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Air Force EPR Bullet Examples

This web site is dedicated to finishing that part of the AF Form 910 that gives people the most problem: the Performance Assessment blocks. By and large, as ratees, our chief duty in finishing the EPR is turning in a list of aureate EPR Bullets. But allow 's non undervalue the importance of this undertaking —it is of import. The better the EPR Bullets, the easier it is to warrant a firewall 5 EPR. And the more firewall 5 EPRs you earn, the Oklahoman you get promoted and the Oklahoman you go on to bigger and better challenges. Like a bantam acorn that grows into a mighty oak, it all starts with the lowly EPR Bullet.

The Air Force Enlisted Performance Report

The EPR is the most of import papers you will meet during your military calling. That individual papers, the AF Form 910, affects your opportunities for publicity, your wage, your assignment options, and your full hereafter in the armed forces. And yet most people do n't give it the attending it deserves. Many of us merely are n't ambitious and care more about making a good occupation at work than about advancing our ain callings. We care more about making our portion than approximately seeking to do ourselves look better than our equals. And that 's natural. But finally, it 's incorrect. You have to take attention of yourself. While you 're working overtime to help do certain the mission gets done, others are working merely every bit difficult to acquire promoted in front of you. So it 's of import that you take the clip to make a good occupation on your and your military personnels ' EPR. A batch depends on it. It 's one of those necessary nusiances. But utilizing the stuffs provided on our EPR page should do the occupation a batch easier. More on the Air Force EPR.

Air Force Awards and Decorations

Another of import method for acknowledging and honoring our Airmen 's parts are decorations. Submiting person for a decoration is one of the easiest yet most effectual things a supervisor can make. Not merely do you acquire to show your grasp for person who deserves it, the individual who was recommended is enraptured that person recognized their attempts and took the clip to do the recommendation. And the publicity points are an added fillip. If you 've ne'er submitted person for a ornament before it might look complicated but it 's non. All awards have specific demands and follow a prescribed format which is outlined in the applicable AFI ( AFI 36-2803, The Air Force Awards and Decorations plan ) . All that needs to be done is to make full in the inside informations. But sometimes it 's difficult to acquire started, to accurately convey what you want to state. That 's where we come in. We 're in the procedure of roll uping awards and ornament illustrations to do the occupation easier. So far, we have basic instructions for fixing the most normally awarded decorations and quite a few illustrations of decently written commendations. More on Air Force Awards and Decorations.

The Air Force Letter of Appreciation

Recommending person for a decoration is n't the lone manner to acknowledge person 's parts. At the lower terminal of the acknowledgment spectrum is the low Letter of Appreciation. Although widely considered less meaningful than an Achievement Medal or other ornament because of the publicity points, a Letter of Appreciation can still be really effectual! Letterss of Appreciation can hold merely every bit much or even more impact as ornaments. After all, Letters of Appreciation are awarded for genuine achievements which is non ever the instance with decorations. When a individual receives a Letter of Appreciation, they know they 've accomplished something! I strongly endorse the usage of Letterss of Appreciation as a acknowledgment tool. It costs nil but a few proceedingss of your clip, they 're easy to treat, and they pay large dividends in pride and trueness. For illustrations and format, see our Air Force Letter of Appreciation illustrations.

The Air Force Letter of Counseling

We know how to acknowledge good behaviour. We write solid EPRs, express our gratitude in Letters of Appreciation, or subject meriting members for decorations. But how do we cover with bad behaviour? This is one of the supervisor 's most hard responsibilities. It 's tough to do the determination to document deficient behaviour and it 's awkward to depict that behaviour in writing. There are a scope of disciplinary options available but the most common and utile tool for this intent is the Air Force Letter of Counseling. We are roll uping illustrations of Letters of Counseling ( in AF Form 174 or letterhead format ) and other information related to LOCs that might be utile. More info on the Air Force Letter of Counseling.

Action Verbs: ​Accomplished Achieved Acquired Acted Activated Actuated Adapts Adhered Adjusted Administered Advised Agitated Analyzed Anticipated Applied Appraised Approved Aroused Arranged Articulated Assembled Asserted Assessed Assigned Assisted Assured Attained Attend Authorized Averted Bolstered Brought Build Calculated Capitalized Catalyzed Chaired Challenged Clarified Collaborate Collected Commanded Communicated Compared Compelled Competed Compiled Completed Composed Comprehend Computed Conceived Concentrated Conducted Conformed Confronted Considered Consolidated Consulted Contacted Continued Contracted Contributed Controlled Cooperate Coordinated Created Cultivated Delegated Demonstrated Deterred Developed Devised Displayed Dominated Drove Elicited Embodied Emerged Emulated Encouraged Endeavored Energized Enforced Enhanced Enriched Ensured Escalated Established Exceeded Excelled Expanded Expedited Exploited Explored Fabricated Facilitated Focused Forced Formulated Generated Grasped Helped Honed Identified Ignited Impassioned Implemented Improved Initiated Inspired Insured Invigorated Kindled Launched Maintained Manipulated Motivated Organized Originated Overcame Oversaw Performed Perpetuated Persevered Persuaded Planned Practiced Prepared Produced Projected Promoted Prompted Propagated Propelled Quantified Rallied Recognized Rectified Refined Reformed Regenerated Rehabilitated Rejuvenated Renewed Renovated Reorganized Required Resolved Revived Sacrificed Scrutinized Sought Solved Sparked Spearheaded Stimulated Strengthened Strove Supervised Supported Surpassed Sustained Transformed Utilized

How To Caculate a Value to Your Time For Bullets: Grade Annual Rate Monthly Weekly Daily HourlyO-10 $ 302,868.00 $ 25,239.00 $ 5,824.38 $ 841.30 $ 105.16O-9 $ 308,255.00 $ 25,687.92 $ 5,927.98 $ 856.26 $ 107.03O-8 $ 289,290.00 $ 24,107.50 $ 5,563.27 $ 803.58 $ 100.45O-7 $ 262,661.00 $ 21,888.42 $ 5,051.17 $ 729.61 $ 91.20O-6 $ 227,989.00 $ 18,999.08 $ 4,384.40 $ 633.30 $ 79.16O-5 $ 194,358.00 $ 16,196.50 $ 3,737.65 $ 539.88 $ 67.49O-4 $ 171,435.00 $ 14,286.25 $ 3,296.83 $ 476.21 $ 59.53O-3 $ 142,736.00 $ 11,894.67 $ 2,744.92 $ 396.49 $ 49.56O-2 $ 118,415.00 $ 9,867.92 $ 2,277.21 $ 328.93 $ 41.12O-1 $ 92,940.00 $ 7,745.00 $ 1,787.31 $ 258.17 $ 32.27 TOTAL AVERAGE $ 154,544 $ 12,878.67 $ 2,972.00 $ 429.29 $ 53.66 CADETS $ 17,794 $ 1,482.83 $ 342.19 $ 49.43 $ 6.18

E-9 $ 146,843.00 $ 12,236.92 $ 2,823.90 $ 407.90 $ 50.99E-8 $ 123,464.00 $ 10,288.67 $ 2,374.31 $ 342.96 $ 42.87E-7 $ 110,712.00 $ 9,226.00 $ 2,129.08 $ 307.53 $ 38.44E-6 $ 97,026.00 $ 8,085.50 $ 1,865.88 $ 269.52 $ 33.69E-5 $ 82,434.00 $ 6,869.50 $ 1,585.27 $ 228.98 $ 28.62E-4 $ 67,651.00 $ 5,637.58 $ 1,300.98 $ 187.92 $ 23.49E-3 $ 53,507.00 $ 4,458.92 $ 1,028.98 $ 148.63 $ 18.58E-2 $ 48,947.00 $ 4,078.92 $ 941.29 $ 135.96 $ 17.00E-1 $ 42,756.00 $ 3,563.00 $ 822.23 $ 118.77 $ 14.85TOTAL AVERAGE $ 77,988 $ 6,499.00 $ 1,499.77 $ 216.63 $ 27.08

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