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GED Writing Test

( 1 ) One of my favourite memories from childhood would hold to be the clip I went to the Renaissance Festival with my Grandfather. ( 2 ) My gramps was a history fan, and he was particularly interested in the Renaissance period. ( 3 ) So, he had plentifulness to state me on the manner to the festival. ( 4 ) When we got at that place, we walked about and looked at all of the booths where they had different exhibits set up. ( 5 ) There were work forces dressed up as blacksmiths, and adult females demoing how to do tapers in the old manner. ( 6 ) All throughout the festival evidences were people dressed up in old costumes singing and playing music from the Renaissance period. ( 7 ) After a piece, we went into a large blue glass edifice and looked at some reproductions of celebrated pictures from the Renaissance. ( 8 ) We saw some pictures by district attorney Vinci, Botticelli, and Giotto. ( 9 ) My gramps besides knows a batch about art so he showed me some interesting things that had to make with the pictures. ( 10 ) The best portion of this trip was the clip I got to pass with my gramps, making something that he loved so much. ( 11 ) My gramps was good at demoing people that he loved them by making merriment material with them, like when he took me to a baseball game.


In the debut, province your sentiment on the given subject. You do non necessitate to name all the grounds why you feel this manner, but give a prevue of the inside informations or grounds that you will utilize to back up your statement in the organic structure of your essay. One format to follow is get downing with a sentence that grabs the reader’s attending while repeating the subject. An illustration could be “Spending the twenty-four hours with my sister edifice sandcastles and creaming ice pick cones would be my perfect twenty-four hours off.” Following this sentence, write three sentences that support your sentiment, and eventually compose a passage sentence that leads your reader into the organic structure of your paper. An illustration of a passage sentence could be `` To exemplify, I would get down my twenty-four hours with homemade blueberry battercakes, and by twilight I would be rinsing out the sand from between my toes. '' Then your chief organic structure could sketch the different activities that took you from dawn to sunset.

A GED essay’s debut is where you present the chief statement and give the reader a prevue of the remainder of your essay as if he didn’t read your writing prompt or the essay’s rubric. Keep in head that you don’t have to make a rubric for your essay. Use the first paragraph to make involvement in your essay, add any necessary background information and allow the reader know about the points that you plan to reason or explicate. At the terminal of the paragraph, province your thesis or chief statement. For illustration, if your essay is about how you overcome stress, you may compose, `` While some people choose to cut down emphasis with medical specialty or intoxicant, natural redresss and a healthy lifestyle work best. ''

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