99 £14.99 Hardback Added to basket Camino Island John Grisham £20.00 Hardback Added to basket Dunstan Conn Iggulden £18.99 £13.99 Hardback Added to basket Greatest Hits Laura Barnett £12.99 Hardback Added to basket The Baltimore Boys Joel Dicker £20.00 £16.00 Hardback Added to basket Men Without Women Haruki Murakami £16.99 Hardback Added to basket House of Names Colm Toibin £14.99 £11.99 Hardback Added to basket Beren and Luthien J. R. R. Tolkien £20.00 £15.99 Hardback Added to basket Assassin 's Fate Robin Hobb £25.00 £19.00 Hardback Added to basket The Boy on the Bridge M. R. Carey £16.99 £12.99 Hardback Added to basket The Book of Dust Philip Pullman £20.00 £10.00 Hardback Added to basket Persons Susie Steiner £12.99 Hardback Added to basket Red Sky at Noon Simon Sebag Montefiore £16.99 Hardback Added to basket Borne Jeff VanderMeer £12.99 Hardback

New and Coming Soon in Paperback

Added to basket The Girls Emma Cline £7.99 £5.99 Paperback Added to basket A Rising Man Abir Mukherjee £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket This Was a Man Jeffrey Archer £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Before the Rains Dinah Jefferies £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Dead to Me Lesley Pearse £7.99 £5.99 Paperback Added to basket Hot Milk Deborah Levy £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Commonwealth Ann Patchett £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Last Piece of My Heart Paige Toon £7.99 Paperback Added to basket The Wonder Emma Donoghue £7.99 £5.99 Paperback Added to basket The Forever House Veronica Henry £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Bridget Jones 's Baby Helen Fielding £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Nutshell Ian McEwan £8.99 Paperback Added to basket The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Betrayal Martina Cole £7.99 Paperback

The Baileys Prize for Women 's Fiction Shortlist

Added to basket Stay with Me Ayobami Adebayo £14.99 Hardback Added to basket The Power Naomi Alderman £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Sport of Kings C. E. Morgan £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Dark Circle Linda Grant £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket First Love Gwendoline Riley £12.99 Hardback Added to basket Do Not Say We Have Nothing Madeleine Thien £8.99 £6.99 Paperback

Decline and Fall - Our Favourite Comic Reads of the '20s and '30s

Added to basket Decline and Fall ( TV Tie-in ) Evelyn Waugh £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Scoop Evelyn Waugh £9.99 Paperback Added to basket The Jeeves Omnibus: No.1 P. G. Wodehouse £19.99 Paperback Added to basket Just William Richmal Crompton £6.99 £5.99 Paperback Added to basket The Diary of a Provincial Lady E. M. Delafield £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons £7.99 Paperback Added to basket Mapp and Lucia E. F. Benson £7.99 Paperback Added to basket I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith £7.99 £5.99 Paperback Added to basket The History of Mr Polly H.G. Wells £8.99 Paperback Added to basket The Pursuit of Love Nancy Mitford £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Black Mischief Evelyn Waugh £9.99 Paperback Added to basket Cakes and Ale W. Somerset Maugham £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Before Lunch Angela Thirkell £8.99 Paperback Added to basket The Loved One Evelyn Waugh £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Anita Loos £10.99 Paperback

The Man Booker International Prize Longlist

Added to basket Compass Mathias Enard £14.99 Paperback Added to basket Swallowing Mercury Wioletta Greg £12.99 Hardback Added to basket A Horse Walks into a Bar David Grossman £14.99 Hardback Added to basket War and Turpentine Stefan Hertmans £16.99 Paperback Added to basket The Unseen Roy Jacobsen £14.99 Hardback Added to basket The Traitor 's Niche Ismail Kadare £16.99 Hardback Added to basket Fish Have No Feet Jon Kalman Stefansson £14.99 Paperback Added to basket The Explosion Chronicles Yan Lianke £14.99 Paperback Added to basket Black Moses Alain Mabanckou £12.99 Hardback Added to basket Bricks and Mortar Clemens Meyer £14.99 Paperback Added to basket Mirror Shoulder Signal Dorthe Nors £10.99 Paperback Added to basket Judas Amos Oz £18.99 Hardback Added to basket Fever Dream Samantha Schwebelin £12.99 Hardback

The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction Shortlist

Added to basket A Country Road, A Tree Jo Baker £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Days Without End Sebastian Barry £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Vanishing Futurist Charlotte Hobson £8.99 Paperback Added to basket The Good Peoples Hannah Kent £14.99 Hardback Added to basket Golden Hill Francis Spufford £8.99 Paperback Added to basket Mothering Sunday Graham Swift £8.99 £6.99 Paperback Added to basket The Gustav Sonata Rose Tremain £8.99 £6.99 Paperback

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