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Praises Letter Samples

Letter of Congratulations - Definition A letter of congratulations, or congratulations letter, is used in both personal and concern state of affairss. Their primary intent is to officially compliment a individual or an organisation for an outstanding accomplishment. These types of letters should be used with good opinion, merely in state of affairss for which they are genuinely warranted. Otherwise, they will lose their significance. Note: Certain types of congratulations letters are besides be referred to as `` citation letters '' in some state of affairss. To see a typical `` citation letter '' sample chink here.

1. Praises Letter to a Friend on his New Job

Wordss truly fail to show my joy at the intelligence of your choice as Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. Your choice, was. nevertheless, no surprise because a adult male of your quality and superior intelligence was bound to do magnificently. A Probationary Officer’s station in the State Bank of India is one of the most extremely prized stations in India both from the point of position of emoluments and the broad and speedy chances for publicity. A male child selected as a Probationary Military officer at such a immature age as yours stands opportunities of making the highest station in the officers cadre in the State Bank of India. It is an added pleasance for us all that the topographic point of your poster is merely at a distance of 25 stat mis from our metropolis and we can ever anticipate you after every two weeks.

Reply to above congratulations letter

I am extremely grateful to you for your letter of congratulations on my battle to Usha. Usha had been more than merely a category chap of mine. There was something in her that charmed me and led to my infatuation for her. But I had controlled my feelings all along and had been watching her reactions. In class of clip I perceived a intimation coming from her, which encouraged me to suggest to her. But that was merely after we both had finished our M. A. Final scrutiny. Usha’s response was positive and the thing was divulged to our several parents for consent which they being old familiarities so lief granted. And so came the twenty-four hours when the two of us were betrothed.

Dean 's Letter To Students

I would besides wish to give particular thanks to the parents, partners, kids and friends of our alumnuss for their forbearance, apprehension, forfeits and support - both moral and fiscal - during these ambitious, but honoring, old ages at the college. Although your counsel, comfort and encouragement surely will go on to be sought and appreciated in the old ages to come, you can joy in the gradual return to `` normalcy '' with no more long darks of analyzing, get-togethers unattended and trips untaken. Yet, even more so, you can enjoy the shared feeling of pride in what your alumnus has accomplished and the abundant chances in front.

Eagle, Summit, Quartermaster and Gold Congratulation Letters

Although most often, letters are requested for new Eagle Scouts, the list below can and should be used when bespeaking letters of citation for Venturers who have earned the Summit Award, and for Sea Scouts who have earned the Quartermaster Rank, and for Girl Scouts who have earned the GSUSA Gold Award. When directing letters for those awards, delight in your account, do n't include phrases like `` The Summit Award is the Venturing version of Eagle '' or `` Quartermaster is the Sea Scout equivalent of Eagle '' or `` the Gold award is the Girl Scout version of Eagle Scout '' . Summit and Quartermaster, and the Gold Award are their ain awards and what should be stressed are the accomplishments and leading experiences gained by gaining them!

Many people writing a letter to admit an Eagle Scout, Quartermaster, or Gold or Summit receiver, would besides wish to cognize how the individual earned the badge. But do n't merely discourse the Service Project. Give some information about the Lookout and his or her activities. This gives them more than merely a `` congratulations, Johnny, on your accomplishment '' line and besides can let the letter to be a spot more individualized than boilerplate letters. In this respect, here is what our occupant Commissioner `` Andy McCommish '' wrote on his `` Ask Andy '' web log after he got a petition for a letter to a new Eagle Scout.

I 've merely received another letter ask foring me to a tribunal of award for your troop 's newest Eagle Scout - the most recent in a twine of several hundred in the past 10 old ages entirely. Your letter lauds this Scout 's service undertaking and gives great item of all the work done. Inevitably, nevertheless, and like all others predating it, the letter - except for clip, day of the month, and location - Michigan at that place. To the naive, it would look that achieving the rank of Eagle entirely involves a community service undertaking of some sort. To others, including myself, there 's letdown: It 's as if the coffee-after-dessert is all I get ; there 's no reference of the preceding courses all of which have led up to this.

Where, I wonder, is a description of what this immature adult male has learned about citizenship and his function in his community, state, and the universe at big. Will I non larn that he 's now skilled in first assistance and has the ability to salvage life on both land and in the H2O, or has developed and carried out a mobilisation program for his troop in an exigency state of affairs? How many stat mis has he hiked and backpacked ; how many bivouacing trips has he taken, and where has he gone? How has he developed and honed his communicating and leading accomplishments both among his equals who have elected him to take, and how has he learned to be a responsible squad member when called upon?

This immature adult male has led his patrol and troop in important ways for extended periods, yet I learn nil of these functions. Nor do I larn how he has developed his physical and mental fittingness in this readying for his future life. Can he manage a canoe? A sailing boat? Can he last in the wilderness by himself - a skill few outside of Scouting know anything at all about? Does he cognize firearms safety? Has he grown as a member of his ain household? Does he cognize how to protect himself and other young person, if necessary, from strong-arming and other signifiers of maltreatment? Can he pull off money and a budget? What does he cognize of ecology and - today 's cant - sustainability? What explorations into topics merely Scouts acquire to take from has he made? Does he cognize what to make if confronted by a serpent bite, or contact with a toxicant works? Does he cognize the vegetations and zoologies of the part he lives in? Has his service undertaking developed non merely his leading accomplishments but besides his cognition of undertaking planning, including `` sudating the inside informations. '' How does he populate the Scout Oath and Law in his day-to-day life? What are his aspirations for his ain hereafter?


Shannon: As I see that cipher answered your poster, I’ll do so…knowing that this is a biennial old response *smiling* . Because you’re inquiring them to be presented or read by the Scout, person within the Troop ( the Troop Committee Chair ; the Secretary of the Troop’s Committee ; a member of the Committee who’s occupation it is to organize the Eagle Courts of Honor, etc. ) . Parents of the new Eagle Scout can besides subject petitions for letters but I have observed that those many people appreciate a petition moreso from the Scouting organisation ( the Troop, Team, Crew or Ship ) than from the parents of a Scout unless it’s truly obliging in nature.

I was lucky plenty to be after my son’s Eagle Court of Honor as ASM of Tr 17 Cumberland, MD. Eli is our originative boy. Does non care in the least if he had a letter from any functionary from anyplace. ( although I did seek to acquire some ) I asked Eli, Son, some people get letters and certifications from the Military, govt functionaries etc. Who is of import in your life that you would wish to acquire a letter from. He rattled off several bands…Phish, Keller Williams, and several others. So I wrote to them. Phish sent a exposure with all of their signatures and Keller Williams wrote a long letter in pencil on ripped out coiling notebook paper and sent an autographed tee shirt. The letter was really interesting and I read it at the ceremonial. An interesting thought for the more originative Eagle Scouts that come along. BTW Eli had dreds to his shoulders at his ceremonial. ( to each his ain I suppose )

When I helped organized Eagle COH for my troop, I tried to happen out what interested the lookout. In one instance, a lookout had great-grandparents who fought in the civil war ; he was really interested in civil war history. I found a group organized for and by posterities of those who fought in the civil war.His letter from that group was really individualized to the lookout and included an invitation to fall in the group. He was really touched. In add-on there was a lookout who was the troop’s “knotmaster” ; he could calculate out a knot by looking at it and was able to learn others how to bind the knot. I found an organisation that focused on “knots” ; they sent a really particular letter to the lookout, ask foring him to fall in their organisation. Letterss to politicians are great ; letters to groups or people that recognize the Scout’s particular involvements are greatly appreciated and treasured. But they do take more clip.

I am ever reminded of one of my favourite histrions, Richard Dean Anderson ( you know, the cat who played “MacGyver” , an Eagle Lookout from Minnesota…that cat ) demoing up at a Scout’s Eagle Court of Honor in the LA country. He, like all of those Congressmans and Senators, the presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and the BSA’s national leading, received an invite to this kid’s Court of Honor. Peoples were surprised when he showed up and gave the new Eagle Scout one of those “swiss ground forces knives” he uses on the show along with an autographed exposure and stood for 20 proceedingss to acquire his exposure taken with other Scouts and their households. As I read the narrative, I made mental notes to non merely compose the “congratulatory letter” to the Scout but besides to possibly drive by where his undertaking was ; or to sit in the dorsum of the church or school or whatever and merely “be there” for the Scout. The event is about his unit’s newest Eagle Scout — him — and whether he gets letters to set into a binder or notebook ; or they get read ( please don’t read ALL of them during the Court of Honor…four or five are great and acknowledge all who did compose or direct something! ) ; or merely displayed — allow the UNIT do that heavy lifting and research!

My boies are in church units that have really dysfunctional Troop/Team/Crew Committees. My boies have both earned the Eagle rank on their ain. I would love for them to have acknowledgment, but besides know that if I don’t initiate those invitations and petitions for acknowledgment it will ne'er go on. So I think your response that you weigh a petition from a Committee more valuable than one from a parent is really flawed. If you can guarantee that there is a functional commission within every hired organisation that you are within your right to judge where that petition comes from. Until so you have no right to judge where that petition comes from.

I will add that I have worked with many units over the old ages and I think that are countries non merely single units that have commissions that would non work in a manner to organize Eagle COH’s for scouts allow entirely non hold anyone to bespeak letters. Out where we are most every troop/crew views the COH as an single event. The parents plan it, direct invites, make all picks etc. aside from the troop stating yes that day of the month will work for us and turning in the paperwork and picking up the basic acknowledgment ( medal/patch ) they leave it to the parents. From my experience in our council which is in the top 5-10 I would state this happens in rural countries and interior metropolis units the most. There will ever be that exclusion unit but largely this is what I see. We besides have scoutreach units scattered where we don’t even have voluntaries running the plan but instead paid plan specializer and I will state you they do non make what a voluntary would. I would inquire those holding having letters to hold an unfastened head and non presume that if it’s from a parent that it’s from a avaricious individual seeking to roll up things for their boy or that in any manner it indicates the male child is less worthy because the “committee” is non directing the petition. But instead see more than probably this parent is holding to work dual clip because they do non hold a Unit commission assisting them at all. I’m grateful for those involved parents willing to take the excess clip to volunteer and make the work and be involved for their childs. I have spent clip with those defeated childs, the 1s whose parents do non come to see so acquire their awards, who would non take the excess clip to make something like send for a letter. And from my reconnoitering experience I would state 95 % of the units in our council likely map by holding the COH be a household thing and non a Unit thing. Not to state the units aren’t involved and non even stating that is all bad. It does let for the COH to be personalized better than what I have seen when I unit has attempted to make the same thing for everyone and it allows the male child ( in many instances but non all ) to hold more of what he wants.

Sorry child, they don’t manus out decorations for being a good citizen.This is expected of every young person, no exceptions.It’s called turning up. Stop seeking to acquire something for nil and siting on your household and friend’s coat dress suits: Believe me, the remainder of the universe doesn’t attention who you are related to or who you know. ( If you can’t discourse your accomplishments in life without stating “my dad” or “my mom” you have a much bigger job that needs to be addressed. ) When you become an grownup, you are expected to be independent of your parents. In instance you have been populating a sheltered life, all kids become grownups when they turn 18 old ages old. At that point, they are to the full responsible their actions, good or ill. If you need more “growing up time” beyond being a male child lookout, adult male up and enlist in the service. You will larn the permanent virtuousnesss of subject, scheme and esteem The “real” male child lookouts and miss lookouts of America have long volunteered themselves to protect and support the USA, even if meant giving their lives. Geting an honest discharge means you survived it. Your folks acquiring a box, letter of thanks and a PH means you didn’t. Bing a “real” male child lookout and miss lookout is a hazardous life. Rank is earned. If you merely desire a piece of paper to hang on your wall, get extra instruction. If you need more, acquire off your duff and travel earn it. Until so, halt inquiring for written recognitions for “growing up.”

In a box — merely because we have little grandchildren and animate beings which sometime confuse “papers” with “food” — are the 11 letters from “important people” certifying to my having the Eagle Scout decoration. These people took the clip — they pushed a button or told person in their office to force a button ; or they sat down and as I do today, compose a personal letter to that new Eagle Scout, promoting him to go on to make those things which marks him as an Eagle. I can’t speak for those many others but I can talk for myself: if I can leave merely a little spot of encouragement, a flicker, some words of wisdom ( even if they did non arise with me ) — so I’ve helped observe that kid’s accomplishment.

Merely one reminder. Not everyone that you write to will react. And due to fortunes, even those that you expect to react may non. I ne'er got a letter from the white house, even thou one was requested. It had to make with timing. When the letter was sent, Richard Nixon was president. By the clip of the COH, Gerald Ford was president. I fell into that group that Gerald Ford did non travel back and “catch up on” . The city manager of our town showed up, along with our representative. The representative was known to demo up at COH all the clip. The city manager knew my household good. Our household priest besides showed up and surprised me when he joined the felicitation group of Eagle Scouts himself.

Mike has written the affiliated letter and will personalise and subscribe it for any Eagle Scout out at that place who requests it. All you have to make is get off a self-addressed, stamped ( 2.50 ) 9x 12 ( big ) envelope ( one petition per envelope please ) to: Eagle Scout Letter 3727 West Magnolia Blvd. , Suite 300 Burbank, CA 91505 Here’s the trade – you cats are Eagle Scouts so you can follow waies, right? Do non bury to include the SELF-ADDRESSED STAMPED 9×12 ENVELOPE. Please let 12+ hebdomads for it to acquire filled out, acquire Mike’s signature and so back in the mail to you. If you forget the envelope, or don’t include postage or it’s the incorrect size, all stakes are off – you might acquire it and you might non.

Sent letters to all the politicians and while we didn’t acquire from all, we did acquire rather a few. One thing that stood out though was a Senator from Maryland really sent a letter stating us that they do non direct letters…what? I mean they took the clip to compose that one, why would it hold been any different to compose a congratulatory one? And to exceed it off, his office forwarded to our local senator…duh, wouldn’t we have already done that? ? ? That’s when I figured out that other senators were making the same thing, because we received 8 from our local senator! Another cockamamie thing, because you think that his office would pay attending to the 1s already sent and non blow their clip or cast to direct extras. What can you make?

Sample Congratulations Letterss

Send a congratulations letter when you are complimenting the letter receiver about something, such as a milepost or particular juncture. You will sometimes compose a letter like this on behalf of person else, such as your kid, your aged parent, or person who has placed you in charge of his or her personal businesss. Sometimes, congratulatory letters are professional in tone and manner, but they can besides be more informal and colloquial, depending on the state of affairs and context. The manner and diction you use in a letter depend on the specific fortunes. It is by and large best to maintain letters as short and concise as possible while still pass oning the necessary information. Feel free to custom-make and modify any of these letters harmonizing to your single demands. Note: In all letters, brackets indicate information that you should make full in. Remove the brackets when you have modified the text to your liking.

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