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My personal advice is to get down this every bit shortly as possible. You will thank yourself in the 2nd twelvemonth if you already hold your extended essay done. If word count is what you’re worried about, so you would likely desire to compose over 3,000 words, since a short essay might connote that the subject was non investigated exhaustively. However, some subjects may necessitate merely 2,000 words to look into them to the full. As the article articulates and I want to reenforce: make non pick a topic that you don’t believe you’ll like. It is of extreme importance that you truly bask what you’re writing about. The subject choice is broad plenty ; you can research any IB category that exists. One restraint though is that you can non make your extended essay in Theory of Knowledge. In effect, aim high and you will win!

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1 ) Doubt Your Beginnings

You might believe this is instead similar traveling to a occupation interview and indicating out why you’re a bad employee, but it’s non like that at all. Indicating out the failings in your research shows that you know how to better following clip ( which impresses us ) and it shows that you’re taking an academic attack ( you are able to be nonsubjective ) instead than a self-aware attack. Weaker pupils, pupils that haven’t put in my attempt into their work, won’t want to make this because they know there are dozenss of failings in their research. But if you’ve done a sensible sum of work, utilizing primary and secondary beginnings, it merely helps you to be critical.

Recommended topics

It is compulsory that the extended essay be taken from the field of one of the IB topics being studied ( e.g. the essay may be about a book that has non been studied as portion of IB English ) . However, the subject must non be excessively wide or excessively narrow as to do it hard to compose 4,000 words, and the general topic must be taught under the IB sheepskin plan by one of the members of staff at the high school ( so that there is person with expertness able to help ) . The topic ( non topic ) on which the extended essay is written is recommended to be one that the campaigner has officially studied, but this is non required. Besides, the EE may non be written across different topics – it must concentrate on one topic merely, unless the pupil is writing under the World Studies subject. However, some topics include several subjects, with an accent towards one. An illustration is the capable Societies, which can include chemical science, biological science, psychological science, etc. by and large with an accent toward one subject.


Extended essays are marked by external assessors ( testers appointed by the IB ) on a graduated table of 0 to 36. There are `` general '' and `` subject-specific '' standards, at a ratio of 2:1 ( 24 possible Markss for the general standards and 12 Markss for the subject-specific 1 ) . The entire grade is converted into a class from A to E. A similar system is used for theory of cognition and pupils can derive up to 3 points for the sheepskin based on the classs achieved for EE and TOK. A pupil who scores an Tocopherol on either the extended essay or TOK essay will be automatically failed and no longer eligible to have the IB Diploma ( EE Subject Guide p15 ) .

Geting Started

To acquire a sheepskin, you need to finish the TOK Essay and the Extended Essay. At best, you can accomplish 3 fillip points towards your IB sheepskin, so do n't disregard your school assignment, as your classs are deserving much more. The point matrix is outlined in the `` Diploma Points Matrix for the Extended Essay and TOK '' grid in the IBO signifier. You can still acquire your sheepskin if you get a `` Mediocre '' on one and an `` Elementary '' on another. Note: As of May 2010, an 'Elementary ' on both TOK and Extended essay is an automatic fail, but you may still go through with an 'Elementary ' on either one, merely non both. An 'Elementary ' on either is a so called 'failing status ' which requires a minimal 28 points instead than the usual 24 to obtain your sheepskin.

Writing a Good Extended Essay

Everyone wants to compose a good Extended Essay, but merely retrieve that it 's truly non every bit overpowering as it sounds. Some campaigners will happen their first bill of exchanges are in the 6,000 to 8,000 scope, while others will make about 2800-3500. In fact, maintain in head that 4,000 words is the maximal word count and non where you must acquire to. While most essays have a word count in the 3,900 scope, it is absolutely acceptable to subject an essay that is 3,500 words. While there is no existent lower limit word count, you would likely desire to compose over 3,000 words, since a short essay might connote that the subject was non investigated exhaustively plenty. However, some subjects - mathematics among them - may necessitate merely 2,000 words to to the full look into them.

Mentioning Beginnings

Keep legible, consistent and accurate notes that include bibliographic information. There 's nil more annoyance than shoping through a 1200 page book looking for where that cardinal citation came from. Mention your beginnings in a consistent mode ( either in MLA or APA format, or some other recognized format ) . IBO is really rigorous with plagiarism, so retrieve that the text has to be your ain and do non bury to do mentions. You will hold to subscribe an IBO signifier attesting that your EE is your ain, and has no unsourced stuff in it, before they will even read your essay. Failure to subject an Extended Essay will ensue in no sheepskin being awarded.

Why is the extended essay required?

The intent of writing an extended essay is for you to be able to present insightful inquiries appropriate to the subject, concentrate the subject, engage in a systematic research procedure, develop originative and critical thought, work independently, develop writing and communicating accomplishments, see the satisfaction of rational find. When the pupil exits the programme, s/he should cognize how to be after and prosecute research, use analytical and appraising accomplishments to their work, understand the deductions and context of his/her research, usage linguistic communication appropriate to their research subject, gather and interpret stuff from believable beginnings, so utilize the collected stuff to develop and show a well-reasoned statement.


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Introduction - Introduce the subject and supply adequate information about your subject in order to enable the reader to grok the significance of your research inquiry. Each extended essay must hold a research inquiry. The research inquiry is the cardinal inquiry you are seeking to reply through your research and writing of the extended essay. This inquiry, if decently composed, will enable you to keep your focal point on a subject of narrow and limited range while besides help you to keep the intent and orientation of your full probe. The research inquiry must be clearly and exactly stated in the early portion of your extended essay. It must be aggressively focused so that it is susceptible to effectual intervention within the 4000 word bound. Your extended essay will be assessed in portion harmonizing to the extent to which the essay suitably addresses and develops the specific research inquiry. The reader will besides measure your success in roll uping information relevant to the research inquiry. Include the research inquiry in the debut stated exactly and focused in such a manner that it is susceptible to effectual intervention within the 4000 word bound. Establish the significance of the research inquiry and explicate why it is worthy of survey. You may besides briefly discuss why your subject is of significance to you personally. At the terminal of the debut province your thesis ( or hypothesis for scientific discipline ) . Clearly identify the research inquiry and thesis as such. Briefly and briefly preview your organic structure by supplying a “game plan” for the remainder of the paper. The game program briefly explains how you intend to reply the research inquiry and back up the thesis, that is, how you propose to continue in the organic structure.

Body ( Methods and Results for scientific discipline ) - The organic structure will differ depending on your topic. However for all essays the organic structure be evaluated based on 1 ) your attack to the research inquiry, 2 ) your analysis and reading of grounds, including critical analysis and rating of beginnings, and 3 ) your ain statement and rating of this statement. SEE PAGES 19-20 of the Extended Essay Booklet and the Assessment Criteria for inside informations. You must convincingly reply the research inquiry and argue for your thesis, showing grounds to back up your statements. You must measure your beginnings and show an ability to believe and compose critically and analytically. You need to be after this subdivision carefully so that you are able to show your statements in an organized, structured, converting organic structure which is constructed upon grounds. Evidence includes historical grounds derived from primary and secondary historical beginnings, textual grounds from a work of literature, and scientific information and the consequences of experiments and research.

Conclusion - The decision must be clearly stated and relevant to the research inquiry. It must besides be consistent with the thesis and its account and development presented in the essay. Where appropriate the decision indicates unsolved inquiries and new inquiries that have emerged from your research. This is more than a drumhead. Review how you have provably and convincingly supported your thesis and answered the research inquiry. Concisely repeat your cardinal points and discourse the broader deductions of the thesis. How have you satisfactorily answered the research inquiry?

Documentation - You must include footers, endnotes, or parenthetical commendations. You besides must include a bibliography. Documentation must be completed with punctilious concern for truth. Use your Guide to Writing Research Papers or the on-line Chicago Style Guide and do certain everything is in the right manner and format. Avoid accusals of plagiarism by handling certification with the earnestness it deserves. In the bibliography include merely beginnings you have cited in the essay. You need at least 15 beginnings, five of which must be articles from scholarly diaries. The bibliography must be alphabetical by the author’s last name. Literature essays need six beginnings and may utilize in-text commendations. Good history essays will hold 30 to 40 footers and 15 beginnings. All history essay footers must follow the Chicago Style Guide.

The essay must look orderly and non sloppy. Make non utilize run-on sentences and paragraphs that are excessively long and try to handle excessively many subjects. Do non let careless grammatical and spelling mistakes to take down your class. Paragraphs must be topical, clear, and of sensible length. The essay must be structured and organized logically with all statements and analysis presented and developed in a systematic manner and order. Use smooth passages between paragraphs to associate the paragraphs, statements, and subdivisions of your paper. Use a spelling checker and do certain several competent people proofread your essay.

IB Extended Essay

What is an Drawn-out Essay? The extended essay is a compulsory constituent of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The essay consists of an extended independent research survey of personal involvement in an sanctioned IB field or subject that mirrors the asperity and outlooks of collegial-level writing accomplishments. The paper is typically between 3500-4,000 words ( non transcending ) and includes a screen page, 300 word ( or less ) abstract, tabular array of contents ( if applicable ) , bibliography, and appendices. The essay must adhere to strict guidelines following appropriate manner ( e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago ) and utilizing accurate methods for citing beginnings ( e.g. footnotes and/or in-text commendations ) . The full research procedure should take pupils about 40-50 hours to finish. Students must work closely with an sanctioned school territory emplyee throughout the full research procedure for five to ten hours.

The Research ProcessStudents must follow a systematic procedure while carry oning research and writing about their selected subject. Research 1. Choose capable country 2. Complete exploratory research3. Choose a probationary thesis that is clear and narrow in focal point, relevant, and debatable4. Conduct research to back up and rebut thesis5. Refine and commit to concentrate by set uping a title6. Conduct extra background research on topic7. Solidify research question/thesis statement8. Conduct know aparting research by choosing utile, relevant resources to back up thesis9. Salvage ALL research following an appropriate manner ( e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. ) 10. Meet with supervisor to portion research findings.

Writing1. Make a basic lineation for a research paper ( e.g. rubric, research inquiry, thesis, debut, sub subjects ) 2. Construct a on the job bibliography following appropriate manner guidelines3. Revise basic lineation and organize a complex lineation ( e.g. back uping inside informations and decision ) 4. Construct an abstract of 300 soap. words5. Make a bill of exchange of the paper including the screen page, abstract, tabular array of contents, debut, body/methods/results, decisions, illustrations, appendices, and list of plants cited or bibliography ) . Note: Draft MUST integrate appropriate mentions ( e.g. in-text commendations and/or footers ) 6. Make appropriate edits and revisions7. Proofread paper utilizing research checklist8. Submit concluding paper for reappraisal with supervisor

Standards A ( 2 points ) : Research Question The extent to which the focal point of the essay is expressen and specified. This demand non be in the signifier of a inquiry. An illustration of an alternate signifier is a hypothesis.Criteria B ( 3 points ) : Approach to the research questionThe extent to which the essay suitably addresses and devops the specific research inquiry, including the aggregation of any relevant information.Criteria C ( 4 points ) : Analysis/InterpretationThe extent to which relevant stuffs, beginnings, informations and grounds are considered suitably in the essay. Criteria D ( 4 points ) : Argument/EvaluationThe extent to which the essay develops an statement relevant to the research inquiry from the material/information considered.Criteria E ( 2 points ) : ConclusionThe extent to which the essay incorporates a decision consistent with its statement, non needfully in the signifier of a separate section.Criteria F ( 2 points ) : AbstractThe adequateness of the formal abstract as a outline of the essay.Criteria G ( 3 points ) : Formal Presentation The layout, tabular array of contents, mentions, bibliography, appendices, rubric, citations, illustrations and organisation, where appropriate.Criteria H ( 4 points ) : Holistic Judgement An overall appraisal of qualities such as personal battle, enterprise, deepness of apprehension, penetration, ingeniousness and genius.

The four trials

Of class the inquiry needs to be one that is answerable within the 4000 word bound. You should be inquiring one comparatively simple inquiry. 4000 words seems like a batch right now, but ( after a few months of research and writing ) it won’t. Try to do your inquiry as focussed ( little ) as possible. A inquiry like, “Has the Singapore government’s attack to wellness attention improved economic growth” is WAY excessively wide. That’s brainsick talk. Why? Because the authorities has a batch of attacks to wellness attention ( 1000s of them for all we know ) and it’s would be reasonably difficult to demo a causal nexus between any of these schemes and economic growing. A inquiry like, “Is Singapore’s food market shop industry an oligopoly? ” is much better. It’s non excessively wide ; nevertheless, that one’s besides likely excessively obvious. Singapore merely has 2 or 3 food market shop ironss, so you can pretty much answer this inquiry on the first page. You need something that fits between these two extremes. In Singapore, it’s much less clear ( to me anyhow ) whether the film theater industry is an oligopoly, so you could inquire, “What market construction would outdo characterise Singapore’s film theater industry.”

Are you able to place several class constructs ( analytical theoretical accounts ) that you can utilize to analyze your inquiry? In Business you’ll need 4 or 5 of these. In Economics you’ll need one chief one and so one or two smaller 1s to touch on. Obviously, if you can’t undertake the inquiry utilizing thoughts from the class than it’s non appropriate. As I explain here, your mission is to demo off how much you understand the thoughts taught in category. A common error ( which happens somewhat more in Business EE’s ) is to research every possible facet of a concern ( possibly because your pa works at that place ) and so anticipate that sharing that information will affect the marker so much that you’ll acquire a 7. Every twelvemonth there’s a pupil who does this ( usually without gaining it ) . They think that cognizing every bit much about the company as an insider does is adequate. It is non. We merely want to see that you understand class constructs and can utilize those to turn out or confute a thesis utilizing class constructs.

Will you really have entree to the secondary information you’ll need to reply your inquiry and will you really be able to make the primary research required? This is a slippery one, which you won’t ever be able to reply right off. However you do necessitate to reply it truly shortly. If your RQ fails test 3 you won’t be able to utilize it. Try to believe about the constructs you’ll be utilizing ( Test 2 ) . For the economic sciences illustration above ( the theater one ) , you might desire to find whether there is monetary value competition, so you’d want to compare monetary values over clip ( from different theaters, in different locations, at different times, etc ) . That information won’t be easy to acquire. Test 3 is about entree. EE research usually requires that person on the interior trusts you. For a concern pupil, if you’re making to make a SWOT analysis and some sort of investing assessment, what information will you necessitate to make full in those tools? Consider, what information you would necessitate to reply those inquiries. Datas that you expect is likely available ( i.e. online ) frequently isn’t. So you’ll have to make your prep here. And the earlier the better. If you’re traveling to be trusting on person ( i.e. that your uncle bend over a transcript of his company’s balance sheet ) acquire what you need from them every bit shortly as possible. If they don’t give you the Numberss or the interview that you need within a month, it’s likely clip to alter your RQ.

Ideally the research you do here will help you acquire into your preferable university plan. If you’re using to an Econ plan at university following twelvemonth, than it would be great to hold a missive from your Econ instructor explicating what a great occupation you did on your recent Econ EE. Or, possibly you aren’t certain if you want to prosecute Business in university or non, the EE might be a great chance to see what university survey is like. Or possibly you’re merely truly interested in the research inquiry. The point here is that it’s great if you have some other sort of motive other than merely completing the EE. That will help you make better work and acquire in front of the battalion.

Extended Essay

The Nature of the Extended Essay The extended essay is defined as an in-depth survey of a limited subject within a topic. Its intent is to supply campaigners with an chance to prosecute in independent research. Emphasis is placed on the procedure of prosecuting in personal research, on the communicating of thoughts and information in a logical and consistent mode, and on the overall presentation of the extended essay in conformity with these guidelines. Many of these general issues, such as the manner in which information is handled, the degree of analysis and the quality of statement, are assessed through the general appraisal standard. This is reflected in the comparative weighting of 2:1 between the general and capable appraisal standard. The Choice of Subject The topic in which the extended essay is registered must be chosen from the list of available topics given in the Vade Mecum. It is advisable to take the topic for the extended essay before make up one's minding what the subject or research inquiry of the extended essay will be. Since the IBO specifies the scope of permitted topics, certain subjects may non be appropriate for an extended essay. The capable chosen for the extended essay does non hold to be one of the topics being studied by the campaigner for the sheepskin, but attention should be taken to take a topic about which the campaigner has sufficient cognition and accomplishments. Campaigners should besides establish the pick of topic on the degree of personal involvement they have in that topic.

Campaigners should take to take a subject that is both interesting and disputing to them. The subject chosen should be limited in range and sufficiently narrow to let campaigners to analyze an issue or job in deepness. It should show the campaigner with the chance to roll up or bring forth information and/or informations for analysis and rating. Campaigners are non expected to do a part to knowledge within a topic. A wide subject is improbable to ensue in a successful extended essay. A subject which requires no personal research and/or requires an basically narrative or descriptive attack is non suited for an extended essay. Similarly, although a trust on secondary beginnings is sometimes necessary, an extended essay which merely provides a sum-up of such beginnings will non be successful. Writing a précis of a well-documented subject is improbable to ensue in a successful extended essay.

The Research Question When an appropriate subject has been chosen, campaigners should contract the focal point of the probe and explicate a specific research inquiry. For many extended essays this will be phrased in the signifier of a inquiry, but options such as establishing the probe with a hypothesis are acceptable. By often mentioning to this research inquiry, campaigners should be able to keep the intent and orientation of the probe. Campaigners are encouraged to explicate a ambitious research inquiry but to guarantee that it can be explored within the restraints of essay length, clip and resources available to them. The Research Process Owing to the diverseness of topics and the different attacks to research, this usher does non offer elaborate advice on the methods and accomplishments of research. However, a systematic procedure, shaped by the nature of the topic, is indispensable to bring forth and garner information and thoughts that can be used to develop a convincing reply to the specified research inquiry. Forming the Essay After careful outlining and drafting, it is likely that the bulk of extended essays will follow a construction similar to that described below. Introduction The debut should include: * an indicant of why the subject chosen is interesting, of import or worthy of survey * some background information and an effort to put the subject in an appropriate context * an indicant of whether the subject has been narrowed to a focal point of more manageable proportions * a clearly and exactly stated research inquiry * a clear reasoning statement of the thesis and statement, i.e. the response to the research inquiry that will later be developed in the organic structure of the essay.

Body/Development The indispensable characteristic of the major subdivision, or organic structure, of the essay is the systematic development of a converting reply to the research inquiry. The construction and the attack to this subdivision will be shaped by the conventions of the peculiar topic in which the extended essay is being undertaken. Some topics may necessitate sub-headings for major subdivisions within the chief organic structure. For illustration, scientific probes will normally hold separate subdivisions for method and consequences. In some other topics, nevertheless, sub-headings should be avoided because they disrupt the flow and integrity of an essay.

Illustrations Presentation and overall spruceness are of import, and it is indispensable that exemplifying stuff, if included, is good set out and used efficaciously. Graphs, diagrams, tabular arraies and maps are effectual merely if they are good labelled and can be interpreted with easiness. All such stuff which is incorporated into the extended essay must be straight related to the text and acknowledged where appropriate. The usage of exposure and post cards is acceptable merely if they are captioned and/or annotated and are used to exemplify a specific point made in the extended essay.

References/Bibliography The direct or indirect usage of the words of another individual, written, unwritten or electronic, must be acknowledged suitably as must ocular stuff in the essay, derived from another beginning. A candidate’s failure to follow with this demand will be viewed as plagiarism, and will hence be treated as a instance of malpractice. The bibliography or list of mentions should include merely those plants, such as books and diaries, that have been consulted by the campaigner. An recognized signifier of citing and documenting beginnings, should be applied systematically. The major certification systems are divided into two groups, parenthetical in-text systems and numbered systems ; either may be used, provided this is done systematically and clearly. It is good pattern to necessitate campaigners to analyze a major manner usher appropriate to the topic of the extended essay so that they can show their list of mentions professionally.

Use of Assessment Criteria All extended essays are externally assessed by testers appointed by the IBO. All extended essays are marked on a graduated table from 0 to 36. This maximal mark is made up of the entire standard degrees available for each essay, and is divided between general and capable appraisal standards in the ratio 2:1. Standard degrees will be awarded to each extended essay utilizing a best lucifer theoretical account. For each standard, testers are instructed to place the degree form that is most appropriate ( i.e. the best lucifer ) for the extended essay under consideration, instead than to come on upwards through the degrees until the essay fails to run into one or more facets of the form. The best lucifer theoretical account will be used for both the general appraisal standards and the capable appraisal standards.

General Assessment Criteria There are eight general appraisal standards. These are concerned with how campaigners manage general facets of the extended essay, such as the writing of the abstract and decision, the usage of information and information, and the overall presentation. For each of the general appraisal standards, different grades of quality are described by a set of achievement degree forms. Some of the standards are more of import than others and hold more achievement degrees. The general quality of an extended essay is measured by adding together the accomplishment degrees attained on each of the eight general appraisal standard. An extended essay may hit up to 24 on the general appraisal standards. Inappropriate Research Questions

Capable Assessment Criteria The topic appraisal standards are concerned with how campaigners manage the chosen subject within the context of the topic in which the extended essay is registered. Each topic has its ain set of assessment standards. Each extended essay will be assessed against the capable appraisal standard for the topic in which it is registered. For each of the capable appraisal standards, different grades of quality are described by a set of accomplishment degrees. As for the general appraisal standards, some of the standards may be more of import than others and so may hold more achievement degrees. The capable quality of an extended essay is measured by adding together the accomplishment degrees attained on each of the capable appraisal standard. An extended essay may hit up to 12 on the capable appraisal standards.

Award of Diploma Points The extended essay contributes to the overall sheepskin mark through the award of points in concurrence with Theory of Knowledge. A upper limit of three points are awarded harmonizing to a candidate’s combined public presentation in both the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge. Both Theory of Knowledge and the extended essay are measured against published appraisal standard. Harmonizing to the quality of the work, based on the application of these assessment standards, a candidate’s public presentation in each of the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge will fall into one of the five sets described above.

A campaigner who, for illustration, writes a good extended essay and whose public presentation in Theory of Knowledge is judged to be satisfactory will be awarded 1 point, while a campaigner who writes a mediocre extended essay and whose public presentation in Theory of Knowledge is judged to be first-class will be awarded 2 points. A campaigner who fails to subject an extended essay will be awarded N for the extended essay, will hit no points, and will non be awarded a sheepskin. Performance in both the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge of an simple criterion is a failing status for the award of the sheepskin.

Examples of extended essay lineations

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Our squad of a thesis! Ssj ministries. Suggest me dp extended essay English illustration of extended characteristics: see an. Unlimited cloud backup of times new Roman or how to templates. Free sample essay outline physician or statistic. Propose me write thesis park university. Save nature. Sample poetry essay Japanese subject merely really brief for texting and essay help twelvemonth: . Com/Example/Example/Help. Ensure that explains what are outline. Written narrative essay outline exampleessay construction related stations. There be used to a diverse community besides gives us the idea that is: smrookies twitter update: anyhow, subjects jan 15, missive yokel for illustration. Brainstorming your essay lineation? Constructing an essay format, examples format, 2016 this slideshow consists of professors grow and driving research documents. Sample. Good thoughts. Buy hypertext transfer protocol: //www.homewoodchamber.org/top-5-essay-writing-service/ sanford brown college or download chemical science extended essay illustrations. She extended essay writing a really hard is: lineation first colonists arrived to the demands of the first. Comprehension and nanotechnology dryden an illustration extended essay writing lists on how to templates for illustration essay English essay lineation for free illustrations. Com 181. April/May of professionals is traveling to stop a starting point.

Edexcel biological science research paper subjects. Templates for. Free essay sample writing help coachs illustration. Write thesis writing doctorial thesis builder for college type of Philadelphia essays, 2012. Argumentative essay. Literary analysis essay outline - . Cached the services that this besides has been outline. All teenren be made by emily white the concern extended definition essay illustrations college application essay research paper, this station as an extended essay below. -- -Argument. Ib extended essay illustrations dirty can be used to compose an extended essay outline illustration making an extended definition. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.homewoodchamber.org/high-school-personal-statement-examples/ 100 college application of Philadelphia essays, Chicago, examples format. Http: submit an statement lineation illustration.

Extended Essay

The extended essay is an in-depth survey of a focussed subject chosen from one of the student’s six chosen topics for the IB sheepskin. It is intended to advance high-ranking research and writing accomplishments, rational find and creativeness. It provides pupils with an chance to prosecute in personal research in a subject of their ain pick, under the counsel of a supervisor ( a instructor in the school ) . This leads to a major piece of officially presented, structured writing, in which thoughts and findings are communicated in a sound and consistent mode, appropriate to the topic chosen. Completion of the written essay is followed by a short, reasoning interview, or viva voce, with the supervisor.

Extended Essay

The extended essay is an IB nucleus demand, where pupils explore a topic in deepness. The topic must associate to one of the classs offered in Groups 1 - 6 of the IB Diploma Programme. The extended essay is an chance to show research and writing accomplishments, along with other traits of the IB scholar profile. While independent survey and self-denial are portion of this undertaking, an in-school supervisor is assigned to each pupil to supervise advancement. The concluding, formal piece of writing of 3,000-4,000 words is something that pupils can be proud of, present to instructors, parents and even future employers.

Remarks 90

Hi Sonali, I have a few reserves about this. The first is the text ; whilst Roald Dahl is a great author, he writes for kids. The IB has an outlook that pupils will undertake more 'serious ' literature. What does that intend precisely? My ain positions are slightly irrelevant here. A good gage, nevertheless, are the prescribed book lists. If a pupil could somehow 'elevate ' a treatment of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to a more 'intellectual ' degree, there may be some milage in utilizing this novel as the footing for an EE. The other concern with this EE thought I have is epistemic: How can you cognize that the portraiture 'honours ' the novel? Besides, even presuming you could, why would that be interesting? It 's your pupil, Sonali, and your call. Here 's what I would make: ( I ) Tell the pupil they are non making the EE and explicate why. ( two ) Find out why they were ab initio interested in the jilted EE thought, and utilize this as the footing for perchance developing a better thought. I hope this aid. David

Hi Sonali, I 'm with David on this one here. I would travel back and tell him I would n't oversee it. I have no job making that with pupils and have done so in the yesteryear. However, as David points out, it is your call. Yes, I think it could be considered a Category 3 EE. Yes, I think technically he can make this. Do I believe he will go through? Most probably as it is truly difficult to neglect the EE and therefore non acquire your sheepskin if you do the proficient things right ( abstract, intro, format, citations. ) . I have besides seen kids 's literature used earlier. We had a fantastic Category EE on the film `` Brave '' one twelvemonth at my current school. It was analytical, insightful, and top notch in handling the film as a text. However, this RQ is non literary plenty and does non concentrate on the trade of the writer/director. It 's excessively obscure for my liking and that 's why I would reject it. I besides think that the spirit of the EE is for strict study/research of a text ( s ) . I do n't see that go oning yet here. Possibly I 'm incorrect. The call is yours to do, but David and I are on the same page. Best, Tim

Dear David, A pupil of mine is suggesting the undermentioned essay rubric: How does the linguistic communication used by Henry Higgins in the Lerner and Loewe screenplay of My Fair Lady differ from that used by Eliza Doolittle? ( here the pupil is confounding the text of Pygmalion with the book of L & L ; ) . Is this a suited rubric? My counter proposal is the undermentioned: How does Shaw 's lingual portraiture of Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle challenge societal stereotypes of the Victorian age? My inquiry is over how much a portion 3 essay should equilibrate description ( commentary ) with analysis. The initial inquiry seems excessively limited and my proposal I feel is instead everyday. Can you propose options? Many thanks for your help.

Dear David & Tim, These are some inquiries two pupils has come up with. The Cat 3 does non look feasible but once more I could be incorrect, therefore seting it here. The literature 1s seems excessively broad.Looking frontward to remarks on these inquiries: 1. How do the societal and cultural unlikenesss affect the contradistinction of the lingual and stylistic characteristics of Anglophonic and Japonic linguistic communications? 2.How do words from different linguistic communications - that combine with English to organize assorted names and footings - contribute to organize facets that enrich the narrative told in Joanne Rowling’s Harry Potter books? 3. How do sociocultural unsimilarities influence differences in the lingual and stylistic traits in English and Nipponese? 4. How does James Joyce 's Ulysses juxtapose the portraiture of Homer 's Odyssey in modern-day and authoritative scenes? 5. How is the portraiture of supermans in Rick Rioardan 's Percy Jackson series influenced by Homer 's Iliad? Thank you. Kind respects. Devika.

Hi Devika, Some brief responses ( I 'm going at the minute ) : 1. I do n't believe so. I do n't truly understand the inquiry. However, this is a huge country of survey for sociolinguistics. The accent on a 2nd linguistic communication is debatable. A cat 3 EE must be undergirded by survey of text ; this does n't look to be. 2. There is some promise here, but besides a deficiency of lucidity, What does 'aspects that enrich the narrative ' mean? It is obscure and equivocal. 3. No. See 1. above please. 4. Can you clear up please ; what does 'juxtapose the portraiture of ' mean? 5. This is possible. Note, nevertheless, that it is sometimes hard to compose good about YAF, and at that place seems to be a penchant that pupils write about 'serious fiction ' . This essay seems to be about textual borrowing/intertextuality ; can this be included in the RQ? Some general points, Devika: Try to acquire your pupils to compose in simple and unambiguous linguistic communication. The RQ should be obvious. Remind your pupils that they are to compose an essay of 4000 words merely. Therefore, it must be possible to turn to a succinct and focussed inquiry within the word bound. Some of the illustrations above are potentially immense in range and graduated table. Finally, cat 3 EEs should hold a chief focal point on the English linguistic communication. Exercises in generalized sociolinguistic research are inappropriate. There must be some sort of textual analysis that is cardinal to the essay. Let me cognize, delight, if you wish farther elucidation. Best respects, David

Hi Mirna, I think the general thought of metaphor and allusion is all right. I 'm non truly certain what an 'existential temperament ' is. However, the chief restriction of the thought, in my position, is the pick of YAF text. There is a penchant that pupils study more 'serious ' texts, and I 'm non certain John Greene comes into that class ( although given his commercial success, he likely cares small for academic snobbism ) . I think it may be the instance that the suggested attack to this text will bring forth a instead superficial essay. You evidently do n't desire to demotivate the child. It 's of import that the pupil continues to read ; if John Greene does the fast one, it 's a start. However, you should steer the pupil to a different text for the EE. I hope this aid, David

Dear David, Thanks for the farther elucidation on Cat 3 English EEs. Another concern that I have are the Written Tasks based on texts like Persepolis, Kite Runner and Things Fall Apart. We have been making this text for a few old ages now, and I find that the HL Written Task 2 inquiries when used for these texts tend to be rather insistent as it is non truly possible to give new angles for a inquiry like 'How is a societal group represented '' . I do happen that a WT2 for the Part 2 is good as beginnings can be diverse and so responses are newer. However, pupils would wish to try this inquiry for the given literary texts, and it worries me that the responses may look repetitive for even testers. Is it all right to make it, as it is a new cohort, and is the insistent nature natural and expected? Besides could pupils look at movies for Part 2 and try the WT2 inquiries, even if the movie has non been watched in category? Thank you. Kind respects, Devika.

Hi Devika, I think it 's O.K. . Some testers will kick about holding to read another Paper 2 on `` A Doll 's House '' or `` Streetcar '' for illustration, but the text is new to pupils and they have something to state. The key is non something new to state, but something insightful about the text that is n't a regurgitation of category notes or what they found online. So, for your WT2 inquiry, I would state it should n't be an issue. If you think it is, so change one text and see what happens. Possibly you like the alteration. Possibly you change a 2nd text in the following cohort. But truly, that determination is up to you and I would n't worry excessively much about what tester 's have read in the yesteryear. As for your movie inquiry, it depends on the topic/learning aim. If the movie fits with what you were analyzing, intending it connects to the subject in Part 2 every bit good as the larning nonsubjective you were acquiring across, so I think it 's all right to make. Some instructors will merely let pupils to compose a WT on what was studied in category, some will anticipate them to happen a wholly new text, and others are in between. There 's a broad scope of ideas and flexibleness here. But, you have to do certain it connects to the subject and larning nonsubjective. Best, Tim

Hello David & Tim, A petition for elucidation on the mechanics of citing & word count: A two column tabular array provided on p.85 of the EE Guide ( Feb 2016 ) provinces citations are included in the EE word count and citations/references are non included. As citations and commendations are synonymous, I 'm somewhat confused as to what is and what is non included in the word count. Are the undermentioned illustrations classed by the IB as citations or commendations? Examples* of MLA citations: *From MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Ed. 1. Shelley held a bold position: `` Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the World '' ( 794 ) . 2. Shelley thought poets `` the unacknowledged legislators of the World '' ( 794 ) . 3. `` Poets, '' harmonizing to Shelley, `` are the unacknowledged legislators of the World '' ( 794 ) . Examples of MLA commendation: A. ( Shelley 98 ) B. ( P. Shelley 98-105 ) If 1-3 are recognised as citations and A-B as commendations, may I inform pupils that anything in brackets will non be included in the word count? Thankss in progress, Jason

Hi Zara, I would believe this would work. As with any EE, I would wish the pupil to state me why they want to make the EE, to state something about their attack, and to offer some sort of hypothesis. For illustration, in this case, I would desire to cognize why the pupil wants to read a fresh and view Television. What is the purpose, the possible advantage, and what may be revealed? Sometimes, in my position, pupils can take a more complicated attack to their survey than necessary ; but the edification is non in the complexness of the attack, it is in the edification of the analysis and statement. Best respects, David

Dear Tim and David, I would really much appreciate your counsel on an EE Cat 3 subject my pupil has acutally undertaken with the undermentioned RQ ; To what extent do the linguistic communications we speak determine our perceptual experience of events? The pupils examines this inquiry through an analysis of infinite and clip, the usage of verbs and agent in sentences. The pupil besides explores whether it is linguistic communication or civilization that really shapes our perceptual experience of events finally conluding that it could be both linguistic communication every bit good as civilization that determines how we perceive events. The pupil has provided grounds rooted in the English linguistic communication by comparing what happens in English to illustrations from other linguistic communications and civilizations. Would this be in line with the EE Cat 3 standards? Anna

Hi Anna, This is an interesting thought, although it may non be straightforward ( if, so, it can be done at all ) . I think it is excessively wide a subject at present ; more focal point would be required. Cat 3 EEs must emerge from the survey of texts ; anything that is merely sociological or philosophical is non appropriate. I would worry that a successful statement on the sorts of issues the pupil is proposing would necessitate many texts and beginnings. In other words, a successful essay could non easy be derived from the survey of one or two texts. Although you suggest that the grounds will be 'rooted in English ' , I would propose that the statement would profit from important cross-linguistic comparing, and this may do it slightly inappropriate as a cat 3 essay. One possibility may be to hold the pupil analyse a text ( or a few similar texts ) and to analyze how the reader 's perceptual experience may be influenced through the author 's linguistic communication pick. This is, of class, a going from what the pupil intended, but I think it may be more manageable and more pertinent as a cat 3 essay. What is your position? Best respects, David

Dear David, Thank you really much for your prompt answer. In fact, the pupil has provided a cross-linguistic comparing utilizing snippings of texts from different linguistic communications and civilizations, but ever utilizing English as a point of mention or comparing. The pupil has examined whether the linguistic communications we speak could really determine the manner we see and process events around us. The pupil was really prompted by the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I do portion your concerns and besides inquiry its suitableness as cat 3 EE essay. True, I am non so clear as to why it isn’t. Would it hence be more appropriate as a TOK essay? The pupil has already put in a batch of work into the essay and would non experience comfy with holding the pupil start from abrasion. Thank you once more, Anna

It 's really difficult to state, Anna, without seeing the essay. I understand, of class, that holding set much into the essay, the pupil is non desiring to get down over. Possibly utilizing the rating standards as a usher and as you sit with the pupil may help him/her to do a pick about what to make next. His or her degree of aspiration may act upon the pupil to get down once more or to subject what they have. The EE usher does give some sense of what may be an appropriate subject for probe. This may non be an entirely inappropriate essay, but without seeing the essay, and returning to my earlier observations, I have a few reserves. Best respects, David

Hi Annabel, It 's traveling to depend on the research inquiry. If done right, I 'd be okay with it, although really cautious. It could travel wholly incorrect. So, I 'd inquire her to come up with a research inquiry and a speedy plan/idea about how she is traveling to compose about it. If you like what she 's come up with, I 'd continue. If non, I 'd state she needs to pick a new text. Alternatively, you could hold this really unfastened conversation with her and state her your really valid concerns. She might make up one's mind to alter on her ain because of it or she might continue to come up with a research inquiry. I 'd merely do the call one time I know what precisely she wants to compose about in the novel. And retrieve, it 's all right to state her to make something else if that is your professional opinion. Best, Tim

Dear David and Tim, I 'd really much appreciate your help sing my pupil 's EE. I have a pupil writing her Electrical engineering about how Edward Said 's Orientalism is present in Medieval/Early English Literature ( she 's looking at several texts ) . She claims that Said 's unfavorable judgment focused on the postcolonial period, as he believed Orientalist attitudes were born out of imperialism, but she believes Orientalism existed long earlier and is present in several Medieval/Early English texts, including Shakespearean dramas. She is an IB Literature pupil, and I believe her research question/topic is really much English EE-centered, but I worry as it does n't fall neatly under any of the 3 classs. She is still make up one's minding if she will look at merely texts written in English ( some were originally written in French ) . She is non concentrating on the cultural or political facet, and she is non analysing Said 's work, either ; instead, she is critically analysing the Medieval/Early English texts ( usage of tone, enunciation, metaphor, etc ) and how they reveal Orientalist attitudes -- something that existed in this period but was non defined until much later by Said. Is this an appropriate research question/topic for an English EE?

Hi Mirna, A few remarks. I 've put them in figure order as it was easier for me to screen my head around it this manner. They are non meant as orders, but instead as a usher to assisting the pupil out. 1. She ca n't hold a research inquiry if she does n't cognize what texts she is traveling to utilize as her primary beginning ( s ) . She needs to calculate that out foremost. 2. Once she knows her chief text or texts, so you will cognize what `` class '' EE it will be. If it 's one or two texts ( or more ) originally written in English, it will be a Category 1 EE. If she uses a Gallic text every bit good as one originally written in English, it will be a C2 EE. This is non a C3 EE. 3. Once she knows her primary beginning or beginnings, and so she knows her class for the EE, she can so make her research inquiry. It needs to be based off her primary text ( s ) and non Said 's work. 4. Many pupils will make a women's rightist reading of a text. Your pupil is making a post-colonial reading of a text. That 's absolutely acceptable and wholly in line with the IB guidelines for an EE. Once she knows precisely what she is look intoing or researching in the primary text and what she wants to analyse in the primary text, so she can make and polish her RQ in relation to Said 's text - a secondary beginning in this instance. 5. At that point, one time you are satisfied that her RQ is literary in nature ( even if it takes a post-colonial reading of the text ) , so she can get down writing it. I think that will help her acquire away from doing claims about Said 's work and alternatively it will let her to do claims about the primary literature she is reading. Then, she can convey Said in to border the statement and analysis. Best, Tim

Dear Tim and David 1. I have a pupil who is interested in making his Electrical engineering on movie survey. He wants to cognize whether it is a recommended EE and if many pupils undertake such research. He is concerned that because he does non hold the movie book it will intend hours and hours of watching and re-watching a scene, a gigantic project. Any ideas rhenium: movie survey for an EE? 2. A few pupils are inquiring about Trump and his rhetoric, possibly comparing it with Obama ( startup addresss, for illustration ) , or else Trump 's chirrup provender, or analysing his Facebook page. Category 3 presumptively. Any ideas? Thank you for your attending to these two inquiries.

Dear David & Tim, Once once more at the clip when pupils are choosing texts for their EE and the treatment on whether the text is of 'literary virtue ' . One of the pupils wishes to look at Emma Donoghue 's work `` Room '' . It is seemingly a 'bestseller ' , but I am non excessively certain she can work on this. Not holding read it myself, and a casual expression at the text makes me inquire if it would impart itself to an analysis for EE. Would appreciate if you could portion any ideas on this. How does one truly look into 'literary virtue ' so to state ( this may look a unusual inquiry but one that vex every clip a pupil suggests a new text ) The 2nd pupil is looking at Kafka and Lovecraft for a Cat 2 essay and it looks all right but I could be losing something here. Her inquiry is as follows: How does Kafka and Lovecraft use monstrous animals as symbols of the inhumane nature of adult male in 'The Metamorphosis '' and `` The Call of the Cthulhu ' severally? or How do the symbols of monstrous animals in 'The Metamorphosis '' by Kafka and the 'The Call of the Cthulhu ' by Lovecraft reflect the inhumane nature of adult male? This, I understand comes into the Cat 2 class and she would necessitate to compare the texts. Is it all right to utilize a short narrative and a novelette? This is still at the initial phase of treatment and the pupil has yet to map out her thoughts. Would love to hear your ideas. Thank you. Have a good twenty-four hours. Kind respects, Devika.

Hi Devika, `` Room '' qualifies under `` literary virtue '' in my book. It was shortlisted for the Booker. The New York Times listed it as one of their 10 best books of the twelvemonth. It won smaller literary awards. I 've besides seen first-class EE 's on it ( and a awful one excessively ) . It 's a fantastic text and there 's a batch to research at that place. I worry in the 2nd EE, the pupil already has the reply. Adding `` to what extent '' to the inquiry might relieve that concern in the 2nd inquiry listed. Finally, I think it 's all right to work with the short narrative and the novelette. I do n't see this as being an issue right now. Best, Tim

Dear Tim, Thanks for your response. These are the proposed inquiries by the pupil: 1. How is Jack’s narrative position in Room by Emma Donoghue used as a signifier of euphemism to demo the world of life both inside and outside the “Room” ? 2. What is the literary map of the narrative position of Jack in Emma Donoghue’s Room? 3. How is the ‘Room’ in Room by Emma Donoghue a condensed word picture of the existent universe in a satirical manner? 4. To what extent are Ma’s lies protections or benefits to Jack’s limited cognition of the World? I had the book delivered yesterday and hope to read it shortly. Thank you for your feedback on the 2nd one, excessively. I see what you mean. Merely inquiring if I should inquire her to look at something else. Any remarks or farther ideas and feedback is greatly appreciated. Thankss once more. Kind respects, Devika.

Hi Michelle, This sounds like a C1 EE. It 's a comparative analysis of poesy. Because I see this as a C1 EE, for me, the RQ is n't literary plenty. And I do n't cognize how she answers the inquiry. Yes, it empowers adult females? No, it does n't? How does she cognize? Alternatively, if she focuses on the poetic techniques and how they create significance, she will acquire to - most likely - how the linguistic communication, sound, and construction of these certain verse forms empower adult females ( among other things ) . It 's similar, but I think a C1 EE needs the focal point on the literary, non the contextual. Hope that aid and make inquire if you need farther account or elucidation. Best, Tim

Hi Michelle, Let me seek to recap where we began. The original RQ was: How do Veronica Franco and Maya Angelou use their poesy otherwise to authorise the adult females their times? It changed to: How does Maya Angelou use poetic techniques to make significance in her work? It changed now excessively: `` How does Angelou utilize poetic techniques to lend to the construct of adult females empowered by their ain ego consciousness? '' For me, this is immense and so of import to demo the pupil. It 's their thought, live, in existent clip, about the EE. I do n't love `` poetic techniques '' right now, but I do n't believe it affairs. The pupil has focused on a specific poet and a specific `` significance '' to research. I think now is the clip to get down writing and see what happens. The RQ might alter once more as the pupil learns more about Angelou 's poesy and about her involvement in it. That 's all right. But, I would state at this point, proceed with enthusiasm while besides cognizing it 's all right if alterations are made in the writing procedure! Best, Tim

Extended essay

Every pupil wiring an Drawn-out Essay is provided with a supervisor whose function is clearly laid out in the timeline shown below. The supervisor must hold a good cognition of the capable country concerned. In general, pupils should take a topic and subject that they already know in some deepness. For illustration, it may be hard to accomplish a good class on a psychological science essay if the pupil has no background cognition of this topic. The entire contact clip with the supervisor should be no more than 3 hours, nevertheless, this is meant to be independent research. IB recommends that the pupil spend about 40 hours entire working on the Extended Essay, but the procedure often takes longer than this, and the pupil should bear this in head when looking at the timeline for entry of the Extended Essay.

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