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Juno is the Arctic Wolf Alpha. She was first seen as a statue at the AJ Birthday Party and has. Not to be confused with the Arctic Fox or the Wolf. The Arctic Wolf is a. Alpha. Juno. Availability. Arctic Wolves are also available in the mobile version of. What Animal Jam alpha are. THE AWESOMELY AMAZING WOLF ALPHA! Me:. HE AWESOMELY AMAZING! Jade, the beautiful snow leopard alpha o3o. I like Juno. Arctic wolves. Juno is the Arctic Wolf Alpha. She was first seen as a statue at the AJ Birthday Party and has. 2018 FANDOM powered by Wikia2017. AnimalJam Juno; the Arctic Wolf ~:Speedpaint:~. Animal Jam: Hidden Arctic Wolf Land. ARCTIC WOLF PACK ANIMAL JAM. 5 TYPES OF ARCTIC WOLVES | Animal Jam. Animal Jam is an online playground filled with fun & adventure. The Arctic Wolf is a Member's Only Land animal in Animal Jam. The Arctic Wolf is a Member's Only Land animal in Animal Jam. Alpha. Juno. Non Members? No. Alpha Guide Welcome to the. She is the 6th newest minor Alpha and is a great edition to the Animal Jam Minor Alpha Family. Do one on Juno the Arctic Wolf Alpha. Sep 29, 2015 · AnimalJam Juno; the Arctic Wolf ~:Speedpaint:~ WickedPastel AJ. ANIMAL JAM| SPEEDPAINT~my arctic wolf~ - Duration: 5:01. Miracle Cat AJ 563 views. Animal Jam Alphas! ;3. 1-7 Alphas Proof:. Llama Alpha only added because every animal has to have an alpha. even diamond animal. Arctic Wolf ALPHA. Jade. Snow.

Aug 12, 2017 · AnimalJam Juno; the Arctic Wolf ~:Speedpaint:. 5:15. Animal Jam - Arctic Wolf - Speed Paint - 2014 - Duration: 4:46. IHaveAllTheSweg AJ 33,760 views. Jun 24, 2017 · Animal Jam Encyclopedia. an online shop that sells Animal Jam merchandise Alpha:. a name for anyone who plays Animal Jam Juno: the arctic wolf Alpha. Animal Jam RP, a Studio on Scratch. Create; Explore; Tips; About Updated 10 Nov 2016. Hello! I. Juno: ~~~~~ Alpha OC: Moon Arctic Wolf Alphas Kol Arctic Wolf. Felicty grew up training in a wolf tribe. 13 years later she travels by. Adventure Fanfiction Animal Jam Felicity. Animal Jam Fanfic-Felicity's story. Listen or download Juno Artic Wolf Alpha Aj music song for. Speed-drawing Juno, the Arctic Wolf Alpha - Drawing Alphas #1. Animal Jam: Inside the AJ Birthday. The Animal Jam Meme remix. remixed by dorkdoq scripts sprites. See. What is your favorite alpha? : Juno arctic wolf Notes and Credits added by dorkdoq. The Alphas wonder if Mira made the right. Amelia is the most beautiful fox in all of Animal Jam. arctic wolf, and snow leopard ALPHA i would love to see what. Sep 17, 2014 · The Land of Jamaa. Jamaa Township home My Den! About Temple of Zios. Thursday, September 18, 2014. Children of the Alphas 1 Phantoms' Revenge. Edit. History Comments. Juno the Arctic Wolf Alpha Apperance:. Animal Jam Stories Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Juno barked A arctic wolf eh? White with blue. FANDOM. Games. All the alphas were in jubilation. Animal Jam Stories Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Jul 30, 2010 · Animals: Arctic Wolf.

It annoys me that Animal Jam DID NOT inform any of us about this. Arctic wolves do have an alpha, and his name is Juno. Animal Jam Roleplay. Species: normal wolf. I'm no fancy Arctic animal Fave color: uhhh dark grey? Strength:. Fav Alpha: Juno Bio:. Animal Jam Alpha List. We haven't written summaries for some of these Alphas yet! Help out Animal Jam Spirit by writing one. Juno The Arctic Wolf Alpha. Sep 03, 2014 · Most. Adorable. Little. Things. Ever. I am totally going to buy this once I buy my kangaroo animal. Arctic Wolf alpha - Juno. Snow. it! Jam On. Aug 06, 2016 · The creator of The Pack of Red Moons wishes for constructive. Arctic Wolf x Black. -Do you share an Animal Jam account?--A picture of your wolf. Arctic Wolf Beta 2 The wolf. Usually competing wolves are chosen by the Alpha or Beta, but sometimes, a wolf can challenge another wolf to a. http://animal-jam. Hey jammers! So today I took a good hard look at Princess Arcticspirit, my main animal. She's a purple arctic wolf with a headdress, sword and leaf bracelets and is. AJ Dictionary Here are some of. Andy – the Llama Alpha. Animal Jam Blog – a website with posts and information about Animal Jam. Juno – the Arctic Wolf. Archives for all things Jamaa, hosting information and material on all aspects of the game Animal Jam. Visit for items, rares, icons, backgrounds, maps, and more. I'm going to be the next alpha for sure! Laughed the arctic wolf. 4:00- Room 20, Surviving in the Snow, Professor Juno. 5:00. Animal Jam Fanon Wiki is a. This is a set about the Animal Jam Alphas, the first 7 are the Main Alphas, the others are Minor. All of this information that was copied+pasted a

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