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Writing the Navy EVAL

It 's an unfortunate fact of Navy life that no affair how hard you work or how many hours you put in, all your attempts will hold been wasted if they are n't documented in your one-year rating. That one-year eval is the individual biggest factor in whether you get promoted or non and affects your opportunities for publicity, your assignment options, developing chances, and your full hereafter in the armed forces. It 's of import that you take the clip to happen out what you need to make in order to run into and transcend criterions and so do certain those accomplishments get recorded in your Eval. To help do your Eval every bit effectual as possible, below are instructions, phrases, illustrations, and other counsel.

Writing a Navy Eval

The effectivity and quality of your one-year rating depends on much more than the Remarks on Performance block. Your actions and readying over the old twelvemonth are the most critical constituent because without them, there would be nil to compose about! But this short tutorial is merely focused on make fulling in the Remarks on Performance block. Squashing an full twelvemonth of public presentation into a mere 16 lines is a challenge but if you break down the undertaking into its basic parts, it makes the occupation logical, less subjective, and easier. The Comments on Performance block has three chief countries: the Introduction, the Accomplishments subdivision, and the Summary. Each of these countries has its ain format and intent. Note that these `` subdivisions '' within the Remarks on Performance block are non labeled as such. The demand to follow this format and turn to the subjects required by each subdivision derives from germinating Navy tradition and methodological analysis instead than published counsel.

The Introduction

The intent and end of the Navy Eval is to accurately and to the full describe public presentation. This is frequently accomplished by naming the noteworthy accomplishments of the individual being rated. While naming important accomplishments does supply some penetration into a individual 's capablenesss, it does n't supply the whole image. A list of accomplishments does n't give any indicant as to the character or personality of the ratee. A Mariner might hold a long list of impressive achievements but be an boisterous Sailor with a bad attitude. He or she might be an expert in their field but the absolute worst at sharing experience or acquiring along with others. And those societal qualities are really of import, to the full every bit of import as a individual 's proficient accomplishments! So, in add-on to depicting a individual 's professional and proficient accomplishments, we need a manner to convey to the EVAL 's reader his societal accomplishments, his unity, his character, his trueness and other qualities which are non evident when simply reading a list of achievements. The debut is where this is done. By the way, these are the lone lines where descriptive, subjective footings and adjectives are tolerated and even encouraged. More.


As stated above, the end of the Eval is to accurately and to the full describe public presentation. While the Introduction provides information on the topic 's personality and character, most of the Remarks on Performance block is reserved for entering the topics achievements during the coverage period. A list of achievements provide a factual window onto a individual 's abilities, accomplishments, and productiveness. The ratio of the figure of lines devoted to achievements to the figure of lines set aside for the debut give you an thought of the importance of accomplishments to the Navy. Technical and professional qualities are critically of import to accomplishing the Navy 's mission and for promotion, to the full every bit of import as a individual 's societal and leading accomplishments. The quickest and most effectual manner to come up with stuff for your Eval is to brainstorm foremost. List all the ratee 's achievements on a separate sheet of paper. Write down everything that might measure up as a slug. Nothing is excessively little or off-limits. More.

Aid writing evals for naval forces

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In some scheduling linguistic communications, eval is a map which evaluates a twine as though it were an look and returns a consequence ; in others, it executes multiple lines of codification as though they had been included alternatively of the line including the eval. The input to eval is non needfully a twine ; it may be structured representation of codification, such as an abstract sentence structure tree ( like Lisp signifiers ) , or of particular type such as codification ( as in Python ) . The parallel for a statement is exec, which executes a twine ( or codification in other format ) as if it were a statement ; in some linguistic communications, such as Python, both are present, while in other linguistic communications merely one of either eval or White House is.


For the intent of look rating, the major advantage of eval over look parsers is that, in most scheduling environments where eval is supported, the look may be randomly complex, and may include calls to maps written by the user that could non hold perchance been known in progress by the parser 's Godhead. This capableness allows you to efficaciously augment the eval ( ) engine with a library of maps that you can heighten as needed, without holding to continually keep an look parser. If, nevertheless, you do non necessitate this ultimate degree of flexibleness, look parsers are far more efficient and lightweight.


In REALbasic, there is a category called RBScript which can put to death REALbasic codification at runtime. RBScript is really sandboxed—only the most core linguistic communication characteristics are at that place, and you have to let it entree to things you want it to hold. You can optionally delegate an object to the context belongings. This allows for the codification in RBScript to name maps and usage belongingss of the context object. However, it is still limited to merely understanding the most basic types, so if you have a map that returns a Dictionary or MySpiffyObject, RBScript will be unable to utilize it. You can besides pass on with your RBScript through the Print and Input events.

Windows PowerShell

In Windows PowerShell, the Invoke-Expression Cmdlet serves the same intent as the eval map in programming linguistic communications like JavaScript, PHP and Python. The Cmdlet runs any Windows PowerShell look that is provided as a bid parametric quantity in the signifier of a twine and outputs the consequence of the specified look. Normally, the end product of the Cmdlet is of the same type as the consequence of put to deathing the look. However, if the consequence is an empty array, it outputs $ void. In instance the consequence is a single-element array, it outputs that individual component. Similar to JavaScript, Windows PowerShell allows the concluding semicolon to be left off.

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