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Epitaph From the Bible

This is the promise.the life everlasting. ( John 2: 25 ) Believe in Him to life everlasting. ( 1 Timothy 1: 16 ) I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my frights - Psalms 34:4 And now abide Faith, Hope, Love, These Three ; but the greatest of these is Love-1 Corinthians 13:13 Blessed is the adult male that maketh the Lord his trust. ( Psalm 40: 4 ) Sleep on now, and take your remainder. ( Matthew 26: 45 ) Well done, thou good and faithful retainer. ( Matthew 25: 21 ) All things work together for good to them that love God. ( Romans 8: 28 ) Be thou faithful unto decease, and I will give thee a Crown of life. ( Revelation 2: 10 ) The Lord ticker between me and thee, while we are absent, one from the other. ( Genesis 31: 49 ) But the gift of God is ageless life in Christ Jesus our Lord ( Romans 6:23 ) God is love: and He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. ( 1 John 4: 16 ) Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest ( Matthew 11:28 ) For of such is the land of Eden. ( Matthew 19: 14 ) I have fought the good battle, I have finished my class, I have kept the religion. ( II Timothy 1: 7 ) The Lord is my shepherd, I shall non desire. ( 23rd Psalm ) I rejoice in thy redemption. ( 1 Samuel 2: 1 ) He that believeth in the Son hath everlasting life. ( John 3: 16 ) I thank my God upon every recollection of you. ( Philippians 1: 3 ) The Lord hath given him rest from all his enemies. ( II Samuel 7: 1 ) He that endureth to the terminal shall be saved. ( Matthew 10: 22 ) Blessed are the pure in bosom, for they shall see God. ( Matthew 5: 8 ) He shall have in the universe to come ageless life. ( Mark 10:30 ) For with Thee is the fountain of life: in the light shall we see light. ( Psalm 36: 9 ) Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord ( James 3:10 ) Yea, though I walk through the vale of the shadow of decease, I will fear no immorality ; for 1000s art with me ; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me ( Psalm 23:4 ) So you have pain now ; but I will see you once more, and your Black Marias will joy, and no 1 will take away your joy from you ( John 16:22 ) He heals the broken hearted and binds up their lesions ( Psalm 147:3 ) The Lord is my visible radiation and my redemption ; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life ; of whom sall I be afraid? ( Psalms 27:1 ) To populate is Christ ; and to decease is addition ( Philippians 1:21 ) In him was life ; and the life was the visible radiation of work forces ( John 1:4 ) The gift of God is ageless life ( Romans 6:23 ) God will supply ( Genesis 22:8 ) The Father is in me, and I in Him ( John 10:38 ) This is the twenty-four hours the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad ( Psalm 118:24 ) Blessed are they that have non seen and have yet believed ( John 20:29 ) But those who hope in the Lord will regenerate their strength. They will surge on wings like bird of Joves ; they will run and non turn weary, they will walk and non be swoon ( Isaiah 40:31 ) Not my will, but Thine be done ( Luke 22:42 ) Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. ( Matthew 5:4 ) Thy recollection shall digest into all coevalss ( 102nd Psalm ) Whosoever believeth in Him shall non die, but have ageless life. ( John 3:15 ) The righteous shall travel into life ageless ( Matthew 25:46 ) The light radiances in the darkness, and the darkness has non overcome it. ( John 1:5 ) Ask and it will be given to you ; seek and you will happen ; knock and the door will be opened to you. ( Matthew 7:7 ) I am the visible radiation of the universe. Whoever follows Me will ne'er walk in darkenss, but will hold the visible radiation of life. ( John 8:12 ) Do non allow your Black Marias be troubled. Trust in God ; trust besides in me. ( John 14:1 ) I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will populate, even though he dies. ( John 11:25 ) I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the terminal, the first and the last ( Revelation 22:13 )

Aid writing epitaph

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Writing Your Own Epitaph

Paul, in his New Testament Hagiographas, had the last word about so many people. In Philippians 4:2 he wrote, “I entreat Euodia and I entreat Synthyche to hold in the Lord.” How would you wish to be remembered merely as a quarreller? 2 Timothy 1:15-18 references Phygelus and Hermogenes as quitters— “You are cognizant that all who are in Asia turned away from me, and among them Phygelus and Hermogenes…” But so there is the baronial Onesiphorus, whose epitaph reads, “May the Lord grant clemency to the family of Onesiphorus, for he frequently refreshed me ; he was non ashamed of my ironss, but when he arrived in Rome he searched for me thirstily and found me— may the Lord grant him to happen clemency from the Lord on that day— and you good cognize all the service he rendered at Ephesus.” What a bequest! “Onesiphorus— he frequently refreshed me, he was non ashamed, he searched for me, he found me, he rendered service! ”

Not merely keystones and Scripture sum up our lives in sentences, history books do it every bit good. Several old ages ago, Time magazine related the narrative of a Middle Eastern swayer who ascended the throne by kill offing his predecessor. Though the land was little, it had great wealth. Yet the male monarch used none of it to profit his people. There was no educational plan, no medical betterments, no economic system built. The male monarch merely made himself comfy in his state of hurting. And within a few old ages he, excessively, was eliminated. The foreign letter writer summarized the man’s life with words I’ve ne'er forgotten. “He slid like a limp foliage down the waste pipe of history.” And what a fitting epitaph for so many who choose to populate for nil but themselves.


And so we come to the 2nd Saul, the Saul we know as the apostle Paul in the New Testament. As the first Saul was large physically and little spiritually, the 2nd Saul was the exact antonym. He was short physically but big spiritually. The first Saul was a male monarch. The 2nd Saul was more frequently a captive who described himself as a retainer. The first Saul was rich in secular things while Paul was hapless materially, yet rich spiritually. And while king Saul was disobedient, Paul was obedient. Saul of Tarsus was born in present twenty-four hours Meleagris gallopavo over 1000 old ages after King Saul. He excessively was a Jew, but he was besides a Roman citizen. Young, highly good educated, Saul sat on the Supreme Court of Israel and persecuted early Christians even to the point of decease. But while on the route to Damascus he met Jesus Christ in a blinding flash of disclosure that left him wholly blind. A few yearss subsequently, at his baptism, Saul recovered his sight. But in a really existent sense, Saul afterwards merely had eyes for Jesus. He seemed to hold no more personal aspiration, no passion for secular pleasances or plaudits— merely a desire to function God and His people.

In football when one squad plods along persistently and wins a game against a graded and eye-popping enemy, the sportswriter’s say, “It was non really reasonably, but it was still a win.” And one might state the same thing about Paul’s life. He wasn’t really pretty— short, disfigured by lapidations and tonss, a hapless talker, invariably embroiled in struggle, ill, frequently rejected— but still his life was a triumph. Of Paul, God was to state in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” And surely no adult male has influenced the universe more than Paul these last 2,000 old ages. We name our kids and churches after him, his Hagiographas have become best Sellerss translated into more linguistic communications than any other books. His letters have been the inspiration for changed lives, discourses, colleges, orphanhoods, books, and so much more.

And what shall we say in summing up such a man’s life? That he was a Christian, that he was a lasting retainer, low and involved in the church? Merely this hebdomad I heard an cheesed off Christian kicking about a gifted member of their community. “Yes, they are talented, ” she agreed, “But they merely take the good occupations, the 1s where they get acknowledgment. And you can ne'er number on them because they merely do what they want to make and on their ain terms.” Not so with Paul. He’d go to town, run up his collapsible shelters and canvass, construct up a church to flesh out Christ’s Gospel, and persist with people until they became a Silas or a Timothy or a Lydia or Philemon.


Not many of us will be every bit fortunate as Mr. Alfred Nobel, who in 1888 read his ain necrology in the newspaper. It seems one of Alfred’s brothers had died and a newsman had erroneously issued the incorrect man’s obituary, Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite, was so really much alive, yet shocked to see himself described in his obituary as a “merchant of decease, ” and as a adult male who had made his luck in devastation, in the decease machines of war. Such a persistent image of his life caused him to reassess things, even to refashion his will. Subsequently, he provided for the now celebrated Nobel Peace Prize which still bears his name.

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Most epitaphs are brief records of the household, and possibly the calling, of the asleep, frequently with a common look of love or respect—for illustration, `` beloved male parent of. `` —but others are more ambitious. From the Renaissance to the nineteenth century in Western civilization, epitaphs for noteworthy people became progressively drawn-out and grandiloquent descriptions of their household beginnings, calling, virtuousnesss and immediate household, frequently in Latin. Notably, the Laudatio Turiae, the longest known Ancient Roman epitaph, exceeds about all of these at 180 lines ; it celebrates the virtuousnesss of an esteemed married woman, likely of a consul.

Some are quotation marks from holy texts, or aphorisms. One attack of many epitaphs is to 'speak ' to the reader and warn them about their ain mortality. A dry fast one of others is to bespeak the reader to acquire off their resting topographic point, inasmuch as the reader would hold to be standing on the land above the casket to read the lettering. Some record accomplishments ( e.g. , past politicians note the old ages of their footings of office ) . About all ( demuring those where this is impossible by definition, such as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ) note name, twelvemonth or day of the month of birth, and day of the month of decease. Many list household members and the relationship of the deceased to them ( for illustration, `` Father / Mother / Son / Daughter of '' ) .

In music

In a more nonliteral sense, the term may be used for music composed in memory of the deceased. Igor Stravinsky composed in 1958 Epitaphium for flute, clarinet and harp. In 1967 Krzysztof Meyer called his Symphony No. 2 for choir and orchestra Epitaphium Stanisław Wiechowicz in memoriam. Jeffrey Lewis composed Epitaphium – Children of the Sun for storyteller, chamber choir, piano, flute, clarinet and percussion. Bronius Kutavičius composed in 1998 Epitaphium temporum pereunti. Valentin Silvestrov composed in 1999 Epitaph L.B. ( Епітафія Л.Б . ) for viola ( or cello ) and piano. In 2007 Graham Waterhouse composed Epitaphium for threading three as a testimonial to the memory of his male parent William Waterhouse. The South African poet Gert Vlok Nel wrote an ( originally ) untitled vocal, which appeared on his first music album 'Beaufort-Wes Se Beautiful Woorde ' as 'Epitaph ' , because his manufacturer Eckard Potgieter told him that the vocal sounded like an epitaph. David Bowie 's concluding album, Blackstar, released in 2016, is by and large seen as his musical epitaph, with singles 'Blackstar ' and 'Lazarus ' frequently singled out.

Definition of Epitaph

When person from our household and friend dies, we want to mark his/her memories. For this, we use epitaph, which is a brief writing or stating. Epitaph is an lettering written on a grave. By and large, it is a brief composing, holding nonliteral sense in a poetry or in prose signifier, written to pay testimonial to a asleep individual, or to retrieve a past event. Strictly talking, epitaph is a short text on a plaque or gravestone, honouring a dead individual. It is derived from a Grecian word epitaphios that means funeral oration. Many poets and writers have written their epitaphs prior to their decease, such as William Shakespeare, Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde and John Keats.

Function of Epitaph

The major map of writing epitaph is to praise and pay testimonial to asleep individuals. It is used to supply an illustration of virtuousness and goodness how a grave of the good people could function to supply a sense of their presence. In add-on, a fear of a dead person’s memories could bring forth similar effects, as we would see in his/her presence. Second, its map is to allow the audience know and warn them that their lives are besides mortal like their predecessors. Third, it preserves the history, as it shows hereditary relationships, day of the month of birth and decease and achievements of the asleep individuals.

This page contains the epitaphs of assorted celebrated persons associated with English history, literature, art, and dramatic public presentation. Some are found on the grave-markers of grave of authors, poets, and dramatists. Others were written by celebrated literary or historical figures for a lost household member. A few other epitaphs are reasonably celebrated because of their clever humor, and they are rather artistic regardless of the comparative namelessness of the deceased. The tone varies in each. Some are tragic, some humourous, some devout, and some empyreal, but they are all unambiguously human in sentiment. Many of them use spelling, capitalisation, anagrams, and wordplaies for artistic consequence. They are listed approximately chronologically by day of the month of decease, get downing in the mediaeval period, traveling up to the Renaissance, so the Enlightenment, the Nineteenth Century, and eventually the Twentieth Century.

Within the sanctuary of this church was interred the organic structure of the Great Sir Walter Raleigh Kt On the twenty-four hours he was beheaded In Old Palace Yard, Westminster Oct 29th, Anno Dom. 1618 READER -- Should you reflect on his mistakes Remember his many virtuousnesss And that he was mortal Even such is clip that takes in trust Our young person, our joys, and all we have, And pays us but with age and dust: Who in the dark and soundless grave When we have wandered all our ways Shuts up the narrative of our yearss. And from which Earth and grave and dust The Lord shall raise me up, I trust.

Andrew Marvell Near unto this topographic point lyeth the organic structure of Andrew Marvell Esquire a adult male so endowed by nature, so improved by instruction, survey, & travel, so consummated by pattern & experience ; that fall ining the most curious graces of humor & larning with remarkable incursion & strength of opinion & exerting all these in the whole class of his life, with an inalterable steadiness in the ways of virtuousness, he became the decoration and illustration of his age ; beloved by good work forces, feared by bad, admir 'd by all, though imitated alas by few & scarce to the full paralleled by any, but a gravestone can neither incorporate his character, nor is marble necessary to convey it to descendants, it will ever be legible in his inimitable Hagiographas, he served the town of Kingston upon Hull above 20 old ages in turn in Parliament & that, with such wisdom, sleight, unity and bravery as becomes a true nationalist

Sir Richard Burton ( 1821-1890, Orientalist, adventurer, and transcriber of The Arabian Nights ) Farewell, beloved Friend, dead Hero! The great life is ended, the great hazards, the great joys ; And he to whom escapades were as playthings, who seemed to bear a appeal 'gainst lance or knife or slug, now lies silent from all discord out yonder where the Austrian bird of Joves poise on Istrian hills, but England, at the noise of that awful autumn, weeps with the hero 's married woman. Oh, last and noblest of the errant knights, The English soldier and the Arab Arab chief! Oh, vocalist of the East, who loved so good The deathless admiration of the `` Arabian Nights, '' Who touched Camoen 's luting and still would seek Ever new workss until the terminal! Farewell!

Did You Know?

An lettering on a grave is an epitaph, as is, by extension, anything written as if to be inscribed on a grave. Probably the earliest surviving epitaphs are those written on ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and caskets. In Elizabethan times, epitaphs became much more common in English. Many of the best known are literary commemorations ( frequently intentionally witty ) non intended for a grave. Benjamin Franklin’s epitaph for himself plays on his trade as a pressman, trusting that he will “appear one time more in a new and more beautiful edition, corrected and amended by the Author.” The 20th-century author and humor Dorothy Parker’s suggested epitaphs include “I told you I was sick” and “If you can read this, you’re standing excessively close.”


Most of the epitaphs that have survived from before the Protestant Reformation were inscribed upon brasses. By Elizabethan times, nevertheless, epitaphs upon rock memorials, in English, became much more common and began to presume a more literary character. Thomas Nashe tells how, by the terminal of the sixteenth century, the writing of poetry epitaphs had become a trade. Many of the best-known epitaphs are chiefly literary commemorations, non needfully intended to be placed on a grave. Among the finest are those by William Browne, Ben Jonson, Robert Herrick, John Milton, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Alexander Pope wrote several epitaphs ; they inspired one of the few monographs on the subject—Samuel Johnson’s scrutiny of them in The Universal Visiter for May 1756.

An Epitaph - Poem by Matthew Prior

Interr 'd beneath this marble rock, Lie saunt'ring Jack and idle Joan. While turn overing threescore old ages and one Did round this Earth their classs run ; If human things went ailment or good ; If altering imperiums rose or fell ; The forenoon passed, the eventide came, And found this twosome still the same. They walk 'd and eat, good folks: what so? Why so they walk 'd and eat once more: They soundly slept the dark off: They did merely nil all the twenty-four hours: And holding buried kids four, Would non take strivings to seek for more. Nor sister either had, nor brother: They seemed merely tallied for each other. Their moral and economic system Most absolutely they made agree: Each virtuousness kept its proper edge, Nor tresspass 'd on the other 's land. Nor fame, nor animadversion they regarded: They neither punish 'd nor rewarded. He cared non what the footmen did: Her amahs she neither prais 'd nor call on the carpet: So ev'ry retainer took his class ; And bad at first, they all grew worse. Faineant upset fill 'd his stable ; And blowsy plentifulness deck 'd her tabular array. Their beer was strong ; their vino was port ; Their repast was big ; their grace was short. They gave the hapless the remnant-meat Just when it grew non fit to eat. They paid the church and parish rate ; And took, but read non the reception ; For which they claim 'd their Sunday 's due, Of slumb'ring in an upper church bench. No adult male 's defects sought they to cognize ; So ne'er made themselves a enemy. No adult male 's good workss did they commend ; So ne'er rais 'd themselves a friend. Nor cherish 'd they dealingss hapless: That might diminish their present shop: Nor barn nor house did they fix: That might compel their hereafter inheritor. They neither added, nor confounded: They neither wanted, nor abounded. Each Christmas they accompts did clear ; And injure their underside through the twelvemonth. Nor tear, nor smiling did they employ At intelligence of public heartache, or joy. When bells were rung, and balefires made, If asked they ne'er denied their assistance: Their jug was to the tollers carried, Whoever either died, or married. Their note at the fire was found, Whoever was depos 'd or coronate 'd. Nor good, nor bad, nor saps, nor wise ; They would non larn, nor could rede ; Without love, hatred, joy, or fright, They led -- a sort of -- as it were: Nor wish 'd nor auto 'd, nor laugh 'd nor cry 'd: And so they liv 'd ; and so they died.

15 of The Funniest Epitaphs on Tombstones, Because It Is The Last Joke You Can Make

Name me creepy ( so what if I am? ) , but I’m in love with graveyards. Every clip I go back to Paris, the 2nd topographic point I ever visit after my reaching ( the first being Sacré-Cœur Basilica ) is Père Lachaise Cemetery. I pay my respects to Oscar Wilde foremost, ever, so weave about the evidences, rolling around the Aux Morts ossuary, acquiring lost between and sometimes in the grave, and am wholly at peace. Each grave and keystone is alone either in its art ( Georges Rodenbach kills it in that country ) or diction, and there’s something truly absorbing and mildly eerie about a topographic point where so many remains reside. That “so many” really is estimated to be over a million.

The twenty-four hours democracy died: An epitaph

No, on the twenty-four hours the pussy-grabbing, climate-denying, NATO-sneering, China-taunting, nuke-happy, Putin-fellating, woman-hating, neo-Nazi con-artist gameshow-host troll king officially ascends to the highest office in the land, we find a mad scramble across all media worldwide to turn up a individual bright topographic point, a Ag liner, any sort of top to this thuggish, profoundly unstable male offspring who is our forty-fifth president, a bestially vain, revengeful homo chased by infinite almost-certainly-true innuendos of huge corruptness, crooked trades, monolithic debt, Russian Hookers and crying revenue enhancement equivocation, sexual assault and ideological venality, all covered by a pockmarked orange tegument every bit thin as tissue paper and twice as scaly.

Epitaphs for kids and babes

Watch us as the Earth becomes smaller Smell as the zephyr air current Gently by. is n't it expansive? We are stat mis from sea And old ages from land. Look at the infinite that surrounds us Feel as we glide through A pure white cloud Floating so free. What is up in front. We 'll see We 're winging with the bird of Joves now We 've merely begun our canvas We 've got our mission all mapped out It will be a fantastic narrative We 'll set down on every foreign shore Though we 've non long to remain. We 're headed toward The rainbow 's terminal Where the Sun is reflecting. Flying with the bird of Joves now And we must be on our manner. Up here we 're free from all problems Up here it seems that life 's all so clear As we 're in flight and we glide Into the dark still dark. Look now the stars are looking So near we about can touch Their soft glittering eyes They are angels in camouflage Flying with The Eagles by Alvin and the Chipmunks

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