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Help writing a cv for a 16 year old

Writing CV for 16 year old

At that age, a one page CV is adequate. I would merely name Personal Detailss: name, reference, DOB ( of import as it impacts on the figure of hours he can lawfully work etc. ) Education: School reference ; possibly his JC consequences if they were all right, reference that he is presently making his LC.Hobbies / Interests: I would name any athleticss he is involved in including names of nines ( if applicable ) , if he is PC literate I would name that he has an involvement in calculating, possibly list readingAchievements: any particular awards he has achieved at school, featuring accomplishments, classs completed ( if any ) - first assistance, ECDL, etc. Work experience: I would advert the glass collection, and besides any voluntary work or help with school eventsReferences: Say that they are available upon petition. I would hold these people asked in progress so they are cognizant, inquire the friend at the saloon and possibly a instructor besides

CV Help delight for my 16 year old relation, fresh out of school

Hi everyone, I have been told I have a strong CV so my relation ( he has SEN but non relevant hopefully! ) has asked me to help with his Curriculum vitae as he hopes to acquire a saturday occupation or a Christmas occupation. He is traveling to college in septemberHe is still waiting on his GCSE consequences every bit good as other tests due to his SEN they are more vocational.He has done some work experience and has tried so hard, he even got an award for top Markss in a topic he did at a mainstream school.I privation to make the best I can for him but was trusting for CV arrows, do I set that he is traveling to go to college under instruction? Do I merely compose that he is presently expecting consequences? besides my Curriculum vitae goes: educationwork experienceinterestspersonal statementdo I follow the same construction given he is so immature and has merely done a 2 hebdomad work exp arrangement? Or should I set his personal statement foremost? any advice greatly appreciated twenty

I 've started to attach the personal statement in a covering missive to the forepart of the CV, so they go Education, Work Experience and Interests.My household are the same with me, I 've written all my cousins, siblings, parents and aunts/uncles CV's.DH runs a little company and has merely taken on an apprentice pre-results and he had an first-class CV. When asked at the interview, he said that he 'd disregard his callings advisers who told him to set the really basics merely. DH has seen dozenss of CV 's that were merely the rubric of the school they attended and a few involvements like fishing and playing computing machine games and nil else.My advice would be to name the makings with consequence pending following to them. Work Experience is good even if it 's merely two hebdomads, put the inside informations in.Hope that helps.

I think a CV for a school departer is really different to one for person who has been in work for a few old ages. For a school departer it truly needs to concentrate on school consequences, accomplishments ( school and other ) and talents.My apprehension is that there is no demand for avocations or involvements, this is antique and irrelevant unless straight associating to the kind of work being applied for. I would besides propose that the CV is written in a manner that makes it cosmopolitan. It should ever be accompanied by an individualized covering missive when either directing it speculatively or as a response to a occupation advert.I would make: NameContact inside informations ( do certain electronic mail reference is a reasonable one! ) A paragraph depicting self, accomplishments, endowments etcEducationAchievementsReference contact detailsIt may merely be 1 side of A4 but at 16 that is fine.The covering missive is the important spot as this is where you sell yourself for the place, it perfectly must be tailored to suit and non be a standard missive! Do rede him to ever follow the format of the occupation spec and outline really clearly how he meets every spot, with illustrations, and to believe about movable accomplishments, eg looking after younger siblings develops negociating and leading accomplishments?

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