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Help writing an about me section for facebook

Keep It Simple

You can compose whatever you want in the `` About Me '' section of your personal profile page every bit long as it does n't go against Facebook footings and conditions. For illustration, you can non compose anything that degrades a protected category or serves a malicious intent. However, you should restrict the information you write to general things, providing a visitant with a brief overview of who you are, alternatively of a elaborate bio. Other subdivisions of your profile page -- such as the `` Interests '' section and the `` Humanistic disciplines and Entertainment '' section -- provide you with infinite to discourse your favourite books, films, Television shows and more. Make certain the information you give tantrums into the right class within your page.

1. State Your Shop 's Origin Story

The best About subdivisions feature a memorable narrative that describes how the store proprietor got started. Sharing cardinal backstory inside informations, including the initial originative flicker, noteworthy mileposts and how your concern has evolved, can help shoppers ( and whoever else may be reading your About section ) connect with your trade name on a personal degree. On Bread and Badger 's About section, Amanda describes how she dreamed of being a tattoo creative person before detecting that glass engraving is similar in technique, but, she writes, “without sterilisation and possible regret.” Amanda besides describes how her hubby, Sean, quit his twenty-four hours occupation to help her spread out the Portland, Oregon-based concern. If you develop a instance of writer’s block when you sit down to compose your narrative, imagine you’re explicating it to a client at a trade carnival or to a new familiarity. Then, put those words to paper.

2. Captivate With Beautiful Photos and Video

High-quality images are another key to great About subdivisions. This is your opportunity to give clients a sub-rosa expression at your company, so include images of yourself practising your trade in your workspace. If you’re trusting to pull imperativeness coverage, be certain to upload five professional-level, high-resolution exposure ( mensurating at least 1,400 pels broad ) and a Shop Video. This shows you’ll be ready with the good material if the imperativeness comes a-knocking. If engaging a lensman isn’t in your budget, take your ain publicity-ready exposures and form a exposure shoot on a budget by utilizing readily available elements like blandishing natural visible radiation, simple backgrounds and props for context. For video production tips, read How to Make a Shop Video With Your Smartphone.

3. Show Off What Makes You Unique

Highlight alone stuffs, production procedures and anything else that might help your store stand out. For case, on Bread and Badger’s About section, Amanda explains how she and her hubby do their ain sandblasting in their garage utilizing a CrystalBlast cabinet and 60-gallon air compressor. She describes their hands-on personalized attack to making each merchandise — from turning original drawings into finished glasswork. `` We make our ain photo-emulsion stencils from Amanda 's graphics, and use one to each point, so mask the dorsums, '' Amanda and Sean write on their About section. They use exposures and a Shop Video to demo the sandblasting procedure in action.

4. Meet and Greet

Bread and Badger’s About section includes a beamish image of Amanda Siska and the names and exposure of her hubby and their two helpers. It besides links to Bread and Badger’s web site, Facebook and Twitter histories, promoting people to interact with the concern in a assortment of ways. “If we were a brick-and-mortar shopfront, I would be sitting in the shop speaking to people and they’d be able to walk right up and speak to me, ” Amanda says. “I want clients to cognize about me, my concern and even my household. That’s the sort of thing that I would speak about if they were to run into me in individual, so I don’t need to be excessively diffident about that online either.”

How make you compose an About Me page?

Hi, I’m Jane Smith and I write TransitionMomBlog ( who Jane is ) to help adult females do the passage from full-time ma to successful enterpriser ( the reader’s job or end ) . I started TransitionMomBlog in 2004 ( Jane’s expertness – shows she has been blogging for two old ages ) to help other adult females cover with the sometimes overpowering chance of get downing a new concern while still running a family ( how Jane helps them overcome their job or accomplish their end ) . Prior to raising my household, I spent over 10 old ages as a instructor, corporate trainer and workshop leader ( Jane’s expertness, both as a ma and a concern individual ) . To reach me, delight email XXX ( how to reach Jane ) .

Be Loud and Clear

In order to non sound like a bombast, bombast, tiring sketch on your About Me page, kick it up a notch and utilize your voice. Cori from Big Girl Branding has a BIG voice on the page. Her personality radiances through with every station she writes, and she didn’t forget to ‘bring it’ to her About Me page. Her mission statement is loud and clear: “To bring Forth quality info to readers, who can so utilize said info and use it to their ain game, stigmatization, and selling mischiefs. May contain info unsuitable for excessively sensitive people. Dork label required.” Awesome. I like mischiefs and I’m a jerk, so number me in, Cori.

p.s. Want free worksheets that will help you compose your About Page?

Hi Melyssa! Thankss for this station, I’ve late reworked my about page and I think I did more or less what you advise here 🙂 There’s non really that many utile stations on how to/ what to compose in your about web log section. Merely to allow you cognize, I wanted to entree the worksheet- so I clicked the nexus but because I’m already a endorser it merely asked me if I wanted to redact my penchants. So I looked on the web site to see if there was a nexus to the library but I didn’t see one anyplace – it may be because I’m utilizing an iPad to read your web log, but in the terminal I had to travel back to my electronic mails and happen the electronic mail where the library was foremost mentioned and snap the nexus at that place to derive entree. I don’t cognize if you’re aware of this issue for current endorsers but I thought that if that happened to me, possibly some other people are fighting to entree the library excessively, so I though you should cognize! Anyways, thanks for your great content and have a lovely twenty-four hours! Kat

Okay….so here I am a few hebdomads off from establishing my website/blog and thought I better acquire my “About Me” done this eventide! Talk about encephalon freeze….good thing I was NOT on a occupation interview, I would hold lost any and all possibility of success! So put offing for me…..I love writing, I am about to perpetrate to this inspirational and magnetic web log, sharing my experiences with the universe ; hopefully, help them happen their voice and empower and inspire……and WHAM….I can’t write….who am I? Why am I making this? Wow…..and THEN….there was your web log Melyssa….you saved me….I took a few deep breaths, opened up the worksheets and got to work…..thank you, thank you, thank you…..so helpful….and yes, I can compose! ! Yes, I do cognize who I am and why I am making this! PHEW! ! !

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