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How to Write a Sample Intervention Letter

It may non be obvious, but household kineticss can function as a barrier to drug recovery intervention. Though a household may desire nil more than for a loved one to get the better of dependence, old forms within the household moral force can impede that measure. An intervention is a manner to unify a household in the common end of acquiring the loved one into intervention. The group can accomplish what an person may happen excessively difficult to make on their ain – interrupting the behavioural rhythms that keep the dependence traveling and that keep everyone down in an unhealthy topographic point. This article, through a series of inquiries and replies, focal points on the intervention letter. This letter is a cardinal portion of the intervention procedure, whether it is run by the household or a professional interventionist.

Why Write an Intervention Letter?

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has published an unfastened letter from a male parent to his boy about his son’s dependence. The letter likely reflects the feelings of anyone who loves a individual who is addicted to drugs. The male parent negotiations at length about his ain hurting and the hurting he imagines his boy has experienced. The letter does non come up in the context of an intervention, but it is like an intervention letter in at least one critical regard: The look of the father’s hurting is self-empowering, and it is portion of his ain procedure of recovery. Members of an intervention group wear two of import chapeaus ; they are taking action to acquire the loved one into intervention and, at the same clip, they are working to mend themselves.

A Sample Intervention Letter

I know we haven’t been speaking much recently and we haven’t sat down together in a truly long clip, but I love you in a heartfelt way, and I am happy we are here together today. You have played such a immense function in my life. I have so many memories of disbursement clip with you. Remember when you taught me how to swim? I was truly afraid, and you told me to feign that I was a Canis familiaris and to make the pooch paddle – you know how much I love Canis familiariss! I frequently think about what you said to me when I was holding problem in my new school, in the 7th class. You reminded me that it’s more of import to be myself than to lie merely so people would wish me. That helped me acquire through a tough state of affairs. I couldn’t have done it without it. I trusted you to help me, and you did. I’ll ne'er forget that. Thank you.

I know that you have been mistreating prescription hurting pills since your accident. I know that these hurting pills are habit-forming if you take excessively many, and you have been taking excessively many for a long clip now. I don’t cognize if your physician explained it to you, but dependence is a disease. Your organic structure is used to the pills now, and it ever wants them. Peoples who work in dependence say that it would be truly difficult for you to halt on your ain. I read about how pain pills make people experience and look, and I’ve seen you that manner so many times. Last month, when I came place, you were standing in the kitchen moving dizzy, like you were traveling to go through out. You were merely swaying back and Forth and didn’t respond when I talked to you. I was so disquieted. I’m besides worried about your weight addition and your diabetes. You eat so much more sugar than I know you should. I truly don’t want you to hold to travel to the exigency room once more, like last twelvemonth. I love you so much. When you do drugs and don’t take attention of your wellness, particularly your diabetes, it truly hurts me. I know that you would be worried about me if I have a disease because you truly love me excessively.

Section 2 - Writing about the Seriousness of the Current Situation

“Son, I can see that intoxicant is doing you important jobs in your life. Over the past 3 old ages you have been arrested for 3 DUIs and on the last juncture in September you had to pass 2 hebdomads in gaol and you lost your licence and your occupation because of it. You have perilously high blood force per unit area and imbibing makes that worse. You are non supposed to blend your medicines with intoxicant but you drink on them every twenty-four hours. Your antique married woman Christina listed your imbibing as one ground for her divorce application and as a ground why she deserved ( and finally received ) exclusive detention of your girl Jessica.”

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Many intercessions take the signifier of letters, intending that each individual take parting in the conversation creates a letter addressed to the addicted individual, and when the twenty-four hours of the intervention arrives, people read their letters aloud. Obviously, these letters play an of import function in assisting people to accept the demand for dependence intervention, and most households spend several yearss working on their letters. But cognizing a little more about how typical letters sound and how they are structured might help household members to acquire a jump-start on the work that lies in front. This article will sketch the of import constituents of an intervention letter, along with conjectural illustrations of what a completed letter might sound like. This conjectural illustration is written from the point of position of a married woman to her hubby, but it could easy be modified to suit about any addicted individual and any concerned loved one.

Sketching the Situation

Research workers writing in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry discuss this deficiency of penetration, and they suggest that this phenomenon can impact people in different ways. Some people don’t think they have a job at all, while others think they have some sort of job that doesn’t truly need intervention. It’s alluring to react to denial with labels, naming the individual an “addict, ” a “drunk” or a “loser.” In general, this isn’t helpful. Labels don’t help to alter a person’s head every bit much as shut that individual down and crippled future communicating. Alternatively, it’s best to merely sketch the addiction’s impact in clear footings based on facts. That’s what this subdivision of an intervention letter is designed to make.

Consequences for Refusal

This subdivision of the letter contains those effects. In an article in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, research workers call these statements “alternative effects, ” and they’re best used when they’re closely tied to compliance with intervention. Families that use obscure statements like “You have to, or else” won’t discovery success, but households that get specific may supply a prompt that allows people to understand what will go on to them if they continue to harbour an dependence. These effects might sound rough, and they shouldn’t be so rough that households won’t follow up on them, but they can be meaningful.


Before you began imbibing and utilizing, we were so close. There was nil I couldn’t state you, and we ever had a great clip together. You were my best friend in so many ways, but after old ages of imbibing and drug usage, I hardly see that happy, fun individual any longer. You seem sad, you’re fighting with your wellness and with the emphasis caused by utilizing, and every twenty-four hours I see the jobs that dependence is doing you pile up higher and higher. I’m worried every twenty-four hours that you’re traveling to stop up in the infirmary or dead or in the dorsum of a constabulary auto. I want to make everything I can to help you acquire back to a topographic point of wellness – of merely being okay without drugs and intoxicant.

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Following and most significantly, you must remember a clip when the alky has been particularly helpful to you, or when you have been proud of the alcoholic. Gratitude s the last thing that the nut is anticipating to hear. When an intervention begins, the alky will cognize intuitively what it’s all approximately. He or she will be on guard, and ready to make anything to derail the intervention. Imagine the surprise on the alcoholic’s face when letters are read that Begin with dear memories of pride and thanks. The alky will be wholly disarmed. Alternatively of get downing an statement, the nut will frequently get down to cry. This alone component is a cardinal technique of the “Love First” attack.

This should be followed by a statement of facts about the alcoholic’s negative behaviour. As Sargent Joe Friday used to state: “The facts ma’am, merely the facts.” In this subdivision of the letter, you will necessitate to remember several specific cases that illustrate the intoxicant or drug job. These facts must come from your ain first-hand cognition, non hearsay. They should be the sort of facts that would state any impartial perceiver that there was a chemical dependence job. For case, our letter quoted above provinces: “When I call place to look into in, if it is excessively late in the eventide, you’re rummy. You get on the phone and your address is slurred.” The alky can non reason with first-hand experience.

The bottom line that each squad member brings to the intervention can be described as the natural effect that should follow if the alcoholic refuses help. For illustration, in an intervention that I facilitated in Florida, the adult boy of the alcoholic told me about how panicky his little kids were of their drunken Grandfather. The boy decided during the planning stages that if his male parent would non accept intervention, so he would no longer be able to see his expansive kids. The boy was doing a hard determination, but as the male parent of two little kids, there was no other appropriate option. Here’s what he said:

Family members flew in from all over the state. The medical squad participated every bit good. The letters that were composed and read by her household were deeply traveling. They told her how much they loved her, even in her disease, and how proud they were of her many achievements. Most of all, they recalled cases when she had helped them or animate them, and this brought cryings to everyone’s eyes. Although she was a really tough instance, and had a batch of pointed inquiries about intervention, she eventually had a alteration of bosom, and agreed to be transferred into an inmate centre, after her release from the infirmary. The assembled group wept with gratitude and love.

Sample Intervention Letter

Many times, persons combating dependence and substance maltreatment may non acknowledge, or want to acknowledge, that a job exists, and they may deny that they could profit from intervention. Loved 1s can make up one's mind to host an intervention to actuate persons into a specialised intervention plan that can help in their recovery and better overall quality of life. An intervention is a structured meeting that may include many people from all sectors of a person’s life – anyone who may be affected by the person’s substance maltreatment. The event is meant to help persons acknowledge the demand to seek help and enter into a intervention plan of their ain will.

Remind Them of the Happy Times You’ve Spent Together

Have you been assisting your friend make their auto payment? Have they come to you for a topographic point to remain when they are in demand? While it is normal to desire to help person you care about whenever you can, enabling them to pass their ain money on drugs or giving them reprieve when their dependence has caused them to lose their lodging agreements may non be the best manner. In your letter, inquire them to come in a intervention plan so you can go on to be their friend and help them when they need it. If they choose to avoid intervention, you can allow them cognize that you will no longer be in a place to help them the same you have in the yesteryear.

Sample Intervention Letter

It’s non ever possible to be present at a loved one’s intervention. Work, populating far off, and timing can all acquire in the manner, but with an intervention letter, you can still link with your addicted household member and direct your support, allowing them know that you wish them the best. Even if you can go to an intervention for your addicted loved one in individual, it can be helpful to hold everything you want to state written out in progress. Rather than acquiring caught up in the minute and traveling off path or burying something of import, writing an intervention letter prior to the existent intervention can help you to remain focused on the end of the event: to help your loved one understand the demand for immediate intervention.

Sample Intervention Letter

Beloved Kate, Thank you for listening to us today. We are all here because we portion one thing in common: concern for you. We used to be so close, and since drugs and intoxicant have become an issue, it feels like everything has fallen apart. It can acquire chilling at times: the dark the bulls came to my house when you got into the accident, I thought they were at that place to state me you had died. I don’t want to fear a knock at my door at 3 am any longer. I want you to acquire intervention. I know it’s non your mistake. I know that drug and intoxicant dependence is a disease, but it’s a disease that can be treated. If you agree to acquire help, you have the opportunity to better your physical wellness and to better your mental wellness excessively. Everything in life will acquire better – non perfect, but better than it is while you’re life with dependence. I love you and I will back up you every measure of the manner if you choose to travel to drug rehab, but I can no longer support you in dependence. If you decide non to acquire help, so I will non be paying your cell phone measure any longer and I won’t be able to give you a topographic point to remain. I besides won’t be giving you money for any ground. I feel like making those things merely helps you to go on imbibing and utilizing drugs, and I can’t help you slowly kill yourself – or stand by and watch while you do it. If you do make up one's mind to acquire intervention, I will be right here waiting to help you. I love you, and you taking to acquire better agencies everything to me. Love, Kim

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