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What is the difference between descriptive, analytical, persuasive and critical writing?

The simplest type of academic writing is descriptive, and its intent is to supply facts or information. An illustration would be a sum-up of an article or a report of the consequences of an experiment. The sorts of assignment instructions for a strictly descriptive assignment could be, e.g. place, report, list, name, record, summarise, collect, define, etc.However, it is rare for a university-level text to be strictly descriptive. Most academic writing is besides analytical. Analytic writing includes descriptive writing ( i.e. facts or information ) , plus the added characteristic of re-organisation. That is, in analytical writing you non merely give information, but you besides re-organise it into classs, groups, parts, types or relationships. Sometimes, these are classs or relationships which are already portion of the subject ( e.g. In the subject of Law, there are 2 types of jurisprudence: common jurisprudence and codified jurisprudence ) . Sometimes, these are classs or relationships which you create specifically for your text ( e.g. If you are comparing two theories, you might interrupt your comparing into 3 parts, based on 3 facets of the theories, such as: how each theory trades with societal context, how each theory trades with linguistic communication acquisition, and how each theory can be used in pattern ) . The sorts of instructions for an analytical assignment could be, e.g. analyse, comparison, contrast, relate, examine, classify, etc.In most academic writing, you are required to travel at least one measure further than analytical writing, to persuasive writing. Persuasive writing has all the characteristics of analytical writing ( i.e. information, plus re-organisation of the information ) plus the added characteristic of your ain point of position. Your point of position may be, for illustration, an reading of the findings, an statement or some recommendations. Most essays are persuasive, and there is a persuasive component in at least the treatment and decision of a research article. In persuasive writing, each claim that you make demands to be supported by some grounds – e.g. by a mention to an important published beginning, by empirical findings or by original concluding – whatever sort of grounds is appropriate for your subject and the specific text you are writing. The sorts of instructions for a persuasive assignment could be, e.g. argue, evaluate, discuss, take a place ; every bit good as appraising linguistic communication such as, e.g. more convincing, job, chance, win, should.Critical writing is common for research, graduate student and advanced undergraduate writing. Critical writing has all the characteristics of persuasive writing ( i.e. facts + re-organised + your point of position ) , plus the added characteristic of at least one other point of position. That is, while persuasive writing requires you to hold your ain point of position on an issue or subject, critical writing requires you to see at least two points of position, including your ain. For illustration, you may explicate a research worker 's reading or statement, and so measure the virtues of her statement, or give your ain alternate reading. Examples of critical writing assignments include a review of a journal article, or a literature reappraisal which finds the strengths and failings of bing research. The sorts of instructions which can demo that you are required to compose critically could be, e.g. review, argument, disagree, evaluate, etc. Usually these are accompanied by either the name of person whose work you should review ( e.g. Chomsky ( 1975 ) ) or else more general words for people’s sentiments in the subject, e.g. 'adherents of M-Theory ' , 'some may presume that… ' , 'qualitative versus quantitative attacks ' , 'those in working in the constructivist tradition ' , etc.Many academic texts that you write will hold some parts which are more analytical or descriptive, and other parts which are persuasive or critical. For illustration, an empirical thesis needs critical writing in the literature reappraisal, to demo where there is a spread or chance in the bing research. However, the methods subdivision will hold many paragraphs which are largely descriptive, in order to summarize the methods used to roll up and analyze information. In the consequences subdivision of an empirical thesis or a research report, there will be largely descriptive and analytical writing, while the treatment subdivision is more analytical, as you relate your findings back to your research inquiries, and by and large besides more persuasive, as you propose your readings of the findings.Each of the types of writing above has specific linguistic communication characteristics. By developing your accomplishment in these linguistic communication characteristics, e.g. by go toing a workshop on critical writing ( see links on the right ) , you can command how analytical, persuasive or critical your writing is.

Analytic Report

Audience Awareness excellent 5 points good 4 points competent 3 points needs betterment 2 points weak 1 point job is defined focussed solution is proposed report is written to a clear and focussed audience Specific Parts of the Report Level 4 4 points Level 3 3 points Level 2 2 points weak 1 point Level 1 0 points transmittal missive or memo tabular array of contents Introduction Headings and subheadings Outline submitted before report was submitted Executive Summary excellent 5 points good 4 points competent 3 points needs betterment 2 points weak 1 point thorough concise, non more than one page organized harmonizing to the instructions given in category Conclusion good 5 points first-class 4 points competent 3 points needs betterment 2 points weak 1 point thorough sum-up of findings thorough sum-up of recommendations organized Body of the Report excellent 15 points good 13 points competent 11 points needs betterment 7 points weak 0 points incorporate coherent good supported Research and APA certification — portion I excellent 10 points good 8 points competent 7 points needs betterment 4 points weak 1 point at least five beginnings used beginnings woven into the paper efficaciously beginnings listed right in the “references” page Research and APA certification — portion II excellent 5 points good 4 points competent 3 points needs betterment 2 points weak 1 point beginnings are current as appropriate beginnings are cited right in the paper Sentence accomplishments and grammar first-class 5 points good 4 points competent 3 points needs betterment 2 points weak 1 point punctuation truth demonstrated word-form truth demonstrated sentence truth demonstrated Overall Score class of A for the paper 148 or more class of B for the paper 132 or more class of C for the paper 115 or more class of D for the paper 99 or more non go throughing 0 or more Writing Assignment: Your following assignment is to compose an analytical report that addresses a job or issue within an organisation. For this assignment, you will compose a report of 2000-3000 words on a job or issue within your workplace or community. You will place a job or issue within your organisation. This may be a current topographic point of employment or a community group, such as a church, school, homeowner’s association, day care, diversion centre, association football squad, or other group. You will so carry through the followers in the report: • define the job persuasively and accurately • propose a solution or solutions to the job or issue • present that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the recommendation. The report will include the undermentioned constituents: • rubric page • transmittal missive or memo • executive drumhead • tabular array of contents • organic structure of report, with headers and subheadings • References page, with mentions listed in APA format

Your report must besides include the undermentioned: • At least one graphic in the text. • A lower limit of five beginnings cited within the report. O At least one beginning must be a scholarly beginning. o APA manner should be used in mentioning and naming the beginnings. The complete report should be 2000-3000 words, non including the list of mentions. The intent of set uping a word count is to guarantee the subject chosen is neither excessively large nor excessively little. Besides, writing within parametric quantities is a common demand in professional communications. The complete report, as stated above, should mention at least five beginnings. At least one of them should come from a peer-reviewed, scholarly diary. Your beginnings can besides include interviews. The beginnings will be integrated into the paper to explicate the job, provide grounds of the job, and back up the solution. If you are holding problem turn uping scholarly beginnings for your subject, you can allow me cognize during the hebdomads taking up to the due day of the month for the report. I can seek to help you or work with you on incorporating beginnings. An Excellent Resource on Analytic Reports: The Academic Language Learning and Success Program at Charles Darwin University has an first-class usher to writing analytical studies. Click here to entree it. Other Helpful Guides on Report Writing: -Victoria University of Wellington has a thorough lineation and reappraisal of the constituents of this type of concern report. Click here to entree it. -Queen Margaret University has an first-class usher for this type of report. Click here to entree it. -Murdoch University has an outstanding usher on writing this type of report. Click here to entree it. -Colorado State University nowadayss first-class tips in forming the report. Click here to entree its site. -Monash University has a sample instance analyze report that you might happen helpful. Click here to entree it.

Examples of Analytic Reports: -For an illustration of an analytical report on a job at a college campus, chink here. -For an illustration of on analytical report a transit job, chink here. -For an illustration of analytical report on a subject related to economic sciences, chink here. -For an illustration of an analytical report on a proficient subject, chink here. Subjects to Help You Come Up with Ideas on this Assignment: Some possible workplace research subjects are the undermentioned. These are merely illustrations to help you acquire started. Please do non experience that you have to choose one of these subjects. The undermentioned subjects are specific to UMUC: • the effects of the move from WebTycho to LEO for UMUC pupils • the effects of the move from WebTycho to LEO for UMUC teachers • methods for assisting UMUC teachers become acclimated to LEO • methods for assisting UMUC pupils become acclimated to LEO • methods for bettering on-line direction at UMUC • the feasibleness of UMUC’s offering Massive Open Online Courses ( MOOCs ) • the feasibleness of UMUC’s offering recognition to pupils who complete a MOOC

The following subjects have been borrowed from Lannon, J.M, Gurak, L. J, and Daemon, D. ( 2011 ) . Instructor’s resource manual to attach to Technical Communication, 12th erectile dysfunction. Boston: Longman: • the long-run effects of a vegetarian diet • comparing of two or more trade names of equipment • the adequateness of veterans’ benefits • the influence of a bowl or civic centre in your metropolis or community • the best computing machine to purchase for a specific demand • the best type of computing machine ( desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet ) for a specific demand • the best location for a new concern • the effects of budget cuts in public instruction in your country • the effects of legalized chancing in your province • the causes of low morale in your workplace • methods of bettering productiveness in your workplace • analysis of benefits from organic farming practicesmethods of covering with cast-off computing machines and other types of electronic waste • the pros and cons of taking writing categories online • the pros and cons of taking categories online in ____ ( fill in the space with a field of survey of your pick ) • the adequateness of constabulary protection in your town or metropolis

The undermentioned subjects are thoughts that have been used in old categories: • traveling to a radio web • traveling to a paperless office • exchanging from Windows to Linux ( or other similar switch ) • installing/upgrading company firewall • set uping a drug policy • set uping an employee leave contribution plan • set uping an equipment contribution plan for used computing machines, etc. • set uping a company recycling plan ( paper, etc. ) • education/retraining for your employees • set uping a plan for millennian workers ( e.g. , developing on certain facets of etiquette, on understanding other coevalss, etc. ) • planing a preparation plan for workplace safety issues • redesigning employee public presentation ratings • developing a work-at-home ( telecommuting ) policy • developing a flex-time policy • set uping on-site twenty-four hours attention or supplying other kid attention benefits • supplying gym rank or making an on-site exercise installation • making or revising a charitable part policy • making or bettering a tuition aid plan • adjustments needed for employee/s with specific wellness issues ( for illustration, megrims ) • set uping a Habitat for Humanity ( or other group ) chapter at your organisation

Market Analysis

A small-business proprietor must be kept up to day of the month sing alterations in the concern environment, including how rapidly his market is expected to turn and the possible effects on his company of new rivals come ining the market or bing 1s altering their schemes. Market analysis studies help the concern proprietor make determinations about how to apportion the company 's selling resources, both human and fiscal. If the decision of the market analysis, for illustration, is that the approaching twelvemonth will see speed uping growing in the company 's market, he would chart a more aggressive strategic class. He would increase the selling budget in order to take advantage of the favourable conditions and get new clients.

Fiscal Analysis

The fiscal staff in a little concern prepares analytical studies on a regular footing, frequently monthly. These studies show the discrepancies of existent fiscal consequences to what had been forecast in the company 's one-year concern program. The finance squad explains the grounds for any important negative discrepancies so the proprietor can make up one's mind whether to take action to rectify the job. For illustration if the company 's gross border as a per centum of gross revenues declined for three months in a row as a consequence of trade good monetary value additions, the proprietor could elect to increase the retail monetary values of her merchandises in order to keep profitableness. Fiscal analysis studies help the concern proprietor maintain the company on class toward accomplishing its gross and net income aims.

Operationss Analysis

Companies strive to invariably better their operational efficiency -- to increase productiveness and lower operating costs. Operational analysis studies show how expeditiously the company is runing and urge ways to increase productiveness in the hereafter. An analysis of stock list direction might demo that the company faces periodic deficits of cardinal natural stuffs that prevent it from make fulling all of its orders on clip. The analyst fixing the report might reason that the company should look for back-up providers of these points so the necessary stuffs will ever be available when needed.

Tendency Analysis

Companies must germinate in order to remain in front of rivals and increase gross revenues. They add new merchandises or services in order to excite bing clients to buy more from them. They seek out new emerging markets and develop new merchandises to run into the demands of clients in these markets. Trend analysis studies are utile tools in this procedure of long-range concern development. The analysts fixing the studies expression for statistical tendencies such as which demographic groups are sing the fastest rate of growing. They look at tendencies in consumer penchants such as the desire to devour healthier nutrients and drinks. Technological developments are besides monitored because they are beginnings of new merchandise thoughts. The aim of a tendency analysis report is to place growing opportunities the company could take advantage of -- before rivals do.

Identifying the Problem

Analytic studies start by placing a job and explicating whom that job affects. In depicting the job, the report includes information about where the job started, what methods have been used in the past to work out the job, and how good those past methods have fared. For illustration, a school might inquire for an analytical report that examines the job of pupil tardiness. Such a report would bespeak that this job affects pupils, every bit good as parents and instructors, and that in the yesteryear, the school instituted a wagess system for pupils who were systematically on clip, but this tactic did non significantly change the pupil population’s overall tardiness rate. Any primary or secondary research beginnings referenced in the description of the job and antecedently tested solutions appear in a plant cited subdivision, or bibliography, that instantly follows the recommendations or decision subdivision.

Explaining Your Methods

After depicting both the job and how past efforts to work out it hold fared, an analytical report will so depict the methodological analysis its writers used to measure past tactics, every bit good as consider alternate attacks. For illustration, an analytical report about the failure of a company’s advertisement run might bespeak that information about the success and failure of advertisement was gathered through studies distributed indiscriminately to a sample population. In this case, the research method described in the analytical report was the representative sampling of a random population.

Analyzing Datas

As its name suggests, the majority of an analytical report presents a elaborate and careful analysis of informations gathered through the research methods employed by the report’s writers. Because analytical studies are about jobs, their former proposed solutions and possible alternate solutions, the analysis focuses on the success or failures of those solutions to repair the job. For illustration, an analytical report on drivers’ abilities to obey velocity bounds might analyze and compare the comparative success and failure of methods such as posting velocity bound marks, building velocity bumps, or utilizing constabularies traffic stops to implement velocity bounds. The comparative analysis of these three different attacks purposes at finding which of the three or what combination of the three is most effectual at work outing the job of rushing. Any studies or questionnaires used to garner informations would be portion of an appendix at the terminal of the report.

Making Recommendations

Ultimately, an analytical report physiques towards urging solutions to the job under examination. These recommended solutions, found in the report 's decision or recommendations subdivision, would be those found to be most effectual or successful at repairing the job. For illustration, if an analysis of a assortment of proposed tactics for losing weight found that people who combined moderate diet with moderate exercising were the most successful at keeping weight loss, the report would utilize this grounds to urge that those facing the job of weight loss combine a moderate diet with moderate exercising.

Reporting V. Analysis: What’s the Difference?

You may hold seen assorted people use the footings “reporting” and “analysis” as though they were interchangeable footings or about equivalent words. While both of these countries of web analytics draw upon the same gathered web informations, coverage and analysis are really different in footings of their intent, undertakings, end products, bringing, and value. Without a clear differentiation of the differences, an organisation may sell itself abruptly in one country ( typically analysis ) and non accomplish the full benefits of its web analytics investing. Although I’m chiefly concentrating on web analytics, companies can run into the same challenge with other analytics tools ( for example, ad helping, electronic mail, hunt, societal, etc. ) .


Reporting translates natural informations into information. Analysis transforms informations and information into penetrations. Reporting helps companies to supervise their online concern and be alerted to when informations falls outside of expected scopes. Good coverage should raise inquiries about the concern from its terminal users. The end of analysis is to reply inquiries by construing the information at a deeper degree and supplying actionable recommendations. Through the procedure of executing analysis you may raise extra inquiries, but the end is to place replies, or at least possible replies that can be tested. In drumhead, coverage shows you what is go oning while analysis focal points on explicating why it is go oning and what you can make about it.


One manner to separate whether your organisation is stressing describing or analysis is by placing the primary undertakings that are being performed by your analytics squad. If most of the team’s clip is spent on activities such as edifice, configuring, consolidating, forming, data format, and sum uping – that’s coverage. Analysis focuses on different undertakings such as oppugning, analyzing, interpretation, comparison, and corroborating ( I’ve left out proving as I view optimization attempts as portion of the action phase ) . Reporting and analysis undertakings can be intertwined, but your analytics squad should still measure where it is passing the bulk of its clip. In most instances, I’ve seen analytics squads passing most of their clip on describing undertakings.


As mentioned, describing is more of a push theoretical account, where people can entree studies through an analytics tool, Excel spreadsheet, doodad, or have them scheduled for bringing into their letter box, nomadic device, FTP site, etc. Because of the demands of holding to supply periodic studies ( daily, hebdomadal, monthly, etc. ) to multiple persons and groups, mechanization becomes a cardinal focal point in edifice and delivering studies. In other words, one time the report is built, how can it be automated for regular bringing? Most of the analysts who I’ve talked to don’t like manually constructing and reviewing studies on a regular footing. It’s a occupation for automatons or computing machines, non human existences who are still paying off their pupil loans for 4-6 old ages of higher instruction.

On the other manus, analysis is all about human existences utilizing their superior logical thinking and analytical accomplishments to pull out cardinal penetrations from the informations and signifier actionable recommendations for their organisations. Although analysis can be “submitted” to determination shapers, it is more efficaciously presented person-to-person. In their book “Competing on Analytics” , Thomas Davenport and Jeanne Harris stress the importance of trust and credibleness between the analyst and determination shaper. Decision shapers typically don’t have the clip or ability to execute analyses themselves. With a “close, swearing relationship” in topographic point, the executives will border their demands right, the analysts will inquire the right inquiries, and the executives will be more likely to take action on analysis they trust.

Concluding Wordss

I late met with a major media client that found it was losing its analysis Domino. The web analytics squad was fighting to run into the scheme, execution, and describing demands of this big, complex organisation – allow entirely supplying analysis beyond merely ad hoc responses. Senior direction was going progressively frustrated with its analytics staff and system. Fortunately, the web analytics team received extra head count budget and hired an analyst to execute deep-dive analyses for all of its chief merchandise groups and thrust actionable recommendations. Not surprisingly the attitude of the senior executives did a 180-degree bend shortly after the company found its losing analysis Domino.

You may be inquiring how much clip your analysts should pass on analysis. As a regulation of pollex, I would state at least 25 % of their clip should be spent on analysis, and by and large the more, the better. Surprisingly, 100 % is non desirable either because there are many of import duties that are needed to maintain an analytics plan afloat such as coverage, garnering concern demands, preparation, documenting and pass oning successes, etc. I hope after reading this article you at least acknowledge that 0 % of their clip is unacceptable. If your company isn’t making much analysis today, experiment with a 10 % focal point on analysis and see what success you have from at that place. In add-on, our confer withing squad is ever willing to help with your analysis demands. Good fortune!

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