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Where Others Have Gone with `` Where I 'm From ''

I 'm from large blue Heros to little river otters, I 'm from large Metasequioas to tall chaffs of bamboo, I 'm from cousins that were unknown to the closest of friends, I 'm from my ma and pa to my lab-beagle Canis familiaris, albino rats, and Madagascar hushing cockroaches, I 'm from howling H2O falls to silent fluxing watercourses, I 'm from terrorizing Zombie walks and Scarowinds to a soft princess-loving godsister and godbrother I 'm from pepperoni pizza to micro-cook meatballs, I 'm from my inspiration station pulling and writing to a homemade book, I 'm from my old Canis familiaris Chani to red-shouldered hawks, I 'm from Jack the charming buffoon to my eldritch parents, I 'm from a bantam babe to an educated sister demoing babe MinMin what school 's like, I 'm from bold looking cervid to loosen uping foxes, I 'm from doing a fire in the county to ridin ' in a cotton combine, I 'm from a fan of Alexa Vega and Miley Cyrus to a undercover agent lovin ' tween ( me ) , I 'm from playing with cockroaches with a friend to Joe and I together, I 'm from my heritages to Mom 's enigma heritages, I have an sentiment that none can change.life is great! -Sage Hennequin Kuhens 1-29-08

I Am - Poem by John Clare

I am: yet what I am none attentions or knows, My friends abandon me like a memory lost ; I am the self-consumer of my sufferings, They rise and vanish in unmindful host, Like sunglassess in love and decease 's limbo lost ; And yet I am! and unrecorded with shadows tostInto the void of contempt and noise, Into the populating sea of waking dreams, Where there is neither sense of life nor joys, But the huge shipwreck of my life 's regards ; And e'en the dearest -- that I loved the best -- Are unusual -- nay, instead stranger than the rest.I long for scenes where adult male has ne'er trod ; A topographic point where adult female ne'er smil 'd or cry ; There to stay with my Godhead, God, And sleep as I in childhood sweetly slept: Untroubling and untroubled where I lie ; The grass below -- above the domed sky.

In their edition of Clare’s verse forms, Robinson and Powell report that “the nature of Clare’s unwellness has ne'er satisfactorily been established. There seem to hold been epileptiform incidents in his early life, experiences during his visits to London which suggest a rickety clasp upon world, confusion about his relationship to Mary Joyce, incubuss, some turns of heavy imbibing, and the suggestion, by Clare himself, that he might hold been venereally infected. The history of Clare’s flight from High Beach is a unusual mixture of dream-world, literary reminiscence, and realistic coverage. There are the first recorded marks that Clare is non certain of his ain individuality. Is he Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver, Queen Victoria’s male parent, or merely a beat-up piece of jetsam? Clare himself is non sure.” ( Report ) Reply

I adore this poem by John Clare. He was a beautiful author of words and a deep feeling psyche that did non acquire much acknowledgment in the late nineteenth Century. This is likely the best known poem of his. Oh, how I wish these like minded psyches were recognized while they were populating. So many became celebrated for their writing after they were long gone. Possibly that is the expletive of the true, lost psyche poets who feel deeper than most worlds and can turn words into music on paper. I love this poem and here 's to John Clare! [ 3 May he be looking down at us as we truly appreciate this gorgeous poem. ( P.S. I was so happy to hear them utilize it late in an episode of Penny Dreadful on Showtime. I was surprised and so happy! ) God Bless you John Clare.. your have touched my bosom and psyche with this one! Trish, NYC ( Report ) Reply

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