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My Successful Letter of Appeal to UC Berkeley

( A large thanks to the Office of Public Affairs at UC Berkeley, who clarified their appeal policy for me. Harmonizing to one functionary, while `` successful appeal appliers tend to supply new and compelling information. that may hold been left out of the application or non placed in proper context, '' the admittances office could non corroborate that specific GPA or SAT score fluctuations were portion of the entreaties decision-making policy at the clip I sent in my letter. Probably, a `` holistic reappraisal that looks at each and every facet of the pupil '' was policy, despite my feeling at the clip otherwise ) .

`` You made a error. '' I am certain that 100s of pupils and parents have spoken these sentiments to the admittance section at UC Berkeley in the class of the past few hebdomads. I am certain that 1000s more throughout the province, throughout the state even, have laughed, cried, and yelled these words, being certain to decrease your establishment with each comment. Personally, I hold Berkeley in the highest respects every bit far as colleges go ; holding been a life long Bay Area occupant, I have come to care for the diverse ambiance and thirst for cognition in Berkeley and the environing country information. It is in this high-esteem for the university and the community that I write this blunt letter.

When a school such as Berkeley is so afloat with qualified appliers wanting to travel at that place, the occupation of an admittances officer can certainly be atrocious. Truthfully, I do non experience that UC Berkeley has needfully made a error in its choice, for how can a school sift through the legion outstanding persons and choose a category meager in proportion to the figure of pupils who wish they could go to. Yes, I write this letter as an appeal for my admittances determination for the Fall of 2003, but more so than that, I feel the demand to give a dream school of mine at least one more shooting. Regardless of the attendant determination, which I to the full realize is statistically to be against my coveted response, I must compose this letter.

Having listened to my male parent speak of his college old ages at UC Berkeley and MIT, the two schools hold a certain mystical quality to me. Knowing good that the type of instruction I would have at MIT does non suit who I am and the dreams I strive for, Berkeley has long been the cynosure for my coveted collegial experience. As I late toured the Berkeley campus, I thought of my pa and tried to visualize him in a younger province, walking down the same stretch of Market and Telegraph en path to his favourite hot Canis familiaris articulation, Top Dog. The narratives of his clip at UC Berkeley held me in awe. My male parent, a former Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employee, could associate first manus the type of people associated with Berkeley: as I do now, I have ever held the school, pupils, module and alumnas with regard and esteem.

Wherever I go, I know I will gain an outstanding instruction. The schools I am make up one's minding amongst ( Occidental, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, Santa Clara, and perchance Pomona ) are all august establishments of higher acquisition. Further, I feel confident that my desire to win and make the best I perchance can will foster warrant a positive college experience. Since subjecting my college applications in November, I have gained a better apprehension of myself, and a better apprehension of the encompassing universe. Through legion event planning and engagement in the Link Crew events, I realize how waxy immature heads are, and the importance of positive role-models. Thus, I have focused more of my energies into sharing personal political orientations every bit good as high school experiences with the lower classmen. Presently I am forming a Drug-Awareness assembly to take topographic point prior to finals hebdomad. The assembly is specifically designed to inform the freshers of assorted substance maltreatment and wellness jobs they may meet in their following few old ages in high school, and the consequent malignant effects each substance/disorder can hold on an person 's life.

Politically, Berkeley is the topographic point to be. With an ongoing war in Iraq, the UC campus is the site of much heated argument. As I dream of one twenty-four hours going a politician, a dream I plan to do a world through difficult work and finding, Berkeley would supply me with the dynamic ambiance of political treatment, the sort I relished in at California Boys State and go on to love. Through the relationships and subsequent duologue I would hold with peoples of different nationalities and beliefs at Berkeley, I would be better equipped to do my ain determinations in life by manner of the extra cognition gained from such a `` thaw pot '' of people. Gratuitous to state, my end of going a successful public retainer continues despite being denied credence at Berkeley ( presently I am reading Leadership by Rudy Giuliani, an inspirational and enlightening book which discusses how of import it is to work hard for what you believe in ) . Though, with this in head, I feel I could do great paces in the right way by go toing Berkeley.

As I go from one activity to another, from tennis pattern where I 'm expected to take the squad every bit captain to musical pattern ( despite being musically inept, I have practiced legion hours in the shower throughout my full life, and program to be the best Elisha J. Whitney Anything Goes has of all time seen! ) , the letdown and anxiousness I feel at my denial to Berkeley continues. I realize that, like 1000s of the other pupils who may be bewildered at an admittance determination, I am merely used to seeking my best and giving the fruits of my labour. Life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures -- even at the green age of 18 I understand this construct good, and recognize I will see my portion of both in life. I realize this is non a failure. All the events and activities I have participated in have been due to swerve love and enjoyment, and my cognition gained from such experiences will help me ever, whether I attend Harvard U or Clown College. Indeed, the colleges I have been accepted to are among some of the top schools every bit good, and I do experience proud of my options.

Still, Berkeley lingers in my head, and I must wash up all registration chances to be to the full content with the application procedure. A concluding, more personal note as to why I so want to go to Berkeley over a few of my other possibilities: in the center of November, in the thick of finishing the majority of my college applications, my female parent was diagnosed with chest malignant neoplastic disease. Combined with using to college, finishing prep, remaining on top of categories, and maintaining my committednesss to extra-curricular activities, the cognition that my ma has a serious signifier of malignant neoplastic disease made those few months all the more stress-filled and hard. Thank the Lord, my ma has successfully completed radiation and continues to see specializers on a regular basis, solidifying her position in my head as the strongest individual I know. Traveling off to college, I am traveling to lose my ma in a heartfelt way, and she will in a heartfelt way lose me. I 've ever been really near with her, and I recognize the ambivalency within her of desiring me to remain near to place in the Bay Area while desiring what 's best for me. I feel similar sentiments, holding the strong impulse to protect and care for my ma, sing on a regular footing, while wanting to turn as a individual into the adult male I strive to be. Berkeley would be the perfect pick of school in relation to both facets: its propinquity to my place town of Livermore, every bit good as the educational chances Berkeley offers.

Dismissed from College? This Sample Letter Can Help Steer Your Appeal.

I admit I had a really hard clip last semester, and my classs suffered as a consequence. I do n't intend to do alibis for my hapless academic public presentation, but I would wish to explicate the fortunes. I knew that registering for 18 recognition hours in the spring would necessitate a batch of me, but I needed to gain the hours so that I was on path to graduate on clip. I thought I could manage the work load, and I still think I could hold, except that my male parent became really badly in February. While he was home sick and unable to work, I had to drive place every weekend and some weeknights to help out with family responsibilities and to care for my small sister. Acerate leaf to state, the hour-long thrust each manner cut into my survey clip, as did the jobs I had to make at place. Even when I was at school, I was really distrait with the place state of affairs and was unable to concentrate on my school assignment. I understand now that I should hold communicated with my professors ( alternatively of avoiding them ) , or even taken a leave of absence. I thought I could manage all of these loads, and I tried my best, but I was incorrect.

A Critique of Emma 's Letter

Emma 's appeal succeeds reasonably good in all of the above countries. First of wholly, she does non seek to fault anyone but herself. Certain, she has palliating fortunes -- her male parent 's unwellness -- and she is wise to explicate those fortunes. However, she acknowledges that she did non manage her state of affairs good. She should hold been in contact with her professors when she was fighting. She should hold withdrawn from categories and taken a leave of absence when her male parent 's unwellness started to rule her life. She did n't make either of these things, yet she does n't seek to do alibis for her errors.

Constructing the Argument

A pupil in her 4th twelvemonth is appealing her concluding categorization on the evidences that Adverse Personal Circumstances haven’t been taken into history. She got Ds in her concluding test where she expected to acquire Bs. The entreaties commission will look at her academic transcript to see what she has achieved throughout her University calling. If it seems that she ever got Bs, so there is some grounds endorsing up her statement. If she ever seems to hold scraped through University on Ds, so there is no grounds to bespeak that she would hold performed any otherwise, and her appeal is improbable to win.

Yes, you can make that.

Though successful entreaties are highly rare ( Colleen Ganjian, the laminitis of DC College Counseling and a former college admittances officer, tells Teen Vogue that merely an estimated 1-2 % of entreaties result in upset determinations ; while Eric Nichols, the VP of registration & dean of admittance at Saint Anselm College tells us that they average merely 1-2 successful entreaties per twelvemonth ) , they can go on, and it’s up to you to make up one's mind whether it’s worth it to seek. For Kevin Adler, the laminitis of stateless outreach organisation Miracle Messages, it was — and his appeal to the University of California, Berkeley, was successful. “I knew that some colleges allowed for entreaties, but I besides knew that acquiring in off an appeal was exceptionally rare, ” he tells Adolescent Vogue. “But, I had to give it my best shooting, so that I could rest easy cognizing I had put my best pes frontward to a dream school.”

Make your research.Every school grips admittances determinations and entreaties otherwise. Some have formal appeal applications available on their web sites, others mistily cite the possibility of appealing, and others still offer up no information on the subject ( intending your options are to either merely go for it, or reach the school and hope person will allow you cognize one manner or the other ) . And there are some schools who really clearly province that determinations are perfectly concluding and they won’t reexamine any entreaties. Before you take the clip and energy to travel through the entreaties procedure, see what information you can delve up on the school and its policies. If you find that your dream school won’t even glimpse at an appeal you send in, it’s merely non deserving it to seek — that energy will be better exhausted make up one's minding on your best option of your other picks.

If you do travel frontward with the appeal, subject it non merely to the admittances office or dean, but besides to a few others, like the caput of the section you hope to fall in as a pupil, or person you met while researching and using the first clip about. “If know the regional representative the school has, so should e-mail that individual, ” Parke Muth, proprietor of admittance consulting house, Parke Muth Consulting and former manager of international admittance at the University of Virginia, tells Teen Vogue. “Deans are frequently excessively busy to manage the instances, so it will be given to person else to handle.”

Act quickly.If you’re appealing an admittances determination, it probably means non merely is the school good into the procedure of solidifying its following first-year category, but you’re besides edging toward registration deadlines for your other options, so there’s no clip to blow. “Students should reach the admittance office shortly after having the determination, ” Muth says. “They will have information on whether an appeal is even possible, and besides information on what might be evidences for an appeal.” The Oklahoman you submit your appeal and hear back from the school, the Oklahoman you can finalise your ain programs ( and avoid losing of import deadlines for your back-up options ) .

Present all the facts and be specific.The most common ground for schools to allow entreaties is a alteration in the facts, or inaccurate information on the original application, normally as it applies to GPAs, trial tonss, or new awards and awards. So when you’re seting together your appeal, make certain those facts are front and centre. “The most of import component of an appeal is the mode in which a pupil provides clear, concise grounds that there is a new piece of information which has material impact on the student’s application, ” Ganjian says. She recommends supplying certification of any new facts, subjecting everything in writing, and maintaining records for yourself. Muth explains that it’s besides worth it to allow the school know if you won’t be using for fiscal assistance, or if you will perfectly inscribe if offered admittance, as these facts may besides impact the determination.

Don’t be afraid to acquire personal.Though Muth, Nichols, and Ganjian all emphasis that the bulk of the rare appeal successes are because of information mistakes or new merit-related facts, it may be deserving it to portion obliging personal information that’s impacting your college programs. “A pupil may hold had serious wellness or personal issues that they did non include with the application that could, in some instances, convince an admittance commission to reexamine the application, ” Muth says. “If it’s wellness or personal issues, depict them clearly, and perchance include a doctor’s or secondary school counselor’s note back uping this information.” And don’t be afraid to be unfastened, and shoot some of your ain personality, into your letter. Kevin put it all on the tabular array in his successful appeal to the University of California, Berkeley. In his really honorable letter, Kevin non merely shared why Berkeley was so of import to him and why he was a great campaigner, but besides wrote honestly about his mother’s recent chest malignant neoplastic disease diagnosing, and how attending Berkeley ( which was near his hometown ) would let him to stay close to her and help with her attention. “I tested to strike a delicate balance in writing about my mother’s unwellness, ” Kevin wrote in an essay about his appeal. “I did non desire to utilize the state of affairs to curry any advantage, but I had to be honest about a painful issue that was impacting me and my decision-making — and would go on to impact my life over the coming years.” And finally, Kevin says, “I spoke from the bosom, and said what I had to state for my ain interest, non theirs.”

Kevin addressed that impression head-on, get downing his letter to Berkeley with the words, “You made a error, ” and so traveling on to explicate that, while he’s certain 100s of people have accused the school of merely that, it’s non how he sees it. “When pupils ( or more frequently, parents ) seem acrimonious or experience wronged by a determination, I understand the emotion, but I besides encourage them to reassess how this sense of entitlement may come across to the admittances office ( and everyone else, for that affair ) , ” he tells us. “As I wrote in my letter, I think it’s short-sighted to presume a college ‘made a error, ’ given the unbelievable quality of other appliers.

Plan for all possible outcomes.In the best-case scenario, the school you’re appealing to will turn over its determination and grant you admission. If that happens, will you decidedly inscribe? Just because you appealed, Muth notes, doesn’t mean you’re lawfully bound to go to ( but if you stated that you would in your appeal, you surely should ) . And though Muth believes you are “ethically committed to make so unless it is a affair of fundss, ” non everyone sees it that manner. “Students have a pick and regardless of the response of an appeal, they shouldn’t be bound to the school who may move favourably on an appeal, ” Nichols says. The most of import thing, if you decide to turn the school down, is that you’re unfastened with them from the start and supply an honest response at the terminal, including a letter thanking the dean, the admittances office, and the school and explicating your determination, Muth says.

And it’s besides of import to be after for the opposite scenario: a rejection. There’s nil incorrect with being hopeful, but it’s besides of import to be realistic — knowing that entreaties are seldom successful — and holding a program in topographic point should the school decide to continue its determination. While you wait for a response, continue to see, research, and see other schools, and make up one's mind which of the 1s that accepted you will be your 2nd pick. If you are still hung up on that school after ( or partway through ) your first-year twelvemonth someplace else, you can ever see reapplying. “Admissions officers are by and large really unfastened about why a pupil may non hold been admitted and what the pupil can make to increase their opportunities in a subsequent twelvemonth, ” Ganjian explains. Constructing on your current experience and acquiring a successful first-year twelvemonth in the books could really good pigment you in a more favourable visible radiation the following clip around.

Remember there’s more than one right school for you.Don’t let an unsuccessful appeal acquire you down, or do you oppugn yourself. “Remember that a school’s determination to deny you is non needfully a contemplation on your abilities to be successful in college ; it’s merely where you fell in their peculiar applicant pool, ” Nichols advises. “Your determination shouldn’t be the spine you’ll put on your auto ; it should be about the experiences you’ll have while you’re at that place. Pick a school that is the best tantrum for you, non merely the most popular, and you’ll be surprised at the figure of options that will be available to you.”

Wherever you enroll, approach it with an unfastened head and the dedication to win, and you probably will. Each spring, Kevin receives tonss of petitions from high school pupils looking for help and advice on the appeal procedure, and he says that he tells them two things: “First, college is what you make of it. You can gain an unbelievable instruction at an unknown province school, non merely a top college, ” he says. “Second, if you have the go-gettedness to make out to me for counsel, the common sense to set your best ego out at that place and seek once more even if it doesn’t work out the first clip, and the position to look beyond yourself to…ask for help, you will make merely ticket in college, and life.”

The appeal letter needs to include:

The pupil must subject recommendation letters ( at least two letters but no more than three ) from their academic advisor and/or section caput back uping his/her registration in that section or major. In add-on, professors from whom the pupil has received A 's and B 's should compose a recommendation letter. Students should NOT wait until the last hebdomad of school to prosecute this as that would non give professors adequate clip to compose the letter before the entreaties commission meets. Students who have non been enrolled for a period of clip and may no longer be in contact with Clemson University professors, should obtain a recommendation letter from their employer. If a pupil has been taking categories elsewhere, recommendation letters from professors at that establishment may be sent to the entreaties commission.

How to Appeal a College Rejection Letter

New information is any information that wasn’t explicitly stated in your application. It can come from things that happened after you applied every bit good as things that happened before you submitted your application. The subjects you need to turn to in your appeal are frequently the same subjects you already in your application but approached from a different and more compelling angle. “Old” subjects can be made new with new inside informations, angles, and context that you hadn’t specifically stated in your original application. A new spin on old information, and information that is evidently new, is what admittances officers define as new.

Every school defines new and compelling information otherwise. For illustration, at CU Boulder—a university you would ne'er cognize accepts entreaties by sing their website—in order for your application to be reconsidered at that place must hold besides been a significant alteration in your academic work since your determination was issued. However, at the University of California, Los Angeles: higher classs, late acquired awards, or an addition in activities since your determination was issued hold perfectly no weight in the reversal of a determination. There, admittances officers are most compelled by new takes on old subjects you already talked about or old subjects that you wholly left out of your original application. Furthermore, each UC campus ( e.g. UCSD, UCSB, and UC Berkeley ) has different appeal standards ) .

COLLEGE COUNSELOR: How To Appeal An Admissions Denial

An option, depending on the school, is to use for the spring semester. Another is to travel elsewhere and so try to reassign. Hamilton College, in upstate New York, tells those it rejects which courses they should take to better their opportunities should they try to reassign. Better still, Hamilton even waives the transportation application fee for any jilted campaigner trying to reassign within two old ages. Grinnell College of Iowa, one of the top broad humanistic disciplines schools in the state, officially discourages entreaties, but will entertain them from persuasive and articulate campaigners.

How to Format an Appeal Letter

Your appeal should ever be written in the manner of a traditional concern letter, as demonstrated in our appeal letter samples above. Always be certain to utilize the recipient’s name in the salutation and so capture their attending with a confident gap paragraph that briefly introduces you and your state of affairs. In the undermentioned subdivisions, lead the reader clearly through your statement, foregrounding the facts of your instance, and stipulating how your unfair intervention can be moderately resolved. In shutting, thank the reader for their clip and consideration, and be certain to include your contact information so they can decently follow up with you.

Grade Appeals and Academic Grudges

At any measure of the entreaties procedure, any of the above persons can authorise a class alteration, and must advise the involved persons of their action ( i.e. , the section caput must advise the pupil and the module member of his/her determination ; the college dean must advise the section caput, module member, and pupil of his/her determination ; the Graduate Dean, in the instance of a alumnus class, must advise the college dean, section caput, module member, and pupil ; the Provost or designee is responsible for advising the college dean, section caput, module member, and pupil of his/her determination. If the petition for class alteration is appealed to the concluding measure, the President will take action deemed appropriate and so inform the Provost, college dean, section caput, module member, and pupil. It is entirely the student’s duty to appeal in the order specified at each measure of the procedure, and the pupil may hold the appeal at any measure.

Failure to fulfill academic criterions of university, college or section

The University 's colleges and sections have authorization to put criterions for admittance of pupils to their plans or may deny registration for failure to fulfill academic criterions or course/program requirements, even though no misdemeanor of disciplinary criterions is involved. Except to the extent that rip offing or plagiarism is involved, such criterions are beyond the primary range of this papers. The University Undergraduate Catalog and/or Graduate Catalog and relevant deliberation centres or deans’ offices should be consulted for academic criterions and for the procedure of bespeaking a release ( s ) or appeal ( s ) of a determination ( s ) affecting those criterions.

Fiscal assistance or scholarships

For differences related to the awarding or reclamation of fiscal assistance or scholarships, the pupil should confer with the Financial Aid Office or the peculiar college or section under which the award is granted to determine the appropriate channel of enquiry. Besides the pupil should obtain a transcript of the scholarship eligibility standards. Such differences can be referred for appellate reappraisal merely upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Provost or their designee. Where the evidences for denial of a scholarship or fiscal assistance involves academic dishonesty, the affair should follow the process described for “Academic Dishonesty by Student Enrolled in a Course.”

Appealing to a College for More Financial Aid

Whatever you call your petition for reconsideration, maintain this in head: For all of the existent, of import work of hammering heads that goes on behind the ivied walls, this is besides an industry. The people who work in it are obsessed with carefully pull offing registration and doing certain that they don’t give off excessively much money. To carry through these ends, Carnegie Mellon uses proprietary statistical mold, while advisers like Noel-Levitz sell gross direction systems and web log about virtue scholarships that can function as determination triggers. The existent wickedness in the fiscal assistance universe is something called overawarding, lest the price reduction rate outpace the growing of net tuition gross per pupil.

In recent hebdomads, I sent notes to a few twelve of the most expensive colleges and universities in the state seeking replies to a few basic inquiries about entreaties. Some declined to help or were about monosyllabic, possibly reflecting either their antipathy for entreaties or their 100-hour workweeks at the minute. The initial response from the University of Chicago came with a claim that the replies to my inquiries were non public information. Then there was the heartfelt and intensely utile response from Maureen McRae Goldberg, the manager of fiscal assistance at Occidental College, which appears in full with the web version of this column.

Other schools may so fit the overall offer, possibly under the face-saving pretense of look intoing the original application for supposed mistakes in ciphering existent fiscal demand. But even so, households need to be honorable with themselves about the appliers. “Be realistic about how they will stack up, ” said Kalman Chany, the writer of “Paying for College Without Going Broke” and an assistance adviser to households. “If you’re hardly mousing in, they don’t care if you come so much. But if they’re purchasing your SAT tonss or classs to better their rankings and convince other people to pass the money to travel at that place, so they truly have to hold you.”

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