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Writing A Compare/Contrast Paper

2. Listing characteristicsDivide a piece of paper into two sides. One side is for the first topic, the other for the 2nd topic. Then, get down to name the similarities and differences that instantly come to mind. Concentrate on features that either are shared or are opposing between the two topics. Alternately, you may build a Venn diagram of crossing circles, naming the topics ' differences to either side and their similarities where the circles intersect. Keep in head that for a balanced paper, you want to do point-by-point, parallel comparings ( or contrasts ) .

For a shorter paper, the above might stand for three paragraphs ; if you are writing a long paper and have a great trade of information, you may take to compose about each point, A, B, and C, in separate paragraphs for a total of six. However you decide to form, do certain it is clear why you are analyzing this topic. You might be able to compare apples and oranges, for illustration, but why would you? Include any penetrations or sentiments you have gathered. And yes, in general, three is the charming figure. While there is no strict regulation that precludes making a paper based on two points, or four, or five, a three-point treatment is manageable, particularly for complex or abstract topics. At the same clip, a three-point construction helps you avoid oversimplifying, particularly when turn toing controversial subjects in which treatments tend to go polarized–right or incorrect, black or white, for or against. Three-point interventions promote treatment of the in-between land.

There are two basic forms authors use for comparison/contrast essays: the block method and the point-by-point method. In the block method, you describe all the similarities in the first organic structure paragraph and so all the differences in the 2nd organic structure paragraph. The guideline below will help you retrieve what you need to make in each portion of a comparison/contrast essay utilizing the block method.

Despite crack and cocaine’s similarities, they have three major differences. First, although crack and cocaine are derived from the coca works, they differ in signifier. Crack has the signifier of flakes whereas cocaine is found in the signifier of powder, which can be dissolved. Furthermore, both cleft and cocaine contain cocaine, but in assorted per centums: cleft contains every bit much as 90 per centum pure cocaine whereas cocaine contains from 15 to 25 per centum pure cocaine. Another major difference is how they enter the organic structure. For illustration, cleft is smoked in a pipe or coffin nail. It enters the organic structure by the lungs into the bloodstream. Cocaine, on the other manus, is inhaled as a powder or is injected if dissolved. It enters the organic structure via the rhinal mucous membrane into the blood stream or, if injected, straight via the blood stream.

Compare & contrast essaysHow things are similar or different

To compare is to analyze how things are similar, while to contrast is to see how they differ. A compare and contrast essay hence looks at the similarities of two or more objects, and the differences. This essay type is common at university, where lectors often test your apprehension by inquiring you to compare and contrast two theories, two methods, two historical periods, two characters in a novel, etc. Sometimes the whole essay will compare and contrast, though sometimes the comparing or contrast may be lone portion of the essay. It is besides possible, particularly for short test essays, that merely the similarities or the differences, non both, will be discussed. See the illustrations below.

There are two chief ways to construction a compare and contrast essay, viz. utilizing a block or a point-by-point construction. For the block construction, all of the information about one of the objects being compared/contrasted is given foremost, and all of the information about the other object is listed afterwards. This type of construction is similar to the block construction used for cause and consequence and problem-solution essays. For the point-by-point construction, each similarity ( or difference ) for one object is followed instantly by the similarity ( or difference ) for the other. Both types of construction have their virtues. The former is easier to compose, while the latter is by and large clearer as it ensures that the similarities/differences are more expressed.

Before the coming of computing machines and modern engineering, people pass oning over long distances used traditional agencies such as letters and the telephone. Nowadays we have a huge array of communicating tools which can finish this undertaking, runing from electronic mail to instant messaging and picture calls. While the present and old agencies of communicating are similar in their general signifier, they differ in respect to their speed and the scope of tools available. One similarity between current and old methods of communicating relates to the signifier of communicating. In the yesteryear, both written signifiers such as letters were often used, in add-on to unwritten signifiers such as telephone calls. Similarly, people presents use both of these signifiers. Merely as in the past, written signifiers of communicating are prevailing, for illustration via electronic mail and text messaging. In add-on, unwritten signifiers are still used, including the telephone, nomadic phone, and voice messages via blink of an eye messaging services. However, there are clearly many differences in the manner we communicate over long distances, the most noteworthy of which is speed. This is most apparent in relation to written signifiers of communicating. In the yesteryear, letters would take yearss to get at their finish. In contrast, an electronic mail arrives about outright and can be read seconds after it was sent. In the yesteryear, if it was necessary to direct a short message, for illustration at work, a memo could be passed around the office, which would take some clip to go around. This is different from the current state of affairs, in which a text message can be sent instantly. Another important difference is the scope of communicating methods. Fifty old ages ago, the tools available for pass oning over long distances were chiefly the telephone and the missive. By comparing, there are a huge array of communicating methods available today. These include non merely the telephone, missive, electronic mail and text messages already mentioned, but besides video conferences via package such as Skype or nomadic phone apps such as Wechat, and societal media such as Facebook and Twitter. In decision, methods of communicating have greatly advanced over the past fifty old ages. While there are some similarities, such as the signifiers of communicating, there are important differences, chiefly in relation to the speed of communicating and the scope of communicating tools available. There is no uncertainty that engineering will go on to come on in future, and the advanced tools which we use today may one twenty-four hours besides become out-of-date.

3. Isolate the most of import points and turn them into your cardinal statement.

Once you 're satisfied with your lists, you can travel back through and cherry-pick the points you feel are most significantly similar and different. Here you should be looking for the things that you think will take to the most compelling essay you can compose. Pick out elements, for case, that are cardinal to the individuality of both plants. See their major subjects, chief characters and the messages of each - it 's likely one of these things will supply the footing for your essay. If, for case, both texts have the same basic subject, you could compose a paper about the similar and difference ways they explore that subject.

4. Write an lineation that will organize the skeleton of your essay.

Your lineation will interrupt down the flow of your essay, observing merely the chief points you want to cover. For compare and contrast documents, likely the most basic signifier the essay could take would be six paragraphs in length. You 'll get down with an debut that lays out the general thought behind your statement ; it will take a signifier similar to 'I believe the manner these texts compare and contrast these elements is of import because… . ' Then you 'll take on the organic structure of your essay, which will be four paragraphs long. You could divide them up into two paragraphs on each text ( one for comparing and one for contrasting ) or two paragraphs that compare both plants and two that hold all the contrast. Or you might happen a hybrid of those two thoughts works best - you 'll desire to travel with whatever you think does the best service to your paper. Finally, you 'll add a reasoning paragraph that sums up your statement and restates, possibly in a new manner, why you feel that what you talked about is of import both to your texts and to the universe at big.

5. Fill in textual inside informations to compose your essay.

Once you 've got your lineation set, writing the essay largely becomes a affair of back uping your points with grounds from the plants you read. This is cardinal to acquiring your audience ( your instructor at least ) to accept your statements. For compare and contrast documents, which have a small more land to cover than regular essays, you can likely acquire off with holding one killer illustration per text for each point you want to do. Depending on the deepness of your assignment, you might besides see conveying in outside unfavorable judgment to endorse up your points. If that 's required or recommended, though, your instructor will likely allow you cognize.

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