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In the Roman Catholic Church, the rite of confirmation is a procedure by which persons are to the full welcomed into the life of the church. For immature Catholics, this typically occurs in early adolescence. Student initiates or converts, known as campaigners, take a category in the basic philosophies and pattern of the religion, at the terminal of which they are baptized -- if they have non already been baptized -- and receive sanctum Communion for the first clip. During this procedure, correspondence is frequently exchanged between the campaigner, the bishop of the diocese, and the candidate’s patron, a fellow Catholic who provides religious way during the confirmation procedure.

A Student 's Letter to a Bishop

As a measure on the way to confirmation, some churches ask that their campaigners type a letter to the presiding bishop, in concern letter format, near the terminal of their clip in confirmation category. Because the letter is typically hand-delivered by the parish priest, it doesn’t necessitate a cast or reference. Addressing the bishop as “Your Excellency, ” the campaigner states his or her background and asks to have the rite of confirmation. He explains briefly how he has prepared for this event, including categories taken and any community service he has performed. He so says how he intends to populate out the Catholic religion after confirmation.

Confirmation Service Hours

All Confirmation pupils are required to make 10 hours of service prior to their being Confirmed in September. Volunteering to help at the assorted service bureaus in the country such as pealing bells for the Salvation Army or assisting to sell magazines for a school fund raiser can all be counted towards these needed hours. These hours must be unpaid and done for the good of household or community. They need non needfully be done for the church, though we need your help with many of our Religious Formation undertakings. Please have the service signifiers signed by parents, patron or superintendents and returned to verify 10 hours of work.


This is a really Catholic apprehension of our religion. We believe that everything we do that is non immoral farther expands God 's land here on Earth. We have this confidence from Jesus with his Sermon on the Mount ( Matthew 5 ) and The Judgment of the Nations ( Matthew 25 ) . We are a community of trusters that recognizes that our mundane labour progresss the public assistance of people on Earth. Workers in papermills, on farms, in schools, etc. , in all the multiple signifiers of doing a life industry the stuff needs that others need in this modern universe of ours. Supplying for those demands is surely one of our missions from God. Another is the career in life we choose to take. The Church provinces that how we make our life, if we decide to get married and raise a household, even if we find that we have athletic abilities so that we choose to play football on weekends comes from God and is hence good.

What Are the Sponsor 's Duties?

First, Congratulations! You have been chosen by a immature individual to make full a particular function. The two of you are about to put out on a religious journey. Along the manner you will supply `` amazing sights '' for your co-traveler to chew over. You will be helping your immature adult male or adult female in being a true informant and adherent of Jesus. At the reaching at your finish, you will stand for the community in showing your campaigner to the bishop. That is why the Church requires that you yourself have received the sacrament of Confirmation. As a patron, you have accepted a duty that is considered an award in the Catholic Church. Your particular responsibilities as a usher on life 's journeys need non stop at Confirmation. Hopefully this freshly Confirmed individual will look to you to supply for direction and support into his/her hereafter.

On Confirmation: A Letter to Darby Beckwith

Confirmation, as you know, is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church. It is, more specifically, one of the three sacraments of induction. ( The others are Baptism and Holy Communion ) . Because, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church Teachs, they “lay the foundations of every Christian life” ( CCC, 1212 ) , both Eastern Rite Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox administer the three sacraments to babies. It is besides why we Latin Rite Catholics ask Confirmation campaigners to regenerate the baptismal promises that their godparents had recited on their behalf when the campaigners were babes.

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Thankss for the article. I would still be fallen off if my kids had non been fixing to have their sacraments at their Catholic school. Some faultfinders claim that 12 and 13 twelvemonth olds merely go through the gestures of Confirmation because they are required to. I give them much more recognition than that. They are called on to be really brave as teens to state yes to the church’s instructions and to state no to the countless enticements of the universe. My kids, now 12 and 14, drive me balmy, but besides animate me every twenty-four hours. My duplicate 15-year old nephews will be received into the church this Easter Vigil. I have no uncertainty that the elusive informant of my kids helped my nephews make their every bit brave determination.

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