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Help writing christian testimony

Thankss for inquiring this

Thankss for inquiring this inquiry, I 've had the same inquiry - I became a Christian at the age of 6 in a lovingness and supportive yet non-Christian place and certain I 've stumbled a few times in my Christian walk ( esp merely traveling to church from age 16 but even now in smaller ways ) but I truly do n't cognize what life was like before 6! One twenty-four hours during church worship I had an experience where my life flashed before my eyes and God showed me every country in my life where I encountered Him in a particular manner, some memories I could n't retrieve before that and many of them I did n't even recognize He was at that place. Ask God to remind you. If you go onto Youtube you will see 1000s of testimonies and many are similar but I challenge you to happen any 2 which are precisely the same ( particularly if they are detailed ) . God met you in a alone manner and you can swear Him that there is person who specifically needs to hear YOUR testimony, possibly for illustration they 're a developmental psychologist who believes that a kid does n't hold the moralistic or cognitive developmental capacity to do a determination like that at that age, possibly it 's person who noticed that everyone who starts populating a new faith ab initio feels like it brings life and you can state that the life you have had in Christ ne'er stopped turning and intensifying in this infinite love. Sorry, writing a spot much but may this be of encouragement to you. God will utilize your simple testimony in ways you ne'er thought were possible that will blow your apprehension of who God is. Take that measure. God is good and you are important: )

I think this can be a great

I think this can be a great honorable manner to get down your testimony. Your testimony may non follow precisely the lineation provided. Being honest about being raised in a Christian house is of import to province, but you should hit on the worlds of when your religion truly became your ain, where you felt genuinely alive in Christ. Think of what I like to name catalytic minutes in your walk. Catalytic minutes are when you are activated, energized, or moved in your walk with Jesus. Everyone has different important minutes in their walk. Our testimonies all have mini-stories within them based on different brushs we have with Christ. If you are an grownup it is likely less of import for you to speak about what happened before you were 4 because you do n't retrieve it and it most likely is non every bit relevant as possibly a high school experience was for your walk. If you have any more inquiry please experience free to inquire. Chuck

Honestly, I do non cognize where

Honestly, I do non cognize where precisely to get down my narrative or what portion of it should I say. It is a small spot complicated but I will seek to sum up it every bit much as I can. The ways of God truly are non the ways of adult male. I had ever known about Christ while turning up, nevertheless I merely became a devoted truster about 5 old ages ago, which was about when I graduated from the University. Post graduation, I was fortunate to acquire a dream occupation with an international non-governmental organisation who are involved in developmental plants and the Millennium Development Goals ( MDG ) in West Africa. I besides met and began dating a most particular and fantastic christian lady. We got engaged and everything was looking great. The authorities of the state where we were working decided to take over our undertaking from the N.G.O. , because they thought we were making a good occupation. The authorities functionaries misappropriated financess and later we ( the workers ) were non paid for several months. Life became hard and I was non paid for eight months of work. This ambitious period coincided with the scheduled clip for our nuptials. I was distraught and about put off the nuptials. However God intervened, He divinely funded the nuptials and everything was merely perfect. I ever had the dream to prosecute a alumnus instruction in a reputable school in the USA. I got the admittance but the immense challenge was support, due to several months of my salary non paid. I miraculously won a scholarship instantly after my nuptials. I am now populating that dream, making my Masterss and married to the love of my life and edifice a christian household. God has been faithful in all we do. My class has been first-class and I have been favored in all my enterprises. I merely want you to thank God for me. This is a sum-up of what happened to me earlier this twelvemonth, believe me it was more ambitious than what I wrote. I ca n't explicate all that happened here but my God saw me through it all. He is of all time faithful and ne'er fails, merely learn to swear and obey him.

On a college campus, for illustration, a pupil may be acquiring ready to travel to his following category and merely have five proceedingss to speak with you. When we have merely five proceedingss to speak, what we have to portion must be intelligent, concise, and to the point. To be successful in evangelism does non imply acquiring people to needfully do a determination for Christ. Successful evangelism entails pass oning to a individual what it means to be a Christian and how to go one themselves. If you have communicated this in a manner that the individual understands, you have successfully evangelized them whether they make a determination at that minute or non. The ground is because even if he does non do a determination in your presence, subsequently, when he is by himself, believing about what you have said, and eventually decides that he wants to go a Christian, he so knows what he needs to make in order to go a Christian because you have communicated to him clearly how to.

After 34 old ages of Evangelism, I can corroborate to you this world, because over the old ages people that I shared with on the field have come up to me in church old ages subsequently and said to me, `` Do you retrieve me? '' Normally I respond, `` No? `` , because, when you have shared with 100s of people separately over several old ages, it is non ever easy to retrieve every one of them separately. They will so state, `` One twenty-four hours several old ages ago you shared an Evangelism Tract with me and so your ain personal testimony of how you became a Christian before I had to travel. I thought about this for several hebdomads and decided that what you shared was right and prayed and standard Jesus into my life as Savior and Lord. '' They prayed and received Jesus into their lives because they knew how to. They knew how to because I had communicated clearly to them what it meant to be a Christian and how to go one through an Evangelism Tract and my Personal Testimony.

When you have merely five proceedingss to efficaciously pass on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to person, holding written and memorized a three minute testimony makes this possible and even leaves room for the individual to have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord if he is ready at that minute to make so. If he is non ready, it leaves him cognizing how to do that determination when he is ready. This is why a three minute testimony becomes an assistance to the Holy Spirit and non a hinderance. The lone clip it becomes a hinderance is when the Holy Spirit is non soon taking you in a state of affairs to utilize it ; but holding it makes you available to the Holy Spirit if it is needed. Not holding it may go forth you half manner through explicating to the individual what brought you to Jesus yourself ; but before you can explicate successfully to the individual how to go a Christian, he stops you and says, `` I am regretful. I am out of clip. I have got to travel. See you subsequently. '' Of class, if he is a alien to get down with, you may ne'er see him once more ; and you have failed in your intent, which was to explicate to the individual how to go a Christian. A three minute testimony will help you to avoid holding this happen.

How do we near writing a three minute testimony? In the 2nd portion of this Chapter is an lineation entitled, How to Use a Personal Testimony, which suggests many things that need to be considered in writing a three minute testimony. First, read this lineation. Second, read the Three Real-Life Sample Testimonies. Third, travel to Jesus through worship and congratulations and in Spirit and truth, in visible radiation of this cognition, and inquire Him to liberate you from your ain thoughts and your ain discord refering how best to compose your three minute testimony. Following, wait upon Him while reading the Bible to demo you how He wants you to compose your testimony. You do non desire to compose your testimony like everybody else 's. You want to compose your testimony the manner Jesus wants you to compose it. This is because Jesus wants to utilize your alone experiences with Him to make persons who can outdo relate to your testimony, non person else 's. Jesus has a alone program and aim for you in making others with His message, so let Jesus steer you specifically in every facet of your testimony.

It is truly of import that you do non get down writing your personal three minute testimony until you are certain you have received from Jesus how He wants you to compose it. This is because Jesus said, `` It is the Spirit who creates-life ; the flesh net incomes nil, '' ( John 6:63 ) . You want your testimony to pass on the life and love of Jesus, and this can non be accomplished unless your three minute testimony was originally inspired by Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Whatever Jesus inspires through the Holy Spirit will hold spiritual-life in it and pass on Jesus’ life and love to the persons you will be sharing with in such a manner that when they leave, they will be believing about how Jesus changed your life through your having Him and non how antic your testimony is. We want to pass on Jesus to them, non ourselves. A three minute testimony inspired by Jesus through the Holy Spirit will do this possible.

Once you have successfully put together your first unsmooth bill of exchange transcript of your testimony, give it to your group leader so that he can travel over it for you and do suggestions to you for ways you can better it, so travel place and do necessary betterments. Following, take your 2nd unsmooth bill of exchange transcript back to your group leader and hold him travel over it once more. If he makes more suggestions for betterment, make those betterments, type up your concluding bill of exchange and demo it to him once more. If he does non do any more suggestions, but says it is all right, so memorise it. You will so be equipped with a three minute testimony that will efficaciously pass on your religion to others in a manner that will go forth them cognizing clearly what it means to be a Christian and how to go one themselves.

After two old ages of prophesying this job to a universe that already knew the job, I decided that prophesying the job was non the solution. With that I decided to concentrate on modeling my life harmonizing to my strong beliefs believing this would hold a greater impact on people’s lives. In the procedure of making this, though, I discovered that being consistent, even with one’s ain personal strong beliefs, was non an easy, if non an impossible undertaking. For myself, every bit strong as my strong beliefs were, I found that within my ain strength and power, I was unable to populate systematically with them.

Biblically talking, I did non recognize the significance of what I was praying ; but in the hebdomad that followed, alterations in my life began to happen that I knew I had no power or personal influence in. For illustration: My oral cavity was a large job. I ne'er was able in my ain strength and power to clean up my four-letter-word vocabulary that was good programmed into the computing machine, but this was the first topographic point that Jesus began His work in me. A hebdomad subsequently after I ab initio prayed that supplication, I got up one forenoon realizing that since I had prayed that supplication my oral cavity had been clean ; and I knew I had nil to make with it. Jesus had taken me at my word and had become Lord of my life and began to model it Himself, without my help, into that individual He had created me to be.

What was the significance and thaumaturgy in that supplication that I had prayed? I subsequently discovered the reply to this inquiry while reading the book of Romans. The Apostle Paul stated in this book, `` That if you confess with your oral cavity Jesus as Lord, and believe in your bosom that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. '' ( Rom 10:9-10 ) . From childhood, I had believed that Jesus had died for my wickednesss and that He had risen from the dead, but I had ne'er known Jesus as Lord until I had prayed that supplication coming place from high school one twenty-four hours. Equally shortly as I surrendered the Lordship of my life to Jesus through supplication, He began salvaging me from myself and wickedness. I besides experienced inward confidence of Jesus’ forgiveness for my yesteryear and present wickednesss.

One twenty-four hours another friend invited me to his church. During the service, they read a transition of Scripture which talked about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I knew intellectually-historically that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, but when I heard the message of Christ 's Resurrection this clip, I realized the significance of His Resurrection, and that was, that it proved that Jesus was who He claimed to be, the Son of God, the lone manner to God and the Savior of world. But even though at that point, I came to understand this, this apprehension did non guarantee me of my personally holding ageless life.

Two old ages subsequently, my Judaic Christian friend invited me to a young person service in Oxnard, California. The young person curate explained that, in order to personalise the significance of Christ 's decease and Resurrection, you had to have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. At the invitation of the young person curate, I, along with others, prayed a supplication and received Jesus Christ in my life as Savior and Lord. After I received Jesus Christ, I received interior confidence of holding ageless life. I subsequently read in 1 John 5:12 that to hold Jesus Christ populating inside you is to hold ageless life.

The alterations in my life that followed further confirmed the world that Jesus Christ was genuinely in my life. For illustration, I loved alternatively of detesting. I had peace, hope, and joy. My whole attitude wholly changed. I had the filthiest oral cavity that could be found, and I knew it was incorrect, but I could non halt. He took that off. I found that Jesus Christ Himself was the entire and complete reply to all of my yearnings, desires, and jobs. Six months subsequently, I went into the infirmary for back surgery. Normally, that would hold frightened me beyond step, but He gave me complete peace and has done so through all the jobs I have of all time faced as he promised He would. Time would non allow me to portion the many other ways my life has been changed, but I can truly attest of 2 Corinthians 5:17, Therefore, if any adult male is in Christ, he is a new creative activity, the old things passed off, behold, new things have come.

How to Fix a Testimony

It is natural for us to be fearful when we are about to talk to aliens or give a public reference. In fact, public speech production is considered the figure one fright of people-even over highs, winging, buoy uping, and being eaten by sharks! Therefore, we will see fright in this, but God calls us to fear non ( Isa. 41:10 ; 43:1-5 ) . The inquiry for us is, how will we manage it? We can swear in Christ and let Him to get the better of our frights as we put faith and assurance in His work in us. It is about having His work in us and so reacting to it. The more we develop our religious formation in Christ, the stronger we will be in commanding our frights ( Isa. 40:30-31 ; Matt. 17:20 ; John 17:18 ; Rom. 4:20-21 ; Heb. 11:1 ) .

I believe the key to get the better ofing our frights is to recognize the power we have in Christ. We are to pay attending to Him and non to how a individual may respond or even disregard us ( 2 Peter 1:12-21 ) . We overcome our frights when we see Christ for who He is-Glorious. He is a fact in history and in our lives as Believers. We are established by His Truth, and we must allow our words show this! Jesus is puting you up for a bequest. We do non stand entirely. We have a testimony because we have His Spirit and the information and power He gives that can help fuel more assurance and hope. We do non stand entirely. We are connected with others and Christ 's existent Truth. We have even more than the Apostles, because we have what they had-a informant of what Christ has done for us, the Law, the testimony of the Prophets, and most significantly, the Spirit-plus the completed cannon of God 's most cherished Word and countess Christian resources! Therefore, we do non necessitate to hold seen Jesus personally to hold the same assurance that Peter and Paul had, nor do we necessitate the gift of evangelism or an `` over the top '' narrative. All we need is Christ and to be a record of His work. This means when we are in Christ, we have solid cogent evidence that no statement or human ground can stand against, unlike the seductive speculation and pseudo-experiences of the ways of the universe.

Have you of all time wondered about state of affairss you faced with religion and assurance in the past but now, someway, you have misplaced that assurance or cognition? Possibly you one time stood house in your religion in Christ, but the hum and emphasiss of life have distracted you. Or, possibly you have started to believe in instructions that tingle your involvements and emotions, but you are non certain that you have something to state. Remember the significance and relevancy of Christ. We all need reminders from people in our lives who are wise mans and good illustrations, and we need to be on guard against those who seek to derail us from His Word and Truth.

Possibly you do non fear, but you feel that your attempts are bootless. Bing faithful does non ever means holding consequences. We are all called to be the bright visible radiation, as a contemplation of His Light reflecting in us. We are to recognize our topographic point and, with humbleness, that He chooses to utilize our weak verbalism to enthuse and fit others to use His principles and call! God is the Jesus ; we are the receiving systems. We are to have in unimportance His work in us and, in bend, allow others cognize about it. God 's transmutation does non come from us, nor does He necessitate our words, but He is brought into us by the Holy Spirit, and so proclaimed by us.

In Second Peter, we are called to do every attempt. This indicates to `` pay close attending to Him. '' Peter 's passion and intent was non to hold a life of indolence or leisure, but to be ardent in proclaiming Christ and His Gospel. The inquiries for us are what are we making with this principle? And, how are our attempts traveling? We have a intent. The consequences are non every bit of import as is our obeisance to follow and pattern His call. Our lives are short, and we must take the enterprise to make what we can, here and now, with what Christ has given to us. We are called to work hard, expeditiously, and with intending refering His Truth ( John 21:18-19 ; 2 Peter 1: 12-21 ) .

Our growing in Christ has value, as it is the substance for our testimony! Real, impacting, turning religion requires our diligence. Therefore, we are asked to maintain `` firing '' in Him, to rekindle our Christian growing as an on-going attempt. If our religion starts to slack, we are to use His Truth so our Black Marias go centered upon Him so we can turn in Him. What He is making in us is the `` advertizement '' for His Kingdom. Just believe what is traveling on in your life that can touch person else around you. How are you using self-control, forbearance, endurance, godliness, and love? Ask God how those around you would be affected by what He is learning you ( 2 Pet. 1: 5-11 ) . Then, you can see His work, and His intent in you can be augmented by your seting a few words to it. Do n't fear failure ; the lone true failure is when we do non obey God 's will, as it will do us to lose out on so much in life and in infinity. Our diligence to stay faithful and obedient with virtuousness will enable others to make so besides. When we obey God, He will honor us beyond our ability to penetrate!

Having a prepared testimony can ensue in a merriment, exciting manner to portion Christ with easiness. The key is to be prepared so you are non governed by frights, but instead by the joy that is in you, and a desire to articulate it to others with your looks and personality. If you are believing that this is excessively chilling, that you do non like to sell things, or if you are disquieted about what others will state, do n't fuss. Recognize that you are sharing your life experiences and brush with Christ merely as you would portion anything with another individual, with the exclusion that this is much more critical and of import, and has ageless branchings. You can make it! Your Christian experience is your world that you can portion with person else when the door opens to make that.

Your testimony will supply the illustration and cogent evidence of Christ 's work in you that will be used to act upon others. Your testimony is cherished as it is important, and something that others can non reprobate even if they try, because it is an reliable narrative from your existent, personal experience. You are bearing grounds and grounds why you had a alteration and committedness to Christ. You are non showing abstract theological thoughts, but instead existent, heartfelt, relevant life issues and facts that you know and have experienced firsthand. This helps others relate to you and to the worlds of what a Christian is. Your testimony will besides help others cognize who Christ is and what He has done in footings they can place and understand.

How make you make this? Composing a testimony is easy, as you have already lived it. All you need to make now is write it down. You can make this in a colloquial manner, merely as if you are speaking to person, because that is precisely what you do when you portion it. You present what the Gospel is ( what Christ has done ) , why the Gospel is of import to you ( what Christ has done in you ) , and how God has helped you and how your life has changed for the better. Now, think about how you can state this to others. Write out your testimony as a narrative. Keep it short, simple, graphic, and true. Peoples love human-interest narratives because they can place with other people 's journeys in life. It connects you with them. Let your life in Christ to touch others through your personal narrative.

Below is a testimony lineation with inquiries to inquire yourself, along with suggestions on how to do a great testimony of God working in you. Included are some cardinal points and inquiries you can inquire yourself to help you fix your testimony. Look over each of these classs and do your ain lineation by replying the four chief inquiries. Then expression over the remainder of the suggestions and inquiries and place which 1s are pertinent to your narrative and timing. Keep in head that the first point is the shortest and the 3rd point the longest. Then, you can add to it from the thoughts. Besides keep in head that non all of the suggestions will be needed or applied.

Pray, and inquire our Lord to give you wisdom and way. Your narrative is particular and alone. God has given you the life you have for a intent. He has brought you through life and the experiences you have faced for a ground. The things you have been through-good or bad-are ne'er a waste, particularly when you portion them to help person else through, excessively. Now is the clip for your life to be used to touch and promote others for His glorification. Your life-action-paced or deadening and dull-has been relevant and thought provoking, so make certain your testimony is, excessively. What you may see dull might be merely what person else needs to hear.

Remember, your audience is non Christian, and they may cognize nil of Christian civilization. Or, possibly Christians have abused them, so they may hold a skewed position of Christ and Christians. Therefore, maintain your testimony abruptly, to the point, and personal. Use short, simple phrases and mundane, informal, colloquial linguistic communication that people can understand. You should hold two testimonies, a existent short 1 that is one-half to one minute long, and one that is longer, two to four proceedingss long. If you do non hold a good memory, write or sketch your testimony on a 3 Ten 5 index card. The three- or four-minute one will be approximately 250 to 500 words soap, utilizing the following four points:

2. Reasons: What prompted you to desire to cognize about Jesus? What were the grounds you felt the demand for Christ? Consider any event ( s ) that helped determine you such as crises, wickedness, feelings, people and/or wise mans, and include illustrations and Bibles that have influenced you. This is where you can portion the Gospel message that God loves you, and that although the world of wickedness dictates that all of humanity has sinned and will be judged and condemned, the great intelligence is that Christ has paid the punishment of decease. Help your audience understand that they need to have Christ excessively, and can react to His free gift of Grace by turning from their wickednesss and puting their trust in Jesus.

12. Here is where you lay out the positive benefits that you have experienced. What has________ meant to you? Insert one or two of, Your relationship with Christ, God 's love, Grace, God 's forgiveness, freedom from fright, a better position of life, holding a intent, covering with hard people, covering with emphasis, get the better ofing calamities, holding God 's advocate, honest life, a topographic point of belonging, peace of head, no fright of decease, ageless security, forgiving others, fulfilment, significance, the impact of God 's Word, understanding others, family of other Christians, strength, or the Fruit of the Spirit in your life.

Remember, your intent is to portion your experience with Christ in a loving, caring, every bit good as in a convincing and convicting manner so others can get down to hold an involvement in desiring to cognize Him. To do your testimony more effectual, do certain you pattern with person who can give you good, positive feedback. And, be willing to augment and polish your testimony to better it and do it suit the state of affairs. Make certain you do non make all of the speaking, unless you are giving a public reference. Listen to what the other individual has to state. Keep in head that some people may knock you. Do n't be fearful ; that is between them and Christ. You know where you are traveling.

You can besides take your `` short testimony '' and utilize it to link Christianity to a conversation you are holding with person. It is indispensable that you foremost set up some sort of resonance with them so you will hold earned the right to be heard. Then, you can take your mundane conversations and `` little talk '' and utilize them as door openers to discourse Jesus. When any subject comes up, such as household, work, school, current issues, intelligence, a book, article, a Television show, a film, a vocal, avocations, past concerns, involvements, etc. , you can transition from it to how Christ worked that issue out in your life or in the life of person else you know. Be sensitive, appropriate, and most of all, a hearer.

Talk about your relationship with Christ and how He has met the deeper demands in your life. If you talk about past concerns, you can transition the conversation to what you have learned and how Christ made the difference. An illustration might be, `` I used to hold a existent job acquiring motivated by school/work. Now that I am a Christian, I have more motive to delight Christ and do good. '' Or, `` I used to fight with my matrimony and communicating. With Christ, I find that I can truly love and esteem my partner more, and demo him/her what existent love is ; so, we are far better off now. That was my narrative. What is yours? ''

You may state, `` I can truly place with what you are stating. This is what happened to me. '' Or, `` I besides went through this concern you have. '' Or, `` I hear what you are stating. Several old ages ago, I found myself in your state of affairs. This is what I did. '' Or, `` I have discovered that with Christ I … . '' Or, `` A good friend of mine besides went through that. This is what Christ did in his/her life. '' If you do non place with them, you truly do non understand, or you have non been through what they have, do non lie or seek to do up something. Mention them to person else who has been at that place. Just listen, portion from the Word ( A `` Bible Promise '' book can give you the transitions, as can our devotional channel ) , and portion what the Spirit puts in your bosom.

Christian Testimonies

Before you read these Christian testimonies, think about your ain journey to Jesus. Have you shared it? If you haven’t, we want it. The Bible says that Christians will bring forth fruit ( John 15:8 ; Matthew 3:10 ) . Your testimony may bring forth fruit for God’s land. Don’t waste this chance. You can direct us your narrative right now. Don’t worry about your writing accomplishments. We edit ( lightly ) all content ( if needed ) . Don’t believe your testimony is tiring. Your narrative could be the lone one to link with a individual seeking for the truth. No life-saving journeys are tiring. Every individual testimony is alone and gives us a spot more insight into how our God works in this twenty-four hours and age.

Personal Testimony of Faith

I guess I merely haven’t had the negative experiences with people’s personal testimonies that you have, Eric. Possibly that’s because I’ve chiefly heard them in the context of activities sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, which provides counsel on how to fix a personal testimony of religion. In our Defenders category we likewise gave people some guidelines to follow in fixing their histories of how they came to cognize Christ and so offered feedback to folks who shared them in category. I must state that hearing people’s personal narratives of how they came to faith in Christ has been merely intriguing. The diverseness of the ways in which people come to faith is mind-boggling. I’m often amazed at how people who appear to hold it all together have unbelievable backgrounds and experiences which have led them to Christ. It makes my bosom rejoice to see the assortment in the organic structure of Christ and all the fantastic ways in which the Lord works to pull people to Himself.

As for the intent of sharing your testimony, we’re to be as salt and visible radiation in a dark universe, and one of the most interesting ways you can make that is by sharing your personal life with people. I find that folks connect more with one’s personal narrative than they do with statements. They want to cognize how what you believe has affected your life, what difference it makes to you. One of the advantages of sharing your personal narrative is that you will frequently happen people who identify with some component of your life, which draws them into your narrative. So I see sharing your personal testimony as a cardinal component in evangelism. It helps people to link personally with the Gospel message.

So here’s a theoretical account to follow: Write out an history of how you came to Christ that you can give aloud in about three proceedingss. Your history should include three wide parts: First, what your life was like before you came to faith in Christ. Of class, if you came to Christ as a little kid, this portion of your narrative will be less important than if you came to the Lord subsequently. But many people who were raised in Christian places may place with your attempt to do your faith your ain and non merely that of your parents. Second, state how you became a Christian. Be specific. What did you really make? A individual hearing your testimony should cognize afterwards what he should make if he wants to perpetrate his life to Christ. In sharing this portion of my narrative, I normally try to include the content of the Gospel message that was shared with me and to which I responded. So the message of Christ’s decease and Resurrection can really be included in your testimony. Finally, depict a spot how your life has changed since going a Christian. What does Christ intend to you today? What difference does it do being a Christian compared to the manner you were before? After you’ve written out your testimony, memorise it so that you can state person your narrative at the bead of a chapeau if you should be asked.

I wasn’t raised in a church-going household, much less a Christian family—though it was a good and loving place. But when I became a adolescent, I began to inquire the large inquiries of life: “Who am I? ” “Why am I here? ” “Where am I traveling? ” In the hunt for replies I began to go to on my ain a big church in our community. But alternatively of replies, all I found was a societal state nine where the dues were a dollar a hebdomad in the offering home base. The other high school pupils who were involved in the young person group and claimed to be Christians on Sunday lived for their existent God the remainder of the hebdomad, which was popularity. They seemed willing to make whatever it took to be popular.

To do a long narrative short, my religious hunt went on for the following six months. I attended Christian meetings ; I read Christian books ; I sought God in supplication. Finally, one dark I merely came to the terminal of my rope and cried out to God. I cried out all the choler and resentment that had built up inside me, and at the same clip I felt this enormous extract of joy, like a balloon being blown up and blown up until it was ready to split! I remember I rushed outdoors—it was a clear, mid-western, summer dark, and you could see the Milky Way stretched from skyline to horizon. As I looked up at the stars, I thought, “God! I’ve come to cognize God! ”

Sharing your testimony counter-productive? Not on your life! Surely there can be counter-productive testimonies, testimonies that are joging and tedious, obscure or uncomplete, or merely kick kooky ( the Body of Christ truly does incorporate all sorts! ) . But don’t Lashkar-e-Taiba those maltreatments put you off from making the right thing good: sharing the narrative of how God acted to pull you to faith in Him. A good testimony gives glorification to God and points the hearer to Christ, whom it lifts up alternatively of ego. I find that sharing my personal testimony of religion with others, along with sharing the message of the Gospel and grounds for its truth, is a powerful informant to Christ’s world and makes the Gospel really attractive for people who are seeking today.

Thingss to Include in your Presentation

State your readers or hearers what brought you to the realisation of your demand of a Savior. You don’t necessitate to give a laundry list of your wickednesss, but you should state how you were brought to strong belief. The Bible Tells us that God’s jurisprudence is what brings us to a cognition of our demand of redemption ( Galatians 3:24 ) . Sharing with the audience what God says about wickedness is an of import component of your Christian testimony. You can make this by sharing assorted parts of the Ten Commandments and how they were convicting to you personally. Your audience needs to cognize that the ground they should see Jesus Christ is non because He can do them happy, but because they are evildoers and He can forgive them.

Why Your Testimony is Important?

I have a inquiry I do a station to my facebook page speaking about my day-to-day growing in Jesus and how God is steering me day-to-day and how I am invariably taking measure to walk right in life. I of class reference how it is difficult sometimes but the wages of ageless life is worth the trial and lesson I go through to acquire at that place. It has been told to me that I am non suppose to state about my individual growing all the clip. I do non see it that manner if Is have learn something through a storm why should I non state it, cause to me it is a portion of my testimony and if person reads it and is traveling through something and can see that they can acquire through it with religion in God like I did I do non understand what is incorrect. Can you give a better apprehension of this issue possibly with Bible that I can analyze.

Paul, as Leviathan8 merely said, you can non conflict wickedness entirely. You need to acquire into the Word of God and the God of the Word will acquire into you..and you can non suppress wickedness by yourself but the Holy Spirit will help you. Just the fact that you are seeking to get the better of wickedness is grounds that the Holy Spirit is making His work in convicting you of wickedness and that’s great intelligence friend. Thank you for being so honest for we ALL struggle every twenty-four hours with wickedness. Let me indicate you to this article we wrote called “How Can I Get the better of Addiction and Sin in my Life” and I pray you will read it and have some assistance from it. Please make allow us cognize how its traveling and make come back once more shortly Paul.

My schoolmates and I were invited to a Breakfast Prayer Event by our instructor this coming Saturday. She asked if any of us wanted to portion a testimony and portion what God has done in our lives, so I told her I would love to portion mine but have a fright of public speech production which by the manner I’m working on through Jesus Christ who continues to beef up me. I decided today I will portion my narrative on Saturday so I needed tips on how to travel about it. I googled testimony narratives and ended up on your web site after researching other sites. I found everything on this page really utile so thank you. I am now an official fan of your site so I can remain up to day of the month with any valuable & utile information.

For I am a spread abroad, however NOT LOST-just spread. I sat among disbelievers who made Holiness into Whore-ness and lies into their truth.For of this kind are they creep into houses, and lead prisoner cockamamie adult female laden with wickednesss, led away with frogmans lust. I continue to ptyalize shine my armour for I must and will digest adversity as a good and faithful soldier-like the pupils a Berea in that they received the word with all preparedness of head and searched the Bibles daily. whether those things were so. For we can make nil against the truth, but for the truth, THE TRUTH INVINCIBLE.So therefore I continue to analyze to demo myself approved unto God-for I am non ashame of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I must promote myself with vocals and the Word of God. I have non left God-just the place/environment I was at. I’m here to stand like that tree by the life H2O I shall non be move-for I am the church and the Gatess of snake pit shall non predominate against me For I have the POWER of the HOLY GHOST to get the better of, for my bosom is fixed and my head made up. This state of affairs has been and is a really serious blow to me for they had made a jeer out of the word of God-I became angry, sad, huffy, panic, unusual even a small sword lily but yet the Lord let me to stand and endure.Some people would hold possibly fell away/ engage with the mess/stayed non cognizing what to make. I Praise Jesus for protecting my kid and my ego during this and maintaining us-we have a DESIRE to be keep, We continue to populate Holy, Obedient, Faithful we pattern these thing in our life for this is OUR life.Didn’t Jesus say if ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall inquire ye will, and it shall be done unto you. I believe this had to go on for a ground to see what I was made of-despite what has and is traveling to go on to the other psyches. It hasn’t been easy, but yet intriguing. A whole batch of praying a beginning of joy and power, fasting, survey. To sum it up ; You know how you feed a babe and that baby gets so aroused when you put that spoonful of nutrient in it’s oral cavity he/she will kick their small pess and merely giggle and laugh and may shout with joy. That’s how I react to Word of the Living God. Have a Jesus Day 🙂

This has been truly helpful. I keep acquiring this feeling that I need to somehow tell people my testimony and that I went through alot for a ground. I was saved immature, but at about 18-22 I wholly strayed off. Enough to where I was invariably doing alibis for my actions and speaking to God and seeking to dicker with him that what I was making was all right and it wasn’t like I was killling anyone. I stopped traveling to church because everytime I went I would shout from the gap vocal to the alter call. I want to compose my testimony and make something with it, give it to person, tell person but like I saw earlier, I’m non certain how much wash to interrupt out for people to see. I would state it all, no jobs. But candidly, I’m afraid of what other people may believe or state if I do. Even though I know I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. I merely have this firing feeling of necessitating to make something and needing to help person.

Hello, David! Had merely read Pastor Jack Wellman’s testimony on another page and all I wrote back was that I didn’t have existent “testimony.” Then I wrote about a miracle that happened when I was 18. Yet, I feel such an “urge” to compose more, that it could help person to cognize and love God, to populate by His Commands, to recognize we can derive forgiveness for our wickednesss through penitence to Jesus. Don’t genuinely know if it’s Jesus’ Holy Spirit or my wickedness of pride desiring to give a ‘testimony.’ After I pray on this, and make some more extended reading of God’s Word, a determination I’ll brand. Thank you for another great article, David! Oodles of God’s approvals for you and your household! Always, in Christ, Jesus….Patty


Hello, David! Well, I eventually wrote my ‘testimony’ on Pastor Jack Wellman’s site, “How I Was Set Free in Prison.” So you can read it at that place, if you want. Because of your 10 Tips above, your answer to me, and Pastor Jack’s encouragement, plus a batch of praying, made the determination today to make so. Even felt “compelled” to portion something truly personal with my brothers & sisters in Christ. ( And I mean, “compelled.” ) Hope it was by Jesus’ Holy Spirit. ( Certain it was, ’cause after I wrote the words, I felt composure and reaffirmed. ) Thank you of all time soooo much, David, for this article above. It genuinely helped me a batch! Tonss of God’s approvals upon you, David, and your household! Always, in Christ, Jesus….Patty

Hello Mr. Titus. I don’t believe that the writer may acquire this so allow me state as a curate that it is really good to be a small frightened when you speak in forepart of others but pray that you do state things that will laud God and that you can non make this on your ain power and God will hear and reply that supplication and honour your petition to be more composure when it is done in His power and for His glorification. Pray that and I am certain you’ll be all right. The twenty-four hours that you are non afraid is the twenty-four hours that pride may do you to falter. Make sense sir? I would compose it down…rehearse it and talk from the bosom. God bless you in your speech production for His glorification.

I truly enjoyed this article, every bit good as the remarks. I have been asked to give my testimony this weekend at my church’s mens retreat. I grew up in the church, the boy of a sermonizer. The boy of a Salvation Army officer. I was saved at a immature age, or I believe I was. Then in my teenage old ages I ran off from place, ran off from the church, and ran far off from God. At least, that’s what I tried to make. I hated God, and even tried my hardest non to believe in him. No affair how difficult I tried though, he was ever at that place. I was ever convicted of my wickednesss. And so I would disregard that strong belief the best manner I knew how. For old ages I escaped by the usage of drugs. I had a kid at a immature age, and got married immature. I spent my 20s and most of my 30s ( I am 39 now ) seeking to be self sufficient. It was MY duty to do my matrimony work ( I failed ) , to be a adult male my girl could look up to ( I likely failed here more frequently than I succeeded ) , to happen success in my calling, to love my neighbour as they loved me. Merely what I found was that even when it looked like I was successful, that success had a shelf life. The doctrine that I tried to populate my life by was impossible to prolong. I fed my encephalon with cognition, seeking to be an rational. I fed my organic structure nutrient for nutriment and nutriment. I fed my head and I fed my organic structure, but I starved my spirit. I tried and I tried and I tried to be a good, sort, intelligent individual. And when times got tough, I got high or I got rummy. And I’d start once more the following twenty-four hours. But I invariably felt as though I was losing something. Over the last few old ages, my girl ( 18 old ages old now ) began to happen her way with Jesus. She had been traveling to church with her ma and so around a twelvemonth and a half ago she changed churches. She did this on her ain. She found another church here in our little town who has an astonishing young person family. So she advised her female parent and I that she wanted to get down go toing this other church. Of class we allowed her to make so. And because she was non yet driving, it was my duty to drive her to and from church. But she didn’t merely get down go toing on Sundays. She got really active in her church, the Bible, and her walk with Christ. She would be in bed at dark reading her bible until I could eventually wheedle her into turning out her visible radiation and traveling to bed. She was traveling to bible surveies every hebdomad. She was traveling out with friends or conveying them place who were illustrations of Christ. I was witnessing adolescents populating their lives as an illustration of Jesus! This was really different than my life as a adolescent. And it was reviewing. I was so happy for my girl. And I know now that God was working on me. He was prosecuting me. My girl and her friends ( unbeknownst to me at the clip ) were praying for me on a really regular footing. ( I truly do hold a point and will acquire to it really shortly ) Last summer, God pursued me and because He knows how obstinate I can be, He came at me difficult. Or possibly he has ever been coming at me difficult, but I eventually began to come about. It has now been 6 months since I knelt and prayed to God and asked him to forgive my wickednesss. I felt him raise the weight of those wickednesss off my head and my bosom. I began traveling to my daughter’s church, I go to two little groups a hebdomad, and I enjoy volunteering at the church for our town’s young person. But so there are yearss or darks when I don’t feel every bit close to God. There are times when I fall back on me and the manner I lived my life before I had Jesus in my bosom and at the head of my ideas. And on those yearss I divert back to my old ways. Sometimes it means drugs and intoxicant. Sometimes it means trusting on myself and happening my ain strength alternatively of inquiring for and populating on God’s strength. This is the conflict I fight on a regular footing. And here is my point: How – when I struggle on so many yearss to populate my life as an illustration of Christ – can I perchance stand before a group of work forces in my church to give my testimony? I don’t want to be a dissembler. This is my battle. I pray to God about my wickednesss and about my battles but I am discerning to be a informant to disbelievers, or anyone else for that affair. Ideas? Advice?

Sebbie…I am non the writer of this article but I believe that when, as a curate, I gave my ain testimony, I told the church the cold, difficult truth, warts and all. I believe what you have written here is a good 1. Pour out your bosom. State them all your failures. Show them how God sometimes reaches down into our deep, deep cavity of 30 pess and sends us a rope of 30 pess and 1 inch. We are commanded to squeal our wickednesss or mistakes to one another and by stating them ( or reading this ) you might help person who is at stone underside and non yet saved ( retrieve that there are tares or false converts probably in every church in America ) you might motivate them to humble themselves and give up their life to God. State it merely like you wrote this. It is cherished and topographic point on the truth. That is my sentiment anyhow. Truth affairs. For an illustration, read mine ain personal testimony here at this nexus that I gave ALL ( on this site and in the universe and to my church ) to see my ain personal testimony at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/how-i-was-set-free-in-prison/


Hello Sebbe! SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY, BROTHER! ! In fact, make notes from what you wrote yesterday here on this site, which was so a Testimony! Powerful and encouraging, Sebbe! Every word you wrote, Sebbe, I could wholly associate to. None of us is perfect ; even after we accept Sweet Jesus as our Savior, we are all evildoers, necessitating to turn to Him and repent of our day-to-day wickednesss. ALL of us trusters understand this, Sebbe. You have to maintain reminding yourself that Jesus HAS FORGIVEN you, He will ne'er go forth your side nor forsake you. So thrilled for your girl, Sebbe, that our Father is ‘using’ her & her friends to help you happen your manner in Him! Don’t callback who foremost said this, but daily I remind myself to populate harmonizing to “God’s Will, God’s Plan for me and patiently wait upon His Perfect Timing.” ( Impatience is one of my worst frailties, every bit good as the wickedness of pride. But as Pastor Jack Wellman told us, “We’re all a work in advancement! ” And so are you, Sebbe! ! LOL! ) God’s fantastic approvals and graces be showered upon you, Sebbe, and your household! ! Your Sis in Christ Jesus ~ Patty

I’ve read and watched in the intelligence recently how Christianity in America is now a minority. The lone manner we can recover ( and I say that for deficiency of better words ) is to supply our testimony and our walk with our Lord Jesus. I’ve late gone on to intelligence posters with articles about some awful offense and prayed for both the victim and the accused. I have found it a great topographic point to speak to others about what Jesus Christ can make for them in their life. So many are angry in those stations. I’ve merely added this article to my facebook page to help my fellow Christian friends so we can “get the ball rolling” . Thank you for the article.


I feel God has been naming me to “feed His sheep” , “tend His lambs” . I have asked if He means physical nutrient and he says “the Word” . I am believing he is naming me to portion my life narrative during which I have been brought into an confidant relationship and walk with Him. Basically my narrative is that I did non turn up in a Christian place, but instead an opprobrious, alcoholic household. I went to college and became a nurse. During the Vietnam War, I married an Air Force Flight Surgeon. We spent nine months in Thailand. Upon returning to the USA, we became pregnant with our first kid. The babe was born in a little town in Oklahoma. Because of hapless medical direction, he suffered terrible encephalon harm with terrible residuary mental and physical disablements. This kid was named Steven. As his parents we were lost and broken as to what to make for him. I did inquire God for help but I was angry and non obedient. We had another kid who was healthy, got divorced, placed Steve in a particular school over about five old ages clip. This resulted in a station traumatic emphasis state of affairs for me. I suffered from depression and anxiousness even as I worked as an RN, I did non turn to God to help me. I remained obstinate. On May 24, 1989, Steven died in his slumber at the age of 17 old ages old. I broke broad unfastened. Over the following old ages, I found myself seeking for God and Jesus. I had an experience at place where I was wholly lost and despondent. I cried out to Jesus and he came to me, forgiving me for turning off from him for so long. My girl and I begin to travel to a local United Methodist church. My relationship with Jesus grew even as my heartache over Steve’s decease was harrying me. I have been in psychotherapy three different times over the 26 old ages since Steve’s decease and I have reached a point of credence that Steve’s decease is portion of my journey. I feel God wants me to portion this as I now have a stopping point, loving relationship with Jesus, do daily Bible survey and remain in supplication invariably with my Lord and Savior. What do you believe God is naming me to make?

Judy, I have been through a batch of hurting in my life. It may non be precisely the type of hurting that you have suffered and gone through, but it is still my ain. However, I know that I made it through life, because there is a God who loves me and wants to draw me through all of this. Not merely that, but he has placed people in my life and has helped me to construct up my Christian testimony. One manner he has done that is that he has put people in my life who have need me to state my narrative to them so that he can help them through that. I don’t cognize what God has specifically called you to make, but I believe that he has called each of us to be his informants and to state the narrative of how God has brought us through this journey we call life. Share your adversities with others. They will see your strength, the strength that you have through God, and be helped.

God said I will pour Dreams in your boies & work forces of my return, these dreams are like no other, I am witting, & know precisely everything that’s traveling on around me, & what clip it is and how the air smells as if I am awake. When I was a child the age of 6 or 7 my ma had images of Jesus Christ on her wall, when my brothers would bully me or do me mad/cry they would state me Jesus was looking at me for cussing at them so I began to cuss Jesus besides because I dint know who he was, small over a month Christmas came about, that dark I had a dream of Lucifer coming in to my dream he was immature, & good dressed like Fonzie from happy yearss, but cleaner so of all time, he began to inquire me if I wanted to travel with him, I dint understand at that clip, he said he would give me everything I wanted, & whatever I could believe of I could hold it immediately, merely when I began to endorse off he reached over & pulled out a plaything that I ever wanted when I was a child I was so happy I wanted it in my custodies but there was a job he ne'er turned his whole organic structure around to see me he would merely turn his caput to look at me, like if something or person was keeping him back, so when he felt that I dint want nil to make with him he came closer and said take it wich was the plaything I loved, so I reached and catch the plaything and woke up with my weaponries up in the air at 3 or 4 AM.. , when I sat down to believe what was all that about, I turned about and Jesus Christ pictures where behind me where I would kip on the floor the same image frames I would cuss at, I dint think anything of it till I got older, Jesus Christ ne'er let travel of me, even when I dint understand. He walks with me, & holds my bosom now, I gave my life to him. Since the age of 7 Jesus Christ lives in me. And has protected me from dangers when I was in packs he warn me to go forth at times when things where approximately to acquire brainsick. I love you Jesus Christ. I dream of his return all the clip & I have painted & drawn his return.

I am sharing my testimony tonight. I am non a public talker. I am entire introvert and suffer with anxiousness. This is so hard for me. But what I can make is write poesy and so one prayed difficult and I asked Jesus for words to help me and so I wrote my testimony as a verse form. Is this appropriate? It will maintain me on path and I will non acquire lost in the deferrals of my ideas and Satan will non be able to agitate me as I have something to read and I believe Jesus was with me as I wrote and edited it. I have had some serious injuries and atrocious things in my life including suicide efforts and atrocious atrocious ego injury and I am scared that if I do non read something prepared I may panic and crumble. Jesus will beef up me do me weather. I am disquieted I have written excessively much- it reads 4 mins 7 seconds. I am reading tonight in a little group to rehearse for my testimonial earlier baptism on Easter Sunday. I feel so ill.

What 's So Amazing About … My Testimony?

I left the chapel service amazed and inspired. And frustrated. God had so evidently worked in this adult male 's life, and his powerful narrative touched Black Marias. Of class, his was n't the first unbelievable testimony I 'd heard. Turning up in the church, I listened to many work forces and adult females Tell of God 's grace in their life. The most powerful narratives ever involved hurting and heartache—women who had abortions, work forces who battled erotica dependences, teens who escaped a life of drugs and intoxicant. These Christian brothers and sisters told how they saw God 's manus in the thick of agony and sorrow. Their narratives ever inspired and encouraged me. They besides made me resent my ain dull testimony.

How to Fix and Communicate Your Personal Testimony

A 2nd clip they summoned the adult male who had been blind. “Give glorification to God, ” they said. “We know this adult male is a sinner.” He replied, “Whether he is a evildoer or non, I don’t know. One thing I do cognize. I was blind but now I see! ” Then they asked him, “What did he make to you? How did he open your eyes? ” He answered, “I have told you already and you did non listen. Why do you desire to hear it once more? Do you desire to go his adherents, excessively? ” Then they hurled abuses at him and said, “You are this fellow’s adherent! We are adherents of Moses! We know that God spoke to Moses, but as for this chap, we don’t even cognize where he comes from.”

But whatever was to my net income I now consider loss for the interest of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the exceling illustriousness of cognizing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose interest I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may derive Christ and be found in him, non holding a righteousness of my ain that comes from the jurisprudence, but that which is through religion in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God and is by religion. I want to cognize Christ and the power of his Resurrection and the family of sharing in his agonies, going like him in his decease, and so, someway, to achieve to the Resurrection from the dead. Philippians 3:2-11

“The Jews all know the manner I have lived of all time since I was a kid, from the beginning of my life in my ain state, and besides in Jerusalem. They have known me for a long clip and can attest, if they are willing, that harmonizing to the strictest religious order of our faith, I lived as a Pharisee. And now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our male parents that I am on test today. This is the promise our 12 folks are trusting to see fulfilled as they seriously serve God twenty-four hours and dark. O male monarch, it is because of this hope that the Jews are impeaching me. Why should any of you consider it unbelievable that God raises the dead?

“On one of these journeys I was traveling to Damascus with the authorization and committee of the main priests. About midday, O male monarch, as I was on the route, I saw a visible radiation from Eden, brighter than the Sun, blazing around me and my comrades. We all fell to the land, and I heard a voice stating to me in Aramaic, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you oppress me? It is difficult for you to kick against the goads.’ Then I asked, ‘Who are you, Lord? ’ ‘I am Jesus, whom you are oppressing, ’ the Lord replied. ‘Now get up and stand on your pess. I have appeared to you to name you as a retainer and as a informant of what you have seen of me and what I will demo you. I will deliver you from your ain people and from the Gentiles. I am directing you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to visible radiation, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may have forgiveness of wickednesss and a topographic point among those who are sanctified by religion in me.’

“So so, King Agrippa, I was non disobedient to the vision from Eden. First to those in Damascus, so to those in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles besides, I preached that they should atone and turn to God and turn out their penitence by their workss. That is why the Jews seized me in the temple tribunals and tried to kill me. But I have had God’s help to this really twenty-four hours, and so I stand here and attest to little and great alike. I am stating nil beyond what the Prophetss and Moses said would happen— that the Christ would endure and, as the first to lift from the dead, would proclaim visible radiation to his ain people and to the Gentiles.” Acts 26:1-23


Testimony in the Old Testament. Testimony as the Revelation of God. The thought of testimony is intrinsic to the thought of scriptural disclosure. The content of scriptural disclosure, whether general or particular, stands as testimony to its Giver. Furthermore, God has unveiled Godhead truth to people within the matrix of secular history. This means that people were able to verify godly disclosure. Paul proclaims that the coming of Jesus and the world-wide spread of the Gospel were `` non done in a corner '' ( Acts 26:26 ) . These events were good observed by many. This assessment holds true for most of scriptural disclosure.

Concerning God 's particular disclosure of himself to Old Testament Israel, the Ten Commandments are called the Testimony ( Exod 31:8 ) ; as the disclosure of God 's statute law, they testify to his individual and work and to his outlooks for Israel. The Ark and the Tabernacle are besides on occasion called the Ark of the Testimony ( Exod 25:22 ; Num 4:5 ; Joshua 4:16 ) and the tabernacle/tent of the Testimony ( Exod 38:21 ; Num 10:11 ; 2 Chron 24:6 ) . In these cases, testimony more specifically refers to the indicative self-witness of God to his people. Here, by the Ark in the Tabernacle, God testifies to his ain being in the act of uncovering himself to Moses ( Exod 25:22 ; 33:9-11 ; Num 7:89 ) and to future coevalss ( Exod 29:42 ) .

Old Testament authors often use the linguistic communication of the court of law to show God 's temperament toward assorted persons and groups of people. He appears as guardian, accuser, and justice. As guardian, God is beseeched to take up the cause, to attest on behalf of an aggrieved party. Job, for illustration, entreaties to God to support him as his informant, advocator, mediator, and friend ( Job 16:19-21 ) . Elsewhere, God defends the cause of the hapless, ill, and disenfranchised ( Deut 10:18 ; Psalm 10:18 ; 72:4 ; 82:3 ; Prov 23:10 ) , the righteous ( Psalm 119:154 ) , and Israel ( Jer 50:34 ; 51:36 ) . As accuser, God testifies against Israel because of their wickedness ( Psalms 50:7 Psalms 50:21 ; Isa 57:16 ; Hosea 4:1 ; Micah 1:2 ; 6:2 ; Mal 2:14 ) ; as justice, he reaches a merely finding of fact on the footing of his ain testimony ( Hosea 12:2 ; Micah 6:2 Micah 6:9-16 ; Zeph 3:7-8 ; Mal 3:5 ) . But even as accuser and justice, God 's gracious love is still in force: `` He will non ever accuse, nor will he handle us as our wickednesss merit or refund us harmonizing to our wickednesss '' ( Psalm 103:9-10 ) . God 's desire for justness establishes a case in point for his people to follow. To support the cause of the powerless and to attest against injustice reflect cognition of God 's ways and personal obeisance to him ( Isa 1:17 ; Jer 22:16 ) .

Testimony besides appears in the Old Testament as the legal cogent evidence of God 's trustiness. Certain seeable grounds existed within Israel certifying to the trustiness of God 's disclosure of himself to them. The Song of Moses ( Deut 31:14-32:44 ) and the Book of the Law ( Deut 31:26 ) base as testimony against Israel ; these paperss contain God 's anticipation that Israel will one twenty-four hours arise against him and turn to idols. Israel 's bequest of apostasy verifies the dependability of God 's anticipations that they would abandon him. More loosely, the fulfilment of these anticipations in Israel 's history endorses the trustiness of God 's full disclosure given through Moses.

Testimony appears, furthermore, as a seeable reminder of God 's domination. The Transjordan folk of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh built a reproduction of the Lord 's communion table near the Jordan, non for burned offerings and forfeits, but as testimony to Israel that they would stay faithful to God 's jurisprudence given to Moses and that they had a go oning legal right to idolize at the Lord 's Tabernacle even though life outside of the promised land ( Joshua 22:27-28 ) . They named the commemoration: A Witness Between Us that the Lord is God ( v. 34 ) . It stands as seeable grounds that Yahweh is supreme. The prophesier Isaiah seemingly takes up the communion table and memorial thoughts of Joshua 22 in depicting a important future transition of Egyptians to the Lord. At that clip, they excessively will hold a legal right to idolize the autonomous God of Israel at his tabernacle/temple ( Isa 19:19-20 ) .

In the same assembly, Israel takes the informant base ( Isaiah 43:10 Isaiah 43:12 ; 44:8 ) to proclaim Yahweh as the Lord and that apart from him there is no savior ( 43:11 ) . Their instance, in contrast, is undeniable. Israel 's history proves it. God has historically, clip and once more, revealed himself to Israel and redeemed them from subjugation ( 43:12 ) . God 's disclosure of himself to Moses, his giving of the jurisprudence, his staying presence in the Tabernacle ( and temple ) and his salvation of Israel from Egypt provide the Israelite informants with solid grounds to back up their claims. In supporting Yahweh, Israel proclaims to the states God 's Lordship and that redemption can be found merely in him.

John 's Gospel, in peculiar, offers a wealth of Jesus ' self-claims refering his Godhead individuality ( see the legion `` I am '' expressions ) . In fact, the full Gospel apparently appears as a legal defence of Jesus ' Godhead sonship. Jesus regarded his personal testimony as valid ( 8:14 ) , but cognizing that, harmonizing to Jewish jurisprudence, looking as one 's ain informant without verification invalidates the testimony ( 5:31 ; 8:13-18 ) , he summoned other informants, whose testimony he besides considered beyond difference. Jesus stressed that his marvelous plants affirmed his Godhead position ( 5:36 ; John 10:25 John 10:38 ; 14:11 ; 15:24 ) . He could non hold performed them if he were non from God. This integrity implies, moreover, that the Father testifies to his Godhead individuality every bit good ( John 32 37 ; 8:17-18 ) . In the same sense, Jesus declares that the Old Testament Scriptures attest about him ( 5:39 ) , as will the Holy Spirit, whom he will direct to his followings from Eden ( 15:26 ) and the apostles ( 15:27 ) . John the Baptist besides offers testimony backing Jesus ' self-claims about his deity ( 3:26 ; 5:32-33 ) : The nazarene is the true visible radiation through whom all people can be saved ( 1:7-9 ) , is pre-existent ( 1:15 ) , will baptise with the Spirit ( 1:32-33 ) , and is the Son of God ( 1:34 ) .

Testimony and the Gospel. The legal sense of testimony as the presentation of grounds plays a decisive function in the New Testament church 's extension of the Gospel. In the New Testament, dependable historical grounds is a servant to the theological significance of the gospel message. Eyewitness testimony is of extreme importance. The New Testament church 's assurance in the Gospel as economy is straight relative to its assurance in the historical dependability of the gospel events themselves. It would hold been indefensible for Judaic Christians to utilize the Old Testament legal process for set uping the legitimacy of the Gospel via the testimony of multiple informants, if all the piece cognizing that historically the events had non transpired in the manner they had so claimed. Judaic oppositions of Christianity would, otherwise, have been able to happen bonafide informants of their ain ( something historically they were unable to make ) to rebut the legitimacy of the Christian claims.

The New Testament two types of informant as legal testimony. First, it appears as a actual courtroom defence of Jesus and the Gospel. It stems from Jesus ' ain instruction. Jesus announced to his followings that they will stand test before Judaic and Gentile governments as informants to them on history of him ( Matt 10:18 ; Mark 13:9 ; Luke 21:13 ; John 15:27 ; Acts 10:42 ) . In the New Testament, the Book of Acts particularly attests to the fulfilment of this promise. Luke recounts legion occasions when trusters appeared in tribunal scenes bearing informant to Jesus as Jesus before Judaic, Greek, and Roman governments. Second, informant as legal testimony often appears as a manner of showing the Gospel. In its proficient use, it purely refers to Jesus ' followings who witnessed his full earthly ministry, from John 's baptism to the Ascension. They vouched for the certainty of the gospel message from their firsthand cognition of the events of Jesus ' earthly calling, and provided able beginnings for the contents of the Gospels. In a more general sense, it besides refers to the manner trusters appealed to Jesus ' life, the Old Testament Scriptures, the Spirit 's presence and personal testimony to confirm the legitimacy of the gospel message.

Furthermore, in the New Testament the historical dependability of Jesus ' life, decease, and Resurrection is intrinsic to the sermon of the Gospel. The interrelatedness between attesting and prophesying in the New Testament closely resembles the Old Testament illustration in Isaiah 43-44. Paul, for case, while at Corinth `` devoted himself entirely to prophesying, attesting to the Jews that Jesus was the Jesus '' ( Acts 18:5 ) . For Paul to show grounds that Jesus was the Messiah was at the same clip intended to bring on a believing response from his Judaic hearers. Announcement in the New Testament means bearing informant to the historical dependability of God 's salvaging work in Jesus. The genuineness of the message preached is what grants the message its authorization. To prophesy the Gospel to the states is to dispute them with the fact of Jesus ( Matt 24:14 ; Mark 13:10 ; Luke 24:48 ; Acts 1:8 ) .

Another New Testament signifier of attesting to Jesus and the Gospel is through proper Christian behavior. Jesus tells his adherents ( John 13:34-35 ) , `` A new bid I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all work forces will cognize that you are my adherents, if you love one another. '' The bid to love is non new ( californium. Lev 19:18 ; Deut 6:5 ) . What is new is the disclosure of God 's love through Jesus. As Jesus bore informant of God 's love to the universe by his life and decease ( John 3:16 ) , his followings by loving as he has loved will uncover a Christ-like love to a universe that has ne'er seen him. Any enquiry into the ground for this selfless love will meet the good intelligence of Jesus ' salvaging workan event historically dependable and theologically certain. Proper Christian behavior, hence, provides dateless testimony to Jesus ' perfect and concluding look of God 's love.

The Witness of the Spirit as the Testimony of God. Harmonizing to 1 John 5:6-11, the Spirit 's informant appears as God 's testimony that Jesus is his Son. The informant the Spirit bears is recognizable externally to all people and inside to trusters. Outwardly, `` the marks, admirations and assorted miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit '' appear as God 's testimony to the redemption foremost announced by Jesus and so confirmed by eyewitnesses ( Heb 2:3-4 ) . The touchable grounds of the Spirit 's presence is displayed both in Jesus ' life and in the experience of the church. The Spirit 's ministry in the church becomes, in consequence, irrefutable grounds to Judaism ( and to the states ) that the church 's message about Jesus comes from God. Jesus foretold that the Spirit will attest about him ( John 15:26 ) . Inwardly, the Spirit testifies to trusters that they are God 's kids ( Rom 8:16 ; 1 John 3:24 ) and have God 's testimony about Jesus in their Black Marias ( 1 John 5:10 ) .

The forensic linguistic communication of these New Testament passages is historically and theologically of import. The Spirit 's witnessyet seeable to us even now! verifies that, historically, Jesus did non have his Godhead sonship by acceptance. The informant by H2O and blood ( 1 John 5:6-7 ) indicates that Jesus already was God 's Son at the clip of his H2O baptism by John and his decease on the cross. The Spirit of Truth ( John 15:26 ; 1 John 5:6 ) affirms this. Therefore, as informants the H2O, blood, and the Spirit nem con agree that Jesus was God 's Son by godly nature, non by godly assignment ( 1 John 5:8 ) .

The Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus. John 's Apocalypse wonderfully depicts the integrity of God and Jesus in the compound appellation `` the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ '' ( Revelation 1:2 Revelation 1:9 ; 6:9 ; 20:4 ) . The separate rubrics mean the same thing. Both refer to Jesus. John envisions Jesus at the clip of his glorious return as `` dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God '' ( 19:13 ) . God 's concluding word of disclosure and redemptional act were consummated in Jesus ' passion work. The phrase `` the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus '' does non mention to a construct but to an event: the embodiment. The historical world of Jesus ' life and passion is cardinal to Christian confession and lies at the bosom of the compound appellation. Its use in the book 's debut ( 1:2 ) indicates its thematic importance for the full work. Jesus is the true and digesting informant of God 's love ( 1:5 ; 3:14 ) . He is the slain Lamb of God who, vindicated by God, soon reigns supreme by his Father 's side. Therefore, to trusters confronting persecution and possible martyrdom for bearing informant to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus in a human tribunal of jurisprudence, John reminds them with the Book of Revelation that their ultimate fate is every bit assured as the dependability of the message they preach: the Lord Jesus himself will justify them in the celestial court of law.

Christian Testimonies

Christian Testimonies: Eyewitness Histories Testimonies are words delivered in a tribunal of jurisprudence, normally by a informant to an event. In the instance of the Christian testimony, we have as our first piece of grounds the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These four work forces were eyewitnesses to the life and work of Jesus Christ. Notice that each of these work forces include inside informations non precisely matched by the others. That 's because each of them saw Jesus Christ from a somewhat different angle-the angle known as position. Because each of us is created by God as a alone person, each of us will hold a distinguishable position on the events of our lives and the people we encounter in them. See for a minute a traffic accident, witnessed by four people standing on different corners. Each of these eyewitnesses will hold seen the same event, but from a somewhat different angle. Therefore, each of them will be stating the truth when they testify, but each one 's narrative will be distinguishable from the others.

Christian Testimonies: Why They Matter Christian testimonies can be viewed with incredulity by skeptics. Sadly, that is frequently with good ground. Christians are people, and people are non perfect. All excessively frequently, people say they are Christians when they are non. Testimonies from these people frequently pealing hollow or are proven false over clip. But because they are `` out at that place '' for all to see, they can do it harder for the echt testimony to happen credence. Why do Christian narratives and testimony affair? Your experience with God as a truster is precisely that-your experience with God! Surely your life has been enhanced by the advice or true life narrative of another individual. We are alone, but we have the common bond of being created by the same God. Therefore, even if we 've stuffed different plans in along the manner, we all have fundamentally the same operating system! We are all organic structures made by God. My experience with God happens within my life-time. It happens merely one time, to me. God has put me here, in this topographic point and clip, in order to state others about what He has done and is making in my life. As a Christian, do you truly hold on this? Whatever you 're traveling through, whether it 's joyful or painful, is allowed into your life by a loving God, whose end for you is to go like His Son, Jesus Christ. Because God wants to transform you, He allowed your life to follow the way it did before you became a truster in order that you would acknowledge His work at some point along the manner. Now, seeing it, you are responsible to state others what He has done. That is your Christian testimony! Possibly you 've been a Christian for an hr, a twenty-four hours, or for old ages. What is He making in your life now? That is your Christian testimony. You are an eyewitness to the plants of Jesus Christ in your life.

Christian Testimonies: What the Bible Says What does the Bible say about our Christian testimonies? Shortly before Christ delivered His Great Commission to His followings ( Matthew 28:19-20 ) , Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying that the cup of enduring might be taken from Him. Naturally, He desired that there might be another manner for us to be rescued from the punishment of wickedness. But preternaturally, because He was both God and adult male, His will was ready to be wholly submitted to that of the Father. While He was at that place, we read that Peter boldly proclaimed he would ne'er abandon or bewray his maestro! How Jesus must hold loved Peter, for He knew in progress what Peter would make, and that he would, so, betray Jesus. Notice in Matthew 26, when Peter was accused of being a follower of Christ, the first thing he did was to deny it. Where is your bosom today? Are you a truster in Christ? Are you a follower of Christ? Have you been afraid to acknowledge it because you might be perceived as `` eldritch '' by your friends or household? Be careful that you do n't repent that distancing, as Peter did merely minutes subsequently. Has Christ done a work in your life? Then state person! It may be merely precisely what they need to hear, to give them faith that God can work in their life, excessively! He does n't necessitate our help making people. However, He does want it-and that is the greatest Christian testimony of all. God wants you and me to spouse with Him in the work He is making! Wo n't you state person today? Let your life be your Christian testimony.

A: A Christian testimony is one of the most powerful tools that a Christian has in assisting others to understand the importance of holding a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Of class, if a individual does n't hold this personal relationship, so they do n't hold a testimony. This relationship is called being `` saved '' or `` born once more, '' and it is the most of import determination any individual will of all time do in his or her life. If you have ne'er made this determination, or are non rather certain if you have or non, delight travel to our Plan of Salvation nexus on this web site and get down a new relationship today!

One thing that is GUARANTEED when you become a Christian is that your life IS traveling to alter, and for some, this alteration is really dramatic. Some are instantly set free from bondages to drugs, intoxicant, sex, force, smoke, unforgiveness, etc. Some, nevertheless, alteration in lesser and non so dramatic ways. I was set free from choler ( although it still rears it 's ugly head at times ) and had a peace I had ne'er had before. But, no affair what alteration takes topographic point, you can portion this with non-Christians to demo them what they are losing in their lives. This is your testimony. Yes, those people with the HUGE alterations frequently have a more dramatic and powerful testimony, but even if you do n't hold one of those, ( like me ) your testimony is still of import, because finally, we ALL portion the most of import life altering thing: We were on the manner to Hell, and now we are on the manner to infinity with Jesus Christ! Share that life altering joy with others!

Sharing a testimony can be really effectual because it is difficult for the non- Christian to reason with. Of class, sharing the Gospel and the Bible with a non- Christian is important, but sometimes you merely ca n't acquire through or stop up about reasoning. This is where your testimony may help. If you say, `` I used to be an alcoholic, and the twenty-four hours I gave my life to Christ, I was set free and have n't had a drink since, '' what can a non-Christian say to this? He may differ as to whether or non `` Jesus '' did it, but he surely can non reason that a life-changing experience occurred in your life.

In add-on, as Christians, we should non merely hold this testimony to portion of how being saved changed us, but we should besides hold testimonies of how God has miraculously worked in our lives since we were converted or born once more. The longer we have been saved, the more testimonies we should hold. As we go through our mundane lives as Christians, we all face tests, frequently times serious 1s. As we turn to God in supplication for help, strength, healing, rescue, etc. in the thick of these tests, marvelous things frequently happen. These miracles are a testimony that can besides be shared with non-Christians when witnessing, and in add-on, can be used to promote fellow Christians in their tests as good. The Bible Tells us the importance of this in legion topographic points ( Rom 1:12 ) ( Heb 3:13 ) ( 1 Th 5:11 ) .

In witnessing to non-Christians, and sharing your testimony, evidently the most of import thing to maintain in head is that EVERYONE is a evildoer ( 1 Jn 1:8,10 ) ( Rom 3:10,23 ) ( Eccl 7:20 ) and needs to accept the forfeit Jesus made to pay for his so he can travel to Heaven when he dies. However, there is besides a lesser, but of import ground why we need Jesus excessively. That is to hold the POWER of the Father, Son ( Jesus ) , and Holy Spirit to help us with these tests of life we have already discussed. Unless a individual is born once more, the Holy Spirit does non brood in him, so he does n't hold that power to get the better of. I believe the Bible is clear that he can non travel to the Father in supplication without first traveling through the blood of Jesus Q: # 142. And, evidently, if he has n't been born once more and given his life to Jesus, he does n't hold Jesus either. EVERYONE needs this help!

The Bible besides tells us that all people instinctively know that God is existent because God has made His presence known to them through the visible radiation and testimony of creative activity ( Rom 1:18-20 ) ( Ps 19:1-2 ) and scruples ( Rom 2:14-15 ) . Deep interior ( really deep for some ) , all work forces have a yearning for God and a hole inside that can merely be filled by Jesus. No persons life will of all time be complete ( Col 2:10 ) or perfected ( Heb 10:14 ) without the Lord. As we portion our testimony of how God has helped and changed us, the Holy Spirit can work to utilize that testimony to convict the non- Christian that they need Jesus and what you have. ( In a non-Christian the Holy Spirit works from the exterior, and in a Christian He works from the interior. ) This happens when a individual is drawn by the Father ( Jn 6:44 ) , who draws ALL work forces, wanting that all would be saved ( 1 Tim 2:3-4 ) ( 2 Pet 3:9 ) ( Ezek 18:23 ) ( Mt 18:14 ) . However, adult male can reject that pulling ( Jn 5:40 ) ( Mt 23:37 ) ( Acts 7:51 ) ( Jn 7:17 ) .

While I did n't hold any peculiar wickedness I was seeking rescue from, Many non-Christians are necessitating rescue from one `` besetting '' wickedness that is destructing their lives. They are at underside and have nowhere else to turn. As we said above, if they have non turned to Jesus, they have tried to get the better of without God ( many do n't recognize God was n't in their life, I did n't ) . These may be alkies, drug nuts, sex nuts, etc. These may be those who can non forgive. These may besides be those who can non forgive themselves or believe they can be forgiven. These can be liquidators, rapers, stealers, or felons of any sort. As you witness and portion your testimony, they may come to believe that `` If Jesus changed your life, and did these marvelous things for you, possibly He can alter MY life excessively! ''

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At this clip I am truly glad that I survived because my life was truly bad at that clip, but now I am a married woman, a female parent, and I have a calling. God has given me everything that I have ever wanted. It has been a difficult battle sometimes, but God ever helps me through all of my problems. I sent this message out because I know that there is person that feels the same manner I felt when I was ready to take my life. I know person is believing “Nobody loves me, ” or “Why am I even alive? The universe would be better off without me.” Even if it is true that none of your household or equals care about you there is one that gave up his life because he loved you so much and that is Jesus. I challenge you to convey your ailments to the Godhead and see how he would react. I know that he will demo you the same love he has shown me. Now I am stating, ”thank you lord for this life you gave me” and I am stating it with joy in my bosom.

Hi this last year has been really hard.god at one clip gave me everything and blessed me with gifts.but I messed everything with a dependence to trouble killers.god all so gave me gifts and I threw them away.now I got a new topographic point and my boy is place and I ask god every dark to give me my married woman and boy back for all of us to be togeather.but it all seems like a existent battle spiritualty. I feel like all the bad people got everything but I can’t acquire a existent 2nd opportunity iam so near to holding it once more but besides losing it everything before I get a 2nd chance.I ask God to delight delight forgive me.I cognize my household could be beautiful once more if god hears me.I cognize he does but I it seems he is truly doing me truly work for it this time.god knows my bosom and I would and will make anything for God my married woman and boy Is have a really good bosom I want so much to give my married woman and boy all good things.I love God so much I used to be so really profoundly near God and I want that back and my household please pray for me please.thank you chuck

I besides realized that I was approximately to confront a new beginning, new hope, make and see more with a whole new prospective on life. When I think of the “gift of life” that was given to me, I know that I will develop and derive strength from all my experiences. After traveling through all that I did during my chest malignant neoplastic disease period, I was left with a few complications I now have to populate with ; one being day-to-day hurting. For a piece, I wasn’t happy with the manner I looked around my chest country, nor the hurting I had to digest each twenty-four hours, but I decided to snarl out of it. Even after being diagnosed with another malignant neoplastic disease ( colon ) a few old ages subsequently. Which wholly took me by surprise. But even with the hurting I had to digest through each diagnose, and all the battles I’ve dealt with all my life, I still feel genuinely blessed. I think about the persons that are no longer among us. I besides realized that there will ever be person worse off than I am. I reminded myself, that I “still hold my life” , so who am I to kick.

One twenty-four hours during one of my surgeries, I experienced something of a miracle, as if I went to the other side, so I felt the irresistible impulse to compose it down. I turn that experience into a verse form and I called it “Peace” . Writing had become therapy for me. I took that verse form, along with many others I had composed during my chest malignant neoplastic disease period and placed them into book signifier. I was blessed plenty to hold that book published, called “True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival” . I subsequently had another inspirational children’s book published, with a 3rd one on the manner. I’m trusting that anyone who has the chance to read my first book of verse forms, acquire out of them, what I placed in all of them. My verse forms are from the bosom, every bit existent as any could of all time be. With the words and phrases of each verse form of statement, I wish to do a positive impact on person who’s ailment or otherwise, where they could develop the strength to encompass life in a whole new manner. I ne'er anticipated going a author, I merely became one. I genuinely believe when you survive a hideous calamity or a atrocious disease as malignant neoplastic disease, it’s for a ground, “you have a purpose” and I want to populate to happen happen out precisely what that is for me.

MY JOURNEY OF FAITH I was born in a Christian household. I grew up cognizing that God is the solution to all our jobs. But when I became an grownup I started oppugning the power of God. It all started when I realized that everything I touched turned to ashes. Nothing worked for me. I even thought that I was cursed since everyone around me was stand outing but me. I besides thought that it was a penalty for my defects. So I asked God in my supplications: “Why is my life so empty? Have I non done all that you requested from me? Why is this go oning to me? Then God started talking to me through assorted Bibles. I came across so many Bibles from the Bible, but the undermentioned 1s were more like a handwritten missive from Jesus. “Go and do adherents of all nations” Matthew 28: 19. “Do non worry” ( about anything ) Matthew 6:25-26. “Pick up the cross and follow me” Matthew 10:37-39. “My yoke is easy and my load is light” Mathew 11:29-30. This combination of Bibles made me recognize that I was still manner excessively far from God. I thought that God owed me a wages somehow, for being such a good Christian. Little did I know that God wanted me to recognize that it takes echt religion and absolute trust in action to delight him! I finally came to understand that I was merely another Christian who expected approvals without of all time acquiring to the point of swearing God all heartily. Therefore I had to take a spring of religion in order to turn out my trust to God. It takes great strength and great bravery to swear God. In other words ; cowardliness is non a quality of a true Christian. Because Revelation 21:8 considers a coward to be every bit bad as a liquidator ; but Joshua 1:9 says: ”Be strong and brave for the Godhead your God will be with you wherever you go.” Whenever God gives an assignment to a individual, he knows that the individual to whom He gives that assignment is more than able to make it ; that’s why Jeremiah 1:5 says: “Before you were born I knew you.” Basically God wanted to demo me that something had to be done with all the information I had acquired in my Christian life, since it wasn’t meant to merely be stored up. ( James 1:22 ) . Therefore through the following Bible, God tested my religion in Him. Genesis 12:1which says: ”Go from your state, your kindred, and your father’s house, to the land that I will demo you.” These words bordered me for such a long clip ( months ) . I truly struggled to come to term with these words. I mean ; God is really inquiring me to step out of my comfort zone. To go forth everything buttocks and travel to a topographic point which I might non cognize anything about! ! ! What a challenge? Is it even possible to swear God when He sounds so irrational? Or is it’s possible to swear God in this new twenty-four hours and age the manner Abraham did? After believing long and hard I eventually decided to take the hazard and trust God, because James 2:20-23 says: ”faith without action is useless.” I was besides encouraged by a narrative I read of a male parent who one time took his kid who was merely a yearling, put him on top of tabular array, and asked him to leap into his weaponries. The male child jumped into his father’s weaponries because he trusted him and had faith in him, which resulted in a good gimmick. I decided to make the same, because all I wanted was to set a smiling on God’s face, because I believed that I had saddened him for such a long clip with my defects. Trusting Him with my life appeared to be the best manner to do God smiling once more. Deep down I wanted to prove God every bit good. This was one of the most ambitious things I’ve of all time had to make tough. First I did non cognize much about the state I was convinced to travel to. Second I did non hold any money for adjustment and nutrient. I had merely adequate money for conveyance. Therefore I left my household, my work every bit good as my church for the 42 Hours coach thrust to the finish that God gave me. I arrived at that place on a Friday dark about 9:00 PM. Since I had no money at all, I was forced to pass the dark in the coach station. That was the first clip I of all time slept outside. The dark was really cold, but it wasn’t every bit cold as the land on which I laid my organic structure. I had no cover and nil to cover myself with in that winter cold. I remember gazing at the roof for a long clip, whenever I was awakened by the cold. I looked about and wondered what had merely happened to me. The following twenty-four hours, which was a Saturday ; I woke up early and ready to confront my challenges. I started by traveling to a church nearby to inquire for help. Unfortunately I was turned down and I was told to travel expression for help elsewhere. With a sad face I took my baggage and left the church premises really defeated. I went to look for help elsewhere as told. I walked up and down all twenty-four hours long on an empty tummy and a dry pharynx without acquiring any help at all. I was wholly isolated and I felt so lonely, so lost and so stupid at the same clip. Then I began to inquire why I trusted God in the first topographic point. Then once more the word of God strengthened me until the following twenty-four hours, which was a Sunday. Very early that twenty-four hours I went to another church and asked for help after stating them about my ordeal. This clip I was eventually helped. The battle did non stop at that place. I still didn’t cognize how I was of all time traveling back to my household ; since the people who helped me were hapless and could non afford to pay for my return place. For this ground I had to happen another manner to acquire some hard currency. I started by selling some of my valuable belongingss, such as my cell phone etc… After a piece God made me realized that money wasn’t what I needed- period ( Mt.6:24 ) . I was acquiring more and more baffled by this all thing, and the state of affairs was bit by bit acquiring hard and complicated, to the point that people from the church stopped believing my narrative. They thought that I was merely an imposter who needed a topographic point to remain. They really confronted me a figure of times, endangering to kick me out of the house as good. But a susurration of God’s word kept me traveling. The tenseness was so high that even the people who still had faith in me ended up stating me to discontinue swearing God, and name my household for help ; but I couldn’t state them that I had made up my head about swearing God all heartily and there was no turning back. ( Luke 9:62 ) . Unfortunately my attitude did non alter the state of affairs at all ; in fact it made it worse. I was still so defeated that I wished to take my life on so many occasions. It appeared to be the lone manner out of that muss. I remember one twenty-four hours traversing one of the busiest roads in the metropolis while an evil voice in my head told me to halt right in the center of that route, and allow the autos run over me in order to set an terminal to my incubus. But God walked me out of that route by whispering words of hope in my head. God kept me positive minded, and strengthened me with the undermentioned poetries. Proverbs 3:5, which says: “Trust in the Godhead with all your bosom, and do non tilt on your ain understanding.” Jeremiah 29:11, which says: “For I know the programs I have for you declare the Godhead, plans for your public assistance and non for catastrophe to give you a hope and a future.” Isaiah 55:9, which says: “As the celestial spheres are higher than the Earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my ideas than your ideas. Hebrews 13:5, which says: “I will ne'er abandon you, nor will I of all time forsake you.” I had found these poetries wholly in a book called Daily in Christ which I read daily. These words kept me strong and positive until one twenty-four hours the pastor’s married woman who was so unstable financially and had five childs to take attention of, decided to utilize all of her nest eggs to pay for my return place. I was so astonied by her gesture and yet I felt so bad for seting her and her household in that sort of a quandary. I knew that my household could hold helped me if merely I had told them about my state of affairs. but stating them would hold been the failure of my mission, because I chose to swear God entirely. I guess the pastor’s married woman was making the same when she decided to help me. But, since, God is the Godhead of the celestial spheres and the Earth, the maestro of everything. He performed a miracle I will ne'er of all time bury. I went to town the really same twenty-four hours that the pastor’s married woman decided to help. Something from within made me travel back to that really bus station where I had spent 2 cold darks. Once at that place, I all of a sudden and miraculously looked across the route and saw my ma and sister. They were looking for me, because they did non cognize who I was remaining with and why it took so long for me to return. But they did non cognize the intent of my journey. The Godhead took my shame and my hurting off in a affair of seconds, after enduring mentally, emotionally and spiritually for two long months. I took my ma and sister to church the same hebdomad I meet them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The church packed with people who came to see the miracle that God performed in my life including the bishop of the church whom I ne'er met before so. Everybody in the church couldn’t believe their eyes. And I remember a brother came to me after the service and said: “you serve a life God.” That’s why I keep stating that I have seen God with my ain two eyes, because he made a manner where at that place seen to be no manner. And he had been a true supplier to me. Therefore I am more than convinced that my God is a life God and he reigns from heaven above with wisdom and power. I’m truly glad that I took this spring of religion ; because through this journey I came to recognize that swearing God is the most stupid thing 1 could make as a human being, but it’s the wisest thing that one could make as a religious being. As a human being Abraham would hold been considered to be so stupid for seeking to give his lone boy ; no admiration he didn’t state his married woman or anybody else about it. But as a religious being God considered him to be so wise to the point of naming him his friend ( James 2:23 ) . Trusting God will ne'er be easy, but it will ever be deserving it. Beside ; without religion it’s impossible to delight God.” ( Hebrews 11:6 ) .

Hi Freddy, May God continue blessing you for sharing your lovely narrative with many people including me. I know that your testimony will touch my son’s bosom when he reads it. My boy who is really in gaol right now gave his life to the Lord a piece ago, but he continued populating the life of this universe, making things that were non right in God’s eyes. I genuinely believe that this test that my boy is traveling thru right now is God’s making merely because He has programs with him. God has been fantastic to my boy because He has protected and watched over him all the clip. Now my boy realized how stupid he has been as a human being ( like you said ) and he wants God to alter his life around. I trust in my Lord that when my boy comes back place, he will be wholly transformed spiritually. My hubby and I serve the Lord and pray every twenty-four hours for this miracle. I thank you so much for this testimony because I know it will help my boy recognize that God will help him thru this journey. God bless you son, you are a valuable instrument in God’s custodies, do non halt working for the Lord. Amons

I ne'er truly cognize the true power of God until one fatal night.the dark where I about lost my male parent. Around midnight on the 13 of July,2013, my pa was driving on the freeway. Suddenly the auto in forepart braked n my pa had to interrupt excessively. The driver at the back couldn’t halt in clip n sent my dad’s auto towards the auto in forepart. The auto was smashed n had to b scraped the following twenty-four hours. My pa when that happened called n told me to acquire help n that his horsepower batt was low. N to name the insurance company. I did n my uncle went over 20km to help my pa. However, there was non a individual abrasion on my male parent despite the status of the auto. I thank God for protecting my pa

Upon my return to American Samoa, I remember one dark walking up to my ma to speak about Christmas and Jesus Christ, when she retaliated in the most acrimonious manner. She told me that Christmas isn’t existent that Jesus didn’t dice on the cross. She unfolded Jehovah Witness beliefs and philosophies that dark and as a 4th grader, I was stunned. I wanted to delight God and I wanted to cognize the truth and battle for it no affair what. My ma took us to her dad’s topographic point where we would go to the church. It was that minute that I knew something wasn’t right. I felt a different sort of peace. A creepy one- as if person was watching me from a far and I felt like there was a deep emptiness that was within me. I was ne'er baptized but I knew at a immature age that Jesus Christ was existent and He was a faithful Jesus. ( kid like religion ) . I remember my head being dulled for some ground. Possibly because I genuinely did believe the instructions of the cult Jehovah Witness. I remember, experiencing things in the dark but ne'er truly admiting it because I was told by my aunt that “there aren’t any monsters” . I felt ill to the cavity of my tummy all the clip. I got deeper into the surveies of Jehovah’s Witness. I asked for the books that were on the side to help with my surveies. Again, that creepy silence non a healthy peace would come over me and frighten me. Flash frontward! ! ! 2003, I graduated from Rainier Beach. My ma was born once more in 2000. She became a supplication warrior- and prayed fierily for me because I was a devout Jehovah’s Witness. I learned at that clip that the Jehovah Witness forbids Jesus Christ’ equality with the Father. And declared the Holy Spirit an active force. After my graduation, I moved to my cousins house. She was a born once more believer- We argued and argued about philosophies and she fondly corrected me. I read Francine River’s book “An reverberation in the darkness” and finished all three books. I remember while reading those books, I wanted to see Jesus Christ in my bosom. I signed up for baptism. Missed the hebdomad I was supposed to acquire baptized. Then I remember praying and inquiring God specifically to convey a friend to speak to me while waiting to acquire baptized. He brought a sweet immature lady older than me to speak to me. I remember walking into the H2O, and I accepted Jesus Christ! A immature Mexican miss was with me when we walked to the bathroom to alter. We were both shouting. I felt so much LOVE in my bosom. I cried and cried. The peace that I received from it was existent and trustworthy- didn’t panic me. I watched the passion of the Jesus after and cry my eyes and my bosom out. I cried and cried. There were religious conflicts still. This clip, I knew Jesus was powerful. Because when of all time I felt like something was choking me in my slumber and frightening me and I tried to interrupt free by repetitiously reiterating “Jehovah” in my mind- nil happened. When I accepted Jesus Christ- and every bit shortly as I got attacked in my sleep- I remember expressing Jesus name and what of all time it was vanished instantly. The power of His name. Timess when I would acquire attacked in my slumber, I would experience my lingua and oral cavity being covered as if something was forestalling it from moving- in my head I would state JESUS and so it would disappear. I realized that the Jehovah Witness is a cult and a LIE because of my personal brush with Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior and my brush with the Holy Spirit. The philosophy didn’t dissolve from me outright. It took me being led by the Spirit of God to be where I am at today and realizing and belieiving that the Jehovah Witness is a legalistic bunk delusory belief. I realized the power within God’s word to declare it and talk it and to claim your healing and your rescue and your good hereafter and hope in Jesus Christ! ! ! I didn’t want to wait any longer to see how the result was traveling to be. I began declaring Gods fidelity and the darkness and dark cloud over me no longer came over me unless I felt it and prayed against it and walked off from what I was perpetrating that permitted the dark cloud. I no longer desire to be deceived any longer. At a immature age, as a 4th grader, I wanted to stand for the truth and battle for it. I genuinely believed in my bosom that it was the truth- the Jehovah’s Witnesses.. But now, that I am bought by the blood and sanctified and made whole in Jesus Christ, I realize, this is the truth that I had in my bosom when I was in Tennessee. God intervenes all the clip and there is a clip and a season for everything. He planned my life and the set the day of the months in order of events that would go on. I am thankful! ! ! to no longer be a portion of an organisation that despised the divinity of Christ and divide His equality from our Father. The Holy Spirit is non an active force. He is a individual. He is portion of the Trinity. I love the Trinity and I love that I am free and am able to state all about it! ! !

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You may remember I joined this Christian Faith Site sometime last twelvemonth 2012, which I posted some articles in my web log ( SAMUEL IDOKO ABAH ) . Since so, I was busy in other activities which did non let me to see the site frequently. This long clip visit to the site made me to bury my username every bit good as my watchword to the site. Could you please look into through your informations base and feed me back with my username and watchword to enable me restart trial to this site? Thank you remain blessed in the Lord. Samuel Idoko Abah, from Nigeria. electronic mail =

My testamony is on cadmium if anyone would wish to hear it… It is really beloved and may be an encouragement to you that the Lord can transform a life that has been controled by fright and bondages… That Little by little He causes you to get the better of in Him and in His strength as you learn the day-to-day exchange of conveying your life, your ashes to Him so He can give you beauty… Spending clip with Him and shouting out to Him, brings the exchange of strength and He sets us free from the power of wickedness and ego will in our lives to more and more freedom in Christ… In this procedure He enlarges your bosom for others and causes His will to come Forth in you… The delivery of our life to Jesus and the Father in supplication, makes the oppertunity possible for the life of exchange… our life, our adamic adult male given to him in the day-to-day swot, so that in the exchange we have His life grafted more and more into our interior adult male and Christ is formed in us… I die daily, ne'er the less I live… Yet non I, But Christ in me xoxoxo… A transformed life. It is besides really sweet so as you walk with Jesus in this procedure He makes manifest to you, His land and how it operates, how the land of darkness moves backwards and His land comes away as you learn to stay in Him and overcome twenty-four hours by day… He speaks to me many times in dreams and visions as He helps me understand Him and His word… It was about 7 old ages ago when my life started to turn around I’d been a Christian every bit long as I could retrieve but bound with so much fright and stronholds until I started to shout out to Jesus to put me free… My life has changed from that clip until now and is a life in transmutation from the power and plants of Satan to life in Christ and hungering for the 100 fold… It ne'er is out of range, it is merely in the sufficent unto the twenty-four hours problems and LEARNING that Jesus made a manner for us to get the better of and populate in Him… The day-to-day swot has the PURPOSE to take us to Christ.. In it we find our life in Him… And God brings forth His fruit in us that people can get down to eat. Learning to populate the exchanged life besides brings the Lords will to be done in Earth as it is in heaven… Learning to walk in religion and obeidence, my testamony may be a approval to you or anyone hungering for more of Jesus the Father and life by the strength of His Holy Spirit… As every joint supplies… Val, VLAMB.MD…

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