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Help writing employee handbook

8 Tips on How to Write Your First Employee Handbook

A well-written employee handbook is indispensable for making a strong relationship with your hourly employees. Employee enchiridions are an first-class manner to kickoff effectual communicating with your employees and do certain that everyone is on the same page for regulations, outlooks, and processes from the beginning. This is an first-class resource to develop new employees every bit good as a resource for both you and your seasoned employees to cite for inquiries and uncertainnesss. Geting started on writing your first employee handbook, nevertheless, can be a small slippery. To help, we’ve curated a list of eight tips to help you compose a winning handbook that will help you pass on your outlooks and more efficaciously pull off your employees.

Use the handbook as a communicating tool

Employees can be full of legal understandings and notices, which of import as they are, can be dashing. Be certain to include the values and outlooks you wish to transfuse in your employees by positively explicating the mission of your concern and sketching your ain outlooks for how employees should act and pass on in the workplace. Make in clear in the linguistic communication of your handbook that this handbook is a usher for your employees to understand their occupations, but that they should come to you with any inquiries or any elucidations. Write your handbook with the same attitude you want your employees to follow as they work for you: proactive, positive, and promoting. And compose it in a straightforward and clear linguistic communication that your employees can easy absorb and understand.

Safety and security

This may be the most utile subdivision for seasoned employees to mention to after they’ve been trained and working for a piece and think they remember everything in the handbook. However, safety and security are issues we take for granted and it is an first-class thought to sketch processs that person can mention to in instance of an exigency. Stress in this subdivision that employee safety and security is of import to you. Sketch what stairss should be taken if an employee is injured at work, in the event of a robbery, drug and intoxicant intolerances, condemnable records, and in the event of exigencies such as fires, terrible conditions, or deluging. This is your opportunity to demo you have a program of action ( and if you don’t, a opportunity for you to do 1 ) every bit good as an chance for you to show to your employees that you care about their safety while they are at work.

Sketch your expectations/Code of behavior

You should sketch all legal outlooks in this subdivision, but besides make clear what your ain shop policies are. If you don’t desire your employees utilizing their cellular telephones while they’re on the clock, make that clear. Be certain to include your policies on tiffin interruptions, exchanging displacements, moving with certain behaviours during work, how you will manage overtime etc. This is your opportunity to clearly province everything so there is no room for uncertainty and besides gives you something to cite when it comes clip to implement these outlooks. If there is a legal affair, this handbook can supply you with some solid certification to protect yourself from accusal.

Leave room for alteration

Remember, as your concern grows, the manner you conduct your concern alterations, and hence the processs of your employees will alter every bit good. Change is natural and frequently, alteration is good, but you need to be able to accommodate to alter so that your employees aren’t struck in old processs and systems that are no longer relevant. After you have written your leading employee handbook allow alterations to be made. Schedule clip at least one time each twelvemonth ( possibly more depending on the rate of alteration in the company ) to reassess your handbook and update regulations and processs that no longer use. Don’t be afraid to utilize this as an chance to acquire your employee’s input on what is working and what is non, as they are the 1s who will be working harmonizing to the handbook and they can supply penetration on processs which can be added or taken off to heighten the customer’s experience. Keep in head that federal Torahs may alter, which will besides be a good chance to update your handbook.

Need for employee handbook

Employee enchiridions should be reviewed by an lawyer for consistence and conformity with current federal and province or provincial Torahs. As an illustration, many US provinces have specific Torahs that go above and beyond federal Torahs. Because of this, a New Mexico employee handbook should non be used in California. In the US, California is the province with the highest figure of ordinances that go above and beyond federal jurisprudence. Companies runing at that place normally have particular content for California employees. Other provinces that will typically necessitate particular content are New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington DC, and Texas.

Free Employee Handbook Sample

Confidential information by and large consists of non-public information about a individual or an entity that, if disclosed, could moderately be expected to put either the individual or the entity at hazard of condemnable or civil liability, or damage the individual or entity’s fiscal standing, employability, privateness or repute. The Company is bound by jurisprudence or contract to protect some types of confidential information, and in other cases the Company requires protection of confidential information beyond legal or contractual demands as an extra precaution. Confidential information includes but is non limited to:

The Company understands that its staff employees may hold or be involved in outside fiscal, concern, professional, academic, public service, or other activities. However, outside activities or committednesss, familial or other relationships, private fiscal or other involvements, and benefits or gifts received from 3rd parties may make an existent or sensed struggle of involvement between the staff employee and the Company. A struggle of involvement is a state of affairs, agreement, or circumstance where the staff employee’s outside or private involvements or relationships interfere or look to interfere with those of the Company or cast uncertainty on the equity or unity of the Company’s concern traffics. Every staff employee is responsible for unwraping to his or her supervisor, any fiscal or personal involvements, activities, or personal or familial relationships that create an existent or sensed struggle of involvement.

As a basic status of employment, all Company staff employees have a responsibility to move in the Company’s best involvement in connexion with affairs originating from or related to their employment and other Company activities. In kernel, this responsibility means that staff employees must non prosecute in external activities that interfere with their duties to the Company, harm the Company’s repute, compete with the Company’s involvements, or compromise the independency of the Company’s research and concern activities, or can moderately be seen as making so. Staff employees similarly must non gain or otherwise gain advantage from any external activity at the Company’s disbursal or engage in external activities under fortunes that appear to be at the Company’s disbursal.

ABC Company provides equal employment chances to all employees, appliers, and occupation searchers, and is committed to doing determinations utilizing sensible criterions based on each individual’s makings as they relate to a peculiar employment action ( e.g. , hiring, preparation, publicities ) . No individual shall be discriminated against in employment or harassed because of race, colour, faith, sex, sexual orientation, gender individuality, national or cultural beginning, age, position as an person with a physical or mental disablement unrelated to ability, protected veteran position, military position, unfavourable discharge from military service, citizenship position, familial information, matrimonial position, parental position, lineage, beginning of income, recognition history, lodging position, order of protection position, existent or perceived association with such a individual or other categories protected by jurisprudence. This policy includes the committedness to keeping a work environment free from improper torment.

Under this policy, no employee or applicant shall be capable to revenge ( including torment, bullying, menaces, coercion or favoritism ) because he/she has engaged, in good religion, in the undermentioned activities: ( I ) registering a ailment under this Policy with the Company, or with federal, province or local equal employment chance bureaus ; ( two ) helping or take parting in an probe or other activity related to the disposal of any federal, province or local equal employment chance or affirmatory action jurisprudence ; ( three ) opposing any act or pattern prohibited by this Policy or federal, province or local equal employment chance or affirmatory action jurisprudence ; or ( four ) exerting any other right protected by federal, province or local equal employment chance or affirmatory action jurisprudence. Staff employees and appliers for staff occupations should instantly convey any ailment or revenge under this Policy to the concern proprietor.

The Company’s information engineering systems and informations that reside on them are Company belongings and may merely be used in conformity with applicable jurisprudence and Company and section policy. As a user of information resources, you are responsible for cognizing about appropriate and ethical usage of information in all environments you entree, protecting the information you are utilizing from corruptness or unauthorised revelation, working in such a mode as to see the entree rights of others, and following applicable guidelines refering the usage and nondisclosure of watchwords and other agencies of entree control.

The Bottom Line

Thankss, Christy. This is really helpful. I am a little architecture house and have been working with subcontractors for a few old ages. I am sing taking on my first salaried employee and it’s been suggested by co-workers that I have a company handbook. One point I don’t see listed in your sample is the reference of “moonlighting.” In my industry it can be common pattern for an employee to take on “side jobs” and rather a hazard for the employer if there is any sensed nexus between the employee’s client and the employee’s full-time employer. Do y hold any handbook linguistic communication you could urge for forbiding employee moonlighting?

What to Include In an Employee Handbook

Experts say that little and mid-sized concerns can craft employee manuals that both protect them from judicial proceeding and set staff members at easiness by spelling out in positive footings the company 's policies. In order to hold an effectual policy manual, the employer should take the clip to place what is of import to the concern, both in maintaining the employees informed and happy, every bit good as carry throughing the concern aims of the company. `` It can function as a playbook and spell out the regulations of the game for employees about what is expected of them, '' says Nancy Cooper, chair of the labour and employment group of Garvey Schubert Barer, a jurisprudence house based in Portland, Oregon.

`` The value is that employees can understand what is expected of them and what they can anticipate from the company, '' adds Paul Rowson, pull offing manager at World at Work, a planetary human resources association that focuses on compensation, benefits, work-life, and incorporate entire wagess. `` This includes how wage determinations are arrived at, how they are rated on their public presentation, how the company treats things like ill leave and other benefits, how the company views work-life plans and how they will be treated in a difference. '' Having all those issues spelled out in a handbook can liberate up an employee to make their best work, he adds, without concerns that an employer will handle them below the belt.

But the Satan is in the inside informations, as they say. The success of an employee handbook hinges on what you include and how you word policies. The first regulation for writing a winning playbook is that it must be written in a clear, apprehensible mode, and reflect the civilization of the concern. Certain policies need to be in the handbook by jurisprudence. This means that you should take the clip to larn about local and province demands, every bit good as federal demands, Cooper says. Other policies should be in the handbook to protect the employer. `` No affair the ground behind the policies, all should be enforced in a consistent mode, '' she adds.

After finding how you will near the employee handbook, you need to find which policies you need to include by jurisprudence. Some companies offer package or templates that can be a good start to step you through the procedure. But policies may change from province to province. If you are diffident which policies are required by jurisprudence, you should look into with human resources organisations or your employment lawyer. Many province labour sections besides have listings on their web sites for employers about Torahs they must stay by when making concern in the province and these can be helpful in finding what to include in an employee handbook.

`` Important issues can be things like the employee 's ability to utilize cell phones at work or while driving ; covering with the appropriate manner ( or inappropriate manner ) that employees discuss the employer in confab suites or on web logs after hours ; or even the ability of the employer to turn to issues created by the ways the employees use their computing machines, e-mail, and voice mail, '' Cooper says. `` One of the most of import things to retrieve is that your handbook needs to reflect the manner you do concern. If you write a policy, be prepared to implement the policy -- whether it is a policy puting bounds or a policy back uping ends. You need to hold your handbook be a true contemplation of your concern. ''

1. Company History. While non required, a brief subdivision discoursing the company 's history and its mission can help put the tone for an employee handbook. Rowson says this subdivision can include treatments of a company mission statement, what is its ground for being, who are its clients, what is its place in the market place, etc. `` You might speak about the laminitis to acquire a sense of the company history or civilization, '' Rowson says. `` You might add a treatment about the leading squad so that people feel as though they know who they 're finally working for. '' Cooper cautions non to do any promises in this subdivision, such as assuring to pay employees the top dollar in your field, which might be difficult to prolong if the company falls on economic difficult times.

3. Employee Behavior. Under this header, you can discourse the attending policy, meal interruptions and remainder periods, and general outlooks of employee behavior. This can include saying a policy against employee torment favoritism, prohibitions on smoke, a substance maltreatment policy, how employees may utilize the Internet or electronic mail, and a frock codification -- if you have the latter. You may desire to turn to how employees should manage struggle declaration. Make this subdivision really general in nature. `` Do n't acquire into excessively much item, '' Cooper says. `` It 's human nature to desire a laundry list of all the acceptable things but it 's human nature that you 're traveling to bury something excessively. ''

4. Wage and Promotions. Spell out your methods of payment and allow employees cognize whether they will be paid every hebdomad or every two hebdomads or whatever. This is where you province your overtime policy, define work hours, and discourse your wage class construction so that people know where they fit in the hierarchy, Rowson says. `` The last thing you want to make when you hire person is to surprise them about when their payroll check is traveling to get, '' Rowson says. `` You want to allow people cognize how frequently they will acquire paid and how they will acquire paid, do you offer direct sedimentation, and how many pay periods there are in a twelvemonth. '' You can besides speak about what types of compensation bundles you offer, including whether employees are eligible for fillips or stock options and how the public presentation assessment procedure works. Cooper cautions that if you spell out a company policy for promotion that you need to retrieve that the company and its directors all need to purchase into that policy. `` That 's where most companies make errors, '' she says. `` They promise excessively much and they do n't follow their ain policies. ''

5. Benefits. In this subdivision, supply employees with a general overview of the benefits you offer in footings of wellness attention, alveolar consonant, vision, life insurance, etc. , but do n't discourse specific policies with specific companies. `` Your benefits may alter often -- likely more frequently than the handbook does, '' Cooper points out. Make talk about who is eligible, whether merely full-time employees or if parttime employees are offered a pro-rated benefits bundle, reference that, every bit good. List the standards for eligibility, when you can inscribe in benefits, and what the critical life events are during which you can alter benefits -- such as a matrimony or birth of a kid.

Basecamp Employee Handbook

For over 10 old ages, we didn’t have a handbook. In those 10 old ages, when a new individual joined the company, they were expected to calculate things out for themselves. But when we grew from a company of 10, 20, 30 employees to a company of over 50, our “introduction by immersion” manner stopped working. New hires felt lost and isolated, and their first hebdomads or even months on the occupation were nerve-racking because of it. It can be fazing to fall in any company, but possibly Basecamp in peculiar, given how different some of our patterns are. There’s every bit much to unlearn as there is to larn. Prior to this handbook, voyaging that way was both slightly random and about wholly unwritten. For a company that prides itself on lucidity and writing, that merely wasn’t right.

This handbook besides offers us an chance to clear up who we really are as a company. What do we stand for? How should we work? Codifying those beliefs into a handbook makes them touchable and, most significantly, editable. Making the company our best merchandise is a steering rule, but we can’t easy better what we haven’t articulated. So any version of this handbook you’re reading, you can be certain it’s non the last. Please make help maintain it up to day of the month! And by up to day of the month, we 're non merely speaking about misspellings and squad alterations. It’s merely every bit much “we say we’re about X, but what we’re truly making is Y” . So many of these employee handbook undertakings turn out to be ideal-case prescriptions instead than real-world descriptions. They cover all the ways people should move, non the ways they really do. That’s a fake. Let’s non compose a handbook like that. Let’s maintain it honest.

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